Haircuts and hairstyles for curly hair 57 photos

Hairstyles for curly hair are very diverse. Curls and curls always look very youthful and flirtatious.

There is a different width of the curl. Small curls are more disobedient, it is more difficult to cope with them, but large curls or waves most often slightly straighten under their weight and look very noble.

What is important in hairstyles for curls?

  • First of all, the hairstyle should be free and light, like curls themselves, but it should be well fixed.
  • Stubborn curls are often confused and do not lie at all as it should. Be patient.
  • Curls and waves should be well-groomed and shiny, only then the hairstyle will be beautiful. Use special tools.

What hairstyles are suitable for curly hair?

Curly hair, combined with a well-chosen haircut, is an excellent hairstyle. Leaving curls or waves loose is a great everyday option.

Hairstyles in the Greek style as if created for curly girls. A huge choice of such hairstyles will allow the owner of any length of hair to quickly and easily create a decent hairstyle.

Curly soft waves hair can be braided in braids. This is a very romantic, fashionable and noble version of hair.

In the photo below, any girl with curly hair will choose her excellent hairstyle.

Haircuts for curly short hair

Short haircuts for curly hair always look original. Primary importance should be given to preserving the form. When choosing a short hairstyle, you should periodically perform its correction with the master. Attractive and neat appearance is ensured by timely trimming the regrown ends.

The most beautiful and fashionable hairstyles and haircuts for wavy hair 2018-2019 - photos, trends, news

Experimenting with curly hair is one of the most entertaining lessons for stylists. It is thanks to the curly hair, for every girl and woman you can create a unique and unique haircut and hairstyle for curly hair.

In addition, in the new season, stylists offer everyone to be in the form of curls and try on themselves so to speak all the delights of curly hair.

Today, various methods of wavy hair are known and popular, but all of them are not long-term. Therefore, for those who want to truly become the owner of luxurious curls there is a biowave.

Well, let's get acquainted with the trends and novelties in the fashion for women's haircuts for wavy, curly and curly hair 2018-2019, photos of which are presented in our gallery.

The most fashionable haircuts for medium curly hair 2018-2019 year

How to shave a girl with curly hair of medium length depends primarily on the texture of the waves. The ideal option for medium curly hair would be a straight cut with a center parting. This haircut for wavy hair is suitable for everyone.

But there are some more interesting and beautiful haircuts for medium curly hair 2018-2019. How about an elongated bean or even an asymmetrical bean on curly hair? Such a hairstyle for curly hair really looks stunning at any age.

If you have very curly hair, this is not a reason to refuse haircuts on curly hair with bangs and shy away from layered haircuts, fearing that such hairstyles will add even more volume.

Just need to contact a good master, who can choose for you the best hairstyle for curly hair. In fact, the playful curls that frame the entire head create a unique and beautiful appearance.

Bold and creative short haircuts for curly hair 2018-2019 year

A versatile and very fashionable short haircut that is suitable for everyone and has a very large number of variations - all this is about the most popular hairstyle in the season 2018-2019 pixie haircut.

Short haircuts for frizzy hair in the form of a pixie will change your opinion about hairstyles for short curly hair. If you think you need to give up super short haircuts for wavy hair, then you have not seen a photo of a pixie haircut for curly hair.

Regardless of the color, structure, thickness of curls, you can choose a creative and curly hairstyle for curly hair, with which you can not just transform, rejuvenate and feel more confident.

Emphasize the facial features, and add a mystery to the female image can short haircuts for curly hair bob or pixie with a short curled fringe.

Short haircuts for wavy hair with long side bangs are an interesting combination between four of a kind and pixie for bold and slightly adventurous women.

For creative people, you can offer a non-standard version of modern haircuts for short curly hair with different lengths. For example, a short hairstyle for wavy hair, which narrows on the sides and back, but falls down with elongated haircuts from the top.

And how not to mention super fashionable and modern short haircuts with a shaved nape or temples, which can also be used on curly hair.

Moreover, such haircuts for curly hair look much more interesting than with straight hair. This also includes short haircuts for curly hair in the form of a mohawk.

