Homemade hair lightening: recipes and tips

Owners of blond hair have always been popular among men. No wonder the statement that gentlemen prefer blondes is relevant to this day. However, if nature did not give you light curls, then this is no reason to despair and envy every blonde. Modern dyeing technologies allow hairdressers to turn even a burning brunette into a dazzling blonde in just a few hours. Of course, lightening the hair with chemicals often causes harm to her, but if you entrust your curls to a professional, then the negative effect of paint on them will be minimal.

Well, and for those who do not trust “chemistry” or simply want to lighten their tint slightly, you can use numerous recipes for clarification using folk methods. In addition to the fact that these products are absolutely safe for hair, they also have healing properties. Therefore, lightening the hair with folk remedies, you get a double effect: clarified and healthy curls.

For the sake of fairness, we note that hair lightening with folk remedies has its advantages and disadvantages; therefore, in order for the lightening process to be successful, it is necessary to take into account several nuances:

  • clarification of folk remedies requires several procedures, so one should not hope for an instant effect,
  • The result of clarification depends not so much on the composition of the prepared product, as on the initial color of your strands. It is difficult to lighten black hair even with professional clarifiers, not to mention folk. Also a red-haired woman is unlikely to become an ash blonde. Therefore, the popular recipes for lightening hair are ideal only for natural blondes,
  • wet strands are much quicker to lighten, but hydrogen peroxide is best applied to dry, unwashed hair,
  • after the lightening procedure do not rush to comb the strands, so as not to damage the hair structure,
  • the minimum time of clarification of folk remedies is 10-15 minutes, the maximum - a night or even a day,
  • head insulation with polyethylene contributes to the fact that the basal part of the hair will lighten faster, therefore the composition should be applied, stepping a couple of centimeters from the roots, and only after that paint the roots,

Cinnamon Brightening

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice that helped to find beautiful light curls from Roman beauties. If nature has awarded you with blond hair, and you want to give them a beautiful honey shade and lighten them one tone, then we suggest you use the cinnamon-based folk clarifier.

For the preparation of tools you need three tablespoons of freshly ground cinnamon, 50 g of natural honey and 100 g of hair conditioner. Mix all the ingredients in a ceramic dish with a wooden spoon, apply on moist clean strands and spread over the entire length. Warm the head with polyethylene and a terry towel. Soak the mask on hair for 1 to 3 hours (depending on what result you want to achieve) and rinse with shampoo with water.

This folk clarifier not only helps lighten curls for one tone in one procedure, but also makes them softer and more docile.

Chamomile hair lightening

Chamomile from time immemorial is used to impart a beautiful golden hue to light strands. Moreover, it is chamomile is used to heal the hair. Regular use of a home-made chamomile-based clarifier allows you to lighten curls by 3-4 tones. If you own dry hair, use glycerin to make chamomile-based products.

For the preparation of home remedies for lightening hair use chamomile decoction and other components. Preparing the broth is quite simple: 150 g of chamomile pharmacy pour a glass of boiling water. On the basis of chamomile broth, you can prepare various folk clarifiers using the following recipes:

  • chamomile decoction + 50 ml of 6% hydrogen peroxide. The exposure time is from 30 minutes to 1 hour,
  • chamomile extract with vodka + 50 ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide. The exposure time is from 30 to 50 minutes,
  • decoction of chamomile + 80 g glycerin. The exposure time is 30 minutes
  • decoction of chamomile + juice of half a lemon and 2 tbsp. vegetable oil. Drying hair is recommended in the sun,
  • chamomile extract + vegetable oil infused in dark vessels for a week. Before use, the mixture is heated and applied to the strands an hour before shampooing.

Lemon Lightening

The most popular method of folk hair lightening is the use of lemon. Citric acid can destroy the hair pigment without damaging its structure. To make a lemon brightener, you must use only natural lemon juice and apply it on your hair, not on the scalp.

For lemon clarification of individual strands, you can simply process a few curls with lemon juice and dry them in the sun. Thus, it is possible to achieve the effect of Californian highlighting.

Lighten the hair on 1-2 tones will help the following recipes lemon brightener:

  • mix lemon juice with 2 tbsp. pharmaceutical chamomile, 1ch.l. Saffron herbs and 3 drops of lavender essential oil. Pour the mixture with boiling water, let it brew for half an hour, then apply for 20 minutes over the entire length of hair. Rinse with shampoo water
  • mix lemon juice with the same amount of vodka, apply to hair, warm them and wash them off with water in 20 minutes,
  • 30 g of rhubarb and zest of 4 lemons cook in a glass of apple cider vinegar. After the mixture boils, pour in half of the lemon juice and add 20 g of chamomile and calendula. Boil the mixture for another five minutes, remove from heat and cool. Add 50 g of honey and the remaining lemon juice. This mixture must be rinsed with hair, previously diluted with cool water.

Kefir Lightening

Oddly enough, but everyone's favorite dairy product is able to brighten the hair in two tones, as well as improve the scalp. Even if you just put kefir on the strands and keep such a mask for 2-3 hours, you can gradually achieve their clarification. Well, and the preparation of special clarifiers based on kefir will help to achieve the effect of clarification much faster.

The recipe for lightening hair with kefir is as follows: 50 g of kefir mix with one egg and 2 tbsp. cognac. Add a little shampoo and juice of half a lemon, apply the mixture over the entire length of the hair and go to sleep. In the morning, just wash your hair and enjoy the result.

Honey hair lightening

If you want to become the owner of a honey shade, then use the honey-based brightening recipes. This beekeeping product not only brightens the curls with several tones, but also gives the hairstyle a well-groomed and beautiful look. However, for the action of the honey clarifier will take at least 8-10 hours, so the composition for clarification is better to apply at night. The most effective for these purposes is acacia honey.

