Shampoo Revivor for hair growth

Shampoo for improving hair growth Revivor has long enjoyed great popular with the fair sex. This trend is due to the fact that, despite the modest cost of the tool is very effective. It includes the newest component called Pronalen, which favorably influences the structure of curls, strengthens them, and also ensures active hair growth.

It is worth noting that the shampoo to improve hair growthRevivorperfect Suitable for any type of hair. It is produced by a Belarusian brand called “Belita-Vitex”, which uses mainly natural ingredients in its products. In addition to shampoos, the company also produces a whole range of hair care products, including air conditioners, balms and masks.

What components are included in shampoo to improve hair growth Revivor

The Revivor contains such useful elements as:

  • Extensin, which is a natural protein and provides moisturizing hair.
  • Red pepper promotes blood circulation, stimulates hair growth.
  • Guarana also helps moisturize dry and damaged hair.
  • Iglitsa also contributes to increased blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Olive oil, without which it is simply impossible to do while caring for dry and lifeless curls. It is able to return healthy shine, elasticity to hair and protect it from the negative effects of surrounding factors.
  • Lemon, which improves the condition of the dermis. This component is relevant in the presence of dandruff.
  • Vitamin complex A, B, E, H aimed at normalizing the fat balance of the scalp and its nutrition.
  • Conditioner aimed at facilitating combing hair, giving them elasticity and shine.

Who is recommended to use shampoo to improve hair growth Revivor perfect

Shampoo for improving hair growth perfect fit:

  1. Ladies who set out to grow long and thick curls.
  2. Those who want to get high-quality and effective care for brittle, dry, dull hair.
  3. People who want to normalize the fat balance of the scalp and get rid of the oily shine of hair.

In short, the Belarusian brand took care of each of the fair sex who want to have healthy curls.

It is not recommended to use shampoo in the presence of an allergy to one of the components that are included in its composition, as well as children. For the latter, the company has developed special hypoallergenic agents.

How to use Revivor perfect shampoo for a positive result

To get the desired result from the use of Belarusian brand shampoo, you need to perform the following not complicated actions:

  • It is good to moisten hair along the entire length with warm water, as very hot hair can damage the curls, and cold hair will not dissolve grease and dirt.
  • Pour some product into the palm of your hand, lather it slightly, and then distribute it gently and evenly through your hair.
  • Rub the tool into the roots is light, massaging movements.
  • Rinse the shampoo thoroughly. If it is bad to remove it from the hair, they will look dull and lifeless.
  • In order to make the hair shine immediately after washing off the shampoo, it is recommended to hold the hair for 1-2 minutes under an icy stream of water.
  • It is worth remembering that you can not comb wet hair immediately after washing. Before laying, they must be slightly dried, so that they are slightly wet.

If you do everything right, then after regular use of Revivor perfect hair will become silky, healthy, strong, thick and long. Also, shampoo perfectly cope with dandruff, dry scalp and hair loss.

Main advantages of Revivor perfect

Customer reviews suggest shampoo Revivor for hair growth It has a number of advantageous advantages that contribute to its great popularity. Among them are:

  1. Reasonable price.
  2. Large volume, which is enough for a long time.
  3. Nice and light smell.
  4. The ability to foam quickly.
  5. Economical expense.
  6. The ability of shampoos not to dry out damaged hair.
  7. Stimulation of hair follicles to growth.
  8. The ability to qualitatively rid the hair of pollution.
  9. Provide easy scratching.
  10. Opportunity to purchase shampoo in a specialized store, pharmacy or the Internet.

Shampoo from the Belarusian company "Belita-Vitex" is able to cope with a number of tasks to restore, strengthen and care for hair. To have long and healthy hair, the fair sex does not have to use special procedures, it is enough just to wash your hair regularly.

Causes of slower hair growth

In some cases, with age, men begin to notice that hair slows down growth, fall out in greater numbers than before. In 95%, the rate of increase in the length of the curls is 1–2 cm per month. To increase this figure is almost impossible, since biological processes are laid at the genetic level. However, with the help of special shampoos, it is possible to prevent negative processes, as a result of which hair begins to fall out, become brittle, slow down growth. The main reasons that adversely affect the state of hair:

  • malnutrition (unbalanced),
  • poor hygiene (rare or untimely washing of hair and scalp),
  • the presence of bad habits.

