How to lighten your eyebrows at home?

The most complete article on the topic: how to lighten your eyebrows at home: ways and tips? and a little more for real beauties.

Since ancient times, women are trying to use every opportunity to look even more beautiful. Hair style and hair color are of great importance in the overall appearance of the lady, but imagine a girl with magnificent hair and without eyebrows, or with “shaggy” eyebrows, black as coal, against the background of a blond hairstyle.

Handsomely? Of course not! Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the eyebrows are the perfect complement to the charming female face, especially when you want to prepare your skin for spring. Let's talk today about how you can make the eyebrow brightening at home, who is recommended this procedure, and who should not worry about it.

Brighten eyebrows at home: 6 popular ways

Lightening eyebrows - a procedure that has managed to gain insane popularity among modern fashionistas. For the first time about her talking back to the days of Brigitte Bardot, when a brave actress dyed blonde.

But then everyone forgot about the procedure for a long time. And only in 2010, models with unusually bright eyebrows appeared on the catwalk at the latest fashion show.

Since then, the boom began, and all the girls are concerned about the same question - how to lighten your eyebrows at home?

Who will bleached eyebrows?

Light eyebrows are not suitable for everyone, so do not rush to follow the canons of fashion. Refer to the procedure in those cases if you:

  • dark by nature, but repainted in a blond or, for example, light blond. In this case, black eyebrows will immediately give out your true hair color and generally ruin the image - dark arcs in combination with light-colored hair look very ridiculous,
  • can boast pale or pinkish skin. With lightened eyebrows, your look will become even more airy, feminine and very fragile,
  • have rather sharp features - the procedure will make them softer and more tender. Now you can apply any make-up without fear of looking inadequate.

Tip! To check whether you will suit light eyebrows, carry out a simple test - process them first with a proofreader, and then apply light powder. Evaluate the result - if you liked what you see in the mirror, feel free to proceed to bleaching. If you are unhappy, contact a professional and ask him to find the right shade.

Important editorial advice

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The main substances, due to which all the troubles, are labeled on the labels as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate, PEG. These chemical components destroy the structure of the curls, the hair becomes brittle, lose elasticity and strength, the color fades.

But the worst thing is that this stuff gets into the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer. We advise you not to use the products in which this chemistry is located.

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All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. We recommend to visit the official online store mulsan.

Common crawl en If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year of storage.

Lightening eyebrows folk methods or a few tips

How to discolor brows with herbal tinctures?

If you do not want to lighten with chemicals, you can change the shade of eyebrows infusion of herbs.

This method does not harm the skin and hair. As a rule, the course consists of several procedures, and takes several weeks. The most popular plant for lightening is field chamomile.

To prepare the broth, you need to take 25 grams of flowers for one glass of water. Chamomile need to fill with water and bring to a boil in a water bath. Then put the cool in a cool place. Strain the broth and add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply 2 times a day, morning and evening. Chamomile decoction is stored for two days, then it is desirable to prepare a new solution.

Natural eyebrow care products.

This tool is not recommended to use for eyebrows of dark saturated color, as herbal tinctures for them are not effective enough.

In addition to chamomile, colorless henna is an excellent lightening agent. It not only brightens hairs well, but also perfectly nourishes the skin of the eyebrows and hair follicles. To enhance the effect add calendula and lemon juice.

The safest methods include:

  • lighten eyebrows using hydrogen peroxide,
  • with the help of folk remedies.

Every cosmetic procedure from time to time is accompanied by various incidents. That color turns out more saturated than we would like, or vice versa, the coloring agent does not take at all or something else at all.

But you shouldn’t get upset, it’s quite possible that our useful tips will help to get out of this situation or avoid it:

  1. If you have greatly brightened your eyebrows, then a special brown pencil will help to correct this defect.
  2. Remember that in some people hair is difficult to dye. Therefore, the time for clarification will take more.
  3. If you leave the paint on the eyebrows for 5 minutes, then the shade will be a tone lighter, if at 10 minutes, then two tones lighter.
  4. Be sure to pay attention to the shelf life of the lightening agent.
  5. Store the preparation for clarification should be in a dark, cool and dry place.
  6. Make nourishing and vitamin eyebrow masks to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.
  7. Do not choose those shapes and shades of eyebrows, which are now in fashion, and select those that go to you personally.
  8. If you can not find the color and shape of the eyebrow yourself, ask for help from a specialist. He will select the exact shade that will be in harmony with your image.

Tips for coloring eyebrows in bright colors.

Simple recommendations and tips will help to properly conduct the procedure for lightening eyebrows and avoid unpleasant consequences. And if you don’t learn to do everything yourself, then professional cosmetologist will always come to the rescue, who will quickly and efficiently help to resolve this issue.

Remember that nature has rewarded all of us with an ideal appearance, and you should always strive, first of all, for natural, natural beauty. This aspect is relevant in relation to the ideally matching color of eyebrows, which should be sought.

How do you lighten your brows? Share your secrets with us in the comments.

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Who needs eyebrow lightening?

An ignorant person, having heard of the need to lighten his eyebrows, will be surprised. Usually try to make them darker, because everyone knows the expression: "Black-browed beauty."

But clarification in some cases, after all, is necessary:

1. If a girl from birth is dark-haired, but she decided to change the color of her curls to a lighter one, or even repainted to a blonde. In this case, dark eyebrows will immediately give her natural color, and the combination is, to put it mildly, not quite beautiful. It is recommended with the help of lightening eyebrows to ensure that their color is fully consistent with the shade of the hair, 2.If the skin of the face is pale and pinkish, it is recommended to lighten the eyebrows if they are too highlighted on the face with their dark shade.

Who is contraindicated to lighten the eyebrows?

You can not blindly follow fashion, changing its appearance just because many do. Indeed, unlike others, you risk looking with bright eyebrows just ridiculous.

If you really want to try on a new image, do it, but not in such a radical way.

The method of lightening eyebrows at home is simple and quite affordable, so it is not necessary to go to the salon.

But, nevertheless, for some girls such a procedure is completely contraindicated:

• Tanned, • With a southern type of appearance, • Lovers to visit a tanning salon and dark tonal foundations, • Girls who prefer makeup with dark shadows and arrows on their eyes.

Lightening eyebrows at home: 4 ways

To lighten eyebrows at home, you should use a special paint that guarantees lightening effect.

If the decision is made to change the appearance, but there is no desire or opportunity to see a specialist, you can find a simple solution - to do everything yourself.

You just need to learn how to lighten your brows at home.

4 simple ways to help cope with this task:
1. Hair dye. When dyeing hair with a small brush, apply residual dye to the eyebrows. This rather simple method allows you to achieve the perfect combination of shades of curls and eyebrows,
2. Special color gel. Get colored gel with a lightening effect and a brush, apply a cosmetic on the eyebrows in 1-2 layers. You can use this gel every day, achieving the desired result,
3. Paint application. Lightening eyebrows at home really do at a professional level, for this you should use a special paint that guarantees lightening effect. Using a flat synthetic brush should be applied to the eyebrows. Ideal - the first time to use the services of a specialist, and the next time it will be easy to do on their own,
4. Concealer - The usual means of correction, which can be found in any female cosmetic bag, can turn into a tool for lightening eyebrows. To do this, brush, with a concealer on it, you need to comb through the hairs. After waiting a couple of minutes, fix concealer crumbly transparent powder.

Folk method of lightening eyebrows

To lighten the brows, you need to take calendula and chamomile, pour a glass of water, bring to a boil. When the decoction has cooled, add a few drops of lemon juice.

With the help of modern cosmetics can achieve a lot. How did our great-grandmothers cope with such a task as lightening eyebrows at home?

To say that simply and quickly, of course, is impossible. But the ancient method of clarification with the help of herbs exists. The advantage of this method is safety and harmlessness, a minus - you have to wait a long time for the result.

