Variants of weaving interesting braids for girls with video and photo instructions

Pigtails for girls are perhaps the most popular hairstyle that caring moms create every day by sending their little miracle to kindergarten (school). If you are interested in weaving braids for girls, you want to learn how to create new, simple or complex hairstyles, be sure to check out this article, in it you will find a lot of new things on this topic and learn how to braid the braid to a girl simply and beautifully.

Why choose pigtails for girls

If we talk about children's hairstyles, here the expression “Beauty requires sacrifices” is completely inappropriate: after all, the main priorities in children's styling are:

  • practicality - hairstyle should not interfere with the child (do not disintegrate in the process of active games),
  • rapidity performance - when parents gather their children in kindergarten (school), they usually tend to make their hair faster,
  • security - in order to fix the everyday hairstyle for girls, it is better not to use objects with sharp ends: invisible hairpins, hairpins or synthetic styling products, among which are gels, lacquers, hair creams and others,
  • variability - new interesting styling options will attract increased attention to your daughter, she will want to please the boys, which contributes to the formation of a feminine essence.

Of course, it makes no sense to immediately begin to perform complex variants of hairstyles, for a start, start with simple styling. Practice learning new ways to weave braids on long, medium or short hair, try to combine different options, and also invent new ones, if you suddenly have enough creative imagination for this.

Photo: Girl with a scythe

3 strand weave

You will need to divide your hair into 3 parts. Then shift the left strand to the right so that it intersects with the middle one, and the middle strand remains on the left side. Perform similar actions for the right strand of hair, move it to the middle. And so on, braid the braid until at the end there is a small tail at the end. Finally, use a rubber band to secure the braid.

French spikelet

This weaving also looks very impressive on children's hair. Thanks to a special purl technique, you can achieve the creation of a voluminous braid on top of smoothly combed hair. When using such weaving, it becomes possible to create very beautiful children's hairstyles, for example, you can braid the braid diagonally, make interesting zigzags or lay out weaving around the head.

Spit for girls: 20 hairstyles with photos

Most of the hairstyles in the form of braids, which are presented in this article, involve the use of ribbons, lovely butterflies, smooth or, conversely, sharp lines. At first glance, some of the hairstyles seem to be rather complicated and difficult to perform, while others will work fine for the beginner level.

Next, we look at how weaving braids for girls step by step and how easy and simple it is to create a beautiful and stylish haircut to your daughter.

Hair 1. Crossing low braids for girls with the addition of ribbons.

This is a very attractive hairstyle that can be used by girls with long hair. The hairstyle suggests the rear intersection of two French braids turned inside out, which create a very unusual design. By adding a beautiful ribbon to this hairstyle, you will make the image more harmonious and complete. It should be noted that the crossed French braids for girls look really very profitable.

Hair 2. Braids with bows.

Photo: Pigtails for girls hair

This is already a little higher level of creating hairstyles, because here hairstyles are also used in baskets. You will need to divide the hair into three parts, as well as to create a traditional pigtail, but at the same time add four or more ribbons to make a complex and unique braid. Then the hair is moved apart in the middle and fixed, after which the pigtails are neatly twisted into cute little buns. A spectacular completion of this hairstyle will be charming bows, decorating the top of each "bun". We'll have to work hard to create such a hairstyle, but the result will really be worth it.

Hairstyle 3. Double heart of braids.

Photo hairstyles with girls braids

This double heart, made in the form of weaving in, is actually much more difficult to create than it might seem to you at first glance. Inside this braid for girls should be divided so as not to interfere with another braiding. After creating and fixing both braids, you need to gently weave a ribbon into your hair to get a more effective and complex result. At the end of this childish image weave two bright purple ribbons with flowers to each of the tails. With such an interesting hairstyle, your daughter will instantly feel like a real little princess.

Hairstyle 4. Asymmetrical floral style braids.

Photo: Beautiful pigtails for girls

Break all the rules of modern styling, creating your girl these interesting and not similar to anything pigtails. In this hairstyle braids originally surround the head and securely fastened with cute little tails. To diversify the image and bring new notes into it will be able to have bright and bold accessories that will add even more attractiveness to the overall look of the hairstyle.

Hairstyle 5. Four pigtails with intertwining ribbons.

