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"In the spotlight" (eng. Spotlight) - American film directed by Tom McCarthy. The script is written by McCarthy in conjunction with Josh Singer and is based on events related to the scandal surrounding sexual harassment in the Catholic Church, which occurred in Boston and led to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Lowe.

The film premiered at the 72nd Venice Film Festival in September 2015. Wide distribution in the United States began on November 25, 2015, in many other countries the film began in January-February 2016.

In 2016, the film won an Oscar for the Best Film and Best Original Screenplay nominations, and also nominated for the Best Director, Best Editing, Best Supporting Actress (McAdams) and Best Actor of the second plan ”(Ruffalo).

The film tells about the investigation of the journalists of the newspaper The Boston Globe, during which it turned out that many priests of the Boston metropolis raped children. At the time of this writing, journalists had information about 87 priests. Later, after public announcement, the number of unmasked pedophile priests exceeded 290 people, despite the fact that there are about 1,500 clerics in Boston. It also became known that Cardinal Bernard Law knew about sexual harassment and deliberately concealed the facts of this, helping the rapists. After the resignation and departure of Cardinal Law from Boston on May 27, 2004, Pope John Paul II appointed him to several administrative posts in the Roman Curia and called him the arch-presbyter of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

  • Mark Ruffalo - Michael Rezendes
  • Michael Keaton - Walter Robinson
  • Rachel McAdams - Sasha Pfeiffer
  • Lev Schreiber - Marty Baron
  • John Slattery - Ben Bradley Jr
  • Stanley Tucci - Mitchell Garabedian
  • Billy Crudup - Eric McLeish
  • Len Cariou - Cardinal Bernard Lowe
  • Jamie Sheridan - Jim Sullivan
  • Paul Gilfoyle - Peter Conley
  • Lori Heineman - Judge Constance Sweeney

Creation Edit

The film was written by Tom McCarthy and co-author Josh Singer. When McCarthy was asked how he and his coauthor did research and writing, he replied:

As I said, I wrote (shot the film) for the first time! This was probably some reason why it was scary, but I think that, as with any big task, as soon as you overcome this initial shock and awe of how much material you need to learn, you start digging through the material and become really fascinated and connected with him, as was the case with us. And yes, it was a lot of work, but it was exciting. It was really interesting when you analyze the details not only of the investigation, but also of his findings, and you try to determine what is most useful in telling our story. I think that having two brains was very helpful because we could talk a lot about it. Thus, he did not just sit alone in a room and write down notes. We talked a lot with him. This particular cooperation was indeed considered investigative and at some level, it seemed, in parallel, was considering the cooperation of journalists in this investigation. So, I think there was something in our collaboration that made this initial process more acceptable at some level.

McCarthy and Singer wrote the script in June 2013. In 2013, he was listed in the black list of scenarios. Singer said that one of his goals in the film was to emphasize the power of journalism, which, in his opinion, is waning. He explained: “This story is not about exposing the Catholic Church. We did not have any mission to undermine people's faith. In fact, Tom came from a Catholic family. The motive was to tell the story accurately, showing the power of the newsroom — something that largely disappeared today. This story is important. Journalism is important, and history has a deeper meaning. ”

Shooting Edit

The main shooting began on September 24, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts, and continued in October in Hamilton, Canada. Filming also took place in Fenway Park, Office The boston globe Dorchester, Boston, and the Boston Public Library and McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. Film editor Tom McArdle said the following about post-production: “We edited for eight months. We just wanted to extend the work on the film. We cut out five scenes and several episodes from other scenes to make them more intense. ”

The film received positive reviews from critics. On the Rotten Tomatoes site, the film is rated 97% based on 335 reviews with an average score of 8.6 out of 10.

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Variants of hairstyles with a diadem for girls with a photo

Do not scorch the child's hair with a iron or curling, because she is still very young. Her hair should speak about her age. Make a simple, girl-friendly hairstyle.