For those who want to support folk methods, here are a few recipes using herbal decoction for clarification:

Chamomile and Calendula
Take in equal parts inflorescences of calendula and chamomile (only 20g.), Pour a glass of water, bring to a boil. Leave the broth to infuse for about 20 minutes. When it has cooled, add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the prepared tool 2 times a day. Some will be enough for 2-3 days, and someone will have to wait for the result of 7-9 days.

Lemon juice and chamomile decoction
In order to lighten your eyebrows in the most natural way, you should take 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice and mix it with a decoction of medicinal chamomile in equal proportions. To apply structure on the eyebrows which are previously cleared of a make-up.

To sustain a mixture of 20-30 minutes, then you need to wash with warm water. If your eyebrows are very dark, then the procedure should be repeated several times to get the desired color.

Frequently asked Questions

Alina, 25 years old:
- How effective is the use of concealer to lighten eyebrows?

Expert commentary:
- Due to the powder, the effect of bleached eyebrows lasts throughout the day. Just before applying it, you need to wait until the concealer dries on the hairs.

Elena, 29 years old:
- Is the decoction of herbs really so safe when brightening?

Expert commentary:
- Before use, you must check whether there are allergic reactions to components of herbal broth. Otherwise, it is safe.

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The secret to lighten eyebrows at home

Today, eyebrow lightening is considered a popular procedure among many women, giving them an image of tenderness, affection, warmth and ease. You can lighten your eyebrows both in the office of a professional cosmetologist and at home, following certain rules to eliminate any risk and disappointing result.

Brow Lightening with Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is considered to be one of the very effective ways of not just lightening, but rather bleaching eyebrows. Using peroxide, you need to be very careful and attentive, as careless movements can cause serious eye irritation.

To perform the whitening procedure, you will need:

  1. hydrogen peroxide,
  2. good cleansing shampoo
  3. a glass of lukewarm water.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Using a special tool, remove all makeup, paying particular attention to the eyebrows.
  • Using a cleansing shampoo, rinse the eyebrows thoroughly.
  • Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water prepared beforehand, and then mix thoroughly.
  • After the eyebrows are completely dry, brush them with the mixture using a special brush.
  • Gently rinse eyebrows after 10 (sometimes 15) minutes.

Owners of dark black eyebrows should be added to the water a little more hydrogen peroxide, and then longer withstand the mixture at the eyebrows. It is possible that instead of the desired lightening, eyebrows become yellow or red. The main thing here is not to start panicking, but to gain patience with iron. It is likely that the procedure will have to be carried out several times to achieve the desired color.

Whitening face cream is ideal for lightening eyebrows. The whole procedure takes place in the same sequence, but takes much less time.

The effects of lightening eyebrows

Despite the fact that this procedure is among the fashion trends that give women the opportunity to feel even more attractive, it does not bring absolutely no benefit for eyebrows. After lightening, there is a significant deterioration of the eyebrows. To avoid unnecessary problems for anyone, it is enough to lubricate the eyebrows with pre-purchased liquid vitamins B and E, as well as with various natural oils that help to maintain the structure and health of the hair.

Other brow lightening options

The easiest way to purchase a lightening paint, designed specifically for the eyebrows. Following clearly all the rules specified in the instructions, you will not have to doubt getting a good result.

You can also use some well-proven folk recipes for lightening eyebrows. For example, a mixture of boiled chamomile with lemon juice, periodically applied to the eyebrows, will help perfectly. This method, of course, will require a lot of patience to get the desired color, but you can be sure of its absolute harmlessness.

All the benefits of using fillers uviderm for the youth of your skin.

Why do we sweat and what a means of sweating to choose from the variety presented on the shelves, see here.

What is the best milk for the body? What should I look for when choosing?

Lightening eyebrow tattoo

During the tattoo, staining occurs not only eyebrows, but also the skin. Because of this, self-lightening eyebrows becomes impossible, because you never know what damage it can cause to appearance and health. The most correct thing in such a situation would be to turn to real professionals who guarantee quality and excellent results.

In pursuit of fashion trends should not forget about the natural beauty, presented by nature. After all, she helps you to demonstrate your individuality and originality, and not at all blindly following a modern fashion.

Self-lightening eyebrows: 4 basic methods

It is no secret that the color of hair for every girl and woman means a lot. We repaint the hair to look different, to please our needs, like someone and just to make a difference in our life. However, recoloured hair, it often happens that the color and tone of the eyebrows do not fit into the new image, so what to do in such situations? Everything is simple, eyebrow discoloration or lightening will help, but this should be done correctly, which we will talk about now.

In this article, you will learn how to properly lighten your eyebrows at home.

Who and why you need to lighten your eyebrows

First of all, eyebrows are lightened in order to bring them closer to the color of the hair on the head, to make them less catchy and noticeable.

Repainted from a brunette to a blonde, eyebrows give out natural hair color, and we so want everything to be perfect.

It is impossible to discolor eyebrows without appropriate knowledge, so you only risk spoiling the aesthetic look. As for lightening, this procedure is done by girls with such hair color:

Blondes have no need to lighten up, since their eyebrows are already light, they have to be tinted on the contrary to emphasize the expressiveness of the face and eyes.

In other cases, having repainted your hair in a lighter tone, you risk making your appearance absurd, since the roots of the eyebrow hairs will give you away.

The ideal option is considered to be exactly the same color of eyebrows and hair of the head, but this result is difficult to achieve, so the eyebrows can also be lighter in tone, will not be worse.

Eyebrow Toning Techniques

Many, fearing to carry out such a scam alone, turn to beauty salons, but you can lighten your eyebrows at home just as well, the main thing is to know the correct and proven methods, of which there are at least four:

  1. Use of herbs
  2. Special whitening cream,
  3. Brightening paint
  4. Hydrogen peroxide.

Before you go further, it is necessary to talk about the principle of lightening hair. In most cases, means are used that "eat up" the natural pigment of the hair, while it becomes light.

These include such aggressive agents: hydrogen peroxide, some herbs with their aggressive chemical composition, etc.

The best of the proposed options would be to take a lightening paint, then you will not have to accurately calculate every minute at the risk of “burning” the hair, but it can be difficult to find. In addition, the remaining methods are cheaper and now we will talk about each of them separately.

Herbs to lighten black edges

This method is the safest hair, but the process takes up to two weeks. A good choice for clarification is chamomile, namely its inflorescences, which can also be purchased at the pharmacy.

To prepare you need 25-30 grams of chamomile flowers and 250 milligrams of water. The plant is filled with water and brought to a boil over low heat or water bath. Further, the broth is infused for 20 minutes, cooled to room temperature and filtered through cheesecloth. After that, add 5 drops of lemon juice.

However, this broth is unlikely to help lighten black eyebrows or the effect will be weak, since the melanin content is too high.

Apply the resulting infusion should be every day. To do this, use sponzhik, moisten it in broth, generously lubricate your eyebrows and wait for complete drying, then wash with water.

Remember, this tool acts gradually, so do not expect a quick effect. But so you definitely do not harm your hair and can control the process of lightening.

The same method can be used to lighten the tattoo of the eyebrows, the result will be weak, but this way you will not harm yourself, although in such situations it is better to contact the specialists.

Rapid Clarification with Hydrogen Peroxide at Home

This method is the cheapest, but at the same time efficient and simple. For its realization it is only necessary to go to the nearest pharmacy for a 3% peroxide solution. In this case, this tool affects the production of melanin, which is a natural dark pigment.

To lighten the eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide, first, remove makeup and wash. Normal shampoo or soap will do, but the hairs should be clean and dry.

If you have sensitive facial skin, it is worthwhile to anoint the area around the eyebrows with a thick cream before the procedure, but so that it does not affect the vegetation.

On this preparations are over. Apply peroxide on the eyebrows with a sponge or brush, it should be done carefully. After that we mark 5-8 minutes and quickly wash off under running water.

