Ways of tinting hair in ashen color

Changing hair color is a crucial step for which many girls prepare for a long and carefully. Choose a color, method of coloring and chemical composition, read reviews about salons and craftsmen, decide to perform the procedure at the hairdresser or experiment at home. Not all of the fair sex are ready to use permanent dyes, so they choose a gentle transformation method - toning curls. The result of dyeing does not last long, but the hair is not exposed to ammonia, which, with frequent use, damages the structure of the strands. One of the most popular shades for careful coloring is ashy (gray). And although the change of image in this case is of a short-term nature, it is necessary to choose the color scheme deliberately, because cold tones of steel and silver are not for everyone.

The technique involves the use of unstable compounds. They do not penetrate the structure of the hair shafts, but remain and temporarily fasten to the surface. Because of this, the paint is quickly washed out and does not have time to harm the locks.

Toning is possible on natural or previously painted hair. In the second case, it is often used to update the color. This helps tint shampoos, balms. Also, the procedure can brighten the natural color of the hair or temporarily change it to a couple of tones.

Attention! Sometimes masters in beauty salons use semi-permanent preparations with a small amount of oxidizing agent for toning. In this case, the hair scales open, allowing the artificial pigment to come into contact with the natural. At home, you can choose a similar tool or buy tonic.

To suit

Trendy coloring with ash shades is not at all a universal option, as some lovers of the fashion industry might think. According to the canons of his style without hesitation, girls can choose whose appearance refers to cold color types: winter and summer.

The main signs that the gray-silver gamut will suit you:

  • your eyes have a blue, gray, faded green color,
  • skin is light, not dark, not tanned,
  • hair blond or gray. Such palette looks good on blondes.

Attention! For an effective result requires the simultaneous combination of these characteristics. Light-skinned owner of brown eyes and chocolate curls toning with ashy shades is most likely not suitable.

Explicit dissonance and a sense of absurdity will cause a temporary gray staining if you have:

  • dark skin, dark hair and eyebrows, brown eyes. Silvery strands will visually make you older,
  • bright green or golden brown eyes on a tanned face - another reason to abandon the fashionable color,
  • red, chestnut hair,
  • have freckles,
  • visible skin defects. Redness, pimples and even small wrinkles - the ash color will very inappropriate to emphasize what is usually taken to hide.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the procedure of tinting hair in gray and silver tones:

  • the ashy shade looks noble, aristocratic, especially in combination with fine features,
  • such color, despite the popularity, still looks original,
  • the gray color of the hair can favorably emphasize the eyes, lips, highlight the cheekbones - unless, of course, to correctly select the tone,
  • ashy staining is indispensable for blondes who struggle with yellow hair,
  • temporary dyes do not damage the structure of the curls, so you can use them more often than chemical compounds,
  • there is a cumulative effect: if you regularly apply the same products, the color will be more saturated,
  • if the result is unsuccessful, you can wash off the dye,
  • there is no sharp contrast between the roots and the main mass of the strands,
  • It will be possible to provide hair with additional care, because many toning agents contain vitamin supplements.

Disadvantages of transfiguration using ashy tone:

  • short-term effect - after each shampooing the new color of the hair becomes less noticeable,
  • a wide range of restrictions
  • the need to specifically care for hair, otherwise the ashen shade quickly loses its presentable appearance,
  • poor compatibility of the new color with some details of the wardrobe and make-up you are used to. Owners of silver-gray strands will have to carefully choose clothes and cosmetics, avoiding warm colors (brown, yellow and others),
  • from brown-haired women and brunettes required prior clarification.

Tonic selection

Modern cosmetic products are replete with all sorts of means to give the hair a cool gray color. Tonics, balms, tinted shampoos and even persistent permanent formulations - with the help of any of them you can get the desired color on your hair.

However, for careful impact on the strands, it is worthwhile to dwell on temporary dyes. In a large assortment, they are in the Estel line (series LOVE nuance, Solo Ton), Tonic, Color Lux from Belita Vitex and others.

Attention! Cosmetic companies themselves make recommendations regarding the use of tint on the hair of a particular color, as well as on gray curls.

Do not try to paint chestnut strands without prior discoloration with pearl-ash or pearl, otherwise you will not get the desired result promised by the manufacturer on the photo of the package.

For light

Such hair is optimal for creating a new image with the help of gray tones. The following shades are suitable for experiments:

  • silvery ashen blond, which helps to remove the yellow color of the strands and gives blondes with light eyes a special expressiveness,
  • light gray which has similar usage guidelines,
  • gray-blond (he's mouse) looks very natural and is in trend
  • pink gray - option for young fashionistas. Gives the image softness and childlike spontaneity,
  • dark grey - suitable for owners of fair-haired strands.

