Generolone for hair growth: how does this spray for hair growth

Spray Generolon is a drug for local use. It is used to treat androgenic alopecia (hair loss under the influence of the male sex hormone testosterone) and to stabilize the hair loss process in men and women.

Release form and composition

Spray Generolon is a liquid that is in a vial under pressure. 1 ml of the drug contains the main active ingredient Minoxidil in the amount of 20 mg (2% solution) and 50 mg (5% solution). It also includes additional components:

  • 96% ethanol solution.
  • Propylene glycol.
  • Purified water.

Spray Generolon is available in two dosages - 2% and 5% solution. Carton packs contain one bottle of spray solution and instructions for use of the drug.

pharmachologic effect

The main active ingredient of the spray Generolon Minoxidil stimulates hair growth and prevents its loss when applied topically, due to several therapeutic effects, which include:

  • Suppresses the formation of 5 alpha dehydrotestosterone from testosterone, which is involved in the process of hair loss.
  • Improves microcirculation of the skin in the area of ​​hair follicles, thereby improving their trophism (nutrition).
  • Stimulates the transition of hair follicle cells into the active phase of division, which leads to increased hair growth.
  • Reduces the negative effect of androgens (male sex hormones) on hair follicles.

The best therapeutic effect Spray Generolon has a small duration of the disease (no more than 10 years), with hair loss in the parietal and temporal region. The therapeutic effect on average develops after 4 months from the start of the application of spray Generolon. The drug has no therapeutic effect on baldness associated with the use of drugs (cytotoxic drugs for chemotherapy of tumor pathology), insufficient intake of vitamins and nutrients in the body. After discontinuation of the drug, a decrease in hair growth activity is possible.

When sprayed with Generolon on intact skin, the active ingredient is adsorbed in the hair follicles with minimal admission to the systemic circulation.

Indications for use

Spray Generolon is used to restore hair growth and reduce the process of alopecia (alopecia) due to the influence of male sex hormones in men and women. For men, the drug is most effective in the case of alopecia on the crown, in women with hair loss in the middle parting.


The use of spray Generolon is contraindicated in several pathological and physiological conditions of the body, which include:

  • Individual intolerance, hypersensitivity to Minoxidil or other auxiliary components of the drug.
  • Children age under 18 years.
  • Dermatosis (degenerative-dystrophic pathology) of the scalp.
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin.

The drug is used with caution for the elderly over 65 years. Before using the spray Generolon must make sure that there are no contraindications.

Dosage and administration

Spray Generolon is a drug for external use. Before spraying it is necessary to remove the lid, fix a measuring pump on the bottle and attach a long sprayer. Then you need 3-4 times to press the spray nozzle to fill the measuring pump with a solution. Regardless of the treated area of ​​the scalp, it is necessary to apply 1 ml of solution (corresponding to 7 clicks). The scalp must be clean and dry before the treatment; after spraying the spray it is not necessary to wash the head. Treatment should be carried out 2 times a day. After spraying the spray, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. The total daily dose of the drug should not exceed 2 ml. The average duration of treatment is about 1 year. After discontinuation of the use of spray Generolon within 3-4 months, the initial amount and condition of the hair may return.

Side effects

Regular spraying of Generolon on the scalp can lead to the development of local side effects such as dermatitis (inflammation of the scalp) with redness, itching, burning and flaking of the skin, allergic dermatitis with a characteristic rash and itching. Less frequent is increased hair growth, including on the face of women, seborrhea. When the active substance enters the systemic circulation (sometimes if the spray is swallowed accidentally), common side effects may develop, which include:

  • On the part of the respiratory system - shortness of breath, allergic rhinitis.
  • On the part of the cardiovascular system - fluctuations in the level of systemic arterial pressure, pain and discomfort in the region of the heart, tachycardia (increased heart rate) and arrhythmia (disturbance of the rhythm of heart contractions).
  • On the part of the nervous system - the development of headache, dizziness, neuritis (inflammation of nerves) of different localization.