If you forget or overdo it, you get the effect of not lightening, but complete bleaching, and this is not for everyone.

As long as the eyebrows do not grow, you can not tint them at all, they will not become darker, since there is no melanin left in them. Experiencing is also not worth it, if you do not like the result, you just need to wait for the growth of new hairs. And be extremely careful; getting peroxide on the mucous membrane of the eye causes burns and leads to blindness.

Whitening eyebrow makeup cream

Prepare the cream strictly following the instructions, as they are different. After that, test the sensitivity of the skin, smearing the inner side of the wrist. If the burning is weak and there are no other adverse reactions, you can proceed to the procedure.

Using a brush, apply eyebrow cream for one minute and wash it with a cotton pad. If the effect does not satisfy you, do the same 1-2 more times, depending on the hair color.

Improper use of whitening cream may cause yellow brows.

But be careful, if you overdo it, your hair will turn yellow. The same effect can occur if the eyebrows are brightened with hydrogen peroxide and overexposed.

What to prepare for when bleaching

The main "surprise" that you can expect - the shade will not be the way you wanted. Especially if you were trying to bring black dyes. Do not forget that in this case the tone can vary from dark copper to yellow. If this happens, you can paint over the failed experiment with decorative cosmetics. In the case when it does not help, get a special paint, choosing a lighter color.

There is a way to avoid such an incident - to look after the change of color while waiting for the action of the dye. If it seems to you that the shade is already very light, wash your face immediately.

Another and probably the most unpleasant "surprise" - damage to the hairs. To avoid this, you need to use only high-quality bleaching agents and keep them on the hairs for as long as the instructions indicate. If you have loose and weak hair, it is better to keep the mixture less time.

If you could not avoid this trouble, use the means to strengthen, restore and grow hair. Not only purchased, but also many home remedies are effective.

How to lighten your eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide or special means

First you need to prepare them.We remove the cosmetics from them and clean them. It is advisable not to use oils and other fatty agents. The best and effective - shampoo for oily hair. Mine and dry so that the clarifier lays evenly.

Next, you need to make a bleaching mixture and quickly apply it. Do not forget to watch the change in shade during its impact. If he already suits you, but time has not expired, it is worth washing the mixture.

An alternative and gentle variant of discoloration is the use of a weak hydrogen peroxide solution. They need to brush their hair often until they achieve the desired effect. This method is suitable for cases when you need to lighten them no more than three tones. For drastic changes, it is not too good.

In the case when you survived the composition due time, but you could not achieve the desired brightness, it is better to repeat the procedure after a few days so as not to injure the hairs. Do not forget to use caring means after the procedure to restore weakened hairs.

Remove dark pigment with home remedies

All home remedies will be effective only when trying to light up the unpainted eyebrows. In other situations, you should seek professional help.

A good home remedy is lemon juice lotion. They need to wipe the edge often, but only gently, so as not to get such a liquid in the eye.

You can make a softer tool - a strong decoction of chamomile. It is advisable to impose a cotton swab soaked them, or put it in its pure form.

The only household method that helps to eliminate black dyes is the use of soap. It is worth noting that it can hardly be called soft, because it dries skin and hair. Laundry soap to rub eyebrows and leave it for half an hour, then rinse.

How to lighten the tattoo

Unfortunately, at home this trick is impossible to do. Do not forget that the paint is brought under the skin, and can only be removed by salon methods.

The only exception is biotuage henna. Of course, in a maximum of two months, he is completely gone, but if you need to get rid of him urgently, arm yourself with homemade recipes.

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The best remedies for such procedures are wholesome oils. Castor, almond, olive and, of course, burdock - they all intensively restore hair, especially if applied in a heated form and applied to the night. But do not forget that they can slightly wash the paint.

Remember that hair on your head is almost the same as your eyebrows. Therefore, to restore the eyebrows, you can use good purchased and homemade hair masks.

If the hairs have fallen out and you need to grow them immediately, try to make and apply a mixture of onion juice and aloe. These ingredients should be mixed in equal proportions. Wash the “fragrant” mass in fifteen minutes.

Very effective garlic-brandy compress. Create gruel of garlic and add a little heated brandy. After fifteen minutes, rinse off this product with something fragrant, for example, rose oil.

There are special cosmetics from pharmacies and shops. The choice is very rich, and it is difficult to recommend something separate. Choose something that produced a lot of well-known manufacturer.

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Brighten eyebrows: indications, contraindications, methods

Modern women of fashion often experiment with their own image and can radically change the appearance. Only in this way you can always be unpredictable and, having studied yourself, know how it is advantageous to emphasize the shade of the face or the color of the eyes. Women dye their hair, curl and grow eyelashes, tint and powder their face. They easily correspond to models walking on the catwalk or watching from the covers of glossy magazines. Knowing how to color or how to lighten your brows, you can quickly change the image. And this is not only a fashion trend.The eyebrow lightening procedure can correct unsuccessful staining and even permanent makeup.

Indications to lighten the eyebrows

Popular manipulation of lightening eyebrows hold at home or in a beauty salon is very easy. You only need to decide whether to do it, and to whom this procedure will help to look stylish, beautiful and harmonious.

For the test, you can always use the brightest tone of powder, which is recommended to thicken the eyebrows and imagine what the face will look like after lightening.

If you do not need to try, you can use the following tips makeup artists. Lightened eyebrows emphasize the airy image of the owners of alabaster skin - this visually enhances their fragility, tenderness and grace.

The next ability is the ability to divert attention from the entire face and concentrate it only on a separate fragment - eyes or lips. Smooth and soften well-defined, strict, rough facial features are also under the force of this method.

But the most common variant of harmonization of the image of a woman is a combination of hair and eyebrows color.

Often a girl, changing her dark natural hair color from brown-haired women to a blonde, does not foresee what her face will look like. Such a cardinal change in the color palette can roughly distinguish black eyebrows, which previously looked absolutely normal. You can smooth out such a situation by lightening your eyebrows in a tone corresponding to the hair color.


The purpose of the clarification procedure is to emphasize the beautiful and individual in the face, to create lightness and mystery in the image, but not to roughen it and make it ridiculous. Therefore, there are situations when you should not bleach eyebrows:

  • owners of tanned or skin-darkened skin
  • lovers of tanning,
  • women using dark foundation and powder in make-up,
  • with black massive arrows along the contour of the eyes.

Signs of allergic reactions to any of the components of clarification (for example, to hydrogen peroxide) are the main prerequisites that require abandoning the procedure.

Ways to lighten eyebrows

Each method of clarification can be carried out in the beauty salon, without having spent the forces on the careful application and removal of components, but having paid for the services. At home, this procedure is easy to do, having bought everything you need - such manipulation is available and quite cheap.

Particularly noteworthy options for clarification, have received positive feedback. One of them is eyebrow bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, which uses atomic hydrogen and its properties. For a successful procedure, you need the following.

  1. Wash face to remove dust, makeup and perspiration.
  2. Apply the cream around the eyebrows so that the components of the product do not act aggressively on the skin.
  3. In 200 ml (glass) of water, add 2.5 ml (half a teaspoon) of 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Apply the mixture with a brush on the eyebrows.
  5. The exposure time is 15 minutes.

Hydrogen (its 3% peroxide) is freely available at the pharmacy, it is important to use only this concentration of the drug. Combined with oxygen, peroxide is destroyed. The hydrogen that is released splits the color pigments and the dark tone disappears. Peroxide is relatively harmless - if the concentration is observed, the risk of side effects is minimal.

The next option may be a brightening cream. When applying it, it is necessary to comply with the main condition - do not use components that cause an allergic reaction. To control you need to put a little cream on a small area of ​​the eyebrow - if after a minute there is no itching and redness, you can apply the cream. The subtlety in the procedure is alternate lightening eyebrows. There are several types of products manufactured by various cosmetic brands. Each lightening eyebrow cream has detailed instructions for use and exposure time - just following the instructions, you can easily discolor the eyebrows.