Photo: Pigtails in the garden

This symmetrical style looks very attractive and charges with creative inspiration. Try different colors of ribbons, matching them to the color of your girl’s main dress. This unusual hairstyle can be done for girls with short, long or medium hair. All you need is to simply create four pigtails, and also add two long pieces of tape to them and use elastic bands. You need to make sure that this braiding for girls is really tight if you want to get a steady result.

Hairdo 6. Braid with twisted pigtails.

Photo: Easy braids

Twists and pigtails look very attractive in this chic children's hairstyle. You need to create two three braids high on the crown, so that they are sent down diagonally, and then arrange one of them in the tail. The final image will be two giant neon bows and your little princess will be able to enjoy an unusual and very stylish haircut.

Hair 7. Double twists with cute "buns."

Photo: Beautiful braids with ribbon

Do not want to try to create such amazing twists with pretty "buns"? Of course, to create such pigtails for girls, you must have sufficiently long hair. You need to start with one turn at the top, and also make one at the bottom, and then attach two cute “buns” on both sides to the two pigtails. The final part of this image will be soft colored ribbons, which will also keep the pigtails on the same level.

Hairstyle 8. Pigtails, divided by laces.

Hairstyle photos

This variant of hairstyle is a careful separation and skillful weaving of braids. In this case, it is necessary to divide one French braid into two parts. Adding to the image of beautiful ribbons and flowers will make this option most suitable for spring or summer weather. Do not underestimate the importance of ribbons and hair accessories. With their help, you can easily turn the most ordinary pigtail into an interesting and elegant weaving.

Hairdo 9. Crossed braids, decorated with lace buns.

Hairstyle photos

Just look at this amazing hairstyle! Six mini-tails are intertwined diagonally at the back and end with two cute fluffy buns at the top of the head. A necessary addition to the image will be bright pink ribbons, worthy of the little queen of pop music.

Hairstyle 10. Pigtails of the future.

Photo hairstyles in the garden

We can not agree with the fact that these French braids look quite futuristic. Loose strands hang down and then curl back to create an amazing web effect. This hairstyle option would be a very good idea in addition to the Halloween costume, but it also needs to be done by someone who is really well versed in how the French pigtails for girls are done correctly.

Hairstyle 11. Classic long hair interlacing ribbons.

Photo of a quick and easy hairstyle for long hair

This is a very inspiring hairstyle that can be created by a man of almost any skill level. Classic tails are located high on both sides of the head, and then twisted down with the addition of stylish blue-purple ribbons. Is it difficult to find a similar hairstyle that would look so hard and gorgeous?

Hairstyle 12. Intricate braids with ribbons.

Hairstyle photos

The main motto of this hairstyle: “If you can imagine this, then you can do it. Zigzag parting, thick pigtails and thick ribbons - all this forms a rather elegant hairstyle. Ribbons harmoniously intertwined with braids, creating the appearance of hair as if they are lifted upwards. This hairstyle looks really cool, of course, you have to spend a lot of time and effort on it, but you will surely be satisfied with a beautiful and interesting result.

Hairstyle 13. Snake braids.

Hairstyle photos

If your baby has super long hair, and you want to demonstrate it - this option will be the perfect hairstyle for you. In this case, the two braids gracefully go down along the back line and are fastened high on the temples with the help of ridiculous elastic bands. The hairstyle looks very beautiful and stylish, but to create it you must have sufficient length and thickness of hair.

Hairdo 14. Pigtails with chains of links.

Photo: Easy pigtails for girls

Here is another great hairstyle for thick hair. Demonstrate all your imagination to others by dividing ordinary braids from the bottom into two parts. After that, once again divide each of the strands into three parts and twist them twisting curved. To do this, twist the right strand of hair over your finger and add a little more of the left strand to make a braid in the form of a rope. At the end, connect the two braids-ropes in one link with a tape. If you wish, you can also create three links of braids and ultimately get two big braids. This option looks hairstyles very fun and unusual.

Hairstyle 15. Double pigtails with double buns.

Photo hairstyles: Pigtails for girls

Just look at this fabulous hairstyle that combines pigtails and buns together! The greater the thickness of the hair, the better and more appetizing the "buns" will look. The special attractiveness of this image will give colorful gum, which are decorated with "buns". It is difficult to assume that there may be an even prettier hairstyle than this one.

Haircut 16. Crown.

Photo: Scythe girl for every day

Who does not like girls with braided hair? A beautiful pigtail braided on top will create an interesting crown effect that fits perfectly with the style of French braids. The crown will help keep the front of the hair, will look very gentle and unobtrusive, while beautifully framing the face of a little princess.