The palette of many manufacturers of tint cosmetics contains beautiful colors for fair-haired girls. These are pearl ash, silver, cold vanilla, graphite, ashy or platinum blond and others.

To remove the yellowness or make a particularly expressive gray strandsWell-known cosmetic brands offer the following shades of balms: silver, silver-violet, amethyst, mother-of-pearl, smoky topaz, azure coast and others. Red-haired ladies experiment with ash is not recommended.

Attention! Dyed and bleached blondes risk getting green or yellow hair tinting when using a gray tonic. For these cases, suitable shampoo or balm with a purple pigment.

For dark

  • Brunettes and brown-haired women can tint curls with different shades of gray and silver, if nature has awarded them with bright eyes and white skin without flaws. In this case, it will be enough to lighten the hair, and then use the same colors of balms and tonics that are recommended for blondes.

  • Regardless of the original color of hair, purple-gray is considered universal. It perfectly harmonizes with the eyes of any color and is optimal for lovers to stand out from the crowd.

  • Chocolate-gray, ash-brown, ash-chestnut are good examples of the combination of warm and cold hues. They can try light-skinned girls with dark eyes and the same head of hair.

Toning techniques

In fact, the technology of applying hair tonic is not much different from the use of resistant dye. About a month before the proposed procedure, start making moisturizing, restoring masks.

Immediately before toning, wash your head and dry it a little. Although reviews of some girls indicate that the tint tool is often manifested even in dirty curls.

Technique of turning light hair into ashen:

  1. Take an allergy test. Apply a little on your wrist, elbow or behind your ear. Make sure there is no rash, redness, burning sensation.
  2. Put on an old T-shirt or waterproof cape to protect clothing.
  3. Well comb slightly damp hair and divide them into 4 zones: the back of the head, the top of the head and 2 of the temporal.
  4. Fix each with a crab or a hair clip.
  5. Prepare a tonic / balsam and brush (you can sponge). For convenience, squeeze the composition into a non-metallic container.
  6. Wear gloves on your hands.
  7. Dissolve the hair on the back of the head, divide into separate strands.
  8. Apply a tint of ashy color on them with fast movements, moving from the roots to the tips.
  9. Reassemble the already dyed curls under the hairpin. It should not be made of metal. You can leave your hair loose.
  10. Repeat the same for the strands on the temples and on the crown.
  11. Take the time specified by the manufacturer of the product.
  12. Carefully wash the gray hair toner with plenty of warm water, then rinse with cool (to close the hair scales and secure the new color scheme).

Dark strands are tinted in an ashy shade in the same way, but this process is preceded by discoloration of the hair. For this:

  • Immediately before the procedure, they do not wash the head for 3-4 days. Sebum is good protection against aggressive oxide.
  • the clarifier is diluted in a non-metallic container, guided by the instructions,
  • the hairline is protected by a layer of fat cream, clothes - a bathrobe or a cape, hands - with gloves,
  • curls are divided into separate strands and put on them bleaching composition. A short head of hair is treated from the roots, a long one - from the tips, gradually moving to the root zone,
  • the head is not wrapped, and the tool is kept on the head exactly as recommended by the manufacturer. This is usually 15–20 minutes, a maximum of half an hour,
  • the drug is washed off with shampoo,
  • on a clean, slightly dried hair put tonic hair gray or ashy tint.

Council If only the tips are discolored, you can make a stylish ash-silver ombre. In any case, it is not worth lightening the curls much at a time. It hurts their structure. Better after a while to repeat the procedure.

Staining effect

Since one of the main drawbacks to rendering is a short-term effect, you should not hope that the new color will hold for several months without correction. Each manufacturer gives its own guarantees: someone promises that the ashen shade will disappear in 4–6 shampooing procedures, someone - in 5–7.

Unambiguous recommendations on how often to repeat toning, no. You can do this every 2 weeks or once a month. It depends on what effect you want to achieve: keep the color of the hair on about the same level, make sure that the ugly yellow pigment does not appear, or systematically make the resulting gray / ashy shade more vivid and saturated.

Gray curls need correction hair tonic about every 10 days.

Ash color is stylish, fashionable, beautiful and noble, but not for everyone. So that the silver-gray scale does not become a disappointment, leave attempts to make such toning, if your appearance does not have to such changes. If you still decide to experiment, emphasize the beauty of the new color with appropriate makeup, the right choice of clothes.

