Which is better - microblading or tattooing eyebrows: differences, reviews

Today, well-groomed, well-defined eyebrows of natural shape and moderate width are considered to be beautiful and relevant.

Happiness, which got such beauty by nature, you only need to rejoice, but what other girls who do not have thick and bright eyebrows do?

To correct this shortcoming, many of the fair sex use color cosmetics, and some of them resort to more drastic measures such as tattoo or microblading.

Description of the procedure of tattoo

Permanent make-up allows you to imitate hairs by injecting a coloring pigment under the skin. This is done using an apparatus containing a thin needle. A special dye does not blur, but remains permanently unchanged in the epidermis layer. therefore high-quality tattoo can last for about 3-4 yearsand then begins to fade out.

This type of cosmetic procedure is widely known among girls. It is used in the salons for a long time.

Thanks to permanent makeup eyebrows always look great and do not require additional painting and processing. Also with the help of tattoo you can paint the lips and draw arrows on the eyes.

The process of applying paint is quite painful., after a session, swelling, redness and sores usually remain for several days. Full restoration of the skin occurs in about 2 weeks.

Popular techniques of permanent eyebrow makeup

There are several methods for the introduction of dye, but the most sought-after ones are those that can provide the most natural image of the eyebrow. Such a tattoo can be performed on the following technologies:

  1. Shooting. This method consists in the partial drawing of brow hairs and subsequent shading. Small strokes are located on top, where they are needed to create the correct shape, and the middle part is bleached. As a result, the shape of the eyebrows becomes clear, they get the desired length and look quite thick. This adjustment is suitable for both blondes and brunettes. Shooting can please its owner about 3 years.
  2. Hair technique. Every hair is carefully drawn up here to get a more natural result. But the painted strokes are still different from the natural in their appearance. Usually they are located in one direction and look much rougher than the real ones. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired effect, you need to contact an experienced master who can do his job well and accurately. This method is only suitable for dark-haired girls, it does not apply to light shades of eyebrows.
  3. Shadow method. It consists in feathering the hair line. As a result, eyebrows look soft, neat and get more expressive shape. This technique is suitable for almost all women, regardless of hair color.

All procedures differ in the method of dye input and the method of drawing. It should be borne in mind that the result obtained depends mainly on the work of a cosmetologist, therefore, you need to contact only a professional.

Advantages and disadvantages of tattoo

Permanent makeup, which is made with high quality and according to all the rules, certainly has the following advantages:

  • Does not need everyday drawing, which saves time.
  • The tattoo is not smeared in the heat and is not washed off during exposure to water.
  • Eyebrows always look well-groomed and adorn the face.
  • The effect persists for a very long time, over several years.

Unfortunately, the cosmetic procedure has a number of drawbacks that need to be remembered before going to the salon:

  • The process is irreversible, so permanent makeup should be done by an experienced makeup artist, since it will be impossible to change the result.
  • The procedure is accompanied by painful sensations.
  • Possible manifestations of an allergic reaction.
  • The period of rehabilitation of tissues after needle exposure may take 1-2 weeks.
  • There will be a need to periodically pluck out extra hairs under the eyebrows.

After the main correction with the help of a tattoo in a month will need additional. During the re-visit the master corrects all possible shortcomings and, if necessary, improves the shape of the eyebrows.

Characteristics of microblading

Modern women, in order to improve their appearance, increasingly prefer fashionable eyebrow microblading. How is this procedure different from tattoo? Both types of aesthetic correction are similar in execution, provide a lasting result and dictate the same rules of care. But there are still many differences between them.

Microblading in its performance is similar to a hair tattoo, but it is done using a special tool - a peculiar small-size scalpel. They can apply the thinnest lines, very similar in shape to real hairs. During the procedure, the master draws small strokes on the skin, which are simultaneously filled with paint, and the excess pigment immediately removes. Thanks to the painstaking work of the line, they are different in thickness, clarity and length. As a result, the drawn hairs look very natural and are almost the same as the real ones.

Both types of procedures differ between themselves and in the technique of execution. A pigment is injected under the skin with a needle-based instrument during normal eyebrow tattooing.

In contrast, microblading is performed only manually. The cosmetologist first outlines the shape of the eyebrows with a pencil and, if she suits the client, treats the skin with an anesthetic. Then, inside the contour drawn with a sharp spatula, it forms strokes, which it fills with a paint of a suitable color. Such the procedure is almost painless and less traumatic, because the dye does not penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. And in order to fully restore the damaged tissue, it will take only 3-4 days. Received by the result may persist for 1.5-2 years with proper care.

Methods for the execution of the newfangled procedure

In microblading there are two techniques with which you can get beautiful eyebrows:

  1. European. Here, the hairs are parallel to each other and have the same direction, length and width. As a result, eyebrows look overly clear, graphic and looks not quite natural.
  2. East. This method involves drawing neat and thin lines, different in length and width. Due to this, the effect of natural eyebrows, beautifully outlined and thick by nature, is achieved. The procedure takes a lot of time and requires from the master skills and experience.

After dyeing the eyebrows with one of these techniques, no additional correction is needed in a month, unlike tattooing. The result of the procedure can be assessed immediately, and in 20-30 days the pigmentation will become even brighter. If the effect is not satisfactory, you can easily get rid of microblading, using special means to remove the dye.

Microblading - what is it?

But first it is worthwhile to deal with the definitions of these procedures in order to understand what is better to do: tattoo or eyebrow microblading.

Microblading is a manual way to color eyebrows with special tools. Translated from English, "microblading" is a "micro-blade". It is thanks to a very thin blade that the resistant pigment is introduced into the structure of the uppermost epidermal layer by hand.As a result, on the skin are clearly drawn hairs, completely imitating natural. Such painstaking and accurate technology of the procedure allows to obtain a natural look of the eyebrows as a result, which cannot be achieved with the help of an ordinary eyebrow pencil, the effect of which looks unnatural.

It can be said that microblading is a hair tattoo, although these are two different procedures. The fact is that the end result lasts a long time and does not require additional staining.

What is eyebrow tattoo?

Eyebrow tattoo is a procedure of coloring, as a result of which the brow line acquires a clear outline, color, and most importantly, a natural look. The procedure resembles microblading: the pigment is introduced into the surface layer of the epidermis using a thin needle. There, the dye crystallizes, takes the form of a kind of capsule, which is not destroyed for a long time. As a result, the pigment does not spread and the effect of beautiful eyebrows persists for a long time.

Tattoo can be performed in one of the following technologies:

  • Voloskovy - this method is based on drawing new hairs as accurately as possible to perfectly reproduce the natural ones. But the traced hairs still differ from the natural ones in that they have outlines and the appearance as a whole, corresponding to perfection and fashion trends. The hair method is a very accurate and painstaking work that requires accuracy and experience from the master browser. And it is worth noting that this method is not suitable for girls with bright eyebrows, because the desired result is not justified. This method is somewhat similar to microblading, so the question often arises: "What is better - microblading or hair tattooing of eyebrows?"
  • Shooting is not complete, but partial drawing of hairs. The bulk is shaded. Feathering allows you to make the eyebrow arc brighter and clearer, sets the main part of it, and drawing several separate hairs allows you to give a natural look, sets the desired shape and, in addition, lengthens the eyebrow. The uniqueness of this method is such that it is equally well suited for both fair-haired girls and dark-haired ones. The duration of the shocking effect reaches three years.
  • The technique of shadow overlay is a process of shading, as a result of which the eyebrow acquires a natural, but more accurate shape, becomes more expressive and precise. Appliances suitable for any type of women.

The presented tattoo techniques differ from each other by the method of application, as well as the introduction of paint under the skin.

What is the difference?

Despite the similarity of the technique of conducting, after all, both cosmetic procedures have a difference:

  1. Microblading, as opposed to tattooing, is completely handmade, requiring attention and care. And the second procedure is carried out using a special apparatus.
  2. The microblading tool used is a small blade in the shape of a scapula, a thin needle for tattooing.
  3. The blade is immersed under the skin to a depth of just 3 millimeters, and the tattoo needle is implanted 8 mm.
  4. The duration of the microblading effect varies from six months to 1.5-2 years, and the tattoo persists from 2 to 5 years. Duration depends on skin type.
  5. After microblading, the skin is restored within a few days, and after tattooing - from 10 to 14 days.

What to choose?

The choice between microblading and eyebrow makeup should fall on what suits you based on price, the willingness to endure painful sensations and the frequency of repetitions of the procedure. Although still microblading surpasses permanent tattooing on a number of factors, which is an outdated procedure. And microblading is an innovation in the world of beauty, which allows not only to recreate perfect eyebrows, but also to correct flaws if they occur.

As mentioned above, the tattoo is classified into several methods.And what can be said when comparing microblading and, for example, hair tattoo? In this case, you can give preference to a more budgetary option - a hair tattoo (and only if you want to save). The fact is that this technique repeats the principle of microblading: draw every hair, giving a greater naturalness to the eyebrows.

And what to choose: microblading or feathering? And again, the leadership of the first option. Feathering gives excessive brightness to fine hairs, and, in addition, there is mainly staining of the skin, rather than hairs.

In many ways, microbliding is superior to tattooing. But if finances are limited, it is preferable to choose any of the appropriate methods of tattoo.

The advantages of microblading

Obviously, there will be many advantages. So why is microblading so good?

  1. The safety of the result and, consequently, the frequency of repetition of the procedure is from six months to one and a half years (depending on skin type).
  2. No serious side effects. Of course, the redness after the procedure will appear, but it will pass very quickly and will not bring any inconvenience.
  3. Since microblading is work with a blade, in this case local anesthesia is provided, which will eliminate the appearance of pain.
  4. Used plant pigment will fade out gradually and without discoloration.
  5. A short rehabilitation period that lasts only a few days.
  6. The procedure is absolutely safe.
  7. The end result is beautiful, natural eyebrows.
  8. A diverse color palette that allows you to choose the color of eyebrows, suitable for shade of hair.

Is it worthwhile after these advantages to doubt the effectiveness of microblading?

Its disadvantages

With a lot of advantages, microblading of eyebrows also has disadvantages, however, there are only 2 of them:

  • High price. Yes, the procedure is not from the budget. Prices in the country range from 8,000 to 15,000 rubles, and not every woman can afford it.
  • In case of individual intolerance, the procedure will entail adverse consequences.

Price is one of the few ways that microblading differs from eyebrow tattooing. Therefore, for many, this factor is decisive in choosing a procedure that is not in her favor.

Contraindications to microblading

Microblading will have to be abandoned in those cases if:

  • there are scars on the face
  • have diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2,
  • there are inflammatory formations on the face (or a predisposition),
  • health problems associated with poor blood clotting.

You should not neglect precaution, otherwise it threatens with serious health problems.