Hairstyle 17. Waterfall.

Photo hairstyles: Pigtails for girls

In this version, hairstyles neatly laid tails look very unusual and stylish. Clear, smooth lines and bright colorful elastic bands will make the look especially attractive. It should be noted that to create such a hairstyle you need to stock up with remarkable skill and have a lot of experience in creating French braids for girls.

Hairstyle 18. Large double bows.

Hair Style Photos: Girl with Braid

These gorgeous cleverly twisted bows on black hair are absolutely fabulous in appearance! In this hairstyle, two double tails go up the back and twist diagonally into bulky buns. With the help of such a super original hairstyle, you can precisely select your baby from the gray crowd.

Hairstyle 19. Soft fishtails.

Photo: Pigtails for girls hair

In this version of the hairstyle, the deep side parts allow you to achieve a more gentle result, the result is a very gentle and romantic hairstyle for your little miracle. In appearance, these braids do not look very neat, but on the other hand you do not have to worry about styling and spend a lot of time and effort to keep the children's hairstyle in perfect shape.

Hairdo 20. Weaving braids girl, step by step photos

Photo: Spit girls for long hair step by step

This stylish hairstyle looks very cute and unusual. At its core, it is very simple and looks very stylish and extraordinary from behind. This pigtail combines bright style and special looseness. It will definitely appeal to girls who prefer to stand out from the gray mass and have a good taste since childhood.

Video: fashion braids in 2018

In the video for beginners you will see step-by-step instructions on how to weave a braid for girls.

At the end of this article, it should be noted that modern braiding for girls is far from just two separated tails with interlaced strands. Braids can include a variety of twists, "buns", ribbons, flowers and more! Do not miss the great opportunity to test yourself a bit by trying something new and rejecting the classic versions of hairstyles that had time to pall.

Observe the main conditions when weaving braids

  • Weave weaves tight, but do not clamp tightly. It is important that the girl was comfortable and in school in the classroom and in kindergarten. After all, she has to spend a whole day with pigtails.
  • Neat hairstyle of braids - the guarantee of self-confidence of any girl.
  • Do not weave too complex braids before the school day. Ideally, you need to keep within 5 minutes of inserting pins and bows. This will save your nerves and you and the child.

Braid weave - spikelet

This braid is also called the French braid. This is the easiest weaving, which can be done quickly and easily before the girls go to school. This hairstyle is suitable for both long hair and medium hair. The video shows in detail how to braid this braid. Hair can still be called "for beginners." Having studied the basic weaving, you can start exploring other hairstyles with pigtails.

Plait over braid

It is also a very unusual weaving that any girl will definitely like. Here we consider step by step instructions.

  1. Make a high tail. Separate the small strand and do not touch it.
  2. Braid the rest of the tail "inside out". But doing this weaving, you need to pull out one strand from each crosshair. As a result, you should get a few strands of braids (they will be useful to us for weaving a tow). Pigtail do not tighten too much to make it more voluminous.
  3. Secure the braid with a rubber band.
  4. Now divide the remaining strand into two small strands, twist them and weave them with a flagellum, twisting them along the way with strands from the braid so that the bundle is fixed.
  5. At the end, fasten the braid and harness with a rubber band, and also slightly pull the loops out of the braid.

For more information about weaving such braids, see the video.

French braid in a volume of 4 strands

Among all the variety of weaving and braids, you can often find weaving braids of four strands. Before you start for such a little complicated braid for girls, you should get a hand. For a lot of spinning weaving requires some skill. You can make a braid only from a high tail, and you can with the participation of strands from the forehead. Consider the second version of weaving.

So, from the forehead we take a part of the hair, divide it into three parts and weave a dense French braid towards the top of the head. Having reached the top of the head, we collect the rest of the pigtail and the hair in the bottom in a high tail. The rest of the work on the hairstyle can be viewed in the video clip, which clearly shows the order of weaving such braids. Divide the tail into 4 parts. Intertwined with each other 3rd and 2nd, 3rd put on 1st, 4th to 2nd. As a result, we get a new order of strands. The 1st strand on the left we place under 2nd on strands 3 and 4. And we twist the second strand with the third. Repeat weaving from the beginning. With experience, you will be able to do much faster spinning braids for girls.