1. Curly curls

If the girl has long hair, just spin the hide and seek and decorate with a diadem. Do everything smoothly and gently, without spoiling the structure of children's hair.

2. Tiara on the beam

To create this hairstyle, you will need hairpins, stealth hairpieces, hairbrushes, as well as hair tie. If your child is mobile, this version of the hair will be most welcome.

First you need to collect hair in a ponytail at the crown, then weave a braid. To add volume, release each link from the weave, wrapping the braid around the tail, and hide the tip in the center of the shell. All your steps must be fixed with studs and hairpins. Optionally, you can let go of several strands on the sides and slightly twist them. They will beautifully fall down on the face and give hair more charm.

3. Tiara on collected hair

Prepare gum for hair, invisible hairpin, hairpins, hairspray and curling. To begin to separate the small strand on the crown, collect in the tail and fluff thoroughly over the entire length. You should get a roller, which will be the basis for the hair. Now take another strand of hair, located closer to the bangs, and make a small pile at the roots, which subsequently fix on top of the roller.

Hide the tips at the base of the tail and fasten stealth. Now you can wear a tiara. On the left and right, also fix the collected hair itself invisible. If there is a bang, you can leave it as it is, or you can twist it with a curling iron. At the end fix the entire hair with lacquer. Thus, the girl will be able to enjoy hair all day long.

4. The bundle or babette

Thanks to this hairstyle girl will turn into a lady. Her curls are collected in a bun with a roller. Before this, you should make a pile on the back of the head to give additional volume. After that, lay your hair on top of the roller so that you get a beautiful, smooth bagel. To complete the solemn look, decorate it with a tiara.

5. Hair with pigtails

Perhaps, any mother has the basic skills of weaving. If you show imagination and learn beautiful weaving, you can create the perfect hairstyle for your daughter.

Spit "waterfall" is suitable for medium and long hair. It can be combined with loose curls.

The reverse French braid looks very impressive if you decorate it with hairpins. French braid can be used as one of the elements of hair, and you can braid all your hair in such a braid.

Loose hair is the easiest way to make a haircut with a tiara for girls

Well curled locks look perfect in combination with a diadem. Strands loose on the shoulders look very impressive and festive. You can make the usual Malvinka or a small beam on the top of the head and add elegance to the hairstyle with a tiara. For stylish girls the tiara is combined with a high tail and pigtails with magnificent weaving. When choosing this hair, it is important to adhere to the basic rule: the base for the braid or tail should be voluminous.

Hairstyles with a tiara for girls: high styling

High hairstyles with a diadem for girls give a certain solemnity. To do this, it is necessary to perfectly align the hair, slightly raise it from behind and perform simple weaving or curls. Win-win for any girl will be a beautiful, smooth styling. It looks especially beautiful with perfectly trimmed tips that clearly show the shape of the haircut.

If you are worried about choosing one or another hairstyle for your girl, you can consult with experienced stylists who have a lot of experience in this business and tell you the perfect styling for your girl with a certain type of appearance, given the style of dress.

Hairstyles with tiara for girls for short haircuts

If you think that the hair can not be done on short hair, you are mistaken. You can perform almost all the same variations of hairstyles, as well as on long hair.

The main difficulty is the fact that it is difficult to fasten the tiara on short strands. Make volumetric bouffant, playful curls, or smoothly comb all strands back. Create the illusion of carelessness by choosing feathering. Connect the fantasy. If none of the above is obtained, simply wind all the strands and fluff well. It will be such a Malvina from a cartoon about Buratino. Only she had blue hair and a huge bow instead of a tiara.

In general, the girl's hairstyle should be in harmony with the style of the dress and tiara.

Remember that little graduates dream to look like a real princess at their first balls. It is necessary to come up with a full image, including the hair, in advance. This will eliminate the nervous breakdowns on the child when everything is done in a hurry. Decide in advance on the choice of jewelry and additional hairpieces that may be needed to complete the hair. The image as a whole must be immediate.