It is easy to prepare the remedy: mix a glass of honey with 4 tbsp. ground cinnamon and 3 tbsp. honey Apply to the entire length of hair, wrap with polyethylene and leave overnight. In the morning, wash your hair with shampoo.

If you did not have additional ingredients for the preparation of the clarifier, then honey can be used as an independent product. Just put it on the strands, warm and hold for at least 4 hours. Wash off with shampoo water.

Hydroperiod clarification

Those women who at least once in their life lightened their hair with a chemical method know that the composition of these products includes hydroperite - a rather aggressive substance used to heal wounds, stomatitis, and also to bleach hair. You can buy hydroperit in the pharmacy kiosk in the form of tablets.

To prepare the clarifying solution, it is necessary to grind 4 tablets of hydroperit and add 4 ml of warm water. It turns out 30% hydrogen peroxide solution. Now it is necessary to dilute the solution with 1.2 ml of water to obtain a 9% solution of hydrogen peroxide. In the resulting solution, ammonia is added at the rate of 5 drops of ammonia per 50 ml of hydroperitic solution. The mixture is applied to the hair with a brush and hold for 5 to 30 minutes. After bleaching, the hair is rinsed with a large amount of warm water, after which it is necessary to use a solution of water with lemon juice to neutralize alkaline compounds. However, the rinse can be used only a few hours after the procedure, when the process of clarification will be completed.

Henna lightening

Perhaps the most popular folk method of lightening hair today is lightening with white henna. White henna is a highly effective dye with natural additives that allows you to quickly lighten the strands by three to four tones.

White henna powder before use is mixed with an oxidizing agent and distributed over the entire length of the hair. According to the time specified in the instructions, henna is kept under a plastic cap. In conclusion, wash off the paint with running water and apply a moisturizing mask on the hair.

Note that bleaching with henna is a rather complicated and unpredictable process, so if you do not have hairdressing skills, then you should not risk it! Quite often, after bleaching with henna, women have to correct an uneven shade, or completely cut off "burned-through" hair.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the clarification of the hair with folk remedies also requires extreme caution and compliance with the recommendations regarding the preparation and application of the composition. Therefore, if you do not want to risk the health of your hair, then seek the help of a professional.

Ways of bleaching hair at home

Every woman has a desire to change her image. One of the easiest ways is to lighten hair.

Our article is devoted to how to properly carry out a safe hair lightening at home and what means you can adopt.

The biggest problem, bleached and bleached hair is their dryness and brittleness, and their overall deterioration in appearance. That is why it is important to choose the right means to lighten hair. Care for such hair should include their nutrition and hydration.

In order to prepare for the process of lightening hair, it is desirable to adopt natural products, and use traditional methods of lightening hair, time-tested. Their undeniable advantages - the availability and the ability to use at home, otherwise you can carry out the hair lightening in the salon.

Lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide

This is not to say that the best way to lighten hair is to lighten it with hydrogen peroxide. Nevertheless, hydrogen peroxide still bleaches hair and allows you to cope with this task even on dark hair, the color of which is more difficult to change to a lighter shade. In addition, this is a fairly quick procedure. For dry and thin hair, it is necessary to use low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, for hard hair, it is allowed to significantly increase the concentration of the solution

Lightening dark hair is no easy task. Perform this lightening procedure; you must be very careful and careful to avoid serious skin burns. The addition of ammonia (5-6 drops per 50-60 g of solution) also greatly accelerates the lightening reaction, but its excess gives the hair a reddish tint.

The composition for lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide is prepared immediately before dyeing, since oxygen starts to be emitted from the composition immediately, while still in the pot. A more gentle way to lighten hair is chamomile to lighten hair.

What hair is bleachable?

Based on the reviews of how the hair was brightened at home by owners of different colors and hair types, a number of regularities can be identified. Blondes to change the shade is not difficult. It is most difficult to discolor curls:

Brunettes will have to carry out a large number of procedures, but they will lighten the strands with folk remedies for a maximum of a couple of tones.

Redhead hair discolored slightly easier, but still need a lot of time. Plus, you have to prepare for the fact that after the first application of a homemade mask, the hair can become orange.

To paint gray curls, additional manipulations will be needed. We'll have to process the hair with oil or cream for lightening.

Hard hair is less amenable to lightening; thin hair is better, but it is easy to spoil it, so you need to use less money.

Damaged head of hair can not be discolored, like curls immediately after perm. First, it is necessary to treat the curls with the help of special masks and balms.

Cinnamon Lightening Recipe

The most popular and easiest way to give your hair a warm golden shade is to lighten your hair with cinnamon.

1. In a glass or ceramic bowl, mix the following ingredients:

  • 4 tbsp. spoons of ground cinnamon,
  • ½ cup of honey
  • 1 cup of hair conditioner (choose the one that was previously tested and you like the most).

In no case should you use a metal bowl and an aluminum spoon (it is better to replace it with a wooden one) so as not to cause premature oxidation of the mixture.

2. Wash hair with shampoo.

3. Wet hair, comb it with a wooden comb, and divide into strands, then apply a mixture of cinnamon, trying to carefully process each strand. Too much rubbed into the scalp is not necessary.

4. Wrap your hair with a shower cap or a plastic bag, and cover the hair with a towel. Leave on from one hour to three. In the future, you will need to find time to repeat this procedure to consolidate the effect of lightening hair.

5. Remove the towel and rinse the hair with warm water. You may have to tinker, combing cinnamon grains out of your hair, but as a reward for this work you will get silky hair, bleached two or three colors and having the mesmerizing scent of your hair.

Surprisingly, using folk remedies, we can not only improve the structure of the hair, but also give the hair shine and volume. All you need to do is adopt kefir, decoction of birch leaves, egg yolk, and other products that are quite affordable.