Beautiful flagellum - hairstyle for girls

The flagellum is, of course, not such a complex weaving as pigtails, but rather original. By complexity, this weaving is suitable for beginners. Take a row of hair from the forehead, divide it into two strands and wrap one or two times between them. After that, begin to pick up the hair from the sides, making a turn after each pickup. When you collect all the hair, you will have two strands on your hands. Twist each around its axis, and then among themselves. This weaving for girls can be done both in school and on holiday.

Weaving "Ladder"

For this weaving, it is not necessary to take lessons in skill, it is enough to master the simple weaving of braids for girls. Collect the high tail. To the right of the tail we take a small strand and begin to weave the usual spikelet. After one weave, take a thin strand from under the tail and move to the spit on the left. Weave her. We do not add anything to the right of the braid. This “ladder” weave all over the tail. Very effectively it will look on long hair.

French coils

This unusual weaving is not even made of braids. This is an example of how you can create such a beautiful hairstyle for girls from ordinary flagella. True, it is not designed for short hair. On the video you can see the step by step instructions weaving.

There is no such girl in the world who would not make a wreath of flowers. The same weaving technique is applied in the hair. Consider the most common version of the "Wreath". Separate the strand from the temporal lobe and divide it in two. Now you wrap the bottom part around the top and create a “knot”. This method of weaving braids will better show the photo of the scheme.

After finishing the weaving of the pigtail in a circle, fix its end with invisible flowers inside the wreath.

"French Falls"

The scheme of this weaving is quite simple and simple, but in the end it turns out one of the most beautiful hairstyles for girls. With this hairstyle you can go to school and for a holiday. And you will do all this at home with your own hands. The photo shows the weaving technique.

"Flowers" of braids

With all the seeming complexity of weaving such hair ornaments can be made every day in a short time at home. Any hairstyle for a girl will be dressed up with such flowers from braids. To make them, you need to pull a little strand during the weaving of the braids, but only on one side, and fix it with varnish (wax, gel). Once spun, fasten the core of a beautiful hairpin or small stealth. Result on the photo.

The video shows in detail the weaving of flowers from openwork braids.

Pigtail-snake for long and medium hair (loose)

Very original look braids zigzag on loose hair. In this hairstyle is nothing complicated, if you have already learned the weaving of French braids with pickup. Take a small strand of hair from the temple, from which you want to start weaving, and divide into 3 strands.

After the first overlap, start picking up strands from your forehead. Do not pick up from the far side. When you reach the ear, change the direction of the pigtail and pick up the strands again from the top of the hair. And so on. The end of the pigtails secure with an elastic band with a ribbon for beauty. In the process of weaving, do not forget to slightly pull out the loops to give volume to the girl's hairstyle.

Hairstyles from braids for girls for short hair

Some girls think that if they do not have long hair, then braided hairstyles cannot be. This is not true. One of the variations for girls with a square may be the "French Falls". You can also use the French weaving to put braids on the sides and stab it down with invisible beings.

You can braid pigtails to remove the bangs (along the bangs with grab) - it will look modern. It is also possible to combine the variants of weaving of braids and harnesses. In general, here is your imagination, we think, to cope without schemes and photos.

You, probably, were convinced that in order to learn how to weave braids for girls, you do not need to take lessons from the masters. Beautiful hairstyles for girls can also be done at home by watching videos for beginners. This article presents the best videos with step-by-step instructions and patterns of weaving braids for long and medium hair.

The simplest braids for girls

Those who have very little experience in the creation of hairstyles based on weaving, professionals are advised to start with simple ideas: for example, dragon spit - it requires braiding a regular 3-piece braid, picking up an additional strand on the side of each link. Otherwise, the technique is called "French." She not only looks beautiful, but also very practical and versatile, suitable for girls of any age and temperament.

If on the general photo the principle of work is not clear, it is recommended to consider the lessons in charts or videos from hairdressers. In general, weaving braids for girls by this algorithm lends itself even to those who have never tried themselves in this business.

  • It is best to start a "dragon dragon" from the upper front zone: separate the triangle above the forehead, the top of which looks towards the crown, divide it into 3 equal parts and cross them over each other, direction from the sides to the center.
  • To make the styling look neat, keep an eye on the volume of each new strand, as well as comb it before adding it to your hairstyle. Naughty curls easy to tame ordinary water.