It is also possible the development of common allergic reactions with the development of rash, itching and swelling of the skin with a predominant localization in the face. Sometimes at the beginning of the use of spray Generolon may increase hair loss and then replace them with young fluffy hair (this phenomenon is usually observed within a few weeks after the start of use of the drug).

special instructions

Before you start applying the spray Generolon, you should carefully read the instructions for the drug. There are several specific indications regarding its use, which include:

  • Do not spray on other areas of the body.
  • The scalp in the area of ​​application should be clean and dry. After applying the drug is not recommended to wash your hair for 4 hours for better absorption of the active substance in the scalp.
  • Hygienic procedures of the head during the application of Geneolon spray can be carried out as usual.
  • Do not use lacquer, hair dye, conditioner and other chemicals, but to prevent the development of irritation of the scalp, it is recommended to use them in different periods of time with the spray Generolon.
  • Before you start using the drug, you must undergo a medical examination, make sure that there are no inflammatory or degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the scalp and other contraindications.
  • In case of development of local and systemic side effects, the use of Generolon spray should be stopped and seek medical help.
  • In case of accidental spraying into the eyes or other visible mucous membranes, they must be washed with plenty of running water.
  • When used correctly in the recommended therapeutic dosage, the drug does not affect the speed of psychomotor reactions and concentration.

In the pharmacy network, Spray Generolon is available without a prescription. In case of questions or doubts regarding the use of the drug, you should consult with your doctor.


Symptoms of overdose usually develop when the drug enters the gastrointestinal tract and the absorption of the active substance into the systemic circulation. In this case, a decrease in blood pressure (hypotension), increased heart rate (tachycardia). In case of overdose, symptomatic therapy is carried out.

Principle of operation

Generolone is a drug intended for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in both sexes. Being absorbed into the skin, generolon restores microcirculation.

Under the action of the drug, hair cells pass into the active phase of growth, the effect of androgens on the hair follicles weakens. As a result, hair begins to grow faster, less fall out.

Produced by generolone Croatian pharmaceutical company "Belupo".

Composition and benefits

For those who want to get a faster and more noticeable effect, it is better to choose a spray with a high content of Minoxidil. The composition of the agent is complemented with auxiliary substances: ethanol, propylene glycol, water.

Note, The preparation is packed in a plastic bottle, there is a removable sprayer. It is convenient to apply the spray, thanks to the elongated tip, the spray agent is strictly on a specific area.

The advantages of the drug are:

  • stop vegetation loss,
  • increased hair growth
  • strengthening the roots
  • extension of the "life" of the hair,
  • hair shaft thickening.

Features of therapeutic effects

According to reviews trichologists, "Generolon" has an impact on hair follicles. Minoxidil contained in it helps to improve the blood circulation in the area of ​​impact (meaning the scalp) and the supply of blood to the follicles, as a result of which they become active and enter into the active phase, and the hair begins to grow. In addition, thanks to the active component, the very effect of androgens on the follicles changes, and protection against them is built up. Finally, there is an indirect reduction in the formation of 5-alpha reductase, that is, the enzyme that causes the negative effect of endrogens on the hair follicles. This is confirmed by the spray "Generolon" instruction.

Regarding the absorption of the components of the drug through the skin, we can say that it is minimized. From one to three substances enter the systemic circulation (if there is no damage to the epidermis). However, given the small volume of a single dose, you can judge the safety of the drug. In addition, all components trapped in the blood, do not accumulate and very quickly removed from the patient's body.

During the fight with the onset of hair loss, you need to pay attention to those shampoos that are commonly used. Not everyone is aware that ninety-four percent of shampoos contain such chemical elements that are harmful to both the hair and the scalp. But people often do not realize this and use them daily.

If suddenly such ingredients as coco sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate are found in the shampoo, such cosmetics should be discarded. These substances are the main provocateurs of all sorts of diseases of the scalp, subsequently causing baldness. This is confirmed by reviews trichologists. Contraindications "Generolona" consider below.