Beautiful and charming hairstyles and haircuts for long curly hair 2018-2019

Long elastic and playful curls themselves look gorgeous. Of course, I must say that it is much more difficult to care for long curly hair, especially when it comes to washing and then combing.

As for the hairstyle for long curly hair, here you can apply options already mentioned haircuts on medium wavy hair. Experiment with a cascade and graduated haircut for curly hair length. Do not be afraid to leave a bang of small curls.

And remember, curly hair is very fashionable now and many women spend a lot of time and money to achieve what is given to you from God.

So if you were born with curly hair, you are already gorgeous, and presented haircuts for curly hair 2018-2019 will be able to highlight the beauty of your hair.

Necessary tools for hairstyles with curls

Stylists who work in beauty salons for those works of art that they do there use a lot of tools and chemicals that are not affordable for everyday use. In order to make beautiful evening styling at home, it is enough to purchase prepared kits in specialized stores. We need the following tool:

Tips from professionals for girls (children), girls and women: hairstyles with bangs and without her

Please note that the styling will be beautiful after you have your hands on this thing. If the experience is absent as such, we recommend starting with simple options, similar to the classic tail, weaving braids, curling ends and others. Having made a couple of test hairstyles, you will notice that each time you get a more beautiful result, unlike the first.

We recommend starting with curling curls, there is no need to know a lot.

Tips for beginners:

When doing these manipulations with a hairstyle, please note that it is impossible to do this every day, as a serious hairstyle requires a considerable amount of time. But a couple of workouts and time for this procedure, you will spend less.

We stack short hair at home: a step by step guide

Lay neatly short strands of hair is easy, especially if the hair is naturally docile. The first suggestion is the option of combing the hair back or curling the hair with a curling bit. In order to make a hairstyle with such length of hair, you will need a hairdryer, a set of combs and a gel; But do not forget to wash your hair with shampoo in advance, otherwise you will not get a short head of hair to give proper volume.

In this regard, it is important to use the classic method of laying. We take the gel and rub it between the hands, then apply it evenly on the strands. Use a hair dryer to dry hair, curling the ends with a round comb. If the length allows, then try to curl the ends in any direction.

Medium length - laying on the side, with hair loose on one side

The longer the hairstyle, the more personal care they require, the average length is no exception. But even here it is quite possible for every girl to do both home and evening hair by herself. If you have naturally wavy hair, then it is even easier - apply a special gel to your hair that will create a sputum effect.

Straight hair looks beautifully collected in the tail.

Maximum length hair for graduation in grade 4 and college, wedding, evening

Long hair stacked harder than other options, then dried with a hairdryer. After such a manipulation with the hair, there is a long tail, and wavy hair will be suitable as a hairstyle, and it takes a little time.

Beautiful styling will make you the queen of the evening

These are the simple ways to clean up the head to help each girl to make their own beautiful hairstyles for all occasions. Laying different shapes and types will help determine the appearance.

Choosing a fashionable haircut

The choice of hairstyles for short curly hair is a very responsible and serious process, because not always the chosen form can be a face, and so that everything looks completely better take into account the main selection rules according to the type of hair and face shape.

The abundance of forms is impressive.

Hair Style Selection by Hair and Face

The structure of curly curls itself is special in comparison with the straight line.

There are curly strands, which are better for non-long stacking and not at all, such as:

  • Very shaggy, thin or soft strands in a short haircut do not hold the volume at all, with them the hairstyle will look faint on the hair and even stupid.
  • Excessive susceptibility strands to moist air. The problem is that most small haircuts require styling. As they get into the wet environment, the curls begin to behave because they want. The styling will fall apart, the appearance of the hairstyle will be flawed, and all your efforts will go down the drain.

Dandelion girls short hair is contraindicated

A small female haircut for curly hair can mask the flaws of the face and highlight its advantages.

The shape of the face also plays an important role in choosing hairstyles, it can be corrected, bringing it closer to flawless - round:

  • The rounded shape is suitable in fact no matter what haircut. A good option pixie or garson. Also adorn the appearance of oblique or long bangs.
  • Chubby-faced beauties are suited for short asymmetrical bangs, also long, which do little lengthen the shape of the face. Looks good bob with a volume in the highest part.
  • Face-triangle decorate square and wavy bean.
  • Longish narrow face will become more round with a straight thick bang to the eyebrows or even lower.