The same technology can be applied to side braids coming from the temples: if the principle of work in the "dragon" was clear, a step-by-step photo or video is no longer required. The whole change consists only in the fact that the mass of the hair is divided in half by the central vertical parting and the triangle is taken at the temple, and not over the forehead. No less popular and children's styling "crown" or "hoop", in the form of braids laid around the circumference.

Lateral braids can be even more interesting: for example, if you look at children's hairstyles of the end of the 20th century, you can see charming variations with ribbons. The simplest one requires the presence of 2 not too wide organza or satin ribbons, the length of which is 2.5 times longer than the length of the hair itself.

  • Smash the entire canvas with a vertical or zigzag parting in the center, pull each of the halves with a thin elastic band just above the ear line behind. Brush off each tail to make it smooth and docile.
  • Wrap the tape center around the base of the tail, attach its ends along each side strand of the braid, leave the middle one intact. After that, you need to braid the usual three-part braid, holding the ribbon next to the strands that were originally “marked” by it. The tip is fixed tight knot.
  • Now pull the tip of the braid to its base, wrap the ribbon around several times, draw a bow from the remnants. Repeat the same for the other side.

This hairstyle may appear additional zest, if one of the braids is threaded through the ring of the other, before fixing the end at the base. It will turn out air "eight", besides, rings will not hang out and disturb the child at the increased activity.

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Elegant weaving for young fashionistas

This version of the spit is best studied by video - photo, even step by step, almost not informative. These baby styling is perfect for the holiday, especially if complemented by suitable accessories. The most popular idea is a 4-piece braid with a ribbon.

  • Choose a starting point - it can be located either at the temple or in the base of the high tail. This moment is not fundamental and affects only how the finished braid is subsequently laid - whether you want to leave it free, or twist it into a “flower” or a simple bundle. Attach the ribbon at the selected point at the hair roots: it is wrapped around 4-5 hairs and tied with a tight knot.
  • Divide a small area into 4 equal parts, the right center should be clearly above the place of fixing the tape. This will be a passive strand, around which all others are led. Throw on it the far side (according to the diagram, it is the left extreme), then swipe the active side (right extreme) over the active one and place it under the passive one.
  • Now the only untouched, which has become a new long-distance side (left), you need to hold under the next, but above the passive. Then the technique is repeated according to the previous step.
  • Thus, the essence of the 4-strand braid technology lies in the “stitches” of the side strands under the center and above the passive (tape). While weaving is carried out along the head, for each link a new part of the hair is picked up. After - the work is completed from the available, the tip is fixed with an elastic band.

The finished braid often remains free, but if there is a length, flowers and other elements are perfectly formed from it.

Such an installation looks very attractive if, instead of a ribbon, the passive strand is braided into a usual three-part braid.

African braids: technology features

This version of the hairstyle is no longer for those in a hurry: it is not so easy to braid African braids even on thin and not too long hair, since they take a lot of time. In addition, to get really beautiful, it is important almost with mathematical precision measure out zones and draw all the lines.

  • First, this hairstyle has several basic varieties of weaving technique: the simplest one involves the usual very thin braids based on 3 parts, which any mom can braid. If desired, they are complemented with threads, beads, ribbons and other small decor. A lighter option is twisted bundles of 2 parts, which also form African weaving, called Senegalese: in the photo they look the most interesting of all.
  • Secondly, the classification is made and selected for hairstyle parting lines. If the traditional technology, which can be seen on most photos, suggests the absence of parting as such, since the entire canvas is brushed back, then, for example, the French allows you to twist the lines spirally or cross them. But it is better to try this technique after the classical one has been mastered, and you should definitely watch the video tutorials before training.

Both children and adults, African braids do not require a large number of tools: there must necessarily be a comb with a knitting-needle, as well as silicone gums or threads that will fix the tip. The auxiliary element can enter a moisturizing spray, which allows you to temporarily pacify very soft and light curls. Before you start, check out the video from the professionals - some of the nuances of even a step by step photo can not be transferred.

  • The main point in this technology is a parting. More precisely, the division of the entire canvas into many identical parts. Beautiful African braids are the same thickness, not only from beginning to end, but also over the entire area of ​​the head. Professionals are advised to proceed as follows: first, divide the entire mass of hair in horizontal lines into layers of 1-1.5 cm, collect the upper ones and temporarily fix them. Then the lower one is already divided by 1-1.5 cm in vertical lines into parts. Attach each part with a clip so that the others do not mix in the process of working on one of them.
  • It is easiest to braid African braids, if your head was washed yesterday or the day before: hair will not slip out of your hands. If it turns out that they are freshly washed, sprinkle each part with a moisturizing spray or plain water before starting work. Well comb it and start weaving a classic 3-piece braid, fasten it to the tip with a silicone thin elastic band to match.