Kefir hair lightening

Let us dwell on the option of lightening hair with kefir. By itself, the process of lightening hair, affects the structure of hair rather detrimental, making them more subtle and weakened. But lightening hair with kefir, not only will not bring serious damage to your hair, but also change its shade, making it lighter. In addition, kefir hair clarification will favorably affect the scalp and hair in general.

For clarification, as a rule, use a variety of kefir masks, from the simplest to the most complex in preparation. A simple mask is that kefir or yogurt is applied to dry hair and left for 2-3 hours under the shower cap, warming the hair with a towel. Another recipe includes kefir (one glass), one egg, lemon juice, a few spoons of brandy and a small amount of any shampoo. In this case, kefir should be as fat as possible.

All the ingredients of this mask are thoroughly mixed, applied to the hair, closed with a plastic cap or cling film, warmed with a towel and kept for at least 2 hours. If the desired result is clarified by 3-4 tones, then it is better to leave the contents for the night.And in the morning, rinse everything thoroughly with warm water and shampoo and apply a balm.

Hair restoration after lightening

Moisturizing masks (for example, masks from bread or with the addition of glycerin) will help you to restore hair after lightening. Which are especially useful in the first month after the clarification procedure. It is desirable before each hair wash (it is recommended to wash hair 2 times a week), apply a nourishing mask on the hair.

Cosmetic oils also have a good healing effect. They quickly and effectively help restore damaged hair. For bleached hair, it is recommended to use tincture of burdock, apricot, peach or almond oil. To help bleached hair, and make your curls stronger, you can regularly wash them in a decoction of such herbs as St. John's wort, horsetail, chamomile, mint.

Remember! You should pay special attention to your diet. Do not forget that it must be correct. Make sure that your body gets enough vitamins A, B and E. And then your hair will certainly look healthy and silky!

Brighten hair with hydrogen peroxide

It is necessary to apply hydrogen peroxide extremely carefully. Therefore, before proceeding with the process, carefully read the rules for using a home remedy:

  1. 2-3 days before the procedure, do not wash your hair. During this time, a natural (fatty) membrane is formed on the roots and hairs. It softens the effect of the reagent.
  2. To cook a wonderful tool, use dishes from ceramics, glass, wood, plastic. Just do not take for such purposes, metal bowls. They oxidize and weaken the properties of peroxide.
  3. The mask affects the skin, so the face and hands must be protected. Put on gloves and treat your face with a thick cream.
  4. Before putting means on locks, well comb them. This will help make the color uniform.
  5. Use this composition can not more than 1 time per week.

Here are 2 recipes you can try.

Solution for easy clarification

  1. Peroxide (3%) - 30 g.
  2. Chamomile collection - 100 g.
  3. Water - 1 tbsp.
  4. Vodka - 4 tbsp. l

How to cook: Boil the water and fill it with a collection of chamomile. Leave for an hour. Then strain, add peroxide and vodka to the infusion.

How to use: This is a good way to even out the curls of blond girls. Spread the liquid over the entire length of the strands. After 30 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo.

Result: Aligns the tone, makes it lighter.

Deep action solution

  1. Hydrogen peroxide (8-12%) - 40 g.
  2. Liquid soap - 40 g.
  3. Water - 30 g
  4. Ammonia - 2 tsp.

How to cook: In a container, mix the peroxide with water. Add liquid soap and ammonia, mix thoroughly.

How to use: This method is more suitable for dark-haired girls. Since the solution is of high concentration and it reacts much more strongly. First, divide the hair into equal parts. Pin it up with clamps and alternately pull out small curls to distribute the mixture.

The principle of application means exactly the same as during the painting. Start from the back of the head, from root to tip. Try to do everything neatly. Cellophane cap is not needed. Otherwise, burn your hair and get burned. Expect 15-20 minutes. Rinse your head with water and vinegar. This neutralizes peroxide residues.

Result: The fastest way to reincarnate in the blonde beauty. But there are risks: it penetrates well into the structure of hairs and weakens them.

Folk methods of lightening hair

Such recipes do not affect the structure of the curls so much, but if you have patience, you will get the desired result. And most importantly, there will be no strained strands, you will not have to treat them for brittleness, do everything to bring them back the beautiful look. Here's how to safely lighten hair at home.

Cinnamon with honey

  1. Cinnamon - 4 tbsp. l
  2. Purified water - 2 tbsp. l
  3. Honey - 3 tbsp. l
  4. Balm-conditioner - 4 tbsp. l
  5. Olive (burdock) oil - 4 tbsp. l

How to cook: First mix the water and honey. Stir in cinnamon. The last step: add balm and oil.

How to use: Spread the mixture evenly. It will take 2-3 hours to fully mask the mask.

Result: After this procedure, there is a pleasant sweet aroma. Honey and cinnamon themselves act as brighteners.

Emollient brightener for dry hair

  1. Daisy flowers - 50 g.
  2. Glycerin - 60 g.
  3. Water - 1 tbsp.

How to cook: Bring water to a boil and pour it into a container with chamomile flowers. Broth close the tight nylon cover. Hold for 3 hours. In the filtered liquid enter glycerin and mix.

How to use: Like all masks put on strands. Use a plastic cap and a warm towel in order to enhance the effect of the components. Hold for 40-45 minutes. All rinse and apply moisturizing balm-conditioner. This will help consolidate the effect.

Result: Glycerin makes hair supple and moisturizes. Chamomile promotes clarification. After several such sessions, positive changes are noticeable.

Universal remedy

  1. Fresh lemon juice - 5 tbsp. l
  2. Almond oil - 5 tbsp. l

How to cook: Mix components in a small bowl.