To pick up a small hairstyle can be virtually any appearance.

  • Ladies haircuts for short curly hair with a volume in the upper part of the head - a cascade, a small wavy bean, suitable for a square face.
  • If the face is very tiny, then the best option would be a torn bang, which will help to visually increase the volume of the hairstyle, but everything should be in moderation, because if you overdo it, it will distract attention from the face.

And now try to upload your photo and have a look - how this haircut will look at you


Short haircuts for curly hair 2014 - 2015 continue to adhere to traditional forms - bob, square, garcon, cascade - all this is as burning as ever.

The cost of such hairstyles continues to be affordable, because they are not very intricate, although everything depends on the prestige of the beauty salon and on the professional level of the master.

If you wish to make a haircut with your own hands, then it is better to turn away from such an idea, even more so if it concerns curly hair.
It will be quite difficult to do this, but because of the poorly performed work, you can just spoil the whole hairstyle.
It would be better if you go to a hairdresser, who will find the perfect option, and will have a good haircut.
After all, the abstract on which the master will follow is, in this case, very important.

Popular options for small curly haircuts:

Four of a kind is a more successful option for wavy strands and a narrow type of face. Thanks to the skin in the zone of the cheekbones, the strands will give additional volume, and this will visually expand the face. The hairstyle can be laid using various methods, for example, to make a wet effect, the effect of disheveled strands, or make a charming styling in a retro-style, everything will depend on your imagination.

An even four-layered square car is ideal for strong curls. A large curls fit an asymmetric square, or with an elongation, which will become an unusual addition to the finishing look.

Curly car looks very romantic and feminine

This haircut is created for bold and daring natures who are active in life and have no time for styling at all, but at the same time they want the hairstyle to always look fashionable, fresh and neat. For daily styling, it is best to use wax or mousse, which will help to curl curls a little, focusing on a few strands, giving them a bit of a serious look.

If you go to any celebration, then in this case, rearing curls with styling means will only give charm and charm.

Garson is an option for women who are used to amaze others with their unusual appearance.

Pay attention!
Since the garcon is a very small haircut, the face will always be open here, which means in full view.
Therefore, look at the condition of the skin.
Also practice in applying make-up, because the smallest mistakes here will be immediately noticeable.

This hairstyle is an option for affectionate and romantic women. Different bean shapes are able to adjust the shape of the face.

So, on a rounded one, a straight bean will look perfect, on a round - elongated curls, oblique bangs and asymmetry. Quite eccentric and even boldly looks like a bean with shaved temples, specifically this option is perfect for a square face.

The cascade is a lifeline for owners of very curly hair, because it is such a hairstyle that is very problematic in the care, it is not what to lay - combing is sometimes converted into torture. Due to the multi-layered haircut, the excess volume is removed, so putting it in will not be a huge effort.

Cascade hairstyle fits all, giving freshness and liveliness to the appearance of the lady

With the help of this hairstyle, you can achieve the missing volume, and thanks to her perseverance, you will get rid of unnecessary several years. Suitable pixie for elastic curls of medium size. Specifically, with such a hairstyle haircut looks more charming - with the right shape and the right amount.

Pixie - a good option for those ladies who do not have too much time to pack.

Pay attention!
It is better for owners of hair with a light wave before a haircut to consult a hairdresser, because such a hairstyle will not have a suitable volume, well, it can look quite dull.

Many associate this hairstyle with a cascade, in fact there are differences. Aurora has a parted hair in the form of a horseshoe, and the strands descend from small to long.This hairstyle is suitable wavy curls with different structure.

Aurora looks fashionable and original

This version of the model hair looks on curls best. In the poppy area, the strands are clipped rather briefly, and, dropping to the bottom of the coil, gradually increase their length. After some time, any strand will fall into place, and the view of the fuete will be harmonious and simply charming.

In any of the haircuts, the bang plays an important role, because such an extraordinary element can not only change the face, but also rejuvenate it by placing the correct accents. But not always the one or the other bangs beautify the haircut, well, the image as a whole.