Pluses tattoo

Eyebrow tattooing or microblading: what is better to do? To choose, you should focus on the advantages of each type of procedure. Pluses of the tattoo are as follows:

  • Save time. Thanks to the make-up of the tattoo, the morning fees will be reduced, because there will no longer be a need to draw eyebrows.
  • Very comfortable in heat or rainy weather. The tattoo, unlike a pencil, will not spread and will not be washed away from the scorching sun or water. Therefore, the perfect image is always guaranteed.
  • As you know, eyebrows "make" the face. Therefore, you can look good with them even without additional makeup.
  • Tattooing is the best way to give your eyebrows the perfect shape.
  • Long lasting result.

These pluses tattoo will help with the choice of what is better: microblading or tattooing eyebrows.

Disadvantages of the procedure

What is better: microblading or eyebrow makeup? When answering this question, it is worth considering the disadvantages of each procedure.

Tattooing, like any cosmetic procedure in principle, has flaws. Which ones

  • Long recovery period (5-10 days). After all, the introduction of pigment under the skin is accompanied by trauma to the skin. After the tattoo on the brow arches there is a crust that disappears within a few days.
  • After the procedure, for the sake of its preservation, there is a restriction on exposure to the sun, in a solarium, swimming in salt water, as well as the use of coarse scrubbing agents.
  • Repeat the procedure will have to be repeated a month later.
  • Pain during the introduction of the pigment. Anesthesia in this case is not provided.
  • There is a lot of risk of running into an incompetent master browser who will do poor quality work.
  • Thinning and pulling out grown extra hairs will still have to be carried out.
  • It will be possible to get rid of the tattoo only when the skin is renewed and the pigment is gone.

Before visiting the new master, you should look at the photos of the tattoo and microblading eyebrows that he has already done.

Contraindications to tattoo

It would seem, well, what are the contraindications for a cosmetic procedure - tattoo? Does he have any contraindications? It turns out there is. Brow transformation is not recommended if:

  1. There is a disease of diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2.
  2. There are problems with the cardiovascular system.
  3. On the skin of the face there are inflammations, rashes, scratches and wounds.
  4. Asthma attacks occur.
  5. Individual intolerance.

No matter how much you want to become the owner of beautiful eyebrows, you should not neglect contraindications. Nevertheless, it is more difficult to solve health problems than to correct imperfections of appearance.

What consequences are possible after the procedure?

Tattooing is a cosmetic procedure that involves skin penetration. Consequently, this can lead to adverse effects:

  1. After the procedure, an excessive brightness of the brow color will persist for a short time. But after a few days, the color will even out and acquire the color that was sought.
  2. When "hit" by an unprofessional master, there will be a risk of both the appearance of more serious cosmetic effects (uneven contour, indistinct or uneven color, etc.) and injury to health (appearance of injuries, inflammations).

Reviews of tattoo and microblading eyebrows

Reviews decide if not all, then a lot when choosing cosmetic procedures. What do women who have tried tattooing or microblading say and write?

Most women speak very positively about these procedures. It's no wonder they are quite popular. And what is better - microblading or permanent tattooing of eyebrows, is difficult to say, based on reviews, because both of these procedures are good.

Women are delighted with the fact that after them the eyebrows become perfect, give the face expressiveness. And besides, there is no need for a pencil for eyebrows, which significantly saves time on morning makeup.

Microblading - an expensive procedure. For example, the average price in Moscow is 10,000 rubles. And this factor, although it can be attributed to the minuses of the procedure, it still does not negate its relevance.

So what is better: tattooing or eyebrow microblading? Feedback on these procedures will help to clarify this issue.

And finally.

So what do the reviews say? Which is better: tattooing or microblading eyebrows? Both cause only positive emotions from the fair sex. Therefore, in this matter one should focus more on the economic side of the issue. Microblading will be more expensive than tattooing. But the interval between repeated procedures will be longer after the tattoo. The effect of this and that of the other will be first-class, but you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of master browser, who can be selected on the basis of feedback or advice from friends. I wish you success! Be beautiful!

Tattoo or microblading? What is better to choose?

The question standing in the table of contents of our article is given by many modern women and girls.But in order to make the right decision, it is extremely important to weigh the pros and cons of each method and thoroughly understand the characteristics and essence of the technology. We offer the ladies to sit back and learn useful information on the topic proposed in our article.

What is a tattoo eyebrow?

Tattooing is the golden mean between makeup and tattoo. Qualitatively made tattoo and makeup are almost indistinguishable. Let us consider in more detail the question of how this procedure is done and should it be addressed?

The technology of permanent eyebrow dyeing using tattoo is popular for many years, unlike microblading, which has become known recently. Tattoo is applied with a special machine equipped with a needle.

During the procedure, the master violates the integrity of the skin in the area of ​​the eyebrows, as a result of which blood protrudes and wounds are formed. Unfortunately, one cannot get away from such consequences, since it is impossible to stain the subcutaneous region in any other way.

Obviously, this procedure brings pain and discomfort for several days.

As for rehabilitation, at least a week should pass for the skin to heal after the procedure. After the first day, a crust appears on the damaged area, which will heal in about 5 days and take about 50% of the paint with it. After a month, you need to repeat the procedure to introduce additional pigments, get the desired color and fill in the gaps.

Consider the most popular types of permanent application today:

1. Voloskovy - as can be understood from the very name, the method is based on a detailed drawing of each individual hair, both at the growth site of the present and between them. Makeup in this case has a natural and brighter look.

2. Shooting - a clear outline is created, the master fills it with color and then blends. They resort to this technique if they want to correct the shape of the eyebrow or to draw it.

3. Combined - combines all the positive aspects of previous techniques. Many masters most often recommend it to get a beautiful and voluminous eyebrow.

This method of applying permanent makeup as a tattoo, still enjoys great popularity. Actively developing new trends and directions, which allows to improve the quality of the procedure. As for the recommendations on rehabilitation, positive and negative points, we will answer all these questions later in our article.

What is special about microblading?

Microblading is the newest unique cosmetological technology of applying permanent makeup, which, by many factors and characteristics, bypasses the usual tattooing method.

Correction of the edge by this technique is carried out with the help of a special convenient handle-handle. It has needles of much smaller size than tattooing machines. The needles inject the dye to a skin depth of about 0.8 mm, which makes it possible to fix the result for a long time.

Another positive side of microblading is minimizing pain and discomfort during and after the procedure. Thin needles create very small wounds, which, in turn, heal faster and almost never cause complications. The rehabilitation time is only a few days, until a thin film comes down.

An important step in the procedure is the selection of a highly qualified master, because the result depends on his work. Must be drawn hairs, repeating the thickness of the natural hairs, which creates the most natural and voluminous effect.

One of the main advantages of microblading - no need to make a correction a month after the procedure. You can admire the result immediately and, if necessary, correct all the nuances.Also, do not worry if you are not satisfied with the result. With the help of modern technology you can get rid of this type of permanent makeup.

What can highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each type of permanent makeup?

Let's talk for a start about the tattoo. Since the procedure is carried out with a special machine, the effect largely depends on how the master tunes it.

In case of the slightest failure, serious problems may arise, for example, an uneven contour is formed or the depth of needle entry will be exceeded. The permissible depth of pigment input is 1 mm.

If the dye gets into the deeper layers of the skin, the following complications can occur:

• a bluish tint is formed,

• brow borders will become more blurred,

• Eliminate the problem will not be possible even through a laser.

Experts say that with the incorrect introduction of a permanent, it is extremely difficult to correct the situation with modern drugs or a laser. Also, do not hope that the tattoo will "fade" and become more pale after a while. The only solution in this situation is to permanently block the eyebrow with a new layer of dye.

Positive aspects of eyebrow tattoo:

• saving time during makeup,

• the perfect look and shape of the eyebrow without decorative cosmetics,

• an effective way of masking existing scars,

• the contour is clearer

• the result is stored for a long period of time.

We emphasize once again: the main thing is to find a professional in your own business, in order to get the image that you want as a result.

What are the advantages over tattooing microblading:

• allows you to adjust the color and shape of the eyebrow,

• masks rare eyebrows and gaps in them,

• makes it possible to hide scars or scars,

• completely reconstructs new hairs,

• eyebrows have the most natural look,

• virtually no pain during the procedure,

• there is no need to repeat the procedure after a month.

The disadvantages of microblading include several points. First of all, it is not recommended to do it if you have contraindications to this procedure. Also, the paint is fully manifested in about a month.

Are there any differences in recommendations for rehabilitation for tattoo and microblading?

If you have crusts on the eyebrows after the procedure of tattooing, then this is quite a natural phenomenon and you should not worry.

During this period, you should not stay in direct sunlight, swim in the pool and apply cosmetics. Contact your master, let him advise you to special means to care for the tattoo at home.

In no case can the crusts be torn off or wetted, otherwise there is a high probability of gaps in the hairs.

After the crusts are gone, you should not wash your face with running water. Do it better boiled or decoction of herbs. Moisturize eyebrows with special creams or lotions. Anti-inflammatory drugs will also help facilitate the healing process.

Full recovery after tattooing comes after a few weeks, only then you need to repeat the procedure again. Initially, the eyebrows will have a very bright appearance, but do not worry, soon the pigment will become brighter, and the eyebrows will look natural.

As for microblading, rehabilitation makes all the difference between the two procedures:

• the number of injuries received by the skin is minimal, which does not lead to the formation of puffiness and redness,

• instead of a crust, a thin film is formed which is difficult to notice. A microblading specialist may recommend a special ointment to protect the eyebrows from dust and damage,

• during the procedure there is no pain,

• itching a couple of days after the procedure goes away,

• after 4-5 days the film comes off, the final result becomes visible.

As you can see, the differences in rehabilitation and the healing process between tattoo and microbleeding are significant. But before making a final decision, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons and consult with a specialist.

Which method should be preferred? Professional Tips

Consider the factors, focusing on which you can make an informed and correct decision. This applies to pain, financial resources invested in the procedure, and other characteristics.

Tattoo or microblading, what to choose? Among modern women, the second option has become more popular because tattooing is considered an outdated method. With the help of microblading, the most natural result is achieved, which is better amenable to correction and, of course, it is not so painful.

Black drawn eyebrows are no longer relevant for a long time, and tattoo, as a type of makeup, may soon irrevocably sink into oblivion.

After reading the article you may have a question: what about the hair tattoo method? He, too, is based on drawing hairs.

Microblading is a more modern method, does not cause such painful sensations, with its help the eyebrows will acquire a beautiful thickness and volume compared to the result after a hair tattoo.

But there is another question - the price. To save the budget tattoo is more acceptable.

If you can not decide what to prefer - shading or microblading, then it is worth noting that the first method is rather toning the skin in a darker color, it cannot be called a full-fledged tattoo. Feathering should be addressed to women with dark eyebrows, while microblading is more preferable for fair-haired ladies.

If you focus on the durability factor, then with tattooed pigment lasts an average of 2 to 5 years. Microbliding in this case loses, because it can provide the effect for about a year.

It is only you who can decide which master to trust and which methodology to apply to! We tried to provide you with the most useful information so that your decision was balanced and not in doubt.

What is better, tattooing or microblading eyebrows? Compare and choose

Deciding on the changes you need to know what is better tattoo or microbleeding eyebrows. In fashion trends, floating arcs on the face do not give up their positions and continue to rule the world. You can do without make-up of lips, eyes, but eyebrows must be distinguished.