How to use: It is worth applying a mask every time after washing your head. Just first dry the hair naturally. Apply the mixture on the strands, twist it into a bun and secure with a barrette or a hairpin. Put on a plastic bag and go about your household chores. After two hours, wash your hair with shampoo.

Result: It will take 4 or more procedures in order to achieve the desired result. This is the safest way to change your shade. Lemon juice acts as an oxidizing ingredient, and the oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair with vitamins.

Brighten henna

  1. Colorless henna - 40 g.
  2. Water - 2 tbsp.
  3. White tea - 10 g.
  4. Vodka - 1 tbsp.

How to cook: Boil water. Pour in tea and henna. Leave, let it boil at minimum heat for 5 minutes. Remove and allow to cool to 40 degrees. Then add the vodka. Solution put insist on for 3 days. Strain before use.

How to use: Apply hair and leave for 40-45 minutes. Wash your head thoroughly.

Result: The natural components of such a mixture not only make the hair lighter, but stimulate their growth, strengthen the roots, and normalize the fat content. In addition, help restore the curls from damage and prevent split ends.

With apple cider vinegar

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar - 2 tbsp. l
  2. Castor oil - 2 tbsp. l
  3. Egg yolk - 1 pc.

How to cook: Whisk the yolk and add castor oil to it. Constantly stirring, slowly pour in apple cider vinegar so that some components do not curl and there are no small grains.

How to use: Spread the mask on clean hair only. Put on a special hat and wrap a towel. In this state, you need to stay for about an hour.

Result: An effective way to change the look of your hairstyle. Cosmetic procedure 2 in 1: and heals, and makes hair color lighter.

Recipe with turmeric

  1. Turmeric - 1 tsp.
  2. Collection of chamomile and calendula - 3 tbsp. l
  3. Hot water - 5 tbsp.
  4. Lemon - 1 pc.

How to cook: Peel the lemon. For the mask you will need only the skin. Crush it. Mix the herbs and turmeric, add the zest. Fill the mixture with boiling water. Expect 2 hours. Strain the tincture.

How to use: This composition can be applied daily. Rinse your head with such liquid.

Result: Hair and scalp receive beneficial substances. Simultaneous toning and discoloration.

The benefits of home hair lightening

Chemical dyes are unsafe. Women hairdressers who are forced to dye daily are less likely to have a healthy baby. Even paints that do not contain ammonia compounds are harmful. Organic dyes are more expensive and not always affordable.

Brighten the curls without harm to their health is possible by using folk recipes.

Home-made methods make it possible to achieve a positive result for fair-haired strands - they become brighter, as if slightly burned out, and also to get rid of their yellowness when gray hair appears.

Ancient ways

The women of ancient Rome used to clarify the so-called matti balls, they were made from a mixture of soap, ash and goat fat.

In medieval Venice, strands were moistened lion's urine and dried in the sun. Arab women for the pomp and brilliance of the curls washed their heads urine camel.

Modern women also use domestic animals such as rabbits to eliminate skin defects and lighten hair.

How to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide

For a light brightening effect, spray with 3% hydrogen peroxide. This method due to the low concentration does not harm the strands.

To curls acquired ashen shade, apply a decoction of parsley roots:

  • boil two large roots in a liter of water for half an hour, insist, drain.

Broth rinse your head after washing.

Homemade chamomile brightening

Blondes to remove gray hair enough camomile infusion or broth onion peel.

  • Brew in 500ml of boiling water from 10g to 200g of chamomile flowers (the darker the color, the more), insist an hour, strain.

Rinse clean hair to paint gray, give a golden hue, silkiness. Dry without wiping.

  • mix chamomile flowers and birch leaves, brew 1s.l. mixture with a glass of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, strain.

Rinse clean wet strands to give a lighter shade.

  • brew 100 g of chamomile 500 ml of boiling water, simmer for 5 minutes, strain, add a little glycerin before use.

Often apply to clean damp hair for 30 minutes. The lightening effect appears after a few weeks. Store infusion in the refrigerator

  • Insist 150g chamomile in 0.5l vodka for two weeks, strain, add 50ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Apply a lightening tincture along the entire length of the strands, after half an hour, rinse with shampoo.

  • Brew 100g of chamomile flowers with a glass of boiling water, leave for an hour, squeeze out the vegetable mass, strain, add 30g of hydrogen peroxide, 4lp. vodka.

Use for clarification as in the previous recipe.

Vinegar for a light shade of hair

Homemade brightening strands recipe:

  • In a liter of warm water add 3 drops of chamomile oil, 3 drops of lemon oil, 1.cl. apple cider vinegar.

Apply to clean wet strands for 20-30 minutes.

  • brew in a glass of boiling water 1..l. chamomile, insist, add apple cider vinegar.

To strengthen the hair follicles instead of chamomile add sage.

Honey for clarification

Due to the mass of biologically active substances, honey is used to revitalize the scalp, giving it a lighter shade.

Recipe honey mask for lightening hair:

  • wash your hair, you can add a little soda to the shampoo,
  • apply honey for 12 hours, cover with foil and towel,
  • rinse with warm water.

Regular use of a honey mask provides hair with nourishment, heals and brightens.

Lightening blond hair with rhubarb

To give the honey-golden hue apply the following

  • Pour 500 ml of natural white wine with 200g of dried rhubarb stalks, simmer until half boils, allow to cool, drain.

Moisten with clean, wet hair (not dry).

  • Pour 10-30g of dry roots or rhubarb stalks with a glass of cold water (the longer the strands, the more vegetable raw materials), bring to a boil, boil for 15-30 minutes until thick, constantly stirring, insist.

To give a dark brown shade add a pinch of baking soda.

Freedom from yellow and gray hair

To give a silvery whitish shade and to eliminate yellowing, rinse gray hair with blue tinted water.