And do not forget to care for the curls, especially with the constant use of tonic for hair. The procedure is considered gentle, but not harmless at 100%, which means nutrition, hydration and restoration of the strands is welcome.

Beautiful ideas and techniques of hair coloring in ashy palette:

Any staining is stressful for curls and requires special care for them. Our tips will help you restore hair after dyeing.

Useful videos

How to achieve an ashen color.

How to get gray.

Who is suitable?

Before toning the hair in a noble shade of ash, you need to make sure that it will suit you. Masters strongly do not recommend experimenting with dyes of this group to girls with a dark complexion, as they can visually make them old.

Any imperfections of the skin - another contraindication to staining, ashy tint will only emphasize them and make the color more earthy. Women who are already showing gray, should be especially careful in choosing the ash tinting, so as not to visually add a few years.

It is also worth paying attention to the condition of the strands themselves - if they are too exhausted, it is better to hold off the coloring and bring the hair in order. This is due to the peculiarity of the technology, it involves a preliminary clarification.

  • girls with a “summer” color type, as their “cold” appearance and bright eyes are perfectly combined with ashy shades,
  • girls with perfect skin, ashy shades emphasize any, even minor flaws and give the face a painful look.

Ash paint can have different shades, and our task is to choose the right subtone, which will emphasize the aristocracy and sophistication of the exterior.

Ash-light brown gamma is perfect for girls with light blue eyes and a "cold" skin tone. It makes the look more expressive and deep. But the owners of the red pigment is better to abandon this color.

Dark shades of ash require, perhaps, the most attention. If you saw photos of girls with a noble color of curls, and decided that you can look exactly the same, do not rush.

To ensure the success of the experiment, experts recommend a sample before staining. Wear a gray outfit and carefully examine yourself in the mirror, if you like the result, your appearance has become more expressive and has changed, then toning will suit you.

The palette is presented and light pigments. Especially harmoniously they will look on girls with perfect skin and blue eyes. If you are blonde or owner of light blond curls, you can be sure that the tone will lie perfectly on the curls.

But the brown-haired women and brunettes are best to consider other options for toning, as the shimmering ash color may not fully manifest on their hair.

We choose the means

Depending on how resistant the color you want to get, you can use different tools to make the locks of ashy shade. In the arsenal of modern manufacturers there is a mass of useful cosmetics, which will help not only transform, but also properly care for hair after dyeing.

Consider an arsenal of products that have varying degrees of influence on the strands.

  1. For intense staining. All paints and tonics fall into this category, which provide a shine of ashy shades up to 2 months. They may contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, but it is better to give preference to products with a softer composition, the benefit, they are represented on the market in a wide range.
  2. For gentle toning. Tonic, spray or tinting shampoo will help to keep the color up to 1 month. The effect is short-lived, but the drugs do not include aggressive components, or their share is negligible. But curls will receive a whole set of nutrients and vitamins, which is especially important with frequent staining.
  3. For easy coloring. Shampoos with colored pigments, sprays, mousses and gels will help to check if you are an ashen color. They are washed away literally in a week and do not have a harmful effect on the hair. This product can be used both for experimental transformation and for the care of already dyed hair, as it allows you to extend the shine of ashy shade and neutralize yellowness.

How to toned hair in ashen color?

Ashy shades can very unexpectedly appear on the curls of different shades, because you can not do without knowledge of the basics of coloring. For example, on yellowish golden hair ashy blond may be greenish. Brunettes and brown-haired women can get an unusual purple tone, which has little to do with the noble play of ash.

In order to avoid such problems, previously clarified, painted and by nature not suitable tone strands should be properly prepared for the toning procedure.

Remove the pigment

After staining, the pigment can remain on the curls for a long time, even if the color itself has already been washed out and has become quite faded. Most of all it accumulates on the tips.

We need to free the curls from the past color, which can distort the results of tinting in ashen. For this purpose, use of a blocking means. They allow you to completely remove the previous tone.

It is best to buy such cosmetics in specialized stores, since its quality directly depends on what result we get after applying the main dye. They use decapital preparations several times with an interval of two days, only after that you can proceed to the next stage.

Discolored curls

Only the blonde or gray-haired ladies can get exactly the ashy tint that is stated on the package without first lightening. Otherwise, the strands will have to be trimmed, even if you have previously used decaulting means to remove the pigment.

You can perform the procedure at home when you are confident in your abilities. If not, it is better to contact the salon.