Stress and overwork are also among the reasons that significantly worsen the condition of the hair. That is why cosmetology and medicine actively interact to produce specialized professional tools that can restore lost vital signs of hair. This is how Revivor shampoo, designed for hair growth, as well as Revivor balm with additional nutrients that provide shine and smoothness to the hair.

Nuances of exposure

Since this brand of shampoo belongs to the line of professional products, it has some nuances of impact on curls and scalp, allowing to achieve not only visually noticeable changes, but also a long positive result. Features of the work lies in the fact that the composition of the product is more concentrated than conventional means, which ensures intensive work of all components. That is why the hair is restored in a short period.

Professional shampoos, which include Revivor, are designed for use in special conditions, for example, in beauty salons. They are also used in medical institutions dealing with health and hair restoration. They include active, but completely safe for health components, which have proven their positive effect in the test trials, they are also enriched with various additives that provide the effect of conditioning (hair becomes softer and more obedient). It improves:

  • general condition of hair,
  • combing process
  • look of hair.

An additional effect that positively affects the hair is that electrification decreases or disappears completely. The intensity of exposure is also explained by the content of natural ingredients in the product (up to 95–98%), among which are ceramides, natural essential oils of plant origin, different in composition, proteins. Working in a complex, they return a well-groomed look to damaged and severely weakened hair, gently affect the scalp, stimulate the strength of the bulbs, as a result of which their condition improves.

The result of product exposure under the brand Revivor is already visible after the first use. In order to maintain the achieved result or for the purposes of preventive action, it is recommended to use this specialized shampoo by course or every day. The active ingredients that make up the product are divided into nutrients, vitamin supplements and means to improve blood flow to the scalp - all of them are part of this shampoo, thereby achieving a good and fast positive effect. This brand can be used by men who have a different type of hair, as formulations have been developed to reduce fat and restore (in case of severe damage or if they are colored). Additionally, in the process of use, you can get rid of dandruff and dry tips, which also has a positive effect on the overall condition of the hair.

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Product features

Shampoo differs from the majority of similar products in natural components in the structure, and also a set of the carried out biological functions. It also has an easy-to-use package that lasts for a long period of use. Apply it in the treatment and prevention of hair health can not only men but also women. The composition is designed in such a way that is suitable for any type of hair.

The composition of the shampoo and the properties of each component

The main key to the success of the product is its special composition. 95% of the components in it are of natural origin, so positive changes in the structure and appearance of the hair will be noticeable after 1-2 applications. Ingredients such ingredients as:

  • Red pepper extract (hot)
  • Fruit acids,
  • Vitamins and minerals for cell nutrition,
  • Oils (essential and fatty),
  • Purified water,
  • Guarana,
  • Olive,
  • Extensin
  • Ruscus

Included in the minerals and vitamins - this is the main source of health and strength, as in this shampoo there are more of them than in other products. An additional element that has an extremely positive effect on hair is the Pronalen complex. At its core, this is an innovation designed to improve hair growth. It actively stimulates and supplies the scalp with beneficial substances, improves and normalizes the processes of outflow and blood flow, which helps to strengthen the hair roots. Thanks to this hair gradually becomes stronger and more viable.

Such substances as extensin and ruscus in the composition of the shampoo perform the functions of strengthening and nutrition. They have a positive effect on the hair follicles, stimulating them to biological activity, which helps the hair to increase growth rates.

Unusual for most cosmetological and medical formulations for hair, red pepper combined with guarana are aimed at nourishing and revitalizing the scalp. Oliva and fruit acids (lemon) have a regenerating effect on the skin and hair, as well as improve the balance of minerals in the cells. A complex of vitamins, among which A, B, E, F and H directs its effect on the normalization of the scalp balance. An additional component that is part of the shampoo - air conditioning. It gives elasticity, shine hair, provides a significant relief of combing.

With regular use of shampoo to improve hair growth, this figure increases by 35-40%. Enrichment of the drug with a specially selected multivitamin complex ensures rapid growth, pomp and health of the hair.

Do you have serious hair problems?