Possible side effects

Most often, the means "Generolon", according to reviews trichologists, well tolerated, but certain side effects may occur:

  • itching, burning, and discomfort in the area where the spray was applied,
  • excessive peeling and dryness of the treated areas of the scalp,
  • puffiness and redness,
  • the appearance of bubbles (this is rare, mainly due to the high sensitivity of the epidermis),
  • seborrhea (the formation of scales on the upper layer of the scalp),
  • unwanted appearance of body hair (for example, on the face),
  • if the product gets into other areas of the body, allergic reactions may occur (edema or urticaria),
  • if the spray accidentally gets inside the body, symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, various heart rhythm disturbances, chest pain, large swelling, dizziness, changes in blood pressure, etc. may occur.

The effect of the application

According to the reviews and studies of the spray “Generolon Belupo”, the necessary effect is not immediately apparent. There will be no noticeable changes a month after its constant use on a regular basis. The first positive changes will be noticeable only at the end of the third or even fourth month, due to the duration of the hair growth phase. This is the amount of time needed by the follicles in order to activate and move from the resting to the active phase.

This transition will also be accompanied by the elimination of old, weakened hair, and this is normal, since in this way there is room for new growth. That is why during the first weeks (from five to ten) their loss may increase. To panic in this case is not worth it, because much more healthy new hair will appear instead of dropped out.

Duration of effect

Regarding the duration of the effect, we can talk about maintaining it for four to six months. After this, the previous condition may return, especially if the cause of the alopecia is not eliminated, and no other means are used.

Especially effective drug "Generolon", according to reviews trichologists, with therapy in the early stages, as well as in young patients.

Application features

The use of "Generolon" is local in nature, it must be distributed in problem areas. For example, alopecia in women occurs most often in the middle of the parting area, and in men in the frontal part and on the crown.

Application of the tool includes the following stages:

  1. Drawing it by means of the batcher. At first it is necessary to remove the cap from the bottle, then put a measuring pump on the neck and fasten the nozzle on it, which is used for spraying. After that, you can click on it several times to get money into the dispenser.
  2. Application should start from the middle of the problem area. It is not necessary to rub the product into the scalp. You only need to press the dispenser seven times.
  3. Wash the hands. The drug is not necessary to wash off.

Do not allow the excess of a daily dose of two milliliters per day (each single dose is equal to one milliliter). The duration of treatment may take from six months to a year. This is confirmed by the spray "Generolon" reviews of women and men. Price below.

Important Terms of Use

Spray use includes a number of necessary rules:

  • it is impossible to put means on other sites,
  • avoid contact with mucous membranes,
  • in case of unsuccessful use of a two percent solution, after three to four months of use, a five percent remedy should be tried,
  • no need to wash your hair after applying the spray, you should avoid wetting it for four to five hours after the manipulation,
  • the preparation is applied exclusively on clean and dry scalp,
  • daily procedures are carried out in the usual way (for example, washing the head, combing, styling),
  • Before starting treatment, a specialist consultation is necessary. It will be optimal to undergo a comprehensive examination.

"Generolon". Reviews trichologists

Trichologists say that this drug is best taken as a component of complex therapy, which also includes shampoos and balms that contribute to the overall strengthening of the hair structure, as well as head massage. Experts warn that in the beginning, when using the spray “Generolon”, often, although not in all cases, the hair may begin to fall out even more intensively than it was before the procedure. However, this process is normal. It should not be a cause for concern, since healthy new hair will appear on the site of the lost.

Patient reviews are mixed. Both satisfactory results are noted, as well as dissatisfaction with the fact that therapy is of a long-term nature without a noticeable effect over a long time. In addition, a number of patients showed allergic reactions to the composition of the drug, as a result of which the treatment had to be stopped.

The drug costs from 400 to 500 rubles. It depends on the region, as well as on the pharmacy chain.

In this article, the instructions of "Generolon" on hair loss, description, price and reviews of the preparation of both specialists and users were reviewed.

What is Generolon?

Generolone is a drug developed for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, i.e., genetically determined baldness in men and women. It is believed that with other types of disease (caused by other reasons), it is ineffective. Available in the form of a spray with a concentration of the active substance in 2 and 5%. The tool is presented in a white bottle in a volume of 60 ml. The package additionally contains a measuring pump equipped with a spray.