  1. We prepare the clarifying structure according to the instruction specified on packaging. To do this, we use special dishes, it should not be metal, so that the oxide does not react with the walls and bottom.
  2. We apply exactly 2/3 of the composition on dirty hair, but at the same time we retreat from the roots. Leave the mixture for half an hour.
  3. After 30 minutes, the remainder of the clarifier is distributed at the roots and gently comb through the rare comb along its entire length. Leave another 20 minutes.
  4. We wash off the composition with a large amount of not hot, but warm running water and a special shampoo for bleached hair.
  5. Apply to the strands a nourishing mask or balm that will help restore the hair structure.

Tinted hair

Once the curls are ready to apply the main pigment, you can begin to use it. Dissolve resistant paint according to the instructions, if necessary. When using balsams, no preliminary manipulations with the composition are necessary, they are simply applied to a moist head of hair, slightly dried with a towel, and evenly distributed over the entire length using a comb with fine teeth.

The time and conditions of exposure of the dye on the strands is indicated on the packaging. It is important not to overdo it so that the color is exactly as you want.

After the procedure, the dye is washed off with water and again put a nourishing mask. It is advisable not to use the hairdryer immediately after the color change, in order not to injure the strands.

Pigment Preservation Methods

Ash shades are very beautiful, they look elegant and elegant, but have one big drawback - they are quickly washed away. Especially clearly this problem manifests itself after the application of gentle toning. But even persistent ammonia paints eventually lose their luster.

Reviews of girls who have tried on themselves tones of ash, say that after a few weeks begins to show yellowness in many cases. How to avoid unpleasant surprises and as long as possible to preserve the noble shimmer of the hair?

Consider the most effective methods that recommend the use of stylists.

  • Frequent staining. It is necessary to apply ashy paint once in two weeks that the shade did not lose the gloss. But after several procedures, you will notice that it will become more resistant. The pigment is literally “imprinted” into the hair, which in the future will make it possible to make the correction much less often.
  • The use of tonics and balms. These sparing means will help not only to refresh the color, but also to remove the yellowness. In addition, they contain nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that give gentle care to curls.
  • Lamination. This is a modern salon procedure that allows you to create an invisible protective layer on the curls. It will prevent the rapid washing out of the pigment.
  • Apply shampoos with dyes. Tint shampoos are also great for color retention. They need to be used not every time, but only when you notice that the shade has begun to fade.

Let's sum up

Ashy shades of curls are the epitome of luxury and aristocracy. They transform women beyond recognition, give images of nobility and special charm.

But this is only possible if the color type of the lady is combined with the colors of the ashes. Otherwise, the result is unlikely to please you.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of videos on the Internet with detailed instructions on coloring, it is best to contact an experienced colorist who will select the perfect tone for you. You should also comply with the technology of preparing hair for painting and applying pigments. Responsible and professional approach to the procedure will help you achieve the desired results.

What you need to know about ashy hair?

Curls with silver tints captivated not only because they are now in vogue. They have many advantages that can not be assessed:

  • originality. Most of the world's population has warm or neutral hair. Even if nature has endowed with ash hair, they will gradually acquire a golden sheen as they burn out. And we are talking here not only about the natural color - when dyeing, means of mainly neutral or warm tone are used.
  • Giving the image of aristocratic traits. The effect will be especially appropriate if the owner of the locks of the color of ash has subtle features.
  • Underline appearance. After using the dye with a gray undertone, the eyes, cheekbones, eyebrows, nose and lips look more expressive.

But cold shades have serious disadvantages:

  1. poor compatibility with some wardrobe items. For example, gray strands will look bad with a chocolate-colored blouse. You have to be careful when choosing cosmetics - do not abuse warm colors and bronzator.
  2. The need for special care. If you do not maintain the beauty of the cold tone of the curls, it will quickly lose its properties.
  3. Bad compatibility with some details and types of appearance. Some girls are not recommended to use dyes with a silvery sheen.

Take into account the details of the appearance in which the cold tones of hair are contraindicated:

  • dark color type. The combination of dark skin, dark eyes and eyebrows with ashy hair looks unnatural and visually increases age. It seems as if the strands are gray.
  • Warm color type. Tanned skin of a warm shade, golden brown or bright green eyes plus strands of cold tone - an unfortunate contrast.
  • Skin with severe flaws. Dyes for hair with a gray tint tend to emphasize all the imperfections.

It turns out that the ash tones are a lady with a cold or neutral type of appearance. If you have blue, dark brown, gray or swamp green eyes, as well as light beautiful skin, you can safely search for a suitable variation of shade.

Color spectrum

The palette of hues of cold colors is wide. All tones relating to it can be divided into two main categories based on their aesthetic properties:

  1. natural. Of course, pronounced ashy tone of unpainted hair - a rarity, but still cold blond, brunette and light brown fall into this category.
  2. Unnatural. These include lilac, pink, turquoise, emerald, blue, graphite, purple and blue hues.