For connoisseurs of natural cosmetics, there is a home method of lightening with chamomile, the flowers of which can be dried and prepared by yourself or bought at a pharmacy.

One tablespoon of raw materials is advised to pour a glass of boiling water and simmer in a water bath for 5 minutes, then let it brew for at least an hour. This method will require regular use in the morning and evening for several days.

Natural dye is colorless henna, which not only paints, but also nourishes eyebrow hairs. Its components, penetrating into the follicle, give it nourishing, protective substances that can strengthen the hair, add thickness and elasticity. Therefore, all oriental beauties from ancient times paint their hair and eyebrows with henna. Henna is a dry mixture, one spoon of which you need to pour boiling water and stir to the consistency of thick cream.

Boiling water activates the properties of henna, but the main condition is that the mixture should not turn out to be liquid and flow over the face. Henna cooled to room temperature is applied to both eyebrows for 15 or 20 minutes. After this time, the product is removed with a cotton swab and washed off with water.

You can also lighten your eyebrows at home with the help of regular lemon juice. For this you need the following.

  1. Take five drops of vitamin E.
  2. Mix with a teaspoon of juice.
  3. Apply with a wand on clean eyebrows, leave for 20 minutes, then rinse.

As a natural remedy, lemon juice for clarification requires regular repetition in the morning and evening. The effect will appear in two weeks.

Another color change method is enigma lightening for eyebrows. Its formula is capable of providing fast and uniform hair coloring quickly and for a long time. The color palette contains up to six shades, which will allow to experiment. A step-by-step instruction on the combination of components and exposure time is attached to each paint package. The plastic dye mixture enigma is easy and convenient to apply on the eyebrows both at home and in the salon. To fix the effect, re-staining with this tool is not required.

General tips and tricks

In order to paint the eyebrows, using a home approach, you need to meet several conditions:

  • the components are mixed in containers of glass or plastic, metal utensils should be avoided,
  • natural painting and clarification require regular repetition of procedures,
  • henna enhances its action when lemon juice or calendula decoction is added to its mixture,
  • after clarification, it is recommended to use castor, burdock oil or apply a greasy cream to soften the skin and nourish the hair.

In the cosmetology salon, a specialist will give advice on eyebrow care, recommendations in choosing colors, and will conduct modern procedures.


As you can see, it’s not at all necessary to rush to a beauty salon to make your eyebrows more natural. The price of home-made products is significantly lower than the cost of the procedure itself, and their effect is almost indistinguishable from the work of a beautician. The main thing is to carefully follow the instructions and the above tips.

Bright eyebrows add to the image of tenderness and naturalness

To get the maximum amount of useful information, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video in this article. If you have questions about how to lighten your eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide, cream, paint or folk remedies, ask them in the comments.

Traditionally, beauties seek to transform their eyebrows, making them tone (and even somewhat) darker, thereby giving the face brightness and expressiveness. But lately, more and more women are trying to achieve the opposite effect - lightening eyebrows. The fact is that such clarification is considered a fashion trend. And many ladies who are following the changes in the fashion industry, by their appearance, decided not to give in to models on the catwalks.Thanks to such events, many beauty salons have a new service - eyebrow lightening. However, you can cope with the task at home. How to lighten your eyebrows? This will be discussed.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fashion: who will lighten eyebrows?

Fashion and style are not the same. Don't forget: your style is based on your individuality. Do not rush to discolorate the eyebrows, trying to keep up with the new fashion trends. This lady is very inconsistent. The fact is that fashion, by dictating new rules, today may recognize luminous eyebrows as ultrafashionable, and tomorrow - thick and dark.

Therefore, before you change anything in your appearance, think not so much about fashion, but about your style. Think about whether the change will go to you, whether it will fit into your image.

Notice in which cases the eyebrow lightening will really suit you.

You are the owner of hair, the natural color of which is black, chestnut or dark blonde. You have repainted in a blonde, and your whole seemingly perfect image spoils your dark eyebrows. They give out the true color of your hair, and you look somewhat ridiculous.

You have delicate pale skin or pinkish skin. Bleaching your eyebrows, you convert your image into a more fragile, airy. Lightening will turn sharp facial features more tender. Now you can do any makeup (even very catchy) and you will not look vulgar at the same time.

If you are unsure of the need for a procedure, you can check whether the new brow color is right for you, as follows. Apply a corrector on the brow arch, then powder them and look in the mirror. If you like the result, feel free to start bleaching. If you are unhappy, try to find the right shade with a professional.

How to lighten your eyebrows at home?

Home eyebrow brightening can be done using the following tools:

Hydrogen peroxide is the most economical option.

Herbal decoctions (chamomile, calendula, lemon juice) - the slowest, but also the safest method.

Whitening cream - the fastest way.

Decorative cosmetics. This is a disguise of eyebrows. This method allows you to do without radical changes in appearance.

Brow Lightening with Hydrogen Peroxide

How to lighten your eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide? This will be discussed now. This method of lightening eyebrows has several advantages:

The method is convenient in terms of finance, since hydrogen peroxide is a fairly cheap means.

Brightening (or rather bleaching) the eyebrows with peroxide is a very effective way.

There is no difficulty in acquiring the main ingredient, because peroxide is sold in any pharmacy. Moreover, the substance is released without a prescription.

Due to the effect of hydrogen peroxide on the hairs of the brow arcs, the production of melanin stops in them. In other words, the natural coloring pigment ceases to be produced. That is why the need to constantly tint eyebrows disappears.

How to lighten eyebrows peroxide? When applying it, be careful and careful to avoid eye irritation and other, more serious consequences.

For the procedure you will need:

Hydrogen peroxide (3%).

Eyebrow brush with wide and rare teeth.

The brush that you usually use to apply makeup.

A glass of warm water.

Lightening eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide includes the procedure:

Gently wash all cosmetics with water or facial milk.

Carefully wash eyebrow hairs with shampoo in order to wash off sebum, dust.

Dry towel dry residues of moisture.

Then smear petroleum jelly or bold nourishing cream line contour. This is necessary to exclude further skin irritation.

Mix half a spoon (tea) peroxide with water.

Apply the resulting solution with a brush on dry hairs and distribute it with a brush.

Hold for 10-15 minutes (no more) and rinse.

The procedure is over.However, if the natural color of your eyebrows is very dark, one time you may not be enough. In this case, repeat the bleaching procedure, but not earlier than in three days. If the eyebrows again are not as bright as you would like, wait five days and do everything again.

Lighten eyebrows with herbs

How to lighten your eyebrows with herbs? This is the safest option of home eyebrow lightening, which was used in ancient times. A large spoonful of chamomile flowers is poured with water (200 ml) and brought to a boil in a water bath. Then insist hour, add in the resulting solution of lemon juice and calendula. The tool can be applied to the hairs of the eyebrows twice a day (not more).

This method is effective. However, have patience. In order for natural herbs to take effect, it will take several weeks. So, if you are the owner of dark eyebrows and want to lighten them at once, the use of herbs does not suit you.

Brow Masking

Lighten eyebrows can, to avoid radical measures. Ordinary cosmetics can play the role of a masking agent. Hide eyebrows can be shadows. If you have dark skin, choose a shade of beige. For light skin is better to choose the shade of ivory.

How to lighten dark eyebrows with makeup? First you need to bring eyebrows in order. Then blot the brush in the shadows and run it on the brow. The final stage: the shadows need to be carefully shaded.

Regular compact powder can be used instead of shadows, if you are going to make a complete makeup. Otherwise, the disguise will be evident.

How to lighten colored eyebrows?