The composition of Generolon includes, of course, minoxidil (200 or 500 mg), as well as additional substances - ethanol and propylene glycol. You can buy it in pharmacies without a prescription, and the price is available to a wide range of people.

Bald head

The action of this tool is based on strengthening in the area of ​​blood circulation, which activates the hair follicles. In addition, the drug changes the sensitivity of receptors to androgen hormones, i.e., it slows down the process of hereditary baldness. It should, however, be remembered that such an effect is observed only during regular use of the drug. The termination of drawing entails gradual cancellation of the received effect.

Judging by the reviews of the spray Generolon from hair loss, its main properties are:

  • improved blood flow
  • activation of "sleeping" follicles,
  • protection from the effects of androgen hormones,
  • decreased production of 5-alpha reductase - an enzyme that negatively affects hair follicles.

The result of using the tool will be new hairs on the bald spot, after about 4 months. After some time, they will begin to darken and grow more and more. A good effect will be noticeable on average after 6–8 months. Much depends on the individual characteristics of a person.

For beard growth

Similar effect Generolon has on the growth of hair on the face. A man who wants to grow a thick beard faster can spray the aerosol on the necessary zones (only bald spots in the bristles or the whole area). Thanks to regular use, a noticeable result will appear after 5–6 weeks.

How to choose minoxidil concentration?

The concentration of the active substance - Minoxidil - directly affects the result of the drug. Generolon has two options - 2 and 5%. The first is usually recommended to use women, because this amount of the main ingredient is often enough to treat baldness in the fair sex. As a rule, they acquire this drug to regain the density of curls after pregnancy and childbirth. Most often, it is failures at the hormonal level that cause increased hair loss.

Generolone 5% is common among men. However, if you decide to grow a beard, it is better to start with a 2% concentration to check the tolerance of the active substances.

Instructions for use Generolona

Each package must contain instructions for use Generolona. Regarding the use, everything is very simple - spray twice a day applied to problem areas. In men, bald patches are usually formed on the crown and on the frontal part of the head. Women - in the middle parting.

The tool is equipped with a convenient dispenser and spray, with which and need to distribute the solution. It takes only seven taps. For reference, the daily dose is 2 ml, that is, 1 ml at a time. Too much substance can cause side effects. It is better to start from the center of the problem area, and then you can rub the drug on the skin at will. Flush the solution is not necessary. After application, be sure to wash your hands.

Special recommendations

To make the application more effective and eliminate a lot of side effects will help follow a number of rules:

  • do not apply the solution to areas other than problem areas,
  • gently distribute the tool without getting on the mucous membranes (especially the eyes),
  • apply the spray only on dry and clean skin,
  • do not wash your hair / do not wash your face for 3-4 hours after applying the composition,
  • increase the concentration, if after 3-4 months there is no visible effect (in case of starting treatment with 2%),
  • be examined by a doctor to make sure that hair loss is not caused by any other reasons.

Comparison with analogues

Since many similar baldness medicines are now on the market, the question often arises as to which is better, Generolon or Alerana, or Minoxidil, and the like. Here it is necessary to understand in more detail how they differ.

It should be said that the original Minoxidil-based drug is Regein. The American manufacturer was the first to release such a drug, which is presented in the form of a spray and foam. It is the highest in cost and difficult to acquire, since it can be done only on the site for English-speaking users.

Minokisdil from Kirkland Signature is considered to be equally effective, but more affordable. The solution and the foam are also designed for a 2% and 5% concentration of the main substance. About this tool there are many positive reviews, which does not reduce its popularity among users. You can also purchase it only on the Internet on the official website:

Alerana is a Russian analogue, which is available in the form of a spray with common 2 and 5% concentrations of minoxidil. It is much cheaper than the two companies mentioned above and is freely sold in a pharmacy, as is Generolon. The latter, by the way, comes at the price of the cheapest equivalent (only Revasil has a lower cost).