Also, ash tones are classified as follows:

  • light Platinum blond, light blonde ash are the most popular variations. Unnatural pastel colors (cream, pale pink, lilac) are relevant among young brave girls.
  • Average. There are a lot of ash-light brown dyes, and all of them belong to this group.
  • Dark. Depth ranges from dark blonde to black.

Watch the video on:

To your attention the photo options for tinting hair in ashy shades:

How to prepare for tinting?

If your base color strands are blond or light without a pronounced yellowness, toning can be done without preparation. In other cases, you need to take the necessary measures to the result did not disappoint.

The main task in coloring before toning is to obtain an even light tone without golden tints. If the original tone is reddish, golden or dark, manipulation is necessary, implying the use of an acid remover or brightening powder.

One bleaching procedure may not be enough, so they need to be repeated until a suitable base is obtained. The interval between clarifications - at least three days. Otherwise, the condition of the hair will deteriorate dramatically.

The toning procedure can be carried out only a couple of weeks after washing. For fourteen days, you need to have time to saturate the locks with oils and other nutrients that are contained in balms and masks.

There are three types of toning products available:

  1. professional. It is necessary to purchase in a specialized store a tube with a dye and a suitable oxide (for toning 1.5% and 3%). If the base color is not exactly smooth and the yellowness is still noticeable, you need to pick up the appropriate mikston (means for neutralizing color). For example, yellow and orange shades neutralizes purple mikston. Strictly follow the instructions attached to the professional cosmetics.
  2. Paint without ammonia.

It is sold in various cosmetic stores.

When toning it should be kept on the strands for about fifteen minutes. Toning means without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. They do not harm the hair and are relatively inexpensive - these are their main advantages.

They need to be used according to the instructions.

If you are going to carry out dyeing with the help of professional cosmetics yourself, consult with the seller when purchasing it. He will talk about proportions and help you choose the tone.

Step-by-step tinting instructions

The rendering procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. hair condition assessment. They should be clean and dry.
  2. Training. Prepare everything you need in advance and put on a protective clothing wrap.
  3. Adding dye to the container. If you do not know what quantity is required, add a little bit.
  4. Applying toner Apply the composition of the container with a brush.
  5. Exposure. Typically, the toner is aged no more than fifteen minutes.
  6. Dye removal. Rinse hair with plain water. Do not use shampoo. The result can be fixed with a nourishing mask.

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Common errors when painting in gray

Sometimes the result after toning is shocking so that you want to change it as soon as possible. Consider common mistakes that make waiting not consistent with reality:

  • applying toner to the wrong base. Even if the tinting dye acts intensely, in combination with the yellow base it will give a green tint.
  • Ignoring dye exposure recommendations. Either the result will be poorly pronounced and quickly washed off, or you get too expressive shade with an undesirable subtone.
  • The use of substandard products. One should not be surprised at the discrepancy between the result and the promises of the manufacturer if the means of dubious production were acquired.

Result and its maintenance

With proper use of dyes and compliance with all recommendations, the result should be identical to the expected. You should not worry if the curls have acquired an unusual dull pronounced outflow (bluish, pinkish, etc.). After about two shampooing procedures, it will disappear.

Toning keeps no longer than two weeks. Further, the color loses its aesthetic properties, and there is a need to repeat the coloring.

To save the result you need to stock up with special means for washing colored hair. They do not wash out the pigment as quickly as other shampoos. It is also advisable to use masks, balsams and conditioners for colored strands.

Stop using natural oils. After applying them, the result of toning quickly disappears.

You can also purchase a special toning shampoo. It neutralizes yellowness and gives a cold shade.

Should I do tinted dark hair?

There are several options for the procedure. Toning of dark hair can be done with

  • vegetable dyes (primarily henna and basma),
  • semi-resistant products that do not contain ammonia or ethanolamine (tint paints, tonics, shampoos),
  • surface coloring agents (carcasses, sprays, mousses).

The simplest and most gentle option is the use of coloring shampoo, varnish, mousse. These disposable products do not penetrate deep into the hair, covering it with a thin color film that is easily washed off with water.

Means keeps on hair before the first washing and can be used on special cases, for example, for parties. To enhance the color can be reused, thereby you will achieve even more saturated hair color.

You can use shampoos and tonics to give your hair an unusual shade and extra shine.

Mousses and varnishes are suitable for coloring parts of hair, such as tips or bangs.

Color ink will effectively highlight the individual strands. In one hairstyle, you can combine several disposable funds.