And for the Slavic appearance, this is the only way to give expressiveness not only to the look, but to the whole face.

And how to model the perfect oval without plastics? Find an experienced cosmetologist who will make a visually regular shape of a round, elongated or square.

To give the desired volume and color of one of the main features, it is worth weighing the pros and cons. New achievements make it possible not just to draw one solid line with brilliant paints, but to make a completely invisible correction. The benefit today you can choose absolutely everything - from the color of the pigment, to how much it will hold.

What is better tattoo or microblading eyebrows? First you need to understand the basics of the technology of the two procedures.

  • Microblading
  • Care
  • Effect
  • Tattoo


Compared with permanent makeup, which has already exceeded for a thousand years, quite a new service in the field of aesthetic changes. Anyone who does not tolerate the specific buzz of a typewriter can calmly breathe. The wizard uses a special scalpel, delicately drawing hairs. This work requires certain skills, literally creating a permanent pattern of lines on the face.

  • there is no blurring and shading effect as when working with a typewriter; this is exactly the result that allows not to add a year, but rather to make a face younger,
  • the thinnest lines are on the surface, the deep layers of the dermis are not affected, which allows you to create a natural line of growth, correcting the location of the eyes and the shape of the entire face,
  • the color of the pigment is meticulously matched to the color of natural hairs, if they are also absent, it is compared with the color of the strands and stands out a shade that is darker,
  • even with very careful viewing with the use of bright light, it is impossible to understand that these smooth hairs were created not by nature, but by a professional beautician,
  • discomfort excluded, usually used for local anesthesia drugs with lidocaine, a little discomfort, it is possible to feel only at a very low pain threshold,
  • Yes, in comparison with a tattoo, it takes more than two to three hours, depending on the robots plan, each hair is paid attention to to create harmonious symmetry,
  • the rehabilitation period is almost absent, there is no such edema as when working with a machine, the redness is minimal, but you do not have to wait and touch the crust formed after the procedure,
  • having a new drawn eyebrow, additional correction may be required, the final result is estimated only in a month, and it is recommended to correct the lines four to eight weeks after microblading.

Any violation of the integrity of the skin requires a gentle attitude during the rehabilitation period:

  • the first day after cosmetic manipulations cannot be wetted or even touched by hands, makeup application is also excluded,
  • forget for a week about swimming, active physical exercises, trips to the beach, sauna, bath and solarium, the skin should remain dry and clean,
  • during the spirit of months, limit hardware procedures, peels and scrubing to postpone, otherwise you can disrupt the distribution of the pigment.

Depending on the depth of the cuts and the quality of the paint, you will enjoy the result for a year and a half. If you properly care for the first few days, you can increase to two years. But, after the procedure, if desired, will need to be repeated.

Depending on the individual characteristics, it is considered both a minus and a plus. Thirst for change and experiments allows you to change the line, thickness and color in accordance with the new shade of hair and taste preferences. And someone in general wants to make eyebrows once and for all life.

Such girls have classical, traditional preferences and do not plan cardinally-causing metamorphosis.

Indications and Contraindications. Aesthetic procedure is like everyone who wants to adjust the shape, to give volume. Easily visually remove scars and incorrectly plucked areas. Also, cosmetic painting will help get rid of the complexes for diseases associated with hair loss.

It is impossible to carry out manipulations with a tendency to keloid scars, bleeding disorders, diabetes mellitus, acute and chronic inflammation.

Permanent make-up will help to get a brighter, more saturated result, because the whole area is fed with feathering.

  • the main advantage is the durability of the pigment, after one procedure and, if necessary, correction, it is easy for five / eight years to forget about coloring eyebrows,
  • it is possible to draw, and it means to correct any shape without adhering to the main line of the eyebrow, unlike microblading, where everything is repelled from natural hair growth,
  • to use any colors, with the help of dark arcs, it is quite simple to become a fatal brunette from a natural blonde, just not to forget the cost, and to change the color of the curls,
  • The procedure is loved by women of Balzac age, when it is no longer possible to add and draw strokes, but it is necessary to fill the entire area of ​​the intended form.

  • adds age to young girls, if improperly applied, can make the facial features of sharpness, deprive of prettiness, especially if made grotesque with corners the widest part of the nose,
  • painful sensations are more pronounced, but still they are smoothed using ointments with an anesthesia effect,
  • brunettes and brown hair very carefully selected pigment, black paint is not recommended because of the possible obtaining of a blue tint,
  • a longer period of recovery, redness and swelling does not go away as quickly as when working with a scalpel, sometimes it takes up to four weeks,
  • scarring of the tissue may form, over time the outline is blurred,
  • the cost of the procedure is much higher and the list of contraindications is longer, including pregnancy, lactation period.

The human factor is crucial in the performance of permanent makeup. It is a professional cosmetologist who will be able to advise the client on the most suitable form and color solution optimal for the given person. Reviews of persistent makeup are very different and disputes will never subside. Everyone makes for himself that a tattoo or microbleeding eyebrow is better, independently. Depending on the wishes, the master will tell you which technology is better to apply for this particular person with his individual characteristics.

What is better tattoo or microblading eyebrows

Tattoo and microblading

The development of technical progress helps women to monitor their appearance. Modern innovations are actively used, for example, to correct eyebrows, making them easier to care for.

Permanent makeup has become quite a familiar procedure. As an alternative, 1 more kind of “drawing” of the face appears, and women are beginning to wonder what is better microbleeding eyebrows or tattoo.

Hardware tattoo

Many women have already abandoned the tedious daily procedure for painting eyebrows, relying on experienced cosmetologists. Now the correction can be performed 1 time, giving the eyebrows a perfect line, and enjoying their beauty for a while.

For this purpose, a special pigment is injected into the subcutaneous tissue. In other words, an eyebrow tattoo is done.

Apparatus permanent makeup

Additional Information. The wizard works with a thin needle connected to the machine. With it, he draws every spot of the dot, trying to create an imitation of real eyebrows.

Apparatus permanent makeup can be done in several ways:

  • the hair technique implies the drawing by a needle of each individual hair, this work is quite painstaking, as the locks are drawn at different angles and are made of different lengths,
  • method of shading (or shading) is used for minor eyebrow correction, bald spots between existing hairs are usually filled, or flaws of other types of tattoo are corrected, this type is more often used by those who do not want to completely change the shape of their eyebrows and their hue,
  • The eyebrow tattoo in 3D combines not only feathering and hair technique, but also involves the use of pigments of different shades, which are inserted under the skin at different depths.

Any of the techniques makes the edges neat and attractive, and the eyes of a woman more expressive. Despite the soreness of the procedure, it is a success. At the same time there are pluses and minuses in the eyebrow tattoo, which are displayed in the table below.

Eyebrow tattoo features

Cons tattoo eyebrows stop some women from performing this procedure. Therefore, they perceived the appearance of technology with interest.

What is a tattoo?

Tattoo - permanent makeup, which lasts on the face for about 2-3 years, then it gradually turns pale and soon disappears completely. This is because special dyes are used for tattooing - microimplants of natural origin, which disappear as a result of cell renewal. Often, many people confuse the tattoo with the usual tattooing, but the difference is that when tattooing paint is injected under the skin by 0.5 mm in small quantities.To make the procedure less painful, you need to anesthetize the place where the tattoo is applied. How is the procedure? First anesthesia follows, then the master draws the borders of the eyebrows and fills this area with paint. Drawing is repeated up to 4 times, depending on the appearance of pigment, after each drawing in the course of hair growth and back paint is washed with a cotton pad dipped in disinfectant without alcohol. The procedure takes about an hour.

This procedure is shown:

  • girls with dark thick eyebrows, wanting to make them more accurate,
  • girls with light eyebrows to make them clear, expressive and not lose their natural look,
  • girls who have bald spots or hairs grow in different directions, giving a sloppy look.

Permanent makeup saves time and money, because for at least two or three years you do not have to spend hours on independent eyebrow makeup and money on various pencils, shadows, etc. The main thing is to find a good master who will not spoil your face. Unscrupulous masters can mix paint for tattoo with tattooing, as a result, over time, eyebrows will get a greenish tint. Or when mixing paint for tattoos and red lip paint, tattoo will go unevenly. Therefore, you must carefully approach the choice of the master.

  1. Durability. Compared with microblading, tattooing lasts a very long time, about 3 years,
  2. You do not need to spend a lot of time on makeup and weather conditions will not spoil your look or smudge the pigment,
  3. Many technologies of applying paint, you can choose the one that attracts you more.

What is better tattoo or microblading eyebrows

Tattoo and microblading

The development of technical progress helps women to monitor their appearance. Modern innovations are actively used, for example, to correct eyebrows, making them easier to care for.

Permanent makeup has become quite a familiar procedure. As an alternative, 1 more kind of “drawing” of the face appears, and women are beginning to wonder what is better microbleeding eyebrows or tattoo.

What is microblading?

Microblading has entered the world of cosmetology relatively recently. In fact, this is also a tattoo of the eyebrows, but it is performed not by the device, but manually using a special “pen” with a thin

blade at the end, the blade thickness of only 0.18 mm.

  • To correct eyebrow shape and color,
  • If natural hair is too small
  • To hide the scars,
  • With the complete absence of eyebrows,
  • If you want to achieve symmetry.

The pigment is brought under the top layer of skin and hairs are drawn with thin strokes that are difficult to distinguish from real ones. The skin is less injured and a crust does not form during healing. Before starting the procedure, the master draws a sketch of the eyebrows; if the patient approves, the extra hairs are removed. Despite the painlessness, local anesthesia is still worth doing. After anesthesia, new hairs are “drawn” inside the drawn contour. Upon completion, a special healing agent is applied to the eyebrows. The duration of the session is 2-3 hours, and the recovery is about a crescent. The result after microblading persists for about 1-1.5 years, then gradually the eyebrows will start to turn white, and the pigment will disappear.

This procedure should be treated responsibly and some rules should be followed before microblading:

  1. Do not adjust the shape of the eyebrows for 1-2 weeks before the session,
  2. Do not drink alcohol and caffeine before the procedure and the day before,
  3. Avoid eating sweet, spicy and fatty foods, as it upsets the fatty balance of the skin,
  4. Do not go to the tanning bed, because the tan coarsens the skin.

You can call microbliding art, as this is a difficult manual work and the choice of a master also needs to be done carefully so that the result will please you.

Hardware tattoo

Many women have already abandoned the tedious daily procedure for painting eyebrows, relying on experienced cosmetologists. Now the correction can be performed 1 time, giving the eyebrows a perfect line, and enjoying their beauty for a while.

For this purpose, a special pigment is injected into the subcutaneous tissue. In other words, an eyebrow tattoo is done.

Apparatus permanent makeup

Additional Information. The wizard works with a thin needle connected to the machine. With it, he draws every spot of the dot, trying to create an imitation of real eyebrows.