With a combination of chamomile decoction, rhubarb infusion, the addition of tea, gray hair can be repainted into golden brown. The composition is not resistant, it is applied after each shampooing.

When graying, it is useful to rub the juice of onion or garlic diluted with water into the scalp, and rinse with beaten yolk.

Bright golden shade of gray hair gives color onion peel:

  • Brew 30-50g of husk with a glass of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes, allow to cool, strain.

Every day, grease the gray strands with a mixture of chamomile and onion peel infusions. Rinsing with only one of the compositions after washing the head may not completely cover the gray hair.

Shine and hair restoration

When using chemical dyes, means for clarification, frequent washing, hot drying, curling, the strands become thin and fragile, lose their grease, shine - they look like straw.

To restore the health of the hair after washing it is useful to rinse them with warm beer.

To improve the shade rinse infusion of hops:

  • Brew 1l boiling water 2s.l. hop cones, boil for 20 minutes, strain.

Recipe for healthy hair:

  • Beat 1 egg with 1 h. vinegar, 1ch.l. glycerin, 2s.l. castor oil, rubbed into the scalp, cover with a towel, hold over steam, rinse.

The procedure improves the thickness, curls become soft, shiny.

Hair mask from a mixture of citrus peels - lemons, oranges, tangerines:

  • Soak vegetable raw materials in hot water, insist day.

Repeatedly moisten the hair with warm citrus infusion by pouring over the head from the dipper over the basin.

Rinse recipes for shine and silkiness:

  • in 1 liter of warm boiled water, add 1-3.l. vinegar or 1sl. lemon juice
  • 500ml boiling water 50g parsley, boil for 15 minutes, strain.
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How to dye your hair at home

Henna restores hair structure, penetrates deeply. After henna, it is more difficult to give the desired shade with a chemical dye - the color is uneven or it is difficult to guess with a hue.

Therefore, after staining with henna, the strands are lightened only when they grow back.

When clarifying with chemical agents, the composition is applied from the tips to the roots, so that the heat from the head is affected later.

It is better to strive for an ashy or platinum shade - golden yellow color is rarely used at home coloring, strands look overdried, with undesirable orange tint.

By the beginning of summer it is better not to lighten it so that the artificial dye does not change its shade under the action of the sun's rays.

Lightened hair becomes drier, dull, unpleasantly creaking when wiping, require careful care.

Therefore, it is necessary to abandon the hair dryer, use special shampoos, protective varnishes.

Harmless ways to quickly lighten the strands and roots of folk remedies: lemon, cinnamon, kefir, honey, chamomile

The fact that high-speed coloring agents adversely affect the structure of the strands is known to all. But there are such means, under the influence of which the hair will remain healthy and shiny.

It is worth noting that folk recipes are effective only for light and blond hair. Dark-haired beauties need professional paint.

The bleaching procedure will have to be carried out two or even three times with an interval of 5-7 days. Such a gap will save hair from damage.

It is possible to discolour hair independently without the use of ammonia preparations thanks to the products available to each hostess:

  • Pharmacy chamomile. From it is preparing a decoction - put 2 tablespoons of herbs in 500 ml of boiling water and let simmer a little. The cooled broth is used for rinsing curls after washing.
  • Lemon. Freshly squeezed juice is used. In order to avoid drying the hair, the juice should be diluted with water in equal proportions. Lemon water is used as a rinse after each shampooing.

  • Kefir. The ingredient is used in the form of a mask with lemon.Recipe: 1 egg, ½ lemon juice, a spoon of shampoo, 2 glasses of kefir, 2 tablespoons of vodka. The mixture is applied to the hair for 3-5 hours and covered with a thermocap, then washed off. A very effective method for bleaching colored hair.
  • Husk of onions. For broth taken 50 g husk and a glass of water. After boiling for 20 minutes, the cooled broth is rubbed into the hair.

  • Honey. It is good to distribute the product on wet hair and leave it under the thermo-cap for 8-10 hours (preferably at night). Rinse the mask with warm water without shampoo.
  • Cinnamon. Mix ground ingredient with balsam conditioner (2: 1). Apply in the form of a mask on the curls and hold for 5-6 hours under the thermo-cap.

All these components have a beneficial effect on the scalp and the hair itself. After such procedures, the hair becomes natural shine, softness and silkiness.

The masks, acting on the roots, additionally nourish and strengthen the hair follicles.

The secret of hydrogen peroxide

The properties of this chemical have been known for a long time. Many ladies still use it to discolor hair.

There are several reasons for this:

  • availability in any quantity
  • low price,
  • the possibility of hairdressing procedures without the involvement of the master,
  • in large doses destroys the melanin of the hair, which allows you to get a white shade.

The chemical formula of hydrogen peroxide is a compound of two pairs of atoms of oxygen and hydrogen. Undiluted substance is very harmful, therefore in the turnover there are only solutions with different percentages.

Getting on the hair shaft, oxygen penetrates into its structure and reacts with melanin. The result of this process is the discoloration of the pigment.

A high content of peroxide or violation of technology staining causes damage to the curls. Hair becomes brittle and dull, there is a loss and section of the tips. Frequent use of the drug (even with proper use) causes the destruction of the hair follicles and leads to baldness.

Preparatory procedures for black and brown hair

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical agent and, if misused, can seriously damage the scalp. Therefore, in advance, how to carry out hair bleaching at home should be thoroughly prepared.

These simple rules will help whiten your hair better, and minimize complications:

  • do not perm
  • avoid gels and rectifiers,
  • Do not dye your hair 2-3 weeks before bleaching,
  • wash and rinse your head with organic products
  • Do not overheat curls with thermopes, irons, hair dryer.

Very useful action - the test. For him, a small strand is taken from the occipital zone and smeared with a cotton swab over the entire length (you can tip).