With the existing variety of similar means it is difficult to guess with the one that is more suitable for you. Products differ only in formula (the composition is almost identical), so when choosing, it is better to rely on the opinions of people and the opinion of the doctor, as a rule, a trichologist.

Reviews of Generolon

See below for detailed reviews of men and women about Generolone with a photo "before and after" the use of the drug.

Nadezhda Volkova, 41, Moscow: “Geneolone lotion did not help much, but my hair began to fall out after an illness, and not because of a hereditary predisposition. Although the forum read, as if in such cases was noticeable action. "

Vitaly Salakhov, 48 years old, St. Petersburg: “Excellent spray with a strong effect. I have been diagnosed with androgenic alopecia for 5 years, and a good hairline has developed during this time. I didn’t know what to do anymore, I tried many special shampoos, masks, solutions, etc. Then they advised some drug on minoxidil. For the price quite satisfied Generolon. Four months later, a small fluff appeared on the hair; after six months, the bald patch gradually closed. Not very thick hair, but I am happy with this result. ”

Photos before and after applying the tool

Sergey Gienko, 31, Kiev: “I was looking for a way to grow a beard. By nature, facial hair does not grow too thick, but somehow I wanted to walk with a beard. I stumbled first on reviews of Minoxidil Kirkland, but for the price turned out to be expensive. He began to look for analogues, then chose Generolon. Bought without problems in the pharmacy. After 2 months already saw the result. The beard has really become thicker. ”

Olga Zakora, 25 years old, Moscow: “No matter how much I struggled with hair loss, I constantly heard about the means on the minox. Long decided on the purchase, eventually took Generolon. Literally 10 minutes after the first application, severe irritation of the skin began. I went to the doctor, it turned out I was intolerant of propylene glycol, which is in the composition. Sorry, it is added to the drug. "

Dmitry Odintsov, 36 years old, Moscow: “The remedy helped me at the initial stage of alopecia alopecia on the beard. Immediately realized it and went to the trichologist. She advised me to try Generolon. And indeed the tool helped a lot. After five months, it was no longer noticeable that there were problems. ”

Photos before and after applying the tool

How effective is Generolone for hair?

Spray Generolon actively affects the hair follicles, increasing blood flow and thereby activating hair growth. In addition, this tool contributes to the change in the sensitivity of the receptors in the cells of the follicle with respect to the hormones androgens.

By the way, the main component of Generolon - Minoxidil, was originally created for the treatment of hypertension, but subsequently it was no longer used in cardiology.

The drug is available in the form of a spray, which is very convenient and economical. The tool is evenly sprayed over the entire surface of the scalp. In addition, the spray is consumed sparingly and lasts a long time, which is important at the high cost of the drug Generolon.

Let's name the main properties of this medicine:

  • Active effect on hair follicles,
  • Improving blood circulation in the scalp,
  • Protect hair follicles from excessive androgen exposure,
  • Reducing the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase (it is he who provokes the adverse effects of male hormones on the hair follicles).

Instructions for use Generolona

The effectiveness of Generolon may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the patient. A good result from the use of the drug will be only if the process of baldness has begun recently and the area of ​​the lesion is small.

To obtain a visible effect, it is necessary to apply Generolon regularly for one month, no more than twice a day. At one time, according to the instructions, you need to use 1 ml of solution.

The Instruction for Generolon contains the following recommendations:

  • The drug is used externally, sprayed on the scalp with a special dispenser,
  • Regardless of the size of the scalp area to be treated, the product is applied in the amount of 1 ml (7 presses of the dispenser). Treatment of problem areas must begin with the center of the lesion, the solution applied twice a day,
  • A 5% solution of Generolon is recommended for patients who want to quickly restore lost hair and those who are not helped by 2% suspension of the drug. In general, a solution with a 5% minoxidil content is prescribed to men, and a 2% solution is prescribed to women,
  • Spray Generolon recommended to apply to dry and clean scalp in places of formation of bald patches. Men are prescribed the drug in the case of baldness of the crown part of the head, women - with hair loss in the middle parting,
  • It is not necessary to wash off the solution after application, you can wash your head several hours after applying the composition,
  • Before using the medicinal product, it is necessary to remove the screw cap from the bottle, fix the measuring pump on the vial, and then install a long spray nozzle on its tube,
  • After fixing the nozzle you need to make 4 clicks on it (this will fill the pump with the desired dose of the drug). After that, the tool can be sprayed on problem areas of the scalp.