Apparatus permanent makeup can be done in several ways:

  • the hair technique implies the drawing by a needle of each individual hair, this work is quite painstaking, as the locks are drawn at different angles and are made of different lengths,
  • method of shading (or shading) is used for minor eyebrow correction, bald spots between existing hairs are usually filled, or flaws of other types of tattoo are corrected, this type is more often used by those who do not want to completely change the shape of their eyebrows and their hue,
  • The eyebrow tattoo in 3D combines not only feathering and hair technique, but also involves the use of pigments of different shades, which are inserted under the skin at different depths.

Any of the techniques makes the edges neat and attractive, and the eyes of a woman more expressive. Despite the soreness of the procedure, it is a success. At the same time there are pluses and minuses in the eyebrow tattoo, which are displayed in the table below.

Eyebrow tattoo features

Cons tattoo eyebrows stop some women from performing this procedure. Therefore, they perceived the appearance of technology with interest.

What to choose?

Given the pros and cons of permanent makeup, studying the features of the innovative method of eyebrow correction (microblading), women begin to speculate on what to prefer. Both techniques (both hardware and manual) make eyebrows beautiful by aligning their lines and giving them visual density.

The result of successful microblading

With the help of pigmentation, the asymmetry of the eyebrows is easily leveled, various defects are hidden, the hair color is corrected. Any of the considered techniques facilitates image creation and saves time, which was previously spent on drawing eyebrows with the help of a cosmetic pencil.

When deciding which technician is better to stop the choice, you should study the difference between microblading and tattooing:

  • the main difference, as mentioned above, in the method of creating the perfect eyebrow line,
  • microblading eliminates soft tissue damage, which shortens the rehabilitation period, makes the procedure less painful and safe,
  • with erroneous actions of the master tattoo, it is more difficult to correct than microblading due to the depth of penetration of the pigment,
  • innovative technique takes into account the natural shape of the eyebrows, which can not be said about the tattoo,
  • jewelry drawing of hairs, in contrast to the filling of pigment with a needle, gives the eyebrows a more natural look,
  • microblading session lasts no more than 1.5 hours, it takes longer to get a tattoo,
  • but the tattoo lasts 2-3 times longer than microblading,
  • With the new permanent method, the eyebrow line will have to be adjusted every year,
  • manual work is 2 times more expensive than hardware.

It is the last difference that can become prevalent when solving a pressing problem - tattooing or microbleeding eyebrows, because not every woman is able to immediately pay 10-15 thousand rubles for the procedure, and then come back a year later for a second adjustment for a fee. Permanent tattooing costs about 4-8 thousand rubles, but lasts longer.

Note! The variation in price depends on the salon in which the procedure will be performed. But, as a rule, low price indicates low quality.Therefore, when choosing where to do eyebrow correction, one should pay attention to the presence of professionals in the beauty salon.

Preparation for the procedure

Both types of eyebrow correction require compliance with certain rules of preparation for the procedure, which are practically the same:

  • eyebrow correction should not be done independently - plucking should be stopped for a week or two so that the master can see the natural direction of hair growth,
  • tuned to the procedure, a woman should give up bad habits: alcohol and smoking, as they affect the composition of the blood and can lead to impaired microcirculation,
  • Do not drink coffee 2 hours before the session,
  • When preparing for a procedure, a woman should not use cosmetics
  • within a few weeks, visiting saunas, baths, tanning beds and tanning on the beach is excluded.

If a woman does not fulfill all these prescriptions, she cannot avoid the disadvantages of permanent makeup, be it a tattoo or microblading. The end result, which an experienced master should provide, depends on how responsibly the client prepares for the procedure.

This creates the perfect eyebrow line.

Permanent tattoo

The goal of the two beauty procedures is to acquire the most natural eyebrows that are ideal in shape and color and do not require constant care. The difference lies in the methods of achieving the desired result.

Technology tattoo in this succeeded first. It only vaguely resembles classic tattoos, but is done by a gentle method using high-quality dye. The main difference is that the tattoo is done once for a lifetime, and permanent makeup lasts for several years.

To perform the procedure, you need a machine in the form of a handle with a removable tip, ending with the thinnest needle. During operation, the needle pierces the top layer of the skin by 0.8 - 1 mm and introduces a dye.

The color of the pigment is selected by the master individually in accordance with the shade of the hair, the type of skin and the personal wish of the customer. The dye penetrates the skin only for a while - from two to five years.

Gradually, it loses its original color, turns pale, may take a pink tint.

On average, the procedure lasts up to two hours. Tattoo is performed with a clear sequence of operations.

  1. Before starting, the master defats and disinfects the skin surface.
  2. Draws future eyebrows with a pencil.
  3. Coordinates their appearance with the customer.
  4. Anesthetizes the place of punctures with gel or anesthetic cream.
  5. Introduces the dye apparatus for the first time, carefully puncturing the skin.
  6. The technique can be hair, feathering or combined. A single clear line is never drawn.
  7. Master adds anesthesia - it is more absorbed in places puncture the skin.
  8. Finally draws the shape of the eyebrows.
  9. During punctures, a small amount of suckling stands out, which the master constantly removes with a cloth moistened with disinfectant solution.

And now more about eyebrow drawing techniques. The name “hair tattoo” says that the eyebrow is drawn with separate strokes that imitate natural hairs. When shading, they create a fuzzy eyebrow strip, as if it was applied with shadows. This option is often called the “powder effect”. When combined technique combine two methods.

After the tattoo, the puncture sites are covered with small crusts. During this period, the brow color is darker than the one that remains after healing. Eyebrows will need to be treated several times a day with antiseptic and wound healing ointments. Their oily base will not allow the skin to dry and crack.

Everything will heal and the crusts will come off, leaving a beautiful color, 7-14 days after the procedure. During this period, the woman will look no less attractive than usual. Only she will know about the healing period after permanent makeup.

Pros and cons of procedures

The main task of a woman who is going to do microblading or tattooing, is the choice of an experienced master and salon. It should create the conditions for the procedure.

After all, if the integrity of the skin is disrupted and blood is secreted, then the gate for the infection to enter the body is already open.

Therefore, priority is given to cabinets in compliance with sterility, which use disposable needles and scalpels.

You can never entrust your health in the hands of a layman. The master must have qualifications and sufficient experience. Well, if he can show samples of his work in the photo, video. Well, when there are recommendations of familiar people.

The opportunity to become a porcelain doll with well-drawn eyebrows, asymmetrical, for which the color and shape are roughly chosen with permanent tattooing higher than with microblading. Much depends on the quality of work and experience of the master.

If microblading is performed ineptly, there is a danger of cutting the smallest piece of dermis. In this place micro-frames will form over time. It is not visible to the eye from the side, but will prevent the repetition of the procedure after some time.

The difference between the two methods is as follows:

  • in the technique of execution
  • in cost - microblading costs more,
  • in the time difference of wearing.

Each of the methods implies special care for eyebrows in the first days after tattooing and microblading:

  • masters do not recommend sunbathing,
  • Do not wet or rub the brow area until it is completely healed,
  • It is forbidden to use scrubs or tear the crusts themselves after the procedures.

Earlier attention was focused on the painfulness of permanent makeup procedures. Today, this issue is resolved by pharmacists. A caring master will offer a woman an anesthetic cream or gel. This also shows his professionalism.


Linda Evangelista said: "No one comes into the world with perfect eyebrows." Emphasize or create your image, correct the situation after illness and injury, keep up with fashion will help permanent makeup.

It is impossible to say exactly which method is better or has a distinct advantage over the other. Only the master and customer on the shoulder should weigh all the nuances so that there are no side effects from the tattoo: associated diseases, skin type, frequency of planned repetitions.

And then recommend a suitable procedure.

Manual eyebrow micropigmentation method. Microblading. Biotatuazh. - review

Good day to you cute girls

I decided to do everything and immediately tattoo lips, eyes and eyebrows. But the question was, to do a tattoo of eyebrows or microblading? After reading the reviews I was in disarray.

About my eyebrows.

Many people see my eyebrows before the procedure will say why do you need all this? My brows are naturally thick and dark, but experiments with self-correction made them bald.

Yes, they were not even and in places they did not exist at all, and any manipulation with them seemed useless. As I was later explained to the master who did the procedures, she told me that one hair can be pulled out in the wrong direction and that’s all ...

Consider on this place a bald spot or a bald patch, to whom, as it is successful, for clarity I will show the places of flaws.

Now you understand why I went to a terrible thing for me.

Yes, for me it was at first scary, because everything new for us is not clear and until you try it yourself you will not understand, but was it worth all that money spent, experiences and pain.

After all, as a friend told me before my arrival at the salon, all this is painful and scary and heals for a very long time. But she did about five years ago and there were no experienced masters at all, and this time was when the tattoo was gaining its popularity.

So is it all the better to have a tattoo of eyebrows or microblading?

After weighing all the pros and cons I chose in favor of microblading, although it costs twice as much as usual tattooing it did not stop me.Although I have already spent a decent amount to remove pigment spots with a laser. I wanted to look without make-up much more beautiful and at the same time more natural.

Well, I provide a photo before microblading

And right after.

Although microblading differs from tattoo in that the procedure is less traumatic and looks much more natural. But the swelling is still present and a slight redness. But if you compare the procedure with the eye tattoo microblading, it is practically painless.

The process itself goes like this

First, I put an ointment called Emla, it acts as a frost. Then you need to sit to wait 45 minutes. It was probably the most painful thing for me to wait for my eyebrows to freeze, then I made my lips, and then it took me 4 hours to look at everything.

Everything was numb and the neck and legs and back, but I bravely waited for the moment when the procedure was told me, and you are now beautiful. But before the beauty I was still far away, most likely a princess frog. And so it took five to seven days to complete healing.

But the effect I didn’t like at all was the bald patch in some places, and the form was not quite perfect. And at that moment I understood why there is a correction. I needed it.

A month after the complete notion of where something is wrong, I did a correction of all the places, of course not intimate, but the eyes of the lips and eyebrows.

After the procedure, I realized that it was not for nothing that I had gone through all this pain and anguish. The shape was perfect, but they looked too thick. Against the background of my blond hair, they looked black.

But for some reason this did not bother me at all, everything looked quite decent.

Why does micro feathering create a feathering effect?

It's simple, a good master during the procedure, several times conducts in those places manipula, where there is no hair.

Then the whole eyebrow is soaked with paint so that it gets stuck into the places where the effect of the new hair is created. The paint is left for some time and then lightly rubbed with a swab.

Together with new hairs, the whole eyebrow, their real hairs, is soaked with paint. And after the procedure days 5-7 remains the Brezhnev effect.

After all, my eyebrows healed their new life. Now there are no bald spots or bald patches. Eyebrows look noble. And I am glad that there is a replacement tattoo. Microblading is not only a beautiful procedure, but it is also less traumatic and almost painless. The main thing for me is that everything is natural and natural.

I look at some of the works of masters who paint solid eyebrows and just terrified. A form or not naturalness, is it really impossible to do it neatly because a person lives with it for a year or two individually. Previously, all the paint for tattoos. Thus, the tattoo remains with the person forever.