It is worth noting that even with such weaving, many children's hairstyles are still available to you: it is easy to put pigtails in a bun or knot, tail, twist using Greek technology, or simply arrange into a thick, embossed braid or plait braid.

However, to do this, it is necessary to immediately determine the direction of the weave, since it will set the subsequent orientation to the pads: in particular, the down braids will not give the opportunity to collect them on the crown.

We offer several videos with different weaving technologies and photos of subsequent hairstyles.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that children's images are bright and easy: do not be afraid to add small accessories like ribbons, bows, headbands. And in order to have complete confidence that the braids will turn out beautifully, you can take lessons from a professional or take an online course from several videos that most well-known stylists and hairdressers today offer. Of course, with the development, otherwise all the study of media materials will be in vain.

Pigtails for girls 100 hairstyles with step by step photos

Free lessons with a master class of professionals in this field will greatly help you to realize your plans on your daughter, starting to build something on her head from the age of 3-4.

And what could be better than a hairstyle with your own hands? If it is easier for you to perceive information visually through reading, then our hairstyles with step-by-step photos will become an indispensable helper in order to learn how to perform complex choices for a holiday or simple every day in school or kindergarten.

Detailed pictures with instructions will inspire you with your own ideas and teach you how to perform the most common techniques.

At first glance, the spikelets for beginners seem to be something impracticable and unrealistic. But, as they say in the famous proverb - the eyes are afraid, and the hands are doing. If you did not succeed 3 times, then you will succeed by 10.The easiest way to unusual hairstyle, braid African braids with colorful ribbons and threads of various shades. Start with yourself, and no matter how old you are and how long your hair is.

How to braid a simple beautiful spike for long hair?

The future hairstyle depends on the length and density of the curls. How to create something new and other questions you can answer in the process of studying literature for beginners with a detailed implementation scheme. There can be many ways, choose the easiest one for long ones.

The implementation of the standard beautiful spikelet for a girl with long hair should start with three simple rules:

  1. Weave without tightening the strands so that at the end of the day the head does not ache and the discomfort is not felt.
  2. Do this for a maximum of 10 minutes.
  3. Perform carefully and with love so that your child feels confident in the company of her little girlfriends.

If you are not sure that you can do everything correctly, find a video with instructions for different years on the Internet with a detailed scheme. The formation of character begins at this young age.

If this is your first time doing this, then start with a classic spikelet. Comb well and mentally imagine a line running along the very middle of the skull, because it will be convenient for you to continue to braid any braids in the future. Above the forehead, separate the beam wider and divide it into three parts, holding it with two hands. Weave, laying the extreme inward, while do not forget to take on either side of the strand, connecting into the main braid. When you reach the base of the neck, braid the rest. Or leave the tail, decorating it with a beautiful hairpin or bow.

1. Photo lesson: weaving a simple beautiful spikelet for a girl with long hair

2. The second simple option for every day

Weave original braids for little girls on medium hair

For a medium length, a spit is suitable, on the contrary, which is performed just like an ordinary spikelet, only strands should be turned upside down. To add volume, the side strands can be pulled out slightly with a pin and secured with varnish. If the hair is soft and unruly, so that by the evening it does not leave the curls sticking out in all directions, it can be smeared with wax for weaving.

If you are preparing for a festive day, then the average length is braided usual braid, woven at the level of the temple for the entire length and pulled across the forehead. Secure over the other temple transparent stealth. You can weave a bright ribbon in the braid. This is not suitable for playing in the sandbox, because the main part of the hair remains loose.

Comb well and use a styling agent - chewing gum, which is very popular in beauty salons. Looking through the video with ideas for long, short and medium curls, you can choose the best option for you, given the event that you are going to attend.

  1. Step by step photos of original hairstyles:

2. A quick novelty from stylists.

3 The simplest everyday idea.

Simple ideas for every day.

If you do not have time for hours to create complex weaves, try a simple tail on its side, and in it braid several braids with colored threads to decorate everyday life with an unexpected ribbon of bright green or pink color.