The return of the painted eyebrows to the original appearance is another problem of the fair sex. Many girls, being blondes, repainted in brunettes, and then want to return to the starting point. Only here with eyebrows everything is somewhat more complicated than with hair.

How to lighten the black eyebrows, which, among other things, also painted? The paint, applicable to the hair, is not suitable for eyebrows, as the roots grow and give out their natural color. A permanent repainting hair brows will not stand. But walking with hair and eyebrows of different colors is not the best choice. In this situation, you will help folk remedies - olive and castor oil.

The procedure for lightening colored eyebrows is as follows:

Cotton pad, moistened with a small amount of warm oil, carefully wipe the eyebrows.

Wait a few hours until the oil is absorbed into the hairs of the eyebrows.

After rubbing the eyebrows with clean cotton swabs.

Keep in mind, this process is not ten minutes. It may take you a whole day to bleach.

Video: Methods of lightening tattoo

Eyebrow bleaching at home

Lightening eyebrows will help to radically change the appearance of a woman, so before you decide on such a step, you must think everything over well. Discolour the brows at home in several ways:

  • using hydrogen peroxide. For the procedure, it is worth buying a 3% peroxide solution at any pharmacy kiosk. In addition to a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, you will need the following: a brush with rare teeth, a little shampoo, a brush for applying makeup, petroleum jelly and water. How to lighten eyebrows peroxide? First, you should thoroughly wash your eyebrows from cosmetics and sebum, for this purpose it is best to use shampoo. After excess moisture is removed with a towel, apply petroleum jelly. Cosmetic petroleum jelly should be applied along the contour of the eyebrows; this procedure will help protect the skin from the negative effects of the peroxide solution. ½ tsp peroxide diluted in 200 ml of warm water and mix the resulting solution thoroughly. Apply the prepared solution to the hairs should be using a brush for makeup.After all the hair is moistened, it is necessary to brush the brows so that the solution is evenly distributed. After applying the solution on the eyebrows, you need to wait about 15 minutes, and then rinse the mixture thoroughly under running water. Repeat the procedure until the desired shade,
  • with the help of herbs. For cooking you will need: 25 g of pharmaceutical chamomile, 200 ml of water, 2 - 3 drops of lemon juice. Inflorescence fill with water and boil in a water bath for 1 to 2 minutes. Then the broth must be cooled for 60 minutes, after which it should be drained and filtered. To the resulting decoction of chamomile add juice. Apply this tool to the hairs should be 2 times a day, until you acquire the desired shade,
  • whitening cream. Such a tool will help lighten both dark and light eyebrows. Cosmetic cream should be applied on previously cleaned hairs, the duration of the procedure should not exceed 2 minutes, otherwise you can damage the skin. After the time, the whitening agent should be washed off and apply a moisturizer for the skin.

Make eyebrows much lighter is not so difficult, the main thing is not to overdo it and not to harm your health.

When it is necessary?

Gentle and fragile images have recently become relevant again. However, bleached eyebrows do not suit every girl. It is advisable bleaching of hairs in such cases:

  • dark girl repainted blonde, and the natural dark tint of eyebrows too stands out against the background of light strands,
  • skin is pale, has a pinkish color, light eyebrows give the image of tenderness and fragility,
  • the girl harsh facial features, light eyebrows soften appearance, make her more feminine.

Natural blondes do not need to discolor the eyebrows, the natural shade usually looks quite harmonious.

If the result is unsatisfactory, it is better to turn to professionals. They will help you find the right shade.

Professional brightening paint

Professional eyebrow bleaching paints are produced by many cosmetic companies. The principle of their action is the same as that of a regular hair dye. Differences in chemical composition and exposure time.

Eyebrow bleaching kit usually includes:

  • lightening cream
  • developing emulsion
  • spatula for mixing and application,
  • gloves,
  • instructions.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to remove makeup from the eyebrows, thoroughly wash the hair with a degreasing agent. The finished mixture is applied with a thick layer of eyebrows and left to act for a few minutes. Each manufacturer indicates in the instructions how much to keep the composition on the eyebrows. Usually, it takes 2 minutes to lighten up to 1 tone, 5 minutes to 2 tones, and so on.

After the exposure time has elapsed, the mixture is gently removed with a cotton swab, and then the eyebrows are thoroughly washed with running water. After staining for three days do not use cosmetics. We must try to avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation and lubricate eyebrows with olive oil at night.

The composition of professional means for lightening contains a whole set of chemical elements, so they should not be used by girls with allergies and skin diseases. It is also possible the appearance of redness and irritation. However, the occurrence of adverse reactions are rare. And if you strictly follow the instructions, then this method of clarification is the fastest and safest.

In this video, the girl talks about her experience in bleaching her eyebrows with RefectoCil lightening paint.

Lightening cream

In the arsenal of cosmetologists a lot of eyebrow bleaching products. One of them - a special brightening cream, which can be used at home. Before using this drug, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction.To do this, a drop of cream is applied to any part of the skin (wrist, forearm), if after a while the reaction is not manifested, you can begin to lighten.

Manipulations are carried out as follows:

  1. Around the eyebrows, the skin is smeared with a fat cream.
  2. A drop of lightening cream is applied to the beginning of the left eyebrow.
  3. A special brush gently stretches the entire length.
  4. A minute later, the composition is erased with a cotton pad.
  5. The procedure is repeated until the eyebrows become the desired shade.

The same must be done with the right eyebrow, producing the same number of applications as in the first case. Otherwise, the shade will be different.

You can not keep the cream on the eyebrows longer than the specified time. The composition of the tool is very aggressive and you can get serious skin burns. With care cream for lightening should be used in the exacerbation of viral herpes and in the presence of strong acne.

In general, such agents are very safe and adverse reactions appear very rarely. All products undergo clinical trials, and has the appropriate quality certificates.

YouTube blogger Dariya Dan talks about how to bleach your eyebrows with a lightening cream.

Whitening paste

Eyebrow bleaching pastes belong to the category of professional means of lightening and are quite expensive. They have a creamy structure, do not damage the hairs, but act directly on the pigment. Can lighten up to 7 tones, which is very appropriate for girls with very dark eyebrows.

Manipulations are carried out in the same way as in the case of the cream for lightening. The skin around the eyebrows is smeared with a nourishing cream, the composition is applied for exposure and washed off with warm water.

If you are prone to allergies, you must test for the presence of reactions before use. You should not increase the exposure time whitening paste, otherwise you can harm the hair and skin under the eyebrows.

Colorless henna is considered one of the most gentle means for lightening hair. With its help, you can make the eyebrow tone not only lighter, but also nourish the follicles with beneficial substances, which helps to strengthen and grow hair.

The clarifying structure includes such components:

  • 1 tablespoon of white henna,
  • 2-3 tablespoons of pure water
  • 2-3 drops of lemon juice.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Henna is poured over boiling water, stirred and allowed to stand.
  2. Lemon juice is added (you can add a few drops of calendula tincture).
  3. The composition is applied to the eyebrows.
  4. After 15 minutes, the henna is washed off.

Side effects of this method almost does not cause. In rare cases, allergic reactions are possible. Sometimes a reddish or yellowish shade appears on the hairs, but this depends on the individual characteristics of the pigment.

The procedure is contraindicated for fungal and bacterial skin lesions, after surgical operations and in the presence of individual intolerance.

Professional master class on the proper application of henna for coloring eyebrows in the following video:

Hydrogen peroxide

A very popular home eyebrow bleaching method is the use of hydrogen peroxide. This method can not be called absolutely safe, as peroxide can cause skin burns. But if you act according to the instructions, you can achieve good results when bleaching eyebrows.

To lighten the peroxide you will need:

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide,
  • water,
  • shampoo,
  • petroleum jelly or fat cream,
  • brush for applying.