I think this is wrong, because from the first time you may not like it. And the second time to do better, the third to emphasize the beauty ...

Anyone who ever decides on a tattoo or microblading advice. Look carefully for wizards, photos or reviews from friends or loved ones. Do not rush to the low prices of craftsmen, cheap does not mean quality.

And do not be afraid to say what you do not like. And a good master always always draws an eyebrow and offers the best option. And after you agree, he is obliged to do everything strictly according to the sketch.

And then there are such samoydyateli who immediately begin to beat and it turns out something like.

I recommend everyone to do manual eyebrow micropigmentation (microblading)

Price: 4000 rubles

Thank you all for your attention

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Contraindications to the procedure

The essence of both procedures is the same: putting paint in the top layer of the skin in order to create a resistant pattern. Accordingly, the contraindications for both microblading and tattooing are the same:

  • pregnancy and lactation period - at this time the skin of a woman loses its natural elasticity, while the introduction of pigment is difficult, and the pigment itself cannot crystallize. Tome at this time, the skin becomes especially sensitive to touch,
  • high pain threshold - no matter what anesthetic is used, its effect is insufficient to completely suppress any discomfort,
  • skin diseases - tattooing is possible only with healthy skin,
  • diabetes mellitus - this disease has a dramatic effect on skin turgor, making any cosmetic procedures of this kind impossible,
  • hypersensitivity of the skin to any component of the paint, of course, completely eliminates any kind of tattoo.

Pros and cons of aesthetic correction

Microblading is considered a more modern and sophisticated procedure, and its advantages are as follows:

  • After the procedure, eyebrows look very natural, since it is almost impossible to distinguish drawn strokes from real ones.
  • Tint colors can be selected in accordance with the hair color and personal preferences.
  • It is possible to carry out coloring over the entire length or to correct some areas by adding expressiveness, clarity and density.
  • During the correction, clients do not experience pain, and after the end of the process there is almost no inflammation and swelling.
  • Pigments, which are used for dyeing, are made on a plant basis, and therefore are able to gradually disappear with time, without changing their color.
  • Additional painting is not required in a month, and the result is maintained for 2 years.

There are minor drawbacks to the procedure, which can be described as follows:

  • Microblading is contraindicated for people with health problems (chronic and inflammatory diseases, individual intolerance, poor blood clotting).
  • The final result can be assessed after 30 days, because only then does the staining acquire its intensity.

Microblading will need to be updated every 1–2 years, because after this time the paint begins to discolour. It is also worth bearing in mind that the natural effect is achieved due to the careful work of the master, which is done manually, because of which the price of this procedure will be much higher than the cost of the tattoo.

Permanent makeup or microblading - which is better?

Comparing both types of long-term make-up, you can come to the conclusion that the most suitable of them should be chosen on the basis of your own preferences and the price you are willing to pay for the aesthetic correction. So after all, what's better - microblading or tattooing of eyebrows?

If you wish to get graphic and bright eyebrows, or gently feather, without sharp borders, you can choose permanent makeup, which is performed with a special apparatus. And if you want to look as natural as possible, have brow arcs with clear outlines and visible hairs, it is advisable to turn your attention to microblading. Keep in mind that after a tattoo to a beautician, you can go back in 2 years, and your eyebrows painted with the new-fashioned method will need to be updated once a year.

The cost of permanent makeup usually varies from 2.5 to 3.5 thousand rubles. By and large, it determines the professionalism of the master and the place of the procedure (in the salon or at home with a makeup artist). You will be offered to pay much more for manual drawing of hairs - from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. But despite this, the new method of aesthetic correction is becoming increasingly popular among the fair sex.

Judging by the numerous reviews of women, it is still considered that microbliding is far superior to tattooing, which is already quite outdated and cannot provide the effect of naturalness, so popular today. As well as the modern procedure for eyebrow correction is painless, and the result obtained, if necessary, can be easily adjusted.

How to choose a qualified master

The beauty of your new eyebrows will depend on the ability of the beautician, therefore, his choice should be approached with all the responsibility. It is best to make an appointment with a makeup artist on the advice of good friends who were his clients and were satisfied with the quality of work. In any case, in order not to be mistaken with the choice of the master, you should pay attention to such moments:

  • When viewing the proposed photos, which depict the work of a cosmetologist, pay attention to the presence of Photoshop. This can speak about his low qualification. A high-class specialist will show only real, unprocessed pictures, as he is confident in his skill.
  • The presented images must be taken from different angles, there must also be such photographs, where the eyebrows are depicted in a mobile state. It is advisable to see photos showing the appearance of the eyebrows immediately after the procedure and in the healed state. This ensures a positive result and speaks of the responsibility of the master.
  • Pay attention to the conditions under which the work of a specialist. His workplace must be in perfect order, and all instruments sterile.
  • Explore the makeup artist's portfolio in social networks. Pay attention to the real reviews of his clients. If you have the opportunity, it is advisable to chat with them via the Internet and ask questions.

There are many craftsmen who offer to use their services at home. Usually they are inexperienced people who are only trying to find customers and do not require high pay for their work. Their proposals can be very tempting, but you really shouldn't risk it, as a poorly executed procedure will lead to additional expenses for correcting all the shortcomings of an experienced specialist.

And what is the "highlight"?

A couple of years ago, a new service with the outlandish name microblading was advertised in the beauty salons of Russian cities. What it is and why it was invented, then very few people knew, but today people talk about it everywhere. This procedure is presented as a low-impact alternative to the classic tattoo. In the photo it looks very natural, it seems that the contour has enriched and supplemented with extended hairs. What is the secret of the technique?

This technique is nothing more than one of the varieties of traditional permanent makeup. It has one important difference - the drawing is applied with thin blades that easily penetrate into the upper layer of the epidermis and stain it. As a result of painstaking work, subtle strokes are formed on the skin surface. Blurs and drips that often accompany the classical hardware technique are absent.

Main advantages:

  • Correction of color and shape of eyebrows.
  • Getting rid of asymmetry.
  • Masking bald patches.
  • Overlapping scars and minor scars.
  • Full reconstruction of hairs, if they are not for some reason.

But this is not all, what is the difference between microblading and tattoo. The main difference lies in the rehabilitation period:

  • After drawing the contour with blades, the skin receives the minimum number of injuries, so there is no swelling and redness.
  • The next day, a thin film is formed over the pattern, which is almost invisible to others. For quick healing and protection of wounds from dirt and dust, a special ointment prescribed by a beautician is applied over eyebrows.
  • Painful sensations are minimal and disappear after a day.
  • After a couple of days, the skin will begin to itch, reviews claim that it is quite tolerable.
  • After 4-5 days, a slight peeling begins, the film leaves and by the end of the week the final result of the wizard’s work appears to your gaze. In the photo you can see that it has become somewhat lighter and more natural in color.

During the entire recovery period, it is forbidden to wet and touch the pigmented areas. The first month should refrain from visiting the bath, beach, pool, sauna. Physical activity is not prohibited.

Let's talk about traditional procedures.

Trying to understand the question of what makes microblading different from eyebrow tattooing, we cannot ignore the description of classical hardware and tell us why we have fallen in love with it and still do not refuse.

In the photo of eyebrows of hair micropigmentation, you can see fine strokes and dashes, as in 6D-reconstruction. There are two main types of this technology: European and Eastern. Each of them has its own nuances and distinctive features.

The European method involves drawing hairs in one direction - from the bottom upwards with tips slightly deflected to the side.

Oriental style involves the creation of a pattern using multidirectional dashes that repeat the natural location.

Also recently, the 3D tattoo technique, in which the shadow coloring ideally intersects with one of the above, has become widespread.

What is the difference between microblading and hair tattooing, if in both varieties you get a simulation of natural contours?

  1. The blades create very thin strokes, the needles of the machine are somewhat thicker.
  2. The photo after the procedure shows that manual reconstruction does not cause swelling, redness and other unpleasant consequences, which are characteristic of the traditional procedure.
  3. The pigment is applied to a shallower depth, so it does not spread after healing.
  4. The rehabilitation period in the first case is much easier and less noticeable, which is confirmed by the reviews.

What features of the recovery process has a permanent make-up performed by the machine:

  • On the first day, a suckling stands out, which solidifies into a thick crust covering the entire drawing.
  • During the week, the edge will look too bright and unnatural, as they are covered with a thick film.
  • After 4-5 days, the peeling will begin, the itching and visage will in some places have bright gaps.
  • A month later, re-correction will be required to drive in a new batch of pigment, which has moved away with the crusts.

Are there any differences in the general recommendations for hair makeup and microblading? There are no features here - banning sunbathing, swimming pools, saunas, baths during the first month. The skin is damaged, a dye has been added to its layers that may leak from exposure to heat or be burned by ultraviolet rays.

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The main features of the two techniques

We have already pointed out the difference in the techniques of drawing a picture, and even told about the restoration after them. But there are moments that rarely talk about cosmetologists. These differences relate to the negative characteristics of the hardware and manual view.

  1. With regular application of permanent makeup, the skin gets damaged, which can later provoke the formation of scars and dents. This is especially true hair styles.
  2. When working the skin with blades during a 6D-reconstruction, the beautician makes micro incisions that can heal poorly. It is also associated with the danger of the appearance of scars immediately after healing. For this technique, regular procedures are not dangerous, but after one of them you can become the owner of embossed skin in the area of ​​staining.

The visual differences between microblading and traditional eyebrow tattooing can be seen in the photo of finished works.There are clearly visible differences between the width of the strokes and their number. We hope that you choose the best method for yourself. Read reviews, consult with a professional.

When we look at the face of a person, the first thing that directs our eyes is eyebrows. If they are too short or, on the contrary, long, everything changes.

Beauty lessons: a little about eyebrows

Many girls often underestimate the role of eyebrows. In addition to the original preventive function, they emphasize our attractiveness and individuality. And choosing them the right shape, we choose the image of the exterior, making it more expressive.

Looking truth, you can say that eyebrows can both beautify and ruin our face. It all depends on the shape. If you make the wrong choice, it will add us a few years or increase (decrease) some of the facial features.

The fashion for the shape of eyebrows like the fashion industry is constantly changing. If earlier thin ones were popular, now they have been replaced by thick, corrected and natural ones. To achieve the desired result, many resort to modern salon procedures, such as tattooing and.

Trend of the season

Audrey Hepburn was considered not only a symbol of the attractiveness of the 80s, but also the owner of wide and thick eyebrows. Today, many models and actresses owe their colorful appearance to this particular part of the face. Since the naturalness and naturalness of the eyebrows give their owners some mysteriousness.

The shape of the eyebrows relevant to this season is a classic broad, also called sable. Perhaps this is the most versatile option that will suit every woman.

For owners of rounded facial features, sexuality and mystery will give a triangular or curved shape. In the first case, the bend line should be in the center, and in the second - closer to the temple.

Make a kinder stern face will help arc-shaped eyebrows. But the main thing that she did not look ridiculous, as in the case of Marlene Dietrich.