After half an hour, rinse with water and look at the result. If it is satisfactory, you can proceed to the whole head of hair.

Dyeing process

Before lightening, you should wash the hair, remove excess moisture with a towel, and comb your hair well. Untangle all the nodules (if any), because of them bleaching will be uneven.

All further work is carried out using protective equipment. It should also protect the forehead by brushing it with a fat cream.

For lightening different types of hair, the appropriate peroxide concentration is taken:

  1. for thin and light - 4-8%,
  2. for thick and dark - 10-12%,
  3. average thickness - 6%.

The bleaching of dark hair, as well as blond, chestnut, is repeated in two or even three stages with a break of 8-14 days.

The solution is prepared in a plastic or porcelain bowl: 40 g of shampoo, 60 ml of peroxide, 3 tsp. ammonia, 50 g of water.

With a brush with synthetic teeth, it is applied to the scalp, it is good to miss the tips. After 40-50 minutes, rinse with a caring agent and rinse with water acidified with lemon juice.

Caring for straightened strands at home: restoration and other aspects

The effects of peroxide on the hair cause stress on the hair. They are damaged, become brittle and dehydrated. Therefore, you can lighten hair only with a break of several days, or even weeks.

The following recommendations will help restore the curls, make them obedient:

  • as with frequent washing of the head, the natural fat that protects the hair is washed out, you should refrain from daily water procedures,
  • the warm air of the hair dryer and the effects of heat from hairdressing devices increase the negative impact on damaged hair, so their use should be reduced to 1 time per week (and no more),
  • no need to rub and wipe clean and wet hair - fragile hair after bleaching will break, let it dry naturally,
  • After washing, it is necessary to apply healing, nourishing masks and essential oils after washing, they will help to restore the original appearance.

Safe bleaching of hair on other parts of the body: we make masks on the face, hands and feet

Knowing that the peroxide bleaches the hair, the young ladies successfully use it to lighten the hair on the hands, legs, face.

With the help of hydrogen peroxide, you can lighten the hair on the hands, legs, face

This cheap, fairly effective drug is applied with a cotton swab for 5-10 minutes on unwanted hairs, then washed with water. Performing the procedure for several days, you can get light and invisible hair.

The discoloration of unwanted hair on the legs, dark and hard, is carried out with a concentrated solution (10-12%) of peroxide (25 ml) with the addition of two ampoules of ammonia, soda (1 tsp) and water (25 ml). Apply the solution on the hair and rinse with water in an hour.

Homemade ways to lighten hair

There are various home-made methods of how to discolor the hair of the weaker sex. The most common are the following remedies:

  • kefir,
  • lemon juice,
  • chamomile decoction,
  • honey,
  • cinnamon,
  • hydrogen peroxide.

The safest among them are kefir and chamomile. Such tools can lighten brown strands of several tones and give them a pleasant golden sheen. Of course, the final color will depend on the characteristics of the hair, its condition, and on the choice of a particular method of bleaching.

Lemon and hydrogen peroxide act more aggressively. They often dry out hair, but there are no other ways to lighten dark hair at home.

Chamomile decoction

To enhance the effect, you can experiment by mixing chamomile flowers with other herbs. For example, with nettle leaves, which, among other things, strengthen the roots and improve blood circulation.

1 st. l chamomile and nettle pour 1 liter of boiling water and cook for 10 minutes. Cool, strain and moisten the hair in the broth. Wrap curls with a towel - heat activates the effect of the brightening substances. Wait about 15 minutes and rinse the curls with water.

Lemon juice

Freshly squeezed lemon juice brightens well brown hair, but it also has an effect on dark curls.

Squeeze half a glass of lemon juice, dilute it with half a glass of pure water. You can add to the mix a teaspoon of honey or olive oil. Pour the liquid in the sprayer, then sprinkle it with plenty of washed and dried hair. Cover the head with plastic, tie a towel on top. After an hour, wash the curls. Chamomile decoction can be used as a conditioner.

An additional advantage of citric acid is that it gives the curls a natural shine and prevents electrification of the hair.


Not bad brightens strands ordinary onions. However, the method has a significant disadvantage - a very sharp and persistent odor, which is almost impossible to remove on the first day. On the other hand, the bow not only discolors, but also strengthens the strands, prevents loss and activates growth.

Finely chop 2 large onions and squeeze out the juice, and then dilute it with water in a 1: 1 ratio. To drown the onion smell, add rosewood oil to the product. Apply this mixture to the hair, an hour later, wash your hair.

Another recipe with onions involves the addition of ingredients such as vinegar, honey and lemon juice. Such a lightening mask gives a faster effect, but dries the strands more strongly, therefore it is recommended to use it only for owners of greasy hair.

Hydrogen peroxide

Ways to lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide, there are several. Some are sparing, others act more aggressively.

Easy clarification is suitable for fair-haired girls and blondes. Wash the hair, let it dry without a hairdryer, then brush it with balm. Take a 3-5% solution of hydrogen peroxide, fill it with a spray, and then sprinkle curls with the product. For even distribution of peroxide in the hair, separate them into strands. Wait half an hour, rinse hair with water and apply conditioner on it.

Brown-haired and brunettes tell how to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide, achieving deep penetration of the medium into the strand structure.

To do this, you will need 40 g of 8-12% hydrogen peroxide mixed with the same amount of liquid soap, 30 g of pure water and 1 tsp. ammonium bicarbonate. The tool should be applied to dirty curls, starting from the back of the head and wetting strand by strand. It is strictly prohibited to warm the head, otherwise there is a risk of chemical burn.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a way to safely lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide, you will have to be disappointed. It's impossible. Such a tool dries the hair, and there is always the risk of uneven discoloration.