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  • hair getting smaller and smaller
  • I look much older than my age
  • the only way is haircut bald.
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Composition and benefits

Other components complement and enhance this effect:

  • extensin - vegetable protein, moisturizes strands,
  • iglitsa (she is Ruscus) - stimulates blood circulation. In combination with extensin strengthens hair,
  • Red pepper - The famous "fighter" with premature baldness, rapid loss. Accelerates growth
  • guarana - caring for damaged, weak, fragile hair. Frequent component of shampoos for fatty curls. Its combination with red pepper contributes to deep nourishing of the scalp,
  • lemon - natural antiseptic, improves the condition of the dermis, is effective for dandruff,
  • olive oil - indispensable for hair care, especially dry. Returns strength, shine, protects against the negative effects of the environment. The complex of olive with lemon restores the structure of hairs,
  • vitamins A, B, E, H - normalize the fatty balance of the skin, nourish the roots,
  • air conditioning - facilitates combing, makes curls elastic, shiny.

Note, shampoo is the easiest way to affect hair growth. No need to bother with applying a mask, to try folk remedies or to take medicines, vitamins. Just enough to wash your hair regularly.

The manufacturer assures that the effectiveness of the tool is clinically proven. There are no special instructions for use. Other advantages of Revivor Perfect:

  • large volume of the bottle at a relatively low price,
  • the opportunity to buy shampoo in an ordinary cosmetics store,
  • lasting effect.

The line of cosmetics Belita contains a stimulant balm for hair growth from the same series.

What problems can fix

First of all, women buy shampoo, who want to grow long curls. Revivor not only activates this process, feeding the bulbs, improving the blood supply to the head. Means carefully looks after locks, restoring their structure. Well-groomed tips can be less often cut.

Revivor Perfect will suit owners of a dry type of hair because it moisturizes the hair and reduces breakage. Shampoo is good for fatty strands: cleans, refreshes them, removes greasy shine. Revivor can be used by women who have damaged, dull, lifeless curls that are prone to prolapse.

Revivor Perfect belongs to the category of budgetary cosmetic products. Its cost is about 170 rubles. The product is sold in supermarkets, shops selling Belarusian cosmetics. If you make an order via the Internet, the price may be higher due to delivery.


The main limitation to use is an allergic reaction or intolerance to some of the components. Determine whether shampoo is right for you, soon after use.

If you feel discomfort or do not see the effect promised by the manufacturer - it may be in the individual characteristics of your body. Also, various online representatives of Belita-Vitex note: Revivor can be used from the age of 18. For children and adolescents, there are special products that differ in hypoallergenic composition, indications for use.

Rules of application

The manufacturer recommends using the tool traditionally:

  • apply a little on wet hair,
  • to foam
  • rinse thoroughly with water.

Also exist Universal rules for the use of any shampoo that increase the effectiveness of a cosmetic product:

  1. The hair should be well moistened. Especially important for owners of long strands. It is necessary to keep the hair under the shower for at least 1 minute.
  2. Water requires warm. Under too cold or hot curls will be uncomfortable.
  3. Squeeze a small amount of detergent for the head on the palm (the volume depends on the length of the strands), rub and apply to the hair.
  4. If the shampoo is too thick, you can slightly dilute it in a handful with water.
  5. It is recommended to put means with the soft, massing movements from the line of growth to tips. Head massage enhances the nutritional composition and stimulates hair growth.
  6. To check whether the shampoo covered all the curls well, you should run your fingers over it, imitating combing with a comb.
  7. It is necessary to wash off means not less than 5 minutes. If it is bad to rinse the strands, they will be dull.
  8. At the end you can hold your head under the ice stream (a few seconds). This technique gives shine shine, stimulates blood circulation, thereby accelerating growth.
  9. Do not rub or comb the wet curls. You should gently blot them with a towel, dry them a little, and then start laying.

Belarusian shampoo Revivor for hair growth: composition, application rules, effectiveness

For hair restoration, our readers successfully use Minoxidil. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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Belarusian cosmetics "Belita-Vitex" has earned a good reputation due to its high quality and affordable price. Many women enjoy using hair care products from this manufacturer. A lot of reviews, impressions collected Revivor shampoo for hair growth. Traditionally, opinions are fundamentally opposed. Someone sings a cosmetic product ode, enthusiastically praises him. Someone shampoo seemed not very effective, and sometimes - even harmful. To find out whether the Revivor improves the growth of strands, will help a detailed article.

Effect of use

Shampoo Revivor for growth of strands restores vitality to hair, nourishes them with energy.