Before the procedure, you should thoroughly wash your eyebrows to get rid of sebum and dirt. Then the skin around the eyebrows are smeared with cream. Eyebrows are smeared with a brightening solution: 200 g of water mixed with 0.5 teaspoon of peroxide.

The exposure time is 15 minutes. After that, you need to thoroughly wash, avoiding contact with the brightening mixture in the eyes.

After manipulations with hydrogen peroxide, scaling and itching, burns and redness can occur.Hair tint may turn yellow or red. Hairs may be damaged. Do not use peroxide too often. If the result of the first procedure was satisfactory, then the following can be carried out not earlier than in a week.

The girl talks about lightening eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide.

Decoctions of herbs

Eyebrows can be lightened with natural products. However, for girls with black hairs, this method is ineffective. Fair-haired young ladies can resort to lightening with herbal infusions.

The procedure is as follows:

  • have to take 40-50 g dry grass calendula or chamomile (you can use a mixture of herbs in equal shares),
  • pour boiling water and leave for 30 minutes
  • before applying to the decoction is added lemon juice,
  • Apply the composition on the eyebrows and washed off after 1-2 hours.

After one manipulation, a tangible effect may not be. This method is suitable for patient girls. Repeat the procedure every 2 days until the desired result appears.

Negative reactions grass clarification almost does not cause. In exceptional cases, allergies and itching occur. After each procedure, eyebrows must be lubricated with olive oil to avoid skin irritation.

Lemon juice

This method also belongs to the safest. He has no particular contraindications. Irritation and redness occur in rare cases, as well as allergic reactions.

The method is not as effective as the use of professional paints and creams, but does not adversely affect the structure of the hairs, but on the contrary, makes them stronger.

You need to take a slice of lemon, squeeze out the juice and mix with a few drops of vitamin E, which is sold in the form of capsules in pharmacies. The composition is applied to the peeled eyebrows and left for 15 minutes.

The procedure is repeated every 2-3 days. After a while, the effect will be noticeable. Eyebrows will be lighter on several tones.

Could harm home methods

The above methods of lightening eyebrows are fairly safe. If you strictly follow the instructions, the chances of harming the skin or the structure of hairs are minimal. Among the possible complications:

  • the appearance of allergies
  • peeling and itching
  • the appearance of an undesirable brow tint.

If you experience any unwanted symptoms, you should contact your cosmetologist. He will tell you more suitable ways of hair bleaching and ways to correct the situation.

Which way is better?

Traditional methods of lightening hairs on the eyebrows are preferable from the point of view that there is practically no possible harm from them. Chamomile and calendula, as well as lemon juice, have a beneficial effect on the follicle, hairs become stronger, a healthy glow appears.

Chemical methods show high efficiency, but it is better to refrain from them:

  • pregnant and lactating women
  • with a tendency to allergies,
  • in the presence of skin diseases.

Before choosing a method, it is imperative to check whether there are any allergic reactions, as well as to consult with a specialist.

Lightening eyebrows after a failed painting with henna or paint

Sometimes henna biotatuage can be unsuccessful, especially if it was done at home. There are several ways to help henna in a short time. Lighten eyebrows with:

  • vegetable oils, any of which is applied to the eyebrows daily for 15 minutes,
  • professional remuver, which should be handled with extreme caution, strictly following the instructions,
  • 10% ammonia solution, which is applied 2 times a day on the hairs,
  • hydrogen peroxide in the manner indicated above.

You need to rub the oil in your eyebrows and wait a few hours. After that, when erasing the oil from the eyebrow, the paint will also go off in parts. The procedure is repeated until the desired result is achieved. Use chemical methods of removing paint from the eyebrows can not.This can damage the hair and skin too much.

Lightening unsuccessful tattoo

To cope with the unsuccessful tattoo at home is not easy. However, effective methods exist. They can not be used in the presence of skin infections, with too sensitive skin. Each of these methods aggressively affects the pigment injected under the skin and can cause undesirable reactions. Best of all with permanent makeup to cope:

  1. Professional remuver.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide solution.
  3. Iodine solution.
  4. Tincture celandine.
  5. Sea salt.
  6. Chemical peeling.

After such manipulations, it is necessary to carry out recovery procedures. Lubricate the skin with oil and healing cream. In no case do not visit the solarium, sauna and swimming pool for 2 weeks after removing the tattoo.

Masking with makeup

If you don’t want to resort to radical methods of eyebrow lightening for some reason, you can disguise the undesirable tint with the help of correctly applied makeup.

For this you need decorative cosmetics, which all girls use every day. It is worth trying one of the options:

  • Light eyeshadow. Use sand, beige shade or ivory. Brush apply shadows to the eyebrows, avoiding the eyebrows. Brush lead from the inner edge to the outer and vice versa, until you get the desired effect.
  • Compact or friable powder. The method of application is the same as in the previous method. The main thing is not to overdo it with the application, so that the trick is not conspicuous.

Such masking options harmoniously look when applying a full-fledged makeup. Separately, paint eyebrows with shadows and powder is not worth it.

Every woman dreams of getting closer to the ideal of beauty. Beautiful ladies are looking for themselves, changing their image and hairstyles. For some manipulations it is not always necessary to visit a cosmetologist. Eyebrow bleaching is an affordable procedure that can be done at home. The main thing is to follow all the recommendations and contact the specialists if any undesirable effects occur.

Method 2. Cream

How to lighten your eyebrows at home? You can use a special cream. True, this procedure requires maximum accuracy.

The process itself is as follows:

  1. Put a drop of cream on the beginning of the right arc.
  2. Evenly stretch it along the length of the eyebrow with a thin brush. Be very careful not to get anything in your eyes.
  3. Wait 1 minute and wash the cream with a cotton pad.
  4. Perform the procedure with a minute interval until the hairs get the desired shade.
  5. Repeat all over again, but with the left arc. The main thing is that the number of applications should be the same as in the first case, otherwise the color will be different.

Important! Be sure to conduct a test test - apply a small amount of cream on the skin of the cheekbones and wait a couple of minutes. If you do not have a burning sensation and redness, feel free to continue on.

Method 3. Chamomile decoction

How to make your eyebrows lighter without harming your health? Few people know that herbal decoctions are great for this purpose. The effect of this absolutely harmless component will be no worse than that of chemical agents!

  • Chamomile dry flowers - 25 gr.,
  • Lemon juice - a couple drops,
  • Water - 200 ml.

The process itself looks like this:

  1. Fill the chamomile with water.
  2. Protome liquid on water vapor.
  3. Put in a dark place to infuse.
  4. Filter the broth through a fine sieve.
  5. Liberally grease the hairs with this liquid in the morning and evening. Continue to get the desired result, preparing a new broth every 2 days.

Method 4. Colorless henna

Colorless henna will not only brighten black eyebrows in brown, but make them thicker - it nourishes both the skin and the hair follicle.

  • Colorless henna - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • Water - 2-3 tbsp. l.,
  • Lemon juice or calendula decoction - a few drops.

The process itself looks like this:

  1. Pour boiling water over henna, mix well and let it stand.
  2. Add lemon juice or calendula.
  3. Apply the mixture on the eyebrows.
  4. Wait 15 minutes and wash with warm water.

Tips to help you lighten your eyebrows with special paint “RefectoCil Blonde Brow”:

Alcohol iodine solution is an excellent tool for removing eyebrow tattoo. Apply it with a cotton swab, without going beyond the line of hairs. Repeat the procedure no more than 3 times a day for about a month. The fact that the process of removing the pigment is in full swing is indicated by a crust that appears on the skin in just a few days.

Method 6. Paint

In order to quickly and drastically change the color of the eyebrows, you need a special paint. With its help you can not only lighten the hair, but also give them the desired tone.

You can buy paint at any cosmetics store or beauty salon. In this case, be sure to pay attention to the appearance of the dye:

  • cream paint - has a soft texture,
  • capsules - distinguished by convenient dosage,
  • gel paint - like jelly,
  • permanent paint - is considered the most resistant, is available in tubes, is widely used by professional craftsmen, is not well suited for home use.