These methods are not suitable, and you are looking for, how else can you lighten the hair with folk remedies? Try using ginger.

How does

Peroxide epilating abilities consist in a triple effect on hair:

  1. Bleaching (color pigment is destroyed, and the hair becomes faded, barely noticeable).
  2. Thinning (brittle hairs fall out faster).
  3. Violation of the integrity of the rod (the substance destroys the structure of the hair and burns them).

As additional utility, we select the bactericidal property of hydrogen peroxide. Along with epilation of the hairy surface, its disinfection also occurs. Peroxide significantly thinns and weakens hair, which is why their loss occurs quickly and imperceptibly.

Immediately get rid of hair by chemical treatment will not work. Here, regularity and ability to prepare the drug correctly is important. Hair in different people differ in color, structure and thickness, so the concentration of peroxide should also be different.

Fair-haired women and natural blondes can do with a weak mixture of the substance with water. It is enough to get a concentrate of 4 - 8%. The owners of hard hairs will need a more saturated solution - 11 - 12%.


Using hydrogen peroxide to remove hair, owners of soft fine hair will immediately appreciate the benefits of the product. If the hairs are too hard and thick, the result of the use of peroxide will come a little later.

Advantages of removing hair with hydrogen peroxide:

  • Cost-effectiveness of the method and availability of the substance for epilation. The drug is sold in every pharmacy at a low price and without a prescription.
  • Absolute security. Peroxide is a powerful antiseptic. Doctors use it to treat wounds. Depilation with hydrogen peroxide nullifies the risk of skin infection.
  • Ease of use. The finished solution can be applied immediately upon arrival from the pharmacy. There is no need to mix it with anything. Additional accessories for the application of a chemical fluid is not required.
  • No side effects. Irritation and soreness of the substance during processing does not create.
  • Visual effect The result of regular use of peroxide is the lightening of hairs on the body. The vegetation is almost colorless and invisible on the skin.
  • Full disposal of hair. If hydrogen peroxide from unwanted hair is used continuously, the structure of hairs undergoes negative changes. Thinned hairs break off and fall out, gradually releasing part of the body from its presence.

The essence of the method

If a woman uses paint to change the color of the hair on her head, she knows that it is impossible to overdo the composition. Otherwise, the coloring will worsen the condition of the hair and provoke their loss. In the same way, peroxide affects the scalp.

A single use of peroxide will not give a stunning result. But with each session, the hairs will lighten up stronger, and you will notice that they have become thinner and more fragile. Fall out weakened vegetation will be faster.

If you are configured to remove hair with hydrogen peroxide, we recommend that you follow three simple rules:

  1. Before removing the hair, test for allergic reactions. Put a little solution on the inner surface of the elbow and watch the skin for a few minutes. The absence of negative changes indicates the tolerance of the chemical.
  2. In the presence of dry skin, start the procedure with pre-treatment of the body with a cream. At the end of the manipulation also lubricate the cream. This will protect the skin from drying out.
  3. Use solutions whose concentration does not exceed 12%. Too saturated concentrates cause chemical burn and destruction not only of the hair, but also of the skin.
  4. When preparing the solution yourself, do not use metal containers. The interaction of iron with hydrogen compounds gives dangerous oxides.
  5. For best results, keep the peroxide mask on your body for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Concentrated peroxide is quite aggressive. With increased caution, it is recommended to use girls with sensitive skin.

If you have taken into account our warnings, proceed to combat unnecessary vegetation. In addition to the solution, you will need cotton pads or sticks. Apply the product to the hairy area and wait for the liquid to dry. If desired, apply a second layer and let the solution dry again. Wash off with plenty of warm water and repeat the procedure at another time on the same day. Do this for several days in a row until you get the desired effect.

Peroxide hair removal

For removing hair from the skin of the legs, there are several options for the use of peroxide. The simplest method is the application of the drug on overgrown skin 2 times a day. The procedure is carried out before significant lightening and hair loss. But every day to arrange such sessions are not worth it, it is enough to soak the vegetation with a chemical 3 times a week.

Now we will tell in detail how to remove hair with hydrogen peroxide growing on the legs. In the first case, you need to take 40 g of perhydrol and 1 tsp. peroxide, dissolve products and pour in 20 ml of water and 30 ml of liquid soap. The mixture is gently spread on the legs and waiting for it to dry. Massage and rubbing do not. The session is completed by thoroughly washing the feet and lubricating with a moisturizer.

The second recipe for depilation with hydrogen peroxide contains ammonia:

  1. Mix 50 ml of 6% peroxide with ammonia (enough 10 drops).
  2. Add a little flour and mix again.
  3. Apply the mask on the skin of the legs.
  4. After 15 minutes, wash off the drug.

For quick bleaching of hair in the zone of enhanced growth, use a mixture of peroxide, clay and ammonia. Peroxide solution should be 20%. Clay and ammonia take a little. The product should be easily applied to the skin. Hold it for 10 minutes and wash it off.

Facial hair removal

Antennae above the upper lip of the fair sex is a completely unnecessary phenomenon. If the hairs are shaved or pulled, they grow back quickly. So why not lighten them and not completely remove them with hydrogen peroxide?

We eliminate this flaw at home:

  1. Soak a cotton swab well with a 3% peroxide solution and wipe the problem area with it for 5 minutes. After a few procedures, the hairs will lighten and break, and soon will disappear altogether.
  2. Squeeze out some shaving foam and take the same amount of hydrogen peroxide. Lubricate the hair coat with a mixture and score for 20 minutes. Complete the procedure by washing your face with soap and using a nourishing cream.
  3. Mold off half a teaspoon of ammonia and 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Stir a little shaving cream into the substance and apply the product along the hairline for 10 minutes. Remove the composition with a cotton pad, wash and lubricate the face with cream.
  4. Make a perhydrol mask by mixing 2 ml of peroxide (30%), 8 g of vaseline, 12 g of lanolin ointment and a few drops of ammonia. Apply the drug to the desired area, and wash off only when it dries.