  • strands become strong, healthy, beautiful,
  • loss is reduced,
  • growth is activated,
  • curls acquire a healthy shine, silkiness,
  • dandruff is reduced,
  • new hairs appear.

Important! The manufacturer guarantees the acceleration of growth by 40% with regular use of shampoo.

Pros and cons means

Feedback from consumers who used Revivor Perfect lists the following positive aspects of the product:

  • well foams
  • has a thick texture
  • has a smell that wears off hair easily,
  • qualitatively washes the curls,
  • is inexpensive
  • does not overdry damaged strands,
  • fights seasonal hair loss,
  • really accelerates hair growth,
  • consumed sparingly
  • adds shine, silkiness,
  • refreshes and nourishes the hair. A few days after washing, they remain clean, light,
  • makes combing easier. Strands do not electrify,
  • awakens hair follicles.

Cons marked by users:

the composition is replete with chemicals

hair loss begins

in some cases, the strands become greasy at the roots and dry at the tips.

A large volume of the bottle can be simultaneously attributed to the pros and cons. If for some reason the Revivor did not fit, we have to think about where to put an impressive balance of funds. The same ambiguous assessments deserve the smell and gel-like consistency of Revivor Perfect.

The Belarusian product deserves more positive opinions than negative ones. Girls and women often accompany reviews with photos that show a growth of strands after starting to use the drug. Some consumers say: Revivor does not always help to grow long curls, but it copes well with other tasks. Hair really looks well-groomed, becoming more healthy.

For hair restoration, our readers successfully use Minoxidil. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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Much depends on the individual characteristics, the presence of serious diseases, the general condition of the body. There is no universal remedy that would suit absolutely everyone. Check whether Revivor Perfect is effective for you personally, you can empirically: buy a bottle and use it in accordance with the recommendations.

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What is the best shampoo for hair loss

Hair loss is a completely natural process that does not require anxiety. You need to act when you start to lose too much hair a day. To deal with the problem should always be a complex. You may need to revise the power, taking medications, adjusting the care of curls. Hair loss shampoo is an important part of treatment.

Features shampoo for hair growth

The effect of any means to combat baldness should be to normalize blood circulation, deep cleansing and nourishing the scalp, activating skin cells, awakening dormant hair follicles. A good shampoo should contain extracts of medicinal plants, essential oils, proteins and amino acids, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, biologically active ingredients, minerals and vitamins.

The composition of the shampoo against hair loss must be deprived of aggressive substances. We are talking about laureth- and sodium lauryl sulfate, which gradually reduce the hair follicles and act on the scalp toxic. When choosing a special shampoo, carefully read the composition and avoid these harmful substances.

If you want to improve the condition of your hair, special attention should be paid to shampoos that you use. A frightening figure - in 96% of popular brands of shampoos are components that poison our body. The main substances, due to which all the troubles, are labeled on the labels as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate, PEG. These chemical components destroy the structure of the curls, the hair becomes brittle, lose elasticity and strength, the color fades. But the worst thing is that this stuff gets into the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer. We advise you not to use the products in which this chemistry is located. Recently, the experts of our editorial office analyzed the sulfate-free shampoos, where the first place was taken by the funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic. The only manufacturer of all-natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. We recommend visiting the official online store If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year of storage.

Popular shampoos for hair loss

To understand which shampoo is best for hair loss, you need to know a little more about each of the brightest representatives.

It contains components that stimulate the roots, activating hair growth, stopping hair loss. These are caffeine, medicinal leech extract and zinc pyrithione. Strands become more elastic. Experts recommend the use of shampoo for men with the risk of premature baldness.

Reviews of the tool were just great, so I decided to try. Pleased with the price and the result. I did not have a critical fallout, so a timely reaction allowed me to quickly return the original look to my hairstyle.

"Biokon" may well cope with the loss. But if you are worried about intense baldness, then the remedy is powerless.

The tool has a pronounced antifungal effect. However, the tool is also actively used to address the issue of baldness. Thanks to the active component ketoconazole can stop the loss.

Bought shampoo to remove dandruff. After using one bottle, she noticed that her hair had become much thicker. The volume has increased markedly.

Hair really ceased to fall out. She noted a small side effect: after washing the skin of the head is a bit tight and dry, but over time it goes away. Be sure to periodically use "Nizoral" for prevention.