As you understand, thick and wide eyebrows - a modern standard of beauty. But not every nature has given such wealth, so many run to the salons for the procedure of tattoo, to forget about their daily tint.

As the masters of beauty institutions say, they often have to discourage clients from the service, as in most cases the tattoo looks unnatural. Moreover, it carries a number of contraindications and consequences in the form of small scars and scars.

Inexperienced master is also not uncommon. If you fall into his hands, you will have to walk with eyebrows of different shapes for several years or wait for the pigment to discolour. Particularly impatient can resort to a painful laser procedure, which may “give” your face scars.

But you can grow eyebrows on their own, without resorting to salon procedures. It is enough just to forget about the existence of tweezers for several months. In this case, it will be easier for owners of bangs to hide the “overgrown” area above the eyes, but what should those who don’t have it? In this case, you can only adjust the shape of the eyebrows. Also do not forget about cosmetic products for the care of eyebrows - gels, lipsticks. They will be able to fix loose hairs in the right direction.

4 reasons to never do a classic tattoo

1. Old-fashioned. Today everything is natural in fashion, so even the most professional classic tattoo will look ridiculous. Pay attention to Hollywood celebrities who have long since switched to permanent makeup.

2. It is impossible to get rid of yourself. You must realize the fact that in case of failure and inexperience of the master you will not be able to come home and wash off the poor-quality tattoo. Even a hard washcloth, soap or superscrabs will not help in this matter.

3. The only and effective way to get rid of the tattoo is laser removal of pigmentation. The procedure is not only painful, but also expensive.1 session will cost you 1000 rubles, and you will need to visit at least 5 of them, they will stretch for many months.

4. For a long time, all make-up artists came to a common opinion: tattooing is old, but girls refuse to believe it. If you do not want to look older than your age, then you better refrain from this procedure.

3 alternative ways

Coloring special paint for eyebrows. Apply it to either brush or wand, which is part of the set. Not only hairs are exposed to the dyeing process, but also the skin. For this, it is necessary to lubricate the area around the eyebrows with petroleum jelly or any vegetable oil. After application, wait 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

If you are not too lazy to paint eyebrows with shadows or a pencil every day, then the method in the form of daily makeup will suit you. But there are certain requirements. Cosmetic products must be matte and of the right shade.

If the eyebrow tattoo technique is close to you, and after so many arguments you don’t want to part with it, then the latter method is for you. The procedure is called microblading, or shadow technology. The uniqueness of the method lies in drawing the missing eyebrow hairs.

Eyebrow microblading. Photo permanent makeup

What do you think is striking during the conversation in the first place? Manicure, hair, shoes? Eyes ... They become a magnet, which from the first minutes of communication attracts special attention to itself. The sages said that one could not only intrigue, but conquer with a glance. And what does it consist of? Well, of course, eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. The form of the latter, in turn, gives a special charm.

Since antiquity, women have paid special attention to this part of the face, since they believed that the female eyebrow is a weapon that enchants men. They were painted, plucked and given an elegant shape.

But today, the process of eyebrow care for many has turned into a daily meal, and in order to somehow alleviate their work, women turn to beauty salons.

And before you begin a detailed description of what microblading eyebrows (6d), draw attention to the 7 factors that will push you to this procedure.

Reasons to do a hair tattoo:

- the duration of the procedure does not take much time

- minimal skin damage,

- short recovery period,

- 100% pigment digestibility,

- an excellent result, noticeable immediately after the procedure.

Here is a good example of how eyebrow microblading changes people: a photo before and after the procedure.

Judging by the work of the master, the fact that the shape and beauty of the eyebrows create harmony and give individuality is indisputable.

New sigh for tattoo

What is a tattoo eyebrow - microblading, you saw in the photo. But in order to fully understand the essence of the procedure, we will begin a more in-depth study.

The mysterious word, for which many women are ready to lay out a large amount of money, translated from English means “small blade”. Information about this method is too confusing. Therefore, let's see what microblading eyebrows are, how much such beauty holds and what is the opinion of those who have experienced all the charms and consequences of biotatuage themselves.

Inconsistency and confusion occurred because many beauty salons, chasing customers, use different marketing tricks. Hoping for the gullibility and ignorance of their clients, they often inflate prices for services with incomprehensible foreign names. People take these procedures for some fashionable novelty and are willing to pay for it any voiced price. But often the result we get is not the best. But in our case, everything is different.

Eyebrow reconstruction, according to experts, a subspecies of permanent makeup. The technique is carried out by manual method (manual), special tools - maniples, to which they attach special needles, resembling feathers.Microblading needles are used only disposable. They are located at a certain angle and sequence. This placement helps create a line that is identical to a hair.

Before the procedure, the latest lotions and anesthetics are applied to the area around the eyebrow, which eliminates pain and bleeding.

Pigments for microblading should have a thick texture, vegetable origin and a natural shade, which subsequently will not change, but lose the intensity of color.

This complicated procedure is not for everyone, since the look of the artist and the hand of the surgeon are required from the tattoo artist.

Popular technology

Soft eyebrow makeup (feathering) - the most popular and universal method of permanent makeup. This way you can toned the entire zone, as well as some areas, as well as adjust the brow bend and give it the desired shape. In addition, eyebrows will look natural, and others will think that you have artfully tinted them with a pencil.

Due to the fact that when applying a permanent there are no clear contours, the result of a soft shading is obtained natural and neat. The pigment fills the entire area of ​​the eyebrows, that is, completely fills the gaps, but it does not have bright lines. With a quality performance, the result will resemble professional makeup.

The result depends largely on the experience of the master. Not everyone will be able to make a soft tattoo of eyebrows (feathering) without a sketch and preliminary sketches. But the risk is not worth it. Let the master draw a contour necessary for the procedure on your face. This will simplify his work, and the sketch will disappear from the eyebrow zone after complete regeneration of the skin of this zone. And to be sure that this will really happen, ask the master (although he should know about it himself) to add a little thinner to the main dye. The resulting solution will be enough to completely hold eyebrow microbleeding.

Reviews of people about this technique say that after 12 or 18 months the color of the eyebrows becomes paler. But experts say that this behavior of the shade depends on exposure to the sun or when using pigment with iron oxide. In order to prevent this disadvantage in advance, you can ask the master to add a small amount of light stabilizers to the paint. But be prepared for the fact that the color of the eyebrows will become darker and will not change with time.

The technique of feathering takes no more than 40 minutes. During the entire procedure, you will not experience any pain, as anesthetic will be applied to this area. But such a guarantee can be given only if you have chosen a good salon and an experienced master.

The healing process of the skin reaches 7 days. The first few days of brows may scare you with their rich color, so experts recommend doing the procedure before the weekend. Do not try to tear off the dried crust yourself, with time it will disappear, and you will enjoy the natural result.

Advantages, contraindications and duration of the result

1. Microblading eyebrows (customer reviews fully confirm this fact) - a real find for those who have pale eyebrows, in some areas there are no hairs or a distorted shape.

2. Compared with the classic tattoo, microblading takes less time and takes minimal pain. This method is suitable even for owners of hypersensitive skin.

3. Eyebrows after the procedure look beautiful and natural.

4. Thanks to thin needles, the skin is less injured, no swelling occurs.

5. Absence of scars. Even if you had to carry out the microblading procedure several times, you will not face this problem.

6. The master carefully selects the color of the pigment based on the skin tone, the initial color of the eyebrows and the current shade of hair.But, like the classic eyebrow tattoo, the microblading procedure does not give you any guarantee of using black pigment. This means that the resulting color will have a slightly grayish tint.

7. Correction is possible only for people with different skin characteristics. Over time, the pigment does not acquire a purple or green shade. It will be washed naturally.

1. It is undesirable to do microblading procedure during menstruation and pregnancy.

2. The appearance of unknown formations in the eyebrows.

3. Colds.

4. Mental disorders.

5. Diabetes.

7. People with poor blood clotting and associated diseases.

8. Severe somatic diseases.

9. Increased possibility of colloidal scars.

It is impossible not to answer one of the frequently asked questions: “How long does microblading hold on eyebrows?” Women’s responses on this issue are different. Some say that beauty has been preserved throughout the year, others insist that 1.5. But experts say that everything depends on the skin, and to be more precise, on its age and metabolism. From here we conclude: the older the client, the slower the pigment will be displayed.

What not to do before and how to care for the eyebrows after the procedure

Before microblading on the day, eliminate from your diet alcohol and all pharmaceutical preparations that contribute to blood thinning.

After the procedure, a crust appears, which in no case can not be ripped off, drenched, scratched or peeled with cosmetic products. To speed up healing, it is recommended to lubricate the eyebrows with the usual ointment “Bepanten” or “Actovegin”. If the residues are not absorbed, it is necessary to wet them with a clean and dry cloth. For 14 days you can not do no peeling around the eyebrows. Also, during the month, do not attend tanning salons, baths, saunas and are not on the street during high solar activity.

How much is the procedure and training new technology

Any work must be paid at its true worth, and the price is fully consistent with the quality of the service. Do not strive to chase for cheap rates, because with this makeup you have to walk from a year to several years. Therefore, do not save on your own beauty.

So, the approximate prices for microblading eyebrows: the price of the procedure in Moscow is 6 000-10 000 rubles, and you will be taken 2000-3000 for correction. Try to look for beauty salons where skilled craftsmen work and use quality materials and equipment.

The cost of work also largely depends on the region of Russia. For example, in Voronezh for microblading eyebrows the price varies from 3,000 to 7,000 rubles. Salon workers say that the total difference depends on the quality of the pigments and materials used.

If, after reading the article, you were not convinced that microblading is a permanent make-up of a new level, then you need to look at the work process itself. As they say, “it’s better to see 1 time than to hear 100 times”.

Many beauty salons providing tattoo services will gladly accept you as an apprentice, as well as tell and show you how to do eyebrow microblading. Training lasts from 3 to 5 days and takes an average of 32 academic hours. The cost of the full course starts from 35,000 rubles and above.

The training program includes:

1. Basics of hygiene, sanitation and anesthesia.

2. Basics of visage and proper contouring of the lips and eyebrows.

3. Work on the machine.

4. Methods of pain relief procedure.

5. Preparation of the workplace.

6. Tips on how to “unleash” yourself as a biotatu master.

Before you start training, buy a starter kit, which is required for each wizard doing microblading eyebrows. In Moscow, its cost ranges from 15,000 to 150,000.

Accelerated course lasts 4 days:

Day 1. Microblading technique - lecture.

Day 2 and 3.Practicing theoretical knowledge on artificial leather, then on the model.

Day 4. Exercise - eyebrow makeup.

Feedback and opinions

About microblading eyebrow reviews are different. Many residents of Russia are happy that a procedure has finally appeared in their homeland, which is a cross between a classic tattoo and a hair transplant.

Girls who discovered the aesthetic method of micropigmentation in a manual way, noted how quickly and painlessly the procedure goes. By the time it takes you about 2 hours, or even less, depending on the experience of the master.

There were reviews that told that microblading looks unnatural. More often these words sounded about permanent make-up, where coal-black pigment was used, which later became gray with a greenish tinge.