So it is better to turn away from a short bang in subsequent cases:

  • Eyebrows rounded
  • Pronounced facial wrinkles on the forehead,
  • Brow arc very coarse and powerful, which make heavy face.

From the long bangs it is better to turn away in this case, if the eyebrows are very thin, thick and wide are appropriate here. Also, it will not work if the nose is long and powerful.

Short haircuts for curly hair in 2014 are varied in shape, so no matter what curly beauty will be able to choose the best option for themselves. The video in this article will demonstrate in a pleasant way the technique of performing different haircuts.

Hairstyles for short curly hair

Short curly hair is always original hairstyle. Your main task is to keep its shape.

Hairstyles for curly hair

Hairstyles for curly hair

Short curly hair just needs regular correction from the master hairdresser. By trimming the regrown ends in time, you will provide a neat and attractive look to your hair.

Hairstyles for curly hair

“Taming” short curls is much more difficult than long ones - they push and bulge harder. Therefore, when drying hair, use a hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle to make the curls look more structural.

Hairstyles for curly hair

Do not forget about styling products. Spray or mousse for curls will make curls more elastic and resistant. If you want to select individual curls (for example, on the face), just twist them with your fingers before drying and dry with a hairdryer in this position.

Hairstyles for curly hair

Casual styling

Hairstyles for curly hair

  1. Apply mousse or curl cream to washed hair. If instead of these funds you use gel, you will get the effect of wet curls.
  2. Lightly squeeze the strands towards the roots to form natural curls.
  3. Dry your hair with a hair dryer with a diffuser, treating each strand with a nozzle.
  4. At the end of the laying, gently separate the curls with your fingers and sprinkle the hair with varnish. As a result, you will get light and airy curls, which, nevertheless, will perfectly keep the shape. Something like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hairstyles for curly hair

If you want to create hairstyles in the style of "Carrie Bredshow", see the master class:

Very popular styling among owners curly hair. However usual tail can be made interesting and original.

Hairstyles for curly hair


  1. Carefully comb washed and dried hair.
  2. Collect them in a high tail so that there are no “cocks” on the head and it is smooth (for faithfulness, apply a drop of smoothing serum on them) and secure with a rubber band.
  3. Tie strands of tail on curling iron or curlers so that they are clear and separated.
  4. Finally, run over the tail with a comb with occasional teeth or fingers, and sprinkle the hair with varnish.

Tail on the side

Hairstyles for curly hair

  1. Make a daily hair stylingas described above.
  2. Gather the hair with a rubber band in a low tail and fix it on its side.
  3. From the sides, take on the strand and wind them on your finger. Fix hair with lacquer.

Incredibly popular hairstyle from childhood ideally emphasizes the natural “curvature” of hair.

  1. Apply a smoothing cream to washed hair.
  2. Blow dry your hair with a diffuser
  3. Take strands from your face, twist them into strands and fasten them on the back of your head with invisible beads or a hairpin.
  4. Sprinkle hair with lacquer.

Braids and braids for curly hair

Trendy braids and weaving look very organic on curly hair and create a natural careless effect popular this year. In addition, the braids on curly hair last longer than on the straight.

Hairstyles for curly hair

  1. Divide the pre-washed and dried hair into two equal parts.
  2. On each side, take the same strand and shift it to the middle.
  3. If you want to make a spikelet careless, slightly pull the strands in the braid in opposite directions.
  4. Secure the braid with a rubber band or ribbon.
  5. Fix hair with lacquer or other spray for fixing.

Hairstyles for curly hair

This is perhaps the only hairstyle, in which the lost curls look stylish idea.

For beginners, hairstyle is quite complicated in execution. But it is worth a little “to fill the hand” and it will be completed in 5 minutes.

  1. Pure hair is divided into two parts.
  2. Secure one part with a barrette or slide over one shoulder.
  3. Another start to weave: form a braid of small strands and braid it from the forehead to the back of the head by adding strands from the bulk of the hair. Secure the braid with a thin, inconspicuous elastic band.
  4. Braid a free half of hair similarly.
  5. Braided hair connect the studs on the back of his head, cross braids and attaching the end of one pigtail to the base of another.
  6. Secure your hair with a strong fixation spray.

Watch the video: 50 Trendy Short Hairstyles For Black Women (March 2020).