If you want your hairstyle to please your daughter, and you, including, remember the following rules:

1. For receiving magnificent, volume ringlets, it is not necessary to torment the child hair curlers. They cause discomfort, and your daughter will not be able to rest well. Instead, the curlers will interfere with her sleep and there is a high probability that the girl will be in a bad mood in the morning. And you need to make the holiday felt all day, starting in the morning. Instead of curlers, use ordinary rags or napkins. They will not create any unpleasant feelings and help you achieve your goal - you will get beautiful curls. Ideal - braided pigtails on wet hair. Then the strands will turn out as natural as possible.

2. Do not abuse hair spray. So you spoil the overall look, and at the end of the day it will be problematic to comb and wash the baby's hair.

3. Short hair will be easier to lay with a hair dryer, if they were washed in the evening.

4. Use varnish with glitter. It will not only help fix the hair, but also decorate it.

Hairstyles with a diadem on the prom!

Probably one of the most beautiful hairstyles is styling with a diadem. Such a simple hair accessory forms a romantic image of a real princess.

And today we will discuss the most beautiful hairstyles that can be created in a pair with a diadem. However, before we start the discussion, I would like to note that the tiaras have changed significantly over the past few years.

Recently, designers give increasing attention to large stones and details.

The trend is not only white metal, but also gold. Choose compact diadems that visually resemble a crown.

Hairstyles with a tiara on the prom: curls, curls, curls!

One of the brightest hairstyles of our time is styling curls or curls. Interestingly, both small curls and large curls that form the image of a Disney princess are in fashion. All you need to know about this hairstyle is that it should be voluminous and fluffy. Voluminous hair looks very stylish, and fashionable designers always return to such a hairstyle, because it is a day of retro style. Retro hairstyles, such as volumetric curls, were relevant in the 80s. Then they preferred to wear almost all the girls.

In everyday life, this hairstyle was fashionable to decorate with voluminous bandages. Today in the trend hairstyle large curls that create the effect of airiness. They also received the second name - angel curls. They are formed with the help of large curlers, both at home and in the conditions of the cabin. Such curlers allow you to create large and voluminous curls that look natural and very attractive. In addition, a hairstyle with a pile is suitable for different types of hair.

In order to complement the hair, large curls use a small tiara with large stones. Small curls - the original hairstyle for the prom. They can be worn on loose hair or on collected hair. All advantage in volume of hair. If you collect a hairstyle from small curls, it will look very impressive.

French twist hairstyle

Recently, the French twist hairstyle has become fashionable to wear in a pair with rims and hoops. In the case of a festive option, you can use a tiara. Such a solution will allow you to create a modest and at the same time elegant hairstyle of the real queen of the ball. This year, the French twist hairstyle is fashionable to combine with small curls. Do not miss the fashion trend.

Another stylish hairstyle that forms a romantic image is a styling bun. As a few decades ago, this fashionable styling is usually formed on the crown itself. This hairstyle looks very stylish, if you create it with the volume. So, for example, fashionable stylists resort to creating curls or a pile to create a volume. The volume bundle can be created both with weaving elements, and with braid elements. For this hairstyle use a small vertical tiara. Looks styling is very elegant and beautiful!

Hairstyle side braid - new this year, which has already managed to win success. So, this season, special attention should be paid to volumetric pigtails. Side braid is usually combined with a side parting. This hairstyle looks very impressive and bright.And to make the pigtail more voluminous, the stylists recommend using a very simple method: slightly tighten the pigtail with your hands, forming the effect of volume and fix it with hair spray.

Modern types of tiaras

Boho tiara

Bohemian images are becoming more attractive lately. These are the most diverse tiaras you can imagine. But their main advantage is that they can vary, depending on the style. For example, this year diadems with chains and flowers come into fashion. To wear them is also fashionable from the back, on the back of the head. These are loose hair accessories that form a free image.