Generolon: trichologist review

Karpova Yu.E., trichologist, Moscow

Generolone is an effective drug from the group of drugs with the active component Minoxidil. I advise you to use this drug to many of your patients, and it is desirable that the application was complex. At the same time with Generolon, use strengthening shampoos and hair balsams, massage the head. In some patients, after the start of the use of Generolon, hair falls out even more But this is only at the first stage of treatment, there should be no cause for concern. A few months after the start of using Generolon, hair is restored.

Reviews of women and men about Generolon

Bardina EI, 29 years old

For several years in a row, I actively dyed my hair, as a result of which my condition worsened greatly, and the hairdresser advised me to completely abandon the dyeing procedure in order not to lose the remnants of my hair. I was naturally upset, but then pulled myself together and began to search for means to strengthen the hair. My choice fell on the drug Generolon. This tool was cheap compared to salon procedures for hair restoration. She used the drug for a very long time (about six months), and the first noticeable effect appeared after a couple of months. In general, the result is satisfied, the hair was restored.

I purchased Generolon for my mother, the treatment has not yet been completed, but the result is noticeable. Mom has been using for 4 months, her hair has become stronger. True, in the first weeks after the start of treatment, the hair began to climb even more, they thought to quit, but the doctor said that this was normal. For its price, this drug is very effective.

The hair began to fall out six months ago, went for a consultation to the trichologist, he prescribed me Genololon. I use it for the third month, hairs have already appeared on the bald spot. I hope that the drug will be effective.

Ivanov S., 42 years old

He began to use Generolon on the advice of a doctor. The effect of the drug, of course. After several weeks of use, I noticed that a light down appeared on my head, in the places of bald patches. However, the use of the drug had to be stopped due to a severe allergic reaction. An itch appeared on the skin due to Generolon, then wounds. In general, the drug did not fit me.

Milkova I., 46 years old

Generolon - an excellent remedy for baldness. Faced with the problem of balding, immediately drew attention to it, and did not regret it. Generolon is inexpensive, but gives a good effect. Now I advise him to everyone!

Use in children

The drug is allowed to use only from the age of 18 years, respectively, spray Generolon is contraindicated for the treatment of children's hair loss. In addition, the manufacturer notes that the drug should be stored in a safe place away from children.

Analog is a drug with a similar composition (copy) or principle of action (synonym). For Geneolon spray, all agents that contain the substance Minoxidil, the eponymous agent Minoxidil, Cosilon, Alopexy, Revasil, as well as the relatively new Aleran spray, are considered analogues.

The cost of the drug due to the composition, manufacturer, as well as the volume and concentration of the vial. If we consider the spray Generolon 2% concentration in a vial with a volume of 20 mg, its cost is 513-526 rubles, for a bottle of 50 mg and a concentration of 5% minoxidil the price will be 638-647 rubles.

Baldness is a serious problem of a modern person, which requires timely examination, study by specialists, as well as complex multi-stage treatment. Spray Generolon is suitable for local treatment, minoxidil in its composition provides a complete blood supply to the scalp, nutrition of hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth and strengthens them from the inside. It is only important to use the drug strictly according to the instructions, taking into account contraindications and optimal dosages.

The composition of the spray

The main active ingredient of Generolon is minoxidil. His spray contains 20 or 50 milligrams, depending on the concentration. The substance acts on the scalp in such a way that the vessels dilate, with the result that the hair follicles are better supplied with blood. Because of this, the growth of new curls is activated. In addition, minoxidil in the composition of the spray Generolon for hair helps to slow down or even stop their loss.

In addition to the main active ingredient in the tool contains auxiliary substances. These include a 96 percent ethanol alcohol solution, propylene glycol and plain water. These substances do not affect the growth of hair or stop their loss, they are only responsible for the consistency of the spray.