"Fitoval" is enriched with extract of arnica, wheat, rosemary and glycogen. Components under the power to resume hair growth, as well as give them strength, softness, shine and beauty. Suitable for loose and damaged curls. As a result of use, hair follicles are strengthened. After application, it is necessary to keep the agent on the strands for 5 minutes. The course of treatment will be 3 months.

It was not so easy to find this remedy. But the result pleased me. I bought a shampoo on the advice of my hairdresser. I suffer from seasonal fallout, so I keep “Fitoval” in my first-aid kit. As soon as I notice the signs of a fall on the comb, I immediately proceed to the procedures.

The tool is really good, although the result will have to wait. After the first procedures, nothing will change. You have to be patient, but it's worth it.

In the video below you will see how to choose the right anti-hair loss natural shampoo:

The tool not only stops the loss, but also extends the life cycle of the hair. Dermatologists recommend treating the loss with the help of the whole Selentsin line (shampoo, balm, mask). The result will be thick, strong, restored strands.

If you buy only shampoo, then waste money. The effect appears only with the complex effect of the entire series. Appeared the desired density and volume.

This is a super tool! Growth resumes on the eyes. The result is noticeable to everyone around.

It accelerates growth, strengthens thin and weak hair. A positive effect on the structure of the curls. It is undesirable to use shampoo for owners of dry hair and sensitive scalp.

The packaging did not inspire confidence, but all my friends praised the product so much that they decided to buy it. She did not regret it at all: the strands are thick, beautiful and strong. The only negative - the hair has become a little tougher.

The price is a bit scary, of course. But the loss reached a critical point, and I was ready to take off the last shirt. In the shortest possible time it was possible to stop the fallout and resume the growth of new curls.

"Vichy" contains amineksil. The component has a softening effect on the roots, strengthens them and encourages intensive growth. Due to the content of thermal water and mineral substances, a healing effect is noted.

"Vichy" is quite an expensive series of cosmetics. I used the tools of this line for other purposes and always got a good result. When the hair began to fall out, she did not take risks and turned to a proven brand. Not lost: the fallout stopped, the hairstyle began to look luxurious.

Spent a lot of money, but did not get the desired result. Lost hair became less, but it was not possible to completely solve the problem.

“Dove” is a regenerating serum that has proven itself very well in the fight against loss. It is used for weak, dull and dry hair.

Without food adjustment, all means are powerless. She asked for help from the trichologist, who prescribed me a diet and told me to choose a shampoo. Listed several brands, I stopped at the "Dove". A month later, new hair began to grow and hair loss ceased.

I did not see the effect. Yes, there was less hair falling out. But no major changes followed. Maybe I did not use much (1.5 months), I had to contact other means.

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The product is used during shampooing. Cosmetic product has gained immense popularity among women living in the CIS. The secret of his success is simple - this is a unique formula, natural ingredients, thanks to which you can heal and restore curls. Healthy, silky and shiny hair - this is all balm "Revivor". Reviews of grateful clients who have tried it on themselves confirm this fact.

Perm, frequent dyeing, discoloration, lamination - all these procedures are very bad for curls. "Revivor" just can cope with the problem of damaged, dry, splitting hair, relieve dandruff. According to clients, the balm of this brand is the best assistant in the fight against split ends and brittleness. With the help of keratin proteins, it densely fills the structure of damaged hair, making them more elastic, smooth and docile. Curls comb much easier and do not need hot styling. Strands do not get tangled, do not break and look just perfect!

Healing Ingredients

The unique formula and only natural ingredients is “Revivor”. Balsam (reviews say about it) due to natural components gives such an amazing result. It consists of: mink fat, coconut oil, gelatin, aloe and nettle extract, citric acid and wool wax, as well as water, a quarter of ammonium salt (cetrimonium).

This component is often used in the manufacture of products for hair, as it is an excellent antiseptic and facilitates rinsing. Etal (fatty alcohol) is an ingredient of plant origin, which is often used in natural cosmetics and makes it softer. Cyclomethicone protects hair from harmful effects. And the proteins and preservatives contained in the balm, are only beneficial if they are used in an acceptable concentration. Their main task - the destruction of fungi and bacteria.

It is from these components consists of this unique tool. It is thanks to the competent composition of the hair restored, compacted, becoming more flexible and silky. In addition, strands become more obedient.