Tiaras made of monolithic metal, which acquires a variety of images - this is the main trend of the season, which designers interpret in different ways. It can be a variety of products that differ not only in shape but also in details. So, this year, designers recommend to pay attention to diadems in the form of coins, leaves, flowers. The most diverse colors of metal are relevant: gold, bronze, silver, black.

Royal style diadem

A royal or royal diadem is a luxury option for a prom. This is a mini-crown that looks very stylish. The real image of the princess. For such a hair accessory, hairstyles in the style of large curls, a French twist and side braid will be the ideal solution. And the latest hairstyle looks very stylish on long hair.

Source of article: Hair-Fresh

Hairstyles with tiaras

The tiara as a symbol of the crown, the royal crown will make the bride a fairy princess. In addition, today, ladies of high society also wear this ornament at various ceremonial events, with the help of tiara adorn the heads of winners of various beauty contests.

Currently, in salons and shops presents a wide selection of tiaras of various kinds.
You can choose a volumetric or flat, wide or narrow tiara, decorated with pearls, rhinestones, precious stones or a more "modest" decoration. In any case, you will look like a queen.
I must say that the tiara is very capricious. It requires that all other details of your attire harmonize with your image.

For example, the tiara goes well with a lush, truly royal dress. Less advantageous, it will look with a simple light, airy, translucent dress. Therefore, you need to buy a tiara after you have decided on the style of the wedding or evening dress.


One of the great options for hair with a tiara for long hair - high styling.

This option would be appropriate not only for a wedding celebration. Hair style is completely dependent on the style chosen by the bride. One of the elegant combinations is a classic Babette and a neat tiara attached at the top of the head, which unobtrusively frames the beam with the hair.

But sometimes the strict maintenance of such a style can lead to conservatism. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to destroy the stereotype through some violations.

To achieve this by creating such a hairstyle not with the master, but with your own hands.

Make a high hairstyle with a crown at home is a snap:

  • Initially, some volume is created by the hairline.
  • Then you need to lay a bunch on top.
  • Do not give up curls that will frame the face. The main condition is styling curls in a way that best suits the face of the bride.
  • The finish is a tiara, which usually frames a highly folded beam. Best of all, if it is of the crown type.

It is not necessary for the tuft to be high, it can be laying on the nape or asymmetrical. In any case, the tiara will look appropriate. But it only arises in the frontal part of the head. For the beam at the back of the head, a tiara comb will be an excellent option.

Greek style

Special attention is given to hairstyles in the Greek style, as well as tiaras, made especially for such cases.

Styles of this type are quite diverse, and different styles are used to create them. These can be asymmetrical braids of different styles of weaving, a tuft at the top of the head with falling curls at the back of the head.

One of the conditions of the Greek styling style is the additional volume at the crown. Greek-style diadems at a wedding are different from classic hoops, although such are great. They are a thread that is decorated with gold leaves and flowers.

It is fixed most often in the forehead area and concisely interwoven into the hairstyle in the side portions of the head. In the same way, fasten the tiaras-hoops.

How to make a Greek wedding hairstyle with a diadem, you will see here:

Tiaras is an accessory that will accentuate any hairstyle, even a haircut. They are made in a variety of styles, have a different shape and a different method of attachment. Many girls believe that the use of such an accessory for a wedding hairstyle gives excessive pomp, which leads to tastelessness. And what is your opinion: is a tiara an overkill or a perfect complement to the image of the bride?

5 head of hair with a diadem that will be the center of attention at any celebration

Author Alexey Ozhogin Date May 25, 2016

Hairstyles with diadems on women look very attractive and feminine. Today we will look at how to make a hairstyle with a diadem for different occasions, it does not require a lot of tools and experience. Make a hairstyle under the tiara get quickly and without problems.

The tiara will decorate your hair

We are preparing to create a spectacular hairstyle: trendy haircuts in 2017

In order for a girl’s hairstyle with a diadem to come out beautiful, in addition to her, the following elements will be needed:

  • Wide Scallop for combing and combing,
  • Hairstyles with a diadem on medium hair can not be done without curling, ironing or hair curlers,
  • Hairpin invisible to secure the result,

It is noticed that the hairstyle under the diadem for the girl is best made up of curly or twisted strands, so before putting the crown on her head, curl the curls. So the children's hairstyle with a diadem will look better.