The color palette of eyebrow colors is quite diverse. The most popular brands include:

Important! Each tool is accompanied by its own instructions, which clearly spell out the rules of application, the time of exposure and features of further care.

Using paint is simple. The process itself looks like this:

  1. Prepare the coloring composition - mix 2 ml of paint with 10 drops of oxygen and beat the mixture until foaming.
  2. Perform an allergy test, applying a small amount of dye to the skin behind the ear. If there are no negative reactions, continue painting further.
  3. Apply the clarifier along the entire length of the brow arcs with a special brush. Move from the nose to the temples.
  4. Sustain the required time. Holding the paint for 10 minutes, you lighten the hairs by 2 tones, 5 minutes - by 1 tone.
  5. Remove paint residues by wetting cotton wool in milk or warm water.

Important! For the next 3 days after dyeing, do not use any eyebrow cosmetics, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and brush the hair several times a week with castor oil or olive oil.

Method 7. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is considered one of the safest ways to lighten the brows. Of course, it does not give the same quick results as hydrogen peroxide, but the hairs after such exposure only get better.

  • Lemon juice - 1 tsp,
  • Oily vitamin E - 5 drops.

The process itself looks like this:

  1. Mix lemon juice with oily vitamin.
  2. Using a cotton swab, apply the mixture on clean hairs.
  3. Wait about 20 minutes.
  4. Repeat the procedure every 2-3 days. The first results will be noticeable after a couple of weeks.

Masking - an alternative to clarification

To make your dark eyebrows very quickly lighter, try using masking tools. Make them not so noticeable on the dark skin can beige shadows. For girls with fair skin, it is better to take shades of ivory.

The disguise process looks like this:

  1. Clean the eyebrow area with milk or water.
  2. Comb them with a special brush - hair should lie flat.
  3. Dip a thin cosmetic brush in the shade and run it along the tip of your eyebrow. Movement should be very light and soft.
  4. Well shade masking to make it less noticeable.

Tip! Shadows can be replaced with powder (compact or matting), gel or pencil. They will make brow color less saturated. And yet - when you disguise you need to do a full makeup. Only in this case, all your tricks will remain invisible to outsiders.

General recommendations

In order for a brow lightening session to pass without harm to health and complications, follow these guidelines:

  • Eyebrow paint and cream is diluted only in a plastic or glass bowl,
  • Remember, thick black hairs require more prolonged exposure to brightening agents,
  • When buying drugs, be sure to check their expiration date and package integrity,
  • Store the cream and eyebrow in a dry and cool closet, otherwise they will lose their properties ahead of time,
  • Do not buy cosmetics in illegal points and transitions - in this case, no one is responsible for its quality and safety,
  • Apply coloring agents evenly and do not overdo it with their number,
  • After discoloration, lubricate eyebrows with a cream that has a calming effect. It will prevent the appearance of irritation and redness,
  • Regularly make nourishing masks, cooked with your own hands - they will make your skin healthy and beautiful. Nettle, breadcrumb, eggs, dairy products,
  • An ideal way to care for bleached hairs are vegetable oils mixed with liquid vitamins E, B and A,
  • If your eyebrows are too light, draw them with a pencil.

Now you know how to lighten your eyebrows at home. But remember another very important point - focus not only on fashion, but also on the features of their appearance.

Are you one of those millions of women who want their eyelashes and eyebrows to become longer and thicker?

And after eyelash extensions, the condition of the family has deteriorated madly?

And have you already thought about radical measures?

It is understandable, because eyelashes and eyebrows - this is your beauty and a reason for pride. In addition, it is at least now in fashion. And the fact that a woman with attractive eyelashes and eyebrows looks younger is an axiom that does not require proof.

Therefore, we recommend reading the stories and reviews of girls who really quickly managed to grow eyelashes and eyebrows at home, effectively and without expensive procedures ..

How to lighten your eyebrows at home (video)

How to lighten your eyebrows at home?

Traditionally, beauties seek to transform their eyebrows, making them tone (and even somewhat) darker, thereby giving the face brightness and expressiveness. But lately, more and more women are trying to achieve the opposite effect - lightening eyebrows.

The fact is that such clarification is considered a fashion trend. And many ladies who are following the changes in the fashion industry, by their appearance, decided not to give in to models on the catwalks. Thanks to such events, many beauty salons have a new service - eyebrow lightening. However, you can cope with the task at home.

How to lighten your eyebrows? This will be discussed.

How to lighten or discolor the eyebrows at home quickly, the ways with which you can make dark colored ones

Sometimes after coloring or by nature, eyebrows look too bright. In this case, you can resort to lightening hairs. You do not need to visit the salon, you can perform the procedure at home. The main thing is to study all the nuances of lightening and not harm the eyebrows.

There are several ways to make your eyebrows lighter at home. The choice is yours. One is more convenient to do this with makeup, while others want to completely discolor hairs.

Discoloration with hydrogen peroxide

One of the most effective methods of eyebrow brightening is bleaching with hydrogen peroxide.

  • a glass of warm boiled water (it is impossible to use hot!),
  • bottle with hydrogen peroxide,
  • your regular hair shampoo
  • makeup remover.

Hydrogen peroxide bleaches eyebrows very effectively

Stages of bleaching hairs:

  1. Clean your face from makeup. Use your usual means: foam, micellar water, gel, etc.
  2. Take shampoo and rinse eyebrows with it to remove excess sebum.
  3. Wait until the eyebrows are completely dry, and proceed to the procedure.
  4. Combine two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with a glass of water.
  5. Apply the composition to the hairs using a cotton swab or brush.
  6. After 20 minutes, rinse with ordinary shampoo water.
  7. Re-lighten your eyebrows after 14 days.

After the procedure it is necessary to lubricate the hairs with coconut, almond or olive oil daily for a month.

It must be borne in mind that the result does not always meet expectations. After use, the hairs may turn yellow. In this regard, it is necessary to carry out the procedure again, which is unsafe.

With lemon juice

Lemon juice will help gently lighten your eyebrows in several tones.

  • 4–5 drops of vitamin E,
  • lemon juice

With the help of a lemon you can not only lighten your eyebrows, but also improve their condition.

  1. Wash your eyebrows with any cleansing gel and wait for the hair to dry.
  2. Combine the components and mix them thoroughly.
  3. Apply the mixture to the hairs using a cotton swab or brush.
  4. After 15 minutes, rinse off with water.

For the best effect, it is necessary to lighten eyebrows in this way every two days. In a few weeks the hair color will change. Brows will turn brown, which is what we wanted.

In addition to the brightening effect, lemon juice is also very useful for the health of hairs. Eyebrows become thicker and look more well-groomed.

With brightening cream

To achieve lightening of dark hairs, you can use a special cream, which is sold in cosmetic stores.

  • ordinary shampoo,
  • glycerol,
  • lightening cream.

Special cream can be quite lighten your eyebrows, so be careful

  1. Eyebrows should be washed using your regular shampoo.
  2. After the hair has dried, you need to lubricate them with glycerin.
  3. Now you can apply a brightening cream.
  4. After a few minutes, rinse off with clean water. Do not overdo the cream, otherwise strong irritation of the skin can not be avoided.
  5. After the procedure, apply a moisturizer on the skin around the eyebrows.

Lightening cream should not be used more than once a month.

With the help of chamomile decoction

Brightening eyebrows with chamomile extract is absolutely safe for healthy hair. However, do not expect a quick result. Depending on the desired shade, the effect will appear after 1–4 weeks.

  • 30 g dry chamomile flowers,
  • 180 ml of boiling water,
  • a few drops of lemon juice.

Chamomile decoction is absolutely safe for hairs, so it can be used daily.