For different types of hair

Such a cosmetic product as a balm, created to restore the state of hair. It all depends on the ingredients that are included in its composition. Restoration, treatment, shine - this is all the goal of the balm "Revivor". Reviews say that this product is suitable for almost any type of hair and will help solve many problems.

Oily hair type

It is characterized by porosity of hairs, greasy luster, unpleasant aroma. About 100 hairs fall out per day.

Strands of medium thickness, with glitter, no section or adhesion. About 55 hairs fall out per day.

It is characterized by roughness, brittleness, dullness. About 160 hairs fall out per day.

The rarest type of hair, endowed with the characteristics of each of the above.

Balm is the most necessary product for restoring the health of curls. According to clients, he is able to correct these problems and normalize the condition of both oily and dry curls.

In the Belita brand series of products, Revivor hair balm is incredibly popular, reviews only confirm this.

This tool is recommended for girls who constantly dye their curls. Also, it is impossible to do without it for those who regularly make a perm, as a result of which the curls are damaged, split, and the hairs become brittle. According to clients, the balm shows instant results. And this is a huge plus, as many luxury cosmetics products are often less effective than this tool. The main thing is to use it correctly and know what to combine with. One of the main advantages of the balm "Revivor" is an affordable price for quite a decent amount.

Any popular product has both its fans and detractors. Just in this category refers balm "Revivor".Testimonials state that the tool often does not live up to expectations and does not match the specifications that manufacturers claim. According to disgruntled clients, the hair continues to fall out, still brittle, dry, splitting and weighting.

The disadvantages include his liquid consistency, which, according to them, is hard to work with. The balm is not thick, it is a little thinner than sour cream, but not watery. During application, it melts and drains from the hands and hair. Also, very often women are unhappy with its fragrance. The tool has a grassy smell, which is not everyone's liking. According to the skeptical ladies, he is very cloying and interrupts the aroma of shampoo.


To get a good result, it is important to properly use the "Revivor" (balsam), the reviews of girls who use it confirm this. This tool is suitable for daily use.

The product is used during washing hair. According to the manufacturers, it should be applied on washed, slightly wet strands (but not wet) for 4-5 minutes. After that, it is important to thoroughly wash off the balm with warm water, but you should not use shampoo. This method of application is recommended by the creators of this product. However, female fans use it a little differently.

According to the client, there is a secret of its competent application. According to them, the product should remain on the hair is not about 5 minutes, and at least 20-25. And best of all is about 4 hours. Balsam "Revivor" gives a stunning effect, if you warm the head. To do this, the treated strands need to be hidden under a plastic bag or a special cap, you can additionally warm up with a hairdryer. Often women take it with them to a bath or sauna and use it with a hat. As a result, they get soft silky hair.

What to combine?

To improve the result, Revivor hair balm can be combined with other cosmetics. This refers to shampoos and oils.

Clients are not advised to apply the balm at the same time as shampoos that contain silicones. And all because it threatens with the appearance of a negative cumulative effect, which is often mentioned in negative reviews about the product. It arises from the excess of silicones, which envelop every hair and do not wash off. And it manifests itself dryness and brittleness.

According to women who use the balm constantly, it is possible to restore damaged hair if you combine this product with oils. For example, 5-8 drops of fatty oils can be added to the product. Peach oil, almond oil, and a combination of jojoba and avocado work well on the hair.

Price reviews

Very effective, high-quality and at the same time affordable hair balm "Revivor". Reviews of his fans confirm this fact. This tool, like all Belita products, has been tested under laboratory conditions and marked with a quality certificate. Therefore, it can be argued that the balm is absolutely safe. No wonder he is the leader in hair care among a large number of women.

Cosmetic product is presented in three packages: 100 ml, 200 ml and 450 ml. According to the clients, the composition of each package is slightly different. For example, the price per hundred is about 35 rubles, there is no coconut oil and gelatin (hydrolyzed collagen) is present. For two hundred will have to pay about 50 rubles, the difference is that the composition does not contain coconut oil and wool wax (lanolin), but there is collagen. In a half-liter jar you can find coconut oil and gelatin, wool wax. Although, according to women who constantly use this tool, you can find a package in 450 ml with a slightly different composition. Common ingredients: mink oil, nettle extract and aloe vera, cyclomethicone, and preservatives of natural origin.