Girl with diadem

Wedding hair with diadem for long and medium strands

Hairstyles with a diadem for long hair before the wedding are completely done independently. Moreover, if you put enough effort you will get no worse than the master from the beauty salon. Here is the algorithm:

  • Parting with a comb
  • Next, you should fasten the tiara on loose hair,
  • Lay strands and fasten stealth so that curls framed head
  • Do this with every curl, trying to fasten the crown to the back,
  • Fixed hair lacquer, so that the strands in the wind do not scatter and do not spoil the effect.

To better understand how this is done it is worth watching videos on the Internet.

Taming loose strands with your own hands: a step by step guide

Here, the wave is done this way:

  1. Parting is again performed in the center of the head,
  2. The veil is mounted on the back of the head using stealth,
  3. Bangs and front strands are brought back and fixed there under the veil,
  4. The crown is put on the center of the head,
  5. Optionally, leave a pair of strands in front,
  6. To fix the result, apply varnish.
Diadem for a girl with medium hair

Baby styling with high bangs on prom for girls

Now consider the hairstyles for girls with a diadem who are going to prom:

  1. Strands from the top and back of the head are separated from each other and combed back. In the front, leave a pair of strands,
  2. Separate the strands from the left temple from the rest and braid it in a braid that you put back along with the curls gathered there,
  3. Do the same with the right temple, then put on the crown so that the strands are folded inside the crown ring. It is desirable to remove the side crests of the crown under the head of hair,
  4. Leave the locks left beforehand in front and sprinkle it with varnish so that the hair does not unravel.
Graduate in diadem

Now you know how to attach the diadem to the child's hair so that you get a beautiful head of hair.

How to make a beautiful hairstyle with short hair?

Hairstyles with diadem on short hair look no worse than with other options, and the girl will be able to become festive and prepare for each event. Make a parting from the top of the head, and comb the fringe to the forehead. Then go to the back, from where do the bouffant up, which smooth the gel, so that the strands do not stick out.

Tiara, as a decoration, suitable for any holiday

The crown in this case puts on in the middle of the head, choose the type of crown which one you like. Both the classic version and something modern will do, but keep in mind that it should be combined with a dress. After you have decided on the Crown and put your hair on your head, spray it with varnish so that the curls will not become disheveled.

The tiara can complement any image.

Now you know how to make unusual and beautiful hairstyles, so that the Christmas hairstyle for a girl with a diadem will not be something unusual and complex for you. Do not be afraid to experiment and amaze others with the beauty of hair.

All materials are provided for review. Before using recommendations concerning the health of your hair, we recommend that you consult with a specialist. Use of material is permitted only with the active hyperlink to the site.

Hairstyle with a diadem for a girl - how to do?

When various holidays or celebrations are approaching, you begin to remember all the hairstyles with a diadem for a girl that could be suitable for her luxurious princess outfit on this day.

For those who have never encountered such an accessory as a tiara, we suggest finding out what it is and what hairstyles can be done quickly and without special stylist skills.

What is a tiara and with what to wear it?

Every little girl would like at least once to feel like a princess from a Disney cartoon. But what really girls, and women sometimes dream about it.

And as it turned out, before the fulfillment of the dream, there is only one small step - the acquisition of a beautiful dress and tiara, as well as the ability to make hairstyles based on this little decoration, as you can see in the photo.

Of course, our little princesses have much more reasons to dress up - this is graduation in kindergarten, New Year's mornings, holidays in elementary school.

Therefore, be sure to get yourself a beautiful tiara with which you can decorate any hair style of your girl.

A diadem is a jewelry accessory that speaks about the status of a person who has put it on.

With diadems on balls, princesses and duchess had appeared earlier, since basically they were the only ones who could afford such luxurious jewelry.