Despite the negative comments about the microblading technique, the enthusiastic reviews of the clients won. And thanks to their honest opinion, the new procedure is becoming more and more popular each time.

As you already understood, microblading is a delicate and very time-consuming procedure that a true professional can conduct. Therefore, to get the perfect eyebrows, be sure to ask the master to show photos of his works.

Remember: having a lot of certificates is not a sign of experience!

The modern rhythm of life and the place of a woman in her - more and more often in the role of a business woman - oblige her to much. In the first place - to a perfect appearance. Kilograms of cosmetics are no longer fashionable, now naturalness is more appreciated. Do not use cosmetics at all - this is not the way out, especially for middle-aged women. Often, the makeup is done by habit, without consulting a makeup artist, which sometimes causes significant damage to the appearance. To the rescue of women comes permanent makeup. He is also called a tattoo, which is not quite true, although there is much in common between them.

What is permanent makeup for?

First you need to understand what it is. Permanent (translated from Latin "permanent") makeup is an introduction to the top layer of skin pigments with a needle. What is it for? Boast perfect facial features and perfectly flawless skin, and especially the ideal natural shape of the eyebrows, can, alas, few women. With the help of permanent makeup possible:

  • applying persistent makeup
  • eyebrow shape change
  • visual correction of the shape of the lips and cut eyes,
  • correction of congenital or acquired defects on the face (scars, consequences of adolescent post-acne),
  • depigmentation correction,
  • drawing eyebrows at their full loss.

This procedure will also help to correct the asymmetry of the face and lips or to apply decorative moles.

Technique of permanent makeup today is so high that you can do a tattoo of eyebrows in 3D-performance. This is especially true with alopecia.

The possibilities of permanent makeup are very great. It can be done on those areas of the face, which uses the usual decorative cosmetics - pencil, eye shadow, blush, lipstick. The greatest demand is tattooing eyebrows.

Permanent makeup allows you to create a new image for yourself, making your lips fuller, and your eyes more expressive or correcting the eyebrow line. The most important thing is its dignity - no need for daily application of cosmetics on the skin of the face. For a woman, this is not only time saving, but preserving skin health.

Is permanent makeup a tattoo?

In fact - yes, it is the introduction of pigment with the help of punctures on the skin. And yet they are different from each other. Permanent makeup is a derivative of the tattoo, but with a more gentle application of paint and the duration of its preservation on the skin. Permanent make-up out of habit and for brevity is called a tattoo. What is the difference between these related procedures? The differences are:

  • in the depth of the puncture,
  • in the durability and composition of the pigment (retention time on the skin),
  • in the place of application,
  • in the instrument used.

Let's see more in detail.

Puncture depth and tool

For tattooing, a tool with a metal needle is used that can pierce the skin to a depth of 2 mm. In the permanent make-up such deep punctures are not needed, so it uses a more gentle instrument - rotary type machines. The puncture is made to a depth of 0.5-0.8 mm.

Pigments and their stability

For tattooing, more aggressive dyes with a content of synthetic additives are used to increase the pigment resistance. It is assumed that the tattoo will last on the skin until the end of life.

The technology of permanent makeup uses completely different pigments, since the purpose of the procedure itself is different. A woman is an impermanent creature, she absolutely definitely does not want to be in one image for the rest of her life. And the fashion is changing. Therefore, the pigments used for permanent makeup are stored on the skin significantly less - up to five years maximum, depending on many factors, ranging from the characteristics of the organism, to the influence of external factors.

Their composition is natural, the basis may be vegetable and mineral components.

Place of application

Tattoo applied to the body. Of course, you can make it on the face, although this is already quite for lovers of cosmetic extreme. As already mentioned, the tattoo remains on the skin for the rest of your life. This means that changing, for example, the shape of the eyebrows without consequences for appearance will already be impossible! In addition, the tattoo is too traumatic for the delicate skin of the face, especially for the areas adjacent to the mucosa - the contour of the lips and eyelids.

Permanent makeup helps to follow the fashion and change your image in accordance with it. Especially changing trends in the design of the eyebrows. The technology allows you to apply pigments to any part of the skin of the face.

Contraindications for tattoo and permanent makeup

This is what combines both procedures. If there are health problems - endocrine, systemic diseases or allergies, you must first consult with your doctor. During the tattoo, application anesthesia is used.

It is impossible to make tattooing for pregnant and lactating women, with low blood clotting, the presence of autoimmune diseases and tumors, epilepsy and allergies to anesthetics.

Safety procedures

“Be careful, God protects” - this proverb is most welcome here. Tattooing is not simple and unsafe in terms of complications and infections. The same applies to permanent makeup. There are several conditions and rules, compliance with which will help avoid unpleasant consequences. For brevity, we call both procedures a tattoo.

  1. First of all, decide on the actual need for a tattoo, not forgetting that this is a small, but still an operation.
  2. Avoid suggestions to do a tattoo at home! In the future, there will be no one to make a complaint. In addition, there is no guarantee of sterility during the procedure.
  3. If the decision is made, choose the Wizard. Exactly, with a capital letter. The quality of the applied tattoo depends only on his professionalism and knowledge. Do not forget that an unsuccessful tattoo can be hidden under clothing. Unsuccessful makeup will not hide anything, it's your face. Be sure to require certificates, diplomas and any documents confirming the qualification of a cosmetologist. It will be very useful to get acquainted with the master's portfolio, especially to see to see the results of his work live.
  4. Good quality cannot be bought for little money. This is the law. If you want to save, it is better to give up tattooing altogether. High professionalism and quality materials should be expensive.

In the general opinion - both women and cosmetologists - for the permanent makeup of the future.It is important to approach this decision, and especially to implement it with full responsibility. And then you will always be beautiful and healthy.

Microblading or tattooing - this choice faces many ladies. Not everyone fully knows what the main differences between these two procedures are, and which one to choose.

The name Mictostrokibg in western countries has been known for a long time, implying “eyebrow embroidery”. If you look at how a professional conducts this procedure, it may seem that a person is really embroidering something.

What is the procedure itself? The master uses a special blade, with the help of which a special coloring pigment is inserted into the uppermost layer.

Neat subtle strokes appear on the skin, resulting in no blurry lines. It will seem to have done the usual tattoo. Someone loves this procedure, because it simplifies the care of eyebrows. But there are opponents of such a procedure.

What are the advantages of microblading? In a nutshell, we can say that this procedure is very similar to the tattoo, but it is still perfect.

With microblading, you can:

  • make not just a correction of the shape of the eyebrows, but also a color correction,
  • eyebrows are exactly asymmetrical,
  • the extra hairs will be removed, and the bald spots will be painted over,
  • if the brows are not visible on the face, they will appear.

The result of this cosmetic procedure is that the woman will see almost perfect eyebrows of the same length and color. Not without flaws. Not everyone can apply the microblading procedure..

First of all, the procedure is contraindicated for those who have poor blood clotting, diabetes or inflammatory diseases. In all other cases, microblading can be done.

On video eyebrow microblading:

What are the differences eyebrow tattoo? This type of cosmetic procedure is known for a long time. Eyebrows will look great in any situation. Do not have to spend time processing eyebrows in the morning.

The disadvantages of the procedure include the following:

  1. The process is irreversible.
  2. Painful procedure. Usually, sedatives or painkillers should be drunk before eyebrow treatment.
  3. The risk of allergies is high.
  4. The recovery process will take several days.

When choosing it is very important to pay attention to the one who will do the tattoo. A good professional will do everything qualitatively, even out asymmetrical eyebrows and color them. At the end of the procedure, you need to be prepared for the process of peeling of the skin. It is best to have such drugs that will accelerate the entire process of healing eyebrows.

Depending on what type of skin a woman will depend on the result. The best option when skin type is normal. If it is dry, it is best to restore the water balance. Oily skin is recommended to dry a little.

On video eyebrow tattoo:

If the skin is very sensitive to all sorts of procedures, it can cause unpleasant itching, burning and even irritation. Sea water and wind in the first days after the tattoo is simply contraindicated. This can lead to slow healing of the skin. The most correct move is the minimum impact on the eyebrows.

How to prepare for this procedure

Before microbleeding, it is recommended not to pluck the eyebrows at all for a week. Also, do not drink antibiotics before the procedure. This is due to the fact that the coloring pigment may simply not be fixed to the skin. Alcohol consumption should also be eliminated. Otherwise, it will simply dilute the blood, which will complicate the microblading procedure itself. When you come to the salon, the wizard will offer to choose the correct shape of eyebrows and shade that will match the skin type and hair type.

After the procedure, you will immediately notice that the hair has become quite thick, and the appearance resembles natural hair.For eyebrows to heal quickly, cosmetologists recommend using a special cream. It is very similar in its texture to Vaseline, as a result, the eyebrows will still shine. On the second day, the woman will feel that a small crust has formed, which is not visible, but is palpable. In this case, the pain has already gone. On the third day, some areas of the skin may begin to itch, and on day 4, there will be a very slight peeling. On the seventh day, the crusts disappear, as a result, and you can forget about the treatment with the cream.

How to fix the effect of the procedure? On the first day, it is forbidden to use water, scratch and generally touch your eyebrows. Any funds for the face also do not use. You can only smear what the master says.

It is best to keep eyebrows and sun exposure. The cream can be used only on the third day after the procedure, it is recommended to lubricate eyebrows twice a day. And in no case should you remove the peel yourself, let them fall off by themselves. The inconvenience of the procedure lies in the fact that the first month will have to do without a bath, sauna, beach. Therefore, it is important to consider when to do this procedure.

After the procedure of tattoo it is also important to ensure the proper care of the eyebrows. It is worth knowing that only an ointment based on natural ingredients can be used.

Depending on how red your skin is, care will also be different. Ointments, which include alcohol, should be excluded. Usually experts recommend Bepantin or Lifeguard.

As well as after the microblading procedure, after tattooing you cannot remove the crusts yourself. Go to the bath, the sauna is also impossible. If you decide to correct the form, then it is forbidden to do it with tweezers. Makeup on the treated eyebrows can not.

You should avoid the sun and do not go to the solarium. In principle, the contraindications for one and the other are the same.

Tattoo can hold on the eyebrows for about 7 years, if everything was done correctly. But here, everything will depend on the care of eyebrows and skin type.

If you are unhappy with the received eyebrow shape, then this can be corrected. As a result, you can choose the color and shape that you want. The latest developments can fix a bad eyebrow tattoo. The shallow pigment allows to correct some nuances. Small errors are perfectly corrected with the help of the corrector, matched to the color of the eyebrows. If you see that the paint has begun to float, then a laser will come to the rescue.

Often women ask if it is possible to carry out such procedures for pregnant women.

And here you can find the opinions of both cosmetologists and doctors that it is impossible to carry out such procedures. Therefore it is necessary to abstain. Against the background of pregnancy, hormonal background is also changing. As a result, the procedure may not give the desired result after dyeing. It is not known how the body will behave.

As for the reviews of gynecologists, here you can definitely hear that even the slightest impact on the woman’s body can lead to a negative impact on the fetus. Not only is the procedure quite painful, so a pregnant woman can take it even more acutely.