Semi-dyed paints in the form of creams, mousses, shampoos or tonics are intended for gentle coloring. When using them, the pigments penetrate the upper keratin layers. Tinted hair retains its color for 1-3 weeks, it all depends on the susceptibility of the strands and the type of dye.

Fans of natural cosmetics prefer to tint their hair with natural dyes. The following options are suitable for dark strands:

Natural dyes are considered safe. However, with continued use, they can dry out hair and scalp. They can not be combined with synthetic dyes in order to avoid unexpected effects. For example, after applying factory paint on hair, tinted with henna, you can get a bog-green tint.

Among the advantages of toning:

  • the paint does not contain ammonia and does not violate the structure of the hair shaft.
  • If you do not like the resulting shade, you can wash it off without causing any special damage to your hair.

  • The border between natural and toned hair is very soft.
  • The formulations used for the procedure are enriched with keratins, lipids and a complex of vitamins that improve the condition of the hairstyle.
  • Paint provides bright saturated color and natural gloss.
  • Despite a lot of advantages, the procedure also has disadvantages:

    1. Due to the nature of the pigments, it is impossible to change the hair color by more than 3 tones.
    2. The paint is quickly washed off, so toning will have to be carried out more often than normal staining.

    Choosing shades for coloring strands

    Dark-haired girls who do not want to lighten the strands have a rather limited choice. The darker the natural tone, the less visible will be additional paint.

    Their task is not to change the overall color, but to make it more fresh and saturated, giving an interesting color reflection. Black and brown and dark chestnut strands can be revived with deep chocolate, blue, red, mahogany and violet tones.

    Owners of dark blond and medium brown hair can afford a more diverse range. They will suit copper, bronze, ashen, wine-red shades of different saturation.

    If the face has a pinkish blush and the iris is blue or gray, it is worth trying a cool range. Violet-blue, wine, ashy or platinum tones will do. For girls with warm golden skin, light brown or green eyes, shades of ocher, copper, old gold will do.

    Should I do discoloration before this procedure at home?

    If you want to drastically change the color of dark hair, before toning it will have to discolor. After that, you can give any shade of hair, from bright to soft pastel. The darker and denser the hair, the more difficult the procedure.

    Experts recommend not lightening hair at home, and contact the salon. Perhaps the discoloration will have to be carried out in several stages. The procedure will need to be repeated as the roots grow.

    Lightening is not recommended for owners of fragile, porous and brittle hair. Aggressive drugs will worsen their condition. Even completely healthy strands need repairing procedures: wraps, masks, oil applications.

    Toning can help with not too successful highlighting. After home treatment, strands often take an ugly yellowish tint.

    A soft tinting agent, such as a tinted shampoo, will help make it lighter. After a single application, the yellowness will go away, the clarified strands will become milky white.

    How to make hair 1-2 tones darker?

    The easiest option is a slight change in tone. Toning shampoos, tonics, semi-permanent paints are suitable for the procedure. When choosing it is necessary to focus on the inscription on the box. A brown-haired woman should choose any shades of the same tone, but of different intensity.

    A brunette with dark brown hair can be tinted strands in the color of black chocolate, caramel black or blue black. For a cold dark blond color, an ashy range of different saturations is suitable.

    Shampoos should be applied to wet hair, mousses, tonics and dyes - to wet. To make the color more intense, it is recommended to keep the paint for 5-7 minutes longer than indicated on the box.

    Natural dyes will help to darken hair. For example, a mixture of henna and basma, dyeing in deep chocolate tones, is suitable for chestnut strands. Strong coffee or concentrated tea brewing will help to give a more intense shade. Rinse hair with these preparations after washing, lasting effect is noticeable after 2-3 procedures.

    Ashy tint: how to achieve it?

    Fashionable ashy shade attracts attention, emphasizes the correct facial features and interesting hair texture. He will make the hair tone or even brighter. A gray scale from platinum to mouse will suit cold color type girls with white or pinkish skin, blue, gray or green eyes.

    Deep bright color will be obtained only on fully lightened hair. The best background is dark dark blond strands. After removal of the pigment, they are applied to the dye saturated ash color. Treatment with coloring shampoo will help to revive the tone after the first wash.

    The process of such staining for the ends, roots and strands

    The technology of partial coloring came into vogue more than 10 years ago and is not going to give up their positions. Colorists have several popular technologies at their disposal:

    • balayazh. Semi-permanent dyes are applied to pre-bleached hair with free strokes. Foil will help to make the color more intense.
    • Ombre. This implies a smooth or abrupt transition from dark ends to light ends.
    • Sombre. A softer version with the use of natural tones.