However, today the tiara can be purchased in a cheaper version, so each of you can at least for one evening become a member of the royal family.

There are several types of tiaras that are always suitable for decorating your girl's hair:

Each of them is decorated with beautiful beads and stones, making even the simplest hairstyle exquisite and luxurious.

About how to wear or wear a tiara in the girl's hair, often ask those who have not yet encountered this device.

It should be noted that hairstyles with a diadem are quite simple to perform and do not require special skills or experience of a hairdresser.

The hairstyle can be absolutely anyone, and the tiara is worn at the very end, as the main decoration.

It is the hairstyle that keeps the diadem on its head, so prepare your child for the fact that if she wants to look like a princess, then she will have to behave properly.

Shaking her head, standing on her head and tumbling this evening, she will not succeed.

Hairstyles for girls with tiara

Children's hairstyle with a diadem will allow your daughter to feel like a real princess, whom she probably dreams of becoming, after watching a variety of cartoons. As we ourselves know, women at any age dream of feeling like princesses, so sometimes you need to take the fulfillment of this dream into your own hands, because dreams must at least sometimes come true. So for some holiday you can create an image of a princess for your daughter with the help of a beautiful dress and hairstyle. For example, a hairstyle with a diadem is perfect for graduation in kindergarten or in elementary grades. Not only will you fulfill your daughter's dream by making her a princess for at least one day, but you will also have something to admire after many years, revising old holiday photos, and at the celebration itself with such a wonderful hairdo your child will stand out from the crowd. So, let's understand how to make a hairstyle with a diadem with your own hands, what kind of hairstyle it can be and is it difficult to do it at all.

How to wear a tiara girl?

Such a question can be heard quite often, especially from the male part of the parent composition. If you have never encountered the creation of hairstyles, which still often happens even in women, then do not worry - the hairstyle under the tiara for a girl is very simple to perform. And the tiara itself is worn on the head after the creation of the hairstyle itself. The tiara rests on the head precisely because of the hairstyle itself, but, of course, it is not recommended to strongly wag the head, because the tiara can fly off or it can be cut aside, which, in principle, can also harm the hairstyle itself. But in general, dressing the tiara is the simplest and most solemn part of creating this hairstyle, so we won’t linger on this moment for a long time, but rather proceed directly to describing the process of creating a hairstyle with a small tiara.

Hairstyles with tiara for kids

The main thing - do not forget that you are doing a haircut to a child, and not to an adult girl, which means the hairstyle should be age-appropriate, and not add it. As a child in this life, you only happen once, so you don’t need to rush time and try to make a girl a girl with makeup and hair, on the contrary, it’s worth emphasizing the lovely childish beauty that is unique and beautiful, like a delicate rosebud that has yet to open its petals.

So what hairstyles do we have?

The simplest - the usual curled locks. Perhaps curly curls are the basis of hair with a diadem for the girl. They can be left simply flowing, stabbing their upper part with a barrette, or you can fix the hair on the top of the head with a graceful tail or bun. There are a lot of options and everything in general depends solely on your imagination. It is possible, for example, to get a few curled locks from the hairstyle so that they frame the face, which looks very impressive and cute.

You can also not curl the curls, leaving the primacy of naturalness. In this case, the tiara looks very nice on simple loose hair. She adds zest to the image, while not depriving him of such cute childlike simplicity.

In general, the tiara, which plays the role of the crown for the girl, will please the child so much that it is not necessary to make special efforts to make her look beautiful, because happiness makes any person beautiful. But, of course, sometimes you need help and happiness. For example, to make the image of the child even brighter, you can add some jewelry to your hair, such as cute hair clips decorated with flowers or pearls, maybe you can add shine to your hair with special powder. In general, there is also a mass of a wide variety of options, among which you can choose the one that suits you, as well as add something of your own to your hair, play a hairdresser, so to speak.This process will be interesting both for you and for your daughter.

Watch the video: Andy Grammer - Honey, I'm Good with lyrics (April 2020).