You can hear that you can do a tattoo in the first trimester, but only after permission from the gynecologist is obtained. Anesthesia during the procedure for pregnant women is prohibited. Therefore, future mothers should approach this issue with full responsibility.

What are the pigments for goochie microblading, detailed in this article.

You can see what microblading of eyebrows looks like before and after in the photo in this article.

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Understanding how much eyebrow dyeing keeps, will help to understand the content of this article.

If you carefully examine all the pros and cons of each of the procedures, examine the scheme of conducting, then the final decision remains only for the woman. It is necessary to choose from these procedures independently. Decide for yourself what you want to get, how to transform your eyebrows.

How to choose:

  • First of all, it is very important to consult a doctor to find out if there are any abnormalities or allergies for the procedure,
  • Whatever method you choose, it is important that the procedure is conducted by a competent specialist who has undergone appropriate training.
  • gel for anesthesia must be used,
  • with proper eyebrow care, the result will delight you,
  • any alcohol-based products cannot be used,
  • when increasing pain or other manifestations is best to seek the help of a doctor.

The cost of the microblading procedure is quite high. In different beauty salons the cost will vary, but on average the price starts from 6 thousand rubles. The effect will last 2 years. The cost of a tattoo will be lower, it will be about 4,000 rubles. Additionally, you need to pay a correction, the cost of which is about 2000 rubles.

As far as clear ink instructions for eyebrows and eyelashes of Rocol are clear, you can understand if you read the content of this article.

You can learn more about Estelle eyebrow dye from the contents of this manual by reading it in this article.

But how to wash the paint from the eyebrows at home, this article will help to understand.

Perhaps you will also be interested in information about how effective thread is for removing facial hair.

To understand how to get rid of eyebrow wrinkles, will help the content of this article.

What makes tattooing from microblading?

What is the difference between the usual tattoo from microblading?

First, the method of applying the pigment or paint. Tattooing is done by the device, and microblading with a special pen or handle.

Secondly, microblading pigment is introduced superficially, minimal damage to the skin, as well as minimal swelling and rapid recovery. And when tattooing, the needle is inserted deeply, the procedure of tattooing is painful and the rehabilitation period is very long, after such a technique the eyebrows do not look natural compared to microblading.

And probably the most important difference lies in the rehabilitation period.

With microblading, the skin is practically not injured and all painful sensations disappear literally in a day. The day after the procedure, a thin, thin film is formed. After a few days, itching will begin, and after 4-5 slight peeling, and when the film is completely gone, you can already evaluate the result of the wizard.

When tattooing on the first day, the ichor will stand out and a thick crust will form, the eyebrows will be very bright and not natural for the first week. Then peeling and itching will begin, and in some places gaps will appear, so a month later a correction will be needed to drive a new pigment into these gaps.

What lasts longer?

How long the tattoo will last depends on the skin type, metabolic rate, age and how well the work is done. At a young age, the skin regenerates faster and you need to renew the tattoo more often than in a more mature one. It is recommended to repeat the procedure after 2 years. Most permanent tattooing lasts about 3-5 years

The duration of the microblading result also depends on the characteristics of the organism. The average time to save the effect is about a year. But if you avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays, do not tear off the crust during healing, you can prolong the effect. It is also recommended to repeat the procedure 1-1.5 months after microblading.

Differences and similarities of technology

What is the difference between microblading and eyebrow tattooing? With the same mechanism - the introduction of paint, the very method of applying the picture causes the main differences.

  • Microblading is carried out only by hand, the master literally draws an eyebrow, taking into account the features of the skin in this area.

Tattooing in most cases involves a hardware method in which such a subtle adjustment is impossible.

  • Blade strokes are thinner and more accurate. Deformation and feathering are excluded.

Strokes when tattooing thicker, possibly leaking pattern. But, however, and feathering to create the background is used much more often. In general, microblading is more suitable for dark-haired beauties, but a tattoo with a shading is shading, a shadow technique, it is better to make a blonde and red-haired.

  • The depth of paint input is 2–3 mm.

When tattooing paint is injected to a depth of 8 mm. As a result, tattooing is much harder to remove.

  • In microblading, hairs can have different lengths and directions in order to better imitate the natural hairline.

With the hardware method such variations are impossible.

  • Microblading stability is less - no more than 2 years, because the paint burns out at such a small depth more strongly.

Tattoo can last up to 5 years.

  • Microblading is less traumatic - swelling and redness are eliminated by the application technology itself, and itching and burning, as a rule, cease already for 3-4 days.

Tattoo is more painful - because of the depth of the puncture, and more irritating to the skin. Recovery lasts longer - up to a month.

The cost of both procedures is about the same. However, microblading takes longer, which accordingly increases the cost of the session. In addition, you need to carry out the procedure more often, since the result is held much less than with traditional tattoo.

What is better to do - microblading or tattooing eyebrows, depends on many factors. Of course, manual work allows you to get a more accurate imitation of hairs, but if you only need to change the color and the formation of the background in this there is simply no need.

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What to prefer?

To understand what is better to choose, microblading or classic tattoo, you need to determine the tasks that the procedure will solve. What should eyebrows look like after permanent makeup?

The main criteria are:

  • If you want a more natural eyebrows with a clear drawing of hairs and contours, then you should choose microblading.
  • If you need eyebrows with the effect of shadows or with spraying, a beautiful and even shape, but without clear boundaries, then a hardware tattoo with gaps is ideal. The master will perform feathering. At the request of the client is sprayed or used watercolor technique.
  • For bright eyebrows, it is better to choose a permanent hardware makeup with a pencil effect.
  • Microblading is considered less painful than tattooing.
  • Tattoo better kept. The pigment is embedded in the skin for 2-5 years. With microblading it is good if the paint lasts 2 years.
  • The difference is in the recovery time. With microblading, this period is longer and is about a month. Recovery after tattooing is much faster - in just 10 days.

It’s not that one technique is worse and the other is better. Each of them solves their problems.

Preparation for the procedure

Preparation for tattoo and microblading is about the same:

  • 2 weeks before the session it is not recommended to pull out hairs in the salon or at home. On the contrary, it is desirable that they be as long as possible. This will help the master to give the eyebrows the perfect shape.
  • Preparation includes the choice of pigment, which is better to entrust the master. The color may be identical to the hair shade, the tone is darker or lighter.
  • The specialist must also choose the shape of the eyebrows, suitable for the client's face.
  • At the preparatory stage, the contraindications to permanent makeup, as well as how sensitive the skin is to pigment, are found out.
  • You should not take sunbathing before recovering for microblading or tattooing.
  • Before the procedure, it is better not to take alcohol, coffee and drugs that affect blood clotting, such as Aspirin.
  • For a week you need to stop taking antibiotics, as they prevent the pigment from rooting in the skin.
  • Before performing a tattoo of the eyes for two days you can not curl eyelashes.
  • Before microblading, it is recommended to make a soft peeling on your own at home.
  • Be sure to conduct a preliminary test for allergies.

If all the rules have been observed, the specialist cleans and disinfects the skin before proceeding with the introduction of pigment. If necessary, use anesthesia.

Reviews of procedures

Reviews of microblading and tattoo will help determine what is better to choose:

“I had bright eyebrows and dark dyed hair. It looked unnatural. And I decided to tattoo eyebrows. For several days, pain was present. But now I am completely satisfied. I can swim and my eyebrows are always with me. They do not need to be corrected with a pencil. ”

Marina, Moscow region.

“I love to experience various cosmetic procedures. Once again, I wanted to give my eyebrows a clear outline and make them brighter. According to reviews and reviews on the network, I chose a tattoo. Perhaps the whole thing in the master and his lack of qualifications, but the result did not please me. Because of the new shape of eyebrows, people around me think that I am constantly dissatisfied with something. The look no longer seems soft, as before. In addition, the eyebrows themselves look like a tattoo, absolutely unnatural. "

“I always dreamed of correcting the shape of the eyebrows and found a way - tattooing. The result did not suit me. After a while, the effect disappeared, and I hit again in search of the procedure I needed. According to reviews on the Internet, I picked up eyebrow microblading and was pleased. The difference is huge. I no longer have to spend time on makeup. In addition, eyebrows look natural. But it is very important to find a good master who professionally owns the equipment. ”

Valeria, Nizhny Novgorod.

“My biggest drawback is eyebrows. They are very bright and rare. Their face is almost invisible. And recently, I decided to correct with microblading. I chose masters according to reviews of friends who already used her services. The result was excellent, but after a few months it disappeared. Although the master promised that the effect will last about a year. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I did not undergo correction in time, or the fact that I have oily skin and the pigment on it is poorly entrenched. ”

“I was looking for a way to thicken my eyebrows and opted for microblading. Feedback from friends about this procedure was very positive. The result I really liked. Before, I sometimes resorted to tattooing, and it seemed to me that my eyebrows were drawn with a marker. With microblading everything is different. Eyebrows look natural. "

“I have very blond hair by nature and, accordingly, eyebrows. In addition, they are too low above the eyes and I do not like it. My friends advised me to do a tattoo. It was 1.5 years ago, but the result is still noticeable. Eyebrow tattooing helped me to make my face look bright and expressive. ”

Judging by the reviews, both techniques help to make the eyebrows clearer and more beautiful, but the effect varies.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Both microblading and tattooing have common positive features, these are:

  • Saving of efforts and time for daily putting cosmetics, and also on washing off it in the evening.
  • The ability to always look perfect, go to the sauna, swimming pool and not be afraid for your makeup.
  • The effect of rejuvenation due to the fact that the eyebrows, eyes, lips become brighter and clearer.

A common drawback is the pain of these procedures.

The main advantages of tattoo:

  • The ability to hide unnecessary moles, scars in the corners of the eyelids, lips or eyebrows, correct their shape. With the help of a tattoo, you can even change the facial features, improve them.
  • Women with poor eyesight will no longer have to apply eyeliner, which is not easy for them.
  • The ability not to use lipstick, which means not to eat it while eating.
  • Tattoo is ideal for allergies, which are not suitable for many cosmetics.

The tattoo has its drawbacks:

  • Irreversibility of the process. The effect of tattooing lasts a very long time. You can get rid of drawn lines only with the help of a laser, which is expensive.
  • The risk of pigment allergies.
  • The need for correction.
  • The probability of swelling of the face after the procedure.
  • The risk of infection, in particular, herpes.

It is important to choose a good specialist, otherwise you can get unnatural eyebrows, as if drawn by a marker.

The advantages of microblading are as follows:

  • natural look and clear drawing,
  • low trauma,
  • volume of treated surfaces - eyebrows, lips.

There are disadvantages to the procedure:

  • long recovery process,
  • short result compared to the tattoo.

What procedure to prefer, everyone decides for himself. The main thing is to choose a good specialist. Only a competent master can make permanent makeup so as to emphasize the dignity of the client. Properly done tattoo eyebrows will give them an attractive bend, correct asymmetry, if any, make the face expressive, and look - deeper.

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