    It is not necessary to achieve a perfectly pure color, the subsequent toning will help align it. To remove the yellowness can tint colors in blue or purple gamut, to give a warmer tone will help compounds in the copper gamut.

    To emphasize the contrast, the hair at the roots can be darkened. To the effect did not disappoint, in the work using the compositions of the same brand, well combined with each other.

    It is important to withstand shades in the overall range. For example, for dark brown hair, a combination of caramel-black for the roots and a golden for the bleached tips is suitable.

    Nuances of tinting natural and dyed hair

    Toning is a great way to refresh the dull hair that has been dyed. Surface dyes act more gently and do not contribute to the destruction of the keratin layer. However, there are features that must be considered before going to the salon or purchasing paint for self-dyeing.

    Some dyes are poorly combined with each other, the effect may be different from the expected.

    Especially insidious natural dyes. After treating the hair with henna, you need to wait at least 6 months; the coloring pigments should completely leave the hair.

    Toning is a great way to change the image. Dark hair can be discolored, it will significantly expand the possibilities for coloring. Another option is to apply dye to natural strands to refresh color and add shine. If the chosen tone is inappropriate, it is easy to get rid of it just by washing your head.

    Ash Blonde

    Under the concept of "ashy" refers white-colored hair with a steel shade. If you decide to dye your hair in such a shade, then you must follow some rules. In fact, ashen color is noted:

    • optically enlarges the face
    • makes visible skin imperfections, fine wrinkles,
    • adds age to the owner.

    In order to achieve an ash tint, first of all, you need to bring the skin in perfect condition.

    For girls with a round face type and women with pronounced wrinkles, we recommend that you most likely refuse such a color. This applies to girls with dark skin and dark brown eyes, for them such a blond will not look quite harmonious with their appearance.

    How to achieve ash hair?

    In the composition of the ash paint there are substances that, in conjunction with the red or chestnut pigment, form a green or purple hue.

    Therefore, brunettes and brown-haired women need to put a special washer on their hair before dyeing, which will remove the excess pigment and the ashy tint will be uniform and saturated.

    This procedure is done by blonding with a break of several days, and only then painted in ashen color.

    In this case, it is best to cut the ends of the hair, because after washing and dyeing, the structure of the hair is not completely restored, and the hair style will look untidy.

    If you want to get a pearl-ash color, we recommend you first wash the pigment and then paint it.

    Natural blond or gray hair is best painted, the dyeing process in this case will go smoothly.

    Color preservation

    A few weeks after being stained in ashen color, a yellow tint may appear. To maintain the desired tone or shade, it is recommended to use special shampoos and tinted balms for dyed ash hair.

    One of the problems with this is growing roots, especially for natural brunettes and brown-haired women. For them, before filling the roots will have to do a second clarification. In addition, you need to choose the same shade, so it is important to use one paint.

    Brown and other shades

    To paint hair with a steel shade can not only blondes. For the girls of the summer “color type”, the color is brown-ash, which will accentuate their cold skin tone.

    Another winning tone is a dark blond ash color, which is suitable for absolutely everyone, except for girls with dark hair. In modern fashion, natural shades came into vogue, and the choice of a dark blond ashy shade will highlight the excellent taste of its owner.

    Dyeing hair in such a tone is not at all difficult, although brunettes need preliminary clarification.

    If your natural hair color is light blond, ashen tint can also be obtained with a tint balm - this will refresh your image and will not cause much harm to your hair clarifiers.

    Hair care

    It is impossible to achieve an ashen color without harming the health of the curls. In the process of lightening and tinting hair lose shine and beauty, the tips become split.

    Therefore, if you have ashy hair color, it is recommended to make nourishing masks from oils and dairy products. The head should be washed with soft water, rinse with decoction of herbs, decoction of chamomile and nettle, sage.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Toning is a painting method that gives hair a rich color and beauty. In addition, the procedure has the following advantages:

    • The use of a soft active composition will give your hair obedience and elasticity.
    • Included in the tonic innovative formulas, supplements and vitamins improve the health of curls.
    • After toning, the difference between the root zone and the colored strands is invisible.
    • The dye does not last longer than a week, so this is a great option for women who love experiments.

    In addition to the advantages described, toning has a number of disadvantages:

    • When the tinting agent is completely washed off, the curls will no longer acquire their natural hue.
    • The procedure can change the color only by 2-3 tones, so for a cardinal change of appearance it is necessary to first lighten the hair, and only then tint it.
    • To maintain the required shade, tint regularly, as the dye is quickly washed off.
    • When dyeing gray hair, the resulting effect lasts no more than 2-3 days.
    • You can not use to lighten the curls, as the color can get dirty, and the curls will look dusty.
    • The color is removed especially quickly in winter: when the headgear is worn, the scalp releases sweat, as a result of which the dye can go to the inside of the cap or beret.