For beginner hairdressers you can not think of a better hairstyle. Spit around the head - make parting and split into two parts. On each side, build a low tail, wrapping it first with a rubber band, and then a hair strand itself. Braid on them the usual two braids and throw over his head, securing the pins. The decoration can be a small artificial flower, woven into one of the sides.

A very popular bunch of braids, suitable for medium length, is an easy option that can be performed without step-by-step instructions and without a diagram. To do this, make a horse tail. Braid one or 3-4 pigtails from it. Then tuck each in turn into a bundle, securing the studs or stealth. The result - a neat hairstyle for every day, which will take a maximum of 15-20 minutes. This option is suitable for children 15 years.

Weaving braids for girls every day:

2. A basket of two spikelets

For short hair weave braids for girls step by step photos

Short hair is always difficult in styling, because long it is easier to comb and collect in the tail, rather than put naughty short curls sticking out in all directions. In young girls under the age of 4 years, hair is thin, sparse and fluffy, so they are most often shorn short.

For beginner moms, a regular flagellum will suit, which will also look good on medium hair. Above your forehead, take a strand of hair and divide it into two parts, then twist them together a few times and start alternately taking the hair from the sides, not forgetting to make a turn after each new strand woven. When you have collected everything, twist them around your axis and between each other. To decorate, use delicate and original hairpins or elastic bands. The more brightness and color, the more your princess will like the result.

Lesson with a phased photo

Weaving braids for girls video step by step for girls

How to make laying naughty curls to send a child to a school or kindergarten with a light heart? Videos, images and personal experience will solve this problem once and for all, because a woman is much easier to learn to weave. The description of the process itself is so simple that even a man is able to figure it out, although it is generally accepted that this is not a man’s business.

If you delve into the history of the appearance of braids, you can learn a lot of interesting things. Neat braid or spikelet adorned women and girls for many centuries. Even the Bible mentioned such a legendary character as Samson, who wore long braids for many years, embodying his strength. Legend has it that as soon as they became short, he lost his power. The Egyptians also used them for decoration. And the ancient Slavs were very fond of braids, as can be seen from historical photos and videos. A popular saying: “Spit is a maiden's beauty”, speaks of the great importance of this type of weaving in the daily life of the Slavs, which passed from generation to generation and to our times.

General rules for working with baby hair

This does not mean that children have any special curls and require a diametrically opposite approach, rather than curls of an adult girl, but it is worth remembering that little girls are fragile in all respects.

This, as well as standard hygiene considerations, dictates the following rules:

  • Convenience - above all. No need to bring your desire to create a masterpiece to the position: "I am not from China, just pigtails tightly braided." It is important to strive so that in addition to aesthetics, the hairstyle does not interfere with the child and does not cause inconvenience.
  • Consider the situation: You do not need to spend a whole hour on weaving a pigtail to school and construct a complex composition. There is a mass of simple, but quite spectacular weaving options that can be realized in 10 minutes. About them further in this article,
  • From a hairstyle with hair of different lengths it will be difficult to weave neat braids, so weigh all the pros and cons before choosing such a hairstyle. The output can be combined options,
  • Ribbons, bows and other decorations are better to begin to weave already from the middle of the braid, and not to wait for its tip. So the hairstyle will look lush,
  • To make the styling look neater, and it was easier to weave, the hairs should be moistened beforehand,
  • It is better to use a comb or a comb with fine teeth for dividing into strands.
  • remember, that for children's hair varnish is highly undesirable! If you want the spit to last as long as possible, just sprinkle it with water from a spray bottle.

These items must be followed if you have to weave braids for girls, photos of which are just amazing.


General rules are known, now it remains to prepare the toolkit. In order to weave children's braids, it would be good to have the following at hand:

  • Comb with fine teeth,
  • Water spray bottle,
  • Ribbons, rubber bands, laces and other additional elements,
  • Clamps for fixing strands that are not in use (optional, but more comfortable with them).

All this is quite enough to execute almost any hairstyle of any complexity. But how to weave them?

Weave on short hair

If the curls of the baby are shorter than the average, this is not a reason to give up braids. A good option would be spit "spike".

It is not difficult to execute it, besides on short strands it is even easier to do it neatly:

  • Take the part of the hair that will be the beginning of the braid, and divide it into three parts,
  • Begin to whip like a regular pigtail of three strands, while at each step or through one grab and weave loose curls,
  • If the hair is quite short, then you have to make two or three such spikelets, which at the ends should be better decorated with a tail and a bow - braided to the very ends, they will not be so attractive.