Packaging, which amounts to 450 ml, costs about 95 rubles. Very economical and effective balm "Revivor" restorative, consumer reviews confirm this.

Feedback on the result

You can hear thousands of opinions about this product. Some complain of a cumulative effect (brittle, splitting hair), others praise this cosmetic and argue that you just need to properly apply it. Universal and effective balm "Revivor" for hair growth, reviews confirm that this is an incredibly popular product.

According to the clients, with its help, you can quickly restore the condition of damaged curls after chemical waving, dyeing or lamination, etc. It shows a stunning result after the first use: shiny, soft and docile hair. The result will only improve if it is combined with fatty oils and other means of folk cosmetology (honey, egg or apple vinegar, etc.). This combination nourishes, moisturizes and quickly restores damaged curls, from dull and lifeless, they turn into a waterfall of brilliance and health.

According to clients, you can simply wash your hair at night with this tool and in the morning you will not need to spend time on hot styling. Hair becomes voluminous, docile, easier to comb and slower to pollute.

Reviews on the composition

Incredibly popular means - restorative hair balm "Revivor", reviews confirm this fact. Most often it can be purchased in a very convenient and economical package (450 ml), which is sealed with foil. The tool has a gel-like consistency and herbal aroma. In addition, the product is very easily washed off with warm water.

Effect of use:

  • loss decreases, growth is stimulated,
  • hair is restored after a negative chemical or mechanical effect,
  • balm removes the effect of electrifying the hair, makes it smoother,
  • curls become more voluminous and obedient,
  • hair is easy to comb,
  • curls soaked, soft and moisturized,
  • hair shine
  • This is a budget and high-performance tool.

Where to buy?

The elixir of youth for hair is a balm "Revivor", reviews of fans of this product confirm this. Its cost (depending on the package) is from 40 to 95 rubles. Byelorussia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and many other countries are engaged in the distribution of Belita brand products. This product can be purchased at any specialized store in your city. It can also be found in the field of sale of household chemicals.

Revivor balm recovery is an instant revitalization of hair. It helps accelerate growth and heals every hair from root to tip. As a result, you get well-groomed, healthy, shining curls.

Lyubov Zhiglova

Psychologist, online consultant. Specialist from the website

- October 3, 2009, 00:12

I bought a liquid-spray to strengthen the hair of this company, hair was damaged! As part, it reads, it contains alcohol, and this, cosmetologists know, is the death of a head of hair! I look at this company with disgust

- October 3, 2009, 04:01

I used such a shampoo. I don’t have time to paint the roots! grow like crazy!

- October 3, 2009, 09:53

Very good money at Revivor. I have been using for about 3 years. Once she was licked (and I used to wear long hair), with the help of Revivor I brought my hair to the desired length over the summer. I recommend the green (green) jar balsam Revivor.

- October 3, 2009, 17:21

I didn’t like shampoo. bad hair washes, and no effect. there was a great hope for a balm, but I was confused with the same 0. so far there is no desire to continue experiments with a revivor. Professional cosmetics, although more expensive, but more confusing.

- October 4, 2009, 20:15

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, so much a balm revivor is really cool and much better than something more expensive. maybe he just does not suit everyone

- October 6, 2009, 09:49

balms, hair sprays super. to me even the hairdresser said super-duper hair.

- October 7, 2009, 10:39

Well I do not know. I bought myself a revivor against the loss of aroma balm. It smells like toothpaste for some reason. In childhood, this was with Cheburashka or something. smeared today. first is the packaging. uncomfortable. uncomfortable with it in the bathroom or under the shower to mess around. The hair after it is thin, fluffy and looks externally as if I am shocked by the current. Small such a dowan on the head. A terrible volume in the wrong place. somewhere at the ends of the hair. The smell quickly evaporated. Hair was hard to comb. I have a long car. At shoulder level. For comparison - if you wash Elsev, they comb easily, even without a balm.
And also he has a trick - he has a little soap! what a balm like that. where to go! neither smoothness nor silkiness.
In general, my opinion is on this cosmetics: in comparison with Glisskurami, Nevea, sansilkami, especially Fruktisami - Revivor probably will like it or not cause repugnance. But if you used Loreal Profesh. or Vella or even better porfessions. for hair - do not waste your time on nonsense.

Watch the video: Shampoo prepoo hair Reviver Drops part1 (March 2020).