  1. Fill the flowers with boiling water and leave for 30 minutes.
  2. In the resulting infusion, add lemon juice.
  3. Apply the product to the eyebrows.
  4. After drying, rinse the hair with cool water.
  5. Repeat the procedure daily until you are satisfied with the color of the eyebrows.

Lightening eyebrows with makeup

Makeup is the easiest way to lighten eyebrows at home.

Required materials and tools:

  • special eyebrow brush
  • light shades (ivory / ashen).

  1. Take a brush and put on it a little shade of the desired shade.
  2. Gently fill eyebrows with shadows.
  3. Remove excess with a cotton swab.
  4. In the evening, wash off the makeup in the usual way (micellar water, gel, etc.).

When applying pastel eyebrows on the hairs will look lighter

The hairs are easily discolored with hydrogen peroxide. With the help of lemon hairs can be visibly brightened. With the help of chamomile decoction, you can lighten black eyebrows to brown color.

There are several ways to lighten your brows at home. All options are good in their own way. Choose the one that suits you and proceed to the procedure.

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Using hydrogen peroxide

The easiest and most affordable way is to use hydrogen peroxide. Note that after the procedure, eyebrows may become almost white, so carefully follow the speed of clarification.

  • You will need hydrogen peroxide, shampoo, eyebrow brush, makeup brush, cream, a glass of warm water.
  • Cleanse your face to remove dirt, sebum and cosmetics.
  • Wash your eyebrows by foaming a small amount of soft shampoo in your palms (it is best to use baby cleansing shampoo, not irritating the eyes).
  • Gently apply greasy cream around the hair arch. This is necessary to exclude penetration of the peroxide solution on the skin, which can lead to the appearance of white spots or irritation.
  • To prepare the mixture, take a non-metallic container, add a glass of warm boiled water and 0.5 tsp of hydrogen peroxide, mix well. Keep the proportions, otherwise you risk hair loss.
  • Apply the solution to the eyebrows with a brush, and then distribute with a brush.
  • After 15 minutes, rinse the face well with plenty of warm water.
  • Prepare the face and eyebrow area exactly as described above.
  • Apply the cream first on one eyebrow, wash it off after 1 minute, then on the other eyebrow. This approach is recommended to determine the exact exposure time. A longer exposure time can cause burns and hair loss.
  • After the procedure, apply on the face a nourishing cream to moisturize dried skin.

This method is the safest to conduct at home, but will require a longer time and will not work for lightening black eyebrows.

  • To prepare the decoction, take 2 tbsp. spoon dry herbs - chamomile or calendula, pour a glass of boiling water, bring to a boil in a water bath and leave for 15-20 minutes to infuse.
  • Strain and add to infusion 5-6 drops of lemon juice.
  • Apply the product to the cleaned eyebrow area 2 times a day until you get the desired result. Depending on the initial color and structure of the hairs, you may need from 2 to 3 days to several weeks.
  • For better impact, it is recommended to cook fresh broth daily.

Use of eyebrow colors

After lightening, eyebrows often acquire a yellowish unnatural hue, so further staining is necessary.

Conventional hair dye products are not allowed to use for eyebrow dyeing.

There is a wide variety of special professional dyes on the market of cosmetic products that can be used at home.

  • When choosing a staining agent, it is necessary to proceed from the purpose of this procedure. If you are planning a regular brightening, give preference to resistant non-ammonia paints. If you want to temporarily change the image, choose from soft toning agents with a hypoallergenic formula.
  • Before staining, apply a rich cream around the eyes, and after lightening, apply soft care products to the eyebrows.
  • In preparing the composition, carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer and strictly observe the mixing proportions and the exposure time of the product.
  • For eye diseases, do not use products containing ammonia.
  • Before using any dye for the first time, test for an allergic reaction.

How to lighten your eyebrows at home, tattooing, at home, apparatuses and methods of lightening dark eyebrows

Most of us may wonder - why do we need eyebrow brightening at all? In fact, there is more than one reason. Naturally, dark eyebrows have always been popular, but things tend to change.

Fashion is used to dictate new rules every time. Our tastes and preferences are also changing. In addition, eyebrows brightened before. Quite often, women with fair skin and hair did it.

And so how to lighten your eyebrows at home? Everything is very simple!

How to make a home eyebrow brightening

Surely, many people know such a rule, in which the eyebrows should match the hair color or be a little darker.However, lightened eyebrows - an exception to this rule. And we must again recall the new time and new solutions of modern society. And in this case we are talking about women's society.

And by the way, there is nothing shameful and shameful. Many girls are very bright eyebrows. In particular, they are suitable for women with smooth and clear features. If dark eyebrows give the image more severity and romance, then the bright ones in turn make the woman's face more simple, relaxed and welcoming.

In general, bright eyebrows have their advantages. And everything is clear with this, but I want to touch upon such a topic, how to make the dark eyebrows brighten at home, what tools are needed for this and how does this procedure go? Let's talk about this.

Whitening dark brows

Is it possible to whiten the dark eyebrows and what is needed for this? It is worth noting that the procedure for lightening black eyebrows is exactly the same, but here the time keeping of drugs is much longer. If you want to use hydrogen peroxide in this case, then dilute a little more than the amount of this agent in a glass of warm water.

How to lighten very dark eyebrows

True, there are some downsides. When lightening black eyebrows, the color may not turn out as it should have been in your presentation. Sometimes the hairs become yellowish, and even red.

It is for this reason that you will have to lighten your eyebrows a few more times. But it is very important to understand that the clarification is carried out not for one day, but at certain intervals.

It is best to repeat the procedure after 3 days and if you do not get the desired result 2 times, then lighten your eyebrows after 5 days.

Can I do eyebrow brightening at all?

It is clear that lightening will not bring benefits to your eyebrows. That is why such a question will be devoid of any meaning. Yes, you can lighten your eyebrows, but this is extremely harmful. But what can you do with fashion trends or with what your image requires? It is very appropriate to say that beauty requires sacrifice, and in this case, your eyebrows act as the very victim.

Undoubtedly, they will look very beautiful. Especially if it complements your image, but be prepared for the fact that the state in some way worsen. Therefore it is extremely important aboutlightening eyebrows at home complete wellness treatments. For these purposes, you can apply the rubbing of natural oils and liquid vitamins B and E, which are freely sold in any pharmacy.

No need to rely only on hydrogen peroxide. Since such a method can be extremely dangerous and this was mentioned a little higher.

It is for this reason that if you finally decided to lighten your eyebrows and, moreover, to do all this at home, then it is better to purchase special preparations. These lightening colors for eyebrows can be purchased at any specialized stores.

But it is very important that this product is of high quality, so no need to chase the low cost of the drug, and the best thing to think about your health and eyebrow condition.

Having bought such a tool, it is advisable to carefully study the instructions before use. And, of course, strictly follow all the rules specified in the instructions of the drug.

House lighting

If it's not clear to you how to lighten your brows at home, then it's time to get acquainted with such methods. Lightening eyebrows at home can be done not only by the means mentioned above. Many popular recipes will help you with this.

The best folk remedy to lighten the eyebrows - chamomile. It is necessary to prepare an infusion from it. To do this, boil chamomile in a water bath and allow to cool. Then with lemon juice and periodically apply the product to the eyebrows.

Of course, you will not achieve the result immediately, but still the use of chamomile infusion is considered the most harmless way to lighten the eyebrows.

From all described it is worth summarizing methods of clarification of an eyebrow. Of course, everyone knows that about peroxide, special formulations of paints, folk remedies. But folk remedies include not only lemon and chamomile, but also many other herbs that can always be easily obtained.

Eyebrow Lightening at Home

So choose what is right for you. It is worth noting that peroxide or face whitening cream remains a quick and cheap option. The best option and the most practical are special products and paints. A slower, however harmless result can be expected from herbs and folk recipes.

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