The video shows well how to weave such a spikelet, and although the girl’s hair is long there, the principle is clear:

As a result, we get neat, well-known "dragons". If the strands are not woven from above onto the braid, but from under it, then you will have a “French” braid.

Additional options for short curls

An alternative to this weaving can be a “basket”, which is woven by the same method as the spikelet, but in a circle. Of course, in order for it to turn out to be accurate, you will have to make an effort, and it will not work to do it on a very short four, but the result will be worth it.

Another way for short hair is perfect for little girls - this braid tails:

  • Hair is collected in bunches from the forehead to the back of the head by 4 or more tails in a row (it is more important that they are even)
  • Then they are connected in pairs and fixed in new ones.
  • The finished bunches are divided in two and attached to the tails of the next row,
  • This continues until the neck.

The video clearly shows how to make a braid from the tails:

This method is similar to the method of "web", but does not require so much time for weaving.

Another way to "outwit" the length - braid African braids or zizi using kanekalon and other materials. As a result - a cheerful bunch of neat smooth braids, which can even be multi-colored.

Medium length braids

This is the best length for many versions of weaving. Such hair is still not too tangled, but already allow you to give free rein to your hands and fantasies. For example, you can try a beautiful braid braid called "Fish tail". To do this, simply run the following algorithm:

  • Divide all hair into two parts,
  • Alternately separating from each of the parts along the strand, throw it into another bundle,
  • Continue weaving to the desired length.

When performing a fish tail, it is possible to work both with the whole mass of hairs at once, and to intertwine the locks on the spikelet principle, starting with a small bundle.

Another good option for medium length is braid "snake":

  • A small part of the hair is combed to the face, the rest is back,
  • We should start with a small section into which strands will gradually be intertwined in the course of progress,
  • The trajectory of weaving exactly repeats the snake, which formed the basis of the name of the hairstyle.

Interesting harnesses and loose strands

In a simple way, but very curious "Harness", which can be braided even every day, following such simple instructions as this step-by-step photo:

  • Hair is collected in a ponytail, which is divided in two,
  • Each part is twisted into a bundle in one direction,
  • Both sides connect, allowing them to twist and securing, as necessary, with pins.

In addition, hair such as “waterfall”, elven braid, “malvinka with braids” will look great on medium hair - they are designed for part of the curls to remain unfixed, which is not always practical for children's hair.

Long hair braids

This variation allows the maximum to embody all the possibilities of weaving. Among them are options such as “Clover leaf”, “magic flashlight”, “unusual figure eight”. In addition, all previous models for medium and long hairs are also acceptable. It is only important to remember that some options will require more work and fuss with long strands, but the result will surely please you.

For starters, you can try to make hairstyle "flashlight":

  • Comb the hair from the neck to the forehead - weaving will start from the back of the head,
  • The scythe is performed by an ordinary spikelet (dragon), in which Only half the hair is woven
  • Reaching the top of the head, all the hair should be collected in a bun,
  • Curls above the rubber band to put in a neat knot or bun, decorate in accordance with the dress and wishes. This hairstyle is simple in execution, but looks very elegant and tender.

Here is a video with the details:

Like a fairytale princess

Another very effective option is "jasmine" - imitation of the hairstyle of the heroine of the same name from the cartoon about Aladdin:

  • Hair is collected in a bun on the back of the head (possible and higher, if desired),
  • Two strands are separated from the tail. They should be chosen from under the bottom and lead up,
  • We fasten them with rubber and leave to lie,
  • Again, separate the two strands from under the bottom and fasten again. After each step, slightly unravel the previous portion to give volume,
  • At the end, fix all the rubber band or tape.

Variety of hairstyles based on braids

We called only the main types of braids and ways to weave them. By varying and combining them with each other, you can get more and more new hairstyles for girls from braids. Also, do not neglect such accessories for braids like ribbons which can make an elegant even a simple hairstyle.

Especially good on long hair look various holiday styling with the use of braids. If you want to see the most beautiful braids at the graduation party, find out how they are made, then this is presented in our respective article, which is entirely devoted to this issue.

All this opens up the opportunity to build for a young beauty just such a hairstyle that will appeal to her and make her look like a little fairy princess.

Watch the video: #194. Stitch Braids 4 BEGINNERS (March 2020).