If hydrogen peroxide does not save you from unwanted hair, perhaps a hormonal failure has occurred in the body. To understand the reasons for excessive hair growth and suppress the intensity of this process will help you doctor.

Whether to use hydrogen peroxide if you want to remove hair from the face or body, decide for yourself. We remind that thin light hairs are easier to remove. However, women in the reviews claim that peroxide copes with the hair on the hands and feet. Although in these areas of the trunk vegetation is more visible and dense.

Olga, 25, Nizhny Novgorod: “I have recently mastered the prescription of hair removal with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The hairs on my body were soft and darkish. I achieved significant bleaching after a few treatments. I also noticed that new hairs grow back more slowly. ”

Irina, 35 years old, Anapa: “The antennae appeared from me because of the early menopause. The doctor helped me to stabilize the hormonal background, but the problem of excess facial hair did not disappear from me. On the advice of her beautician friend, she began to use hydrogen peroxide and after several procedures her facial hair became less noticeable. The method is really working, so there is a chance to bring out the antennae completely. ”

Kira, 20, Irkutsk: “I developed excessive hairiness after an unsuccessful pregnancy. At first, I shaved my hands and feet with a machine, but then I realized that a razor helps for a while. I learned about the possibility to remove hair with hydrogen peroxide on the forum. I did the first procedure very carefully, but later I realized that I normally endure peroxide. Now my arms and legs are covered with barely noticeable fluff, and it pleases. "

Advantages of the method

  1. Bactericidal - process wounds and cuts.
  2. Low price is one of the cheapest means, the price in a pharmacy is less than 50 rubles per bottle.
  3. Painlessly - at first there is a clarification with an ox, and over time they disappear, there is no mechanical impact.
  4. A proven tool - it is also called the grandmother’s method or the folk method.

Features of the use of peroxide and precautions

The method is designed to combat thin, soft and light (blond, red) hair. Get rid of black and hard will not succeed. Is that a little clarification will make them less noticeable.

Peroxide for lightening hair should be used with caution, not all this method is suitable. Lightening hair can not be done:

  • people with tender and sensitive skin,
  • Often, since peroxide also acts as a peeling, it can damage cells,
  • people with dark skin, especially on the face, as there is not only lightening hair, but also the skin.

Before removing unwanted hair with hydrogen peroxide, you should be familiar with the precautions:

  • check the sensitivity on a small part of the arm,
  • it is impossible to clean the skin before applying the agent, the oily layer will be an additional protection of the cells,
  • never use 30% perhydrol and iodine, as some "craftsmen" advise - this is a 100% burn,
  • additionally apply a fat cream to the skin before you start lightening.

Lightening should be carried out in a well-ventilated area. It is better to cover the floor with an oilcloth so that drops of the compound do not cool the linoleum.


The face of a woman is her calling card. It is always in sight. Therefore, ladies with slightly noticeable antennae or a few hairs on the chin, are often forced to use tweezers or wax. And many of them dream to get rid of facial hair forever or make them invisible. In this case, lightening the hair with peroxide is a great way out.

Repeatedly treating the mustache with 6% peroxide mixed with shaving foam, the hair becomes light and thin at first, and then disappears altogether.

Lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide can be done on all parts of the body, including in the bikini area. Only time it will take much more. But if you have patience and carry out the procedures regularly once a week, the hairs will become soft and almost imperceptible, but not completely removed.

Folk recipes and how to carry out the procedure

There are many proven folk recipes for lightening hair on different parts of the body, since the thickness of the hair is not always the same.

Mix ammonia (ammonia) - 2 ml, hydrogen peroxide 6% - 50 ml and shaving foam in a glass cup. Apply a brightening compound for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and moisturize with cream. There are other recipes for lightening a mustache in women, but this one is the safest and most effective.

Bikini area

Peroxide 6% - 5 ml, petroleum jelly - 7 grams, ammonia - 0.1 ml, ointment lanolin - 10 grams, shampoo or liquid soap - 5 ml. In a glass container mix the composition for clarification. Apply to the hair in the bikini area, excluding contact with the mucous of the labia. After curing, the mass is washed off with warm water.


On the arms and legs, the hair is rather stiff, and the dermis is not as tender as on the face and groin area. Therefore, here the clarification is done by another composition.

Take 6% hydrogen peroxide - 25 ml, 2 tablets of hydroperit, water -25 ml, 2 ampoules of ammonia solution, soda - 1 tsp. Mix in glassware, put on the legs or hands. Lightening lasts one hour. If you begin to strongly pinch immediately wash off.

For hard hair

It is possible to lighten hair with the help of peroxide and hydroperit - a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and urea (peroxide), sold in the form of tablets in any pharmacy.

Pound 3 tablets of hydroperit, add 10 ml of warm water and 10 drops of ammonia. Apply with a cotton swab for 15–20 minutes. Then wash off with soap and water and treat the place with petroleum jelly.

Method disadvantages

Do not forget that lightening with chemical means, such as peroxide, can harm not only the hair bulb and skin, but also the health of the woman, the main ones are:

  • allergic reactions are possible,
  • if you don't keep the proportions or overdo it, you can get burned
  • the skin is injured, it begins to dry and peel off if peroxide is applied more than once a week,
  • slow effect - for a good result you need at least 5 procedures, regularly.

Each woman in her own way decides to lighten the hair or remove them using other means. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

But hydrogen peroxide hair removal is a method tested by many generations of women.

Watch the video: DIY: 5 Ways to Lighten Blonde Hair Naturally (April 2020).