    Popular techniques of tinting on brown hair

    This technique is universal, as suitable for fair-haired beauties with any hair length. For ombre, shades of gray and dark gray, close to the graphite color, are used. Dark color is necessary for painting the root zone, and then it will be replaced smoothly by a light ashen.

    This version of tinting involves the use of high-quality tinting composition, which will not allow yellowness on the hair.

    This version of painting, made in steel tones, will look great on hair of different lengths. Tinted blond strands in shades of ash will give the image rigor and extravagance. Suitable for women who are always confident. Shatush is based on the chaotic coloring of the strands. The finished hairstyle will create the natural effect of burnt hair. It is best to use ashy shades for light brown hair.

    Full coloring

    To give a beautiful shade of light brown hair, you can spend a full tint, using the entire length of the curls in the process. But to choose the right color, it is important to determine the color type: warm or cold. If a girl has cold blond hair, then it will suit such tones:

    Toning of light brown hair of a warm type suggests use the following colors:

    • honey,
    • mustard,
    • caramel,
    • copper,
    • shade of "golden nut"

    For short

    For a girl with short light brown hair perfect toning, made in the technique of coloring. This method of painting will give the image of refinement, and the hair will receive additional volume. Spinning tinted several, close to the natural shade. Thus, a multi-layer effect is created.

    Even on short blond hair, you can perform toning, which involves a smooth gradient from darker from root to blond on the tips. Natural red tones are suitable for tips. Due to them, the image becomes refined and original.

    For medium

    For a bright, bold and stylish lady should choose pink toning for medium brown hair. This method of painting is especially popular among girls with dark and light brown curls. The ideal solution is toning using shatush or ombre technology. You can use these shades of pink:

    • bright,
    • light coloured,
    • deep,
    • strawberry and raspberry,
    • aristocratic salmon,
    • purple-lilac,
    • the color of the dusty rose.

    For a girl with a light ash shade of hair will do Contrast toning in pink. On the ash-blond color, a salmon color painting will look perfect. You do not need to be afraid of experiments, because a bright image is always in trend and will be relevant for women at any age.

    For long hair

    For girls with long blond hair, the painting technique remains ideal, in which only the tips are tinted. This option will make the image more chic, with the overall style will make unique. If initially curls are dark blond, then use for toning such tones:

    Wheat-haired girls will find these tones:

    • ashy or graphite,
    • redhead
    • red,
    • Violet,
    • dark green.

    Individual attention is a palette of green shades:

    • young weed color
    • dark green
    • marsh,
    • green color.

    The tips can be tinted only slightly (no more than 5 mm), when the hair is thick and the haircut is multi-layered. Look the result will be amazing. Ladies with thin and liquid curls to paint the tips of at least 2 cm, so that the color is fully revealed. Dyeing the tips in bright or darker colors allows you to maximize the diversity of haircuts.

    Full length

    The procedure is as follows:

    1. If you use a tool for gentle and intensive toning, then this is, in fact, the usual staining. Cook it according to the instructions
    2. Wear gloves and apply the composition to clean and dry curls with a brush.
    3. Wait for the required time, wash off the tinting composition with water using a shampoo.
    4. If you need light toning, then it is done with a mousse or shampoo. Shampoo wash strands in 2 doses. First, in the usual way, and then hold the composition for 5-10 minutes.
    5. If you use a mousse, then apply it on the entire length of the hair, comb and enjoy the result.

    Root painting

    On the highlights, only the roots are tinted. Correcting toning to perform 2 times a month, and basal highlighting is enough to do 2-3 times a year. You just need to paint on the roots, distribute the comb from the roots along the entire length. Wait time, rinse with shampoo water.

    Painting tips


    1. To paint the lower part, apply paint on the selected area.
    2. If the dye is lighter than the original shade, then the tips brighten.
    3. For tinting 2-3 tones lighter use 2-3% oxide. If a more intense color change is needed, then 9% oxide is required.
    4. Apply a toning compound to clean curls and wrap the tips with foil.
    5. After 10-30 minutes, rinse off the product with shampoo.

    Blonde hair toning is a unique dyeing technology with many advantages. The peculiarity of toning in the possibility of obtaining different shades, which can be changed every week. In addition, painting can be performed in different ways, so that every girl can choose the perfect way for herself.

    Watch the video: Lavender Silver Smoke Hair Color (March 2020).