Manufacturers say that the drug is practically not absorbed through the skin into the blood. The proportion of what can still get into the body when spray applied to the scalp is minimal. She is only 3 percent. This makes Generolone safe for health.

Does it really help for hair growth, from falling out

Spray copes with androgenic type of baldness, which is also called "the male type." This is due to the fact that the body increases the amount of certain hormones. Alopecia is called androgenic, because it increases the level of those that are considered masculine. These hormones include testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

Similar baldness occurs in both sexes. It is usually expressed in hair loss at the temples and in the parietal part of the head. In women, baldness has a slightly different shape: at first, parting thins out, then the temporal parts of the hair are affected. Spray Generolon was developed by experts specifically to solve this problem, which is stated in the instructions for use.

Therefore, you should not count on the fact that the tool will be a panacea for all ills. Spray Generolon for hair is unlikely to help those from whom they fall because of fragility or because of pathologies of internal organs.

The drug effectively helps to deal with androgenic alopecia as follows:

  • thanks to the active substance Minoxidil, blood flow improves at the site of exposure,
  • spray helps block the harmful effects of androgens on hair follicles,
  • significantly reduces the body's activity in the production of 5-alpha reductase, which is the main culprit baldness.
Result before and after applying spray Generolon.

With regard to the use of the drug for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, the visible result will appear only after a long period of its regular use. The instructions for use of spray Spray Generol said that hair growth occurs at least four months after its daily use. In addition, it is important to apply the product on the curls twice a day.

Such a long wait for a visible result is due to the fact that the hair takes quite a long time to grow. Approximately during such a period, the follicle transitions from the resting phase to active growth. In addition, after the first few uses of Geneolon spray, it may seem that the opposite hair began to fall even more. But do not worry, because it is the norm. After all, old and weak hair should give way to new and young.

How to apply for women and men

The method of spraying hair on the hair is not particularly different for different genders. Spray Generalo for hair is not exclusively male, it can be used by women. The only thing that will differ when applied is localization. As a rule, for women, hair falls out more strongly in the parting area, and for men - at the back of the head. The rest of the mechanism for applying Generolon is no different and includes the following main points:

  • Fill the dispenser with the product.. If you get the spray out of the package, you will notice that the measuring pump and the nozzle are separate. It is necessary to open the tool by removing the cover. After installing the pump and dispenser on the bottle. Make four clicks so that the agent gets into the pump tank.
  • Spray on the skin of the head. Application of Generolon should begin with the central part, where there is alopecia. Rub the tool in the head is not required. There is also no need to flush it.
  • After the procedure, wash your hands.

It is important to comply not only with the technique of how to apply Geneolon spray, but also not to violate the recommended dosage. On the day, it is necessary to conduct a treatment session with a remedy twice, not exceeding the amount of 1 ml, or 7 taps per procedure.

Recommendations for use

To spray Generolon had a beneficial effect on the scalp, it is important to adhere to some additional rules:

  • means should be applied exclusively on the affected areas,
  • Avoid contact with mucous membranes, otherwise rinse immediately with water,
  • If there is no positive effect from the use of a two-percent solution, it is recommended to try increasing the concentration and using a 5% remedy,
  • you can wash your hair only 4-5 hours after applying the spray Generolon,
  • spray the drug should be on a clean and dry dermis,
  • If symptoms of allergies and side effects have begun to appear, you should stop using the drug,
  • it is recommended to consult a doctor before starting treatment and find out the causes of alopecia.

Look at the video about spray Generolon:

Cost of spray Generolon

The product is sold in pharmacies. The price of the drug depends on the concentration of the main active ingredient. A two-percent solution of Generolon will cost those wishing to regain hair density in about 400-500 rublesy. A bit more price for spray with increased concentration. Spray Generolon for a five-percent hair growth costs from 600 to 700 rubles. Price may vary depending on the place of sale of funds.

And here is more about cryotherapy for hair.

Generolon spray allows you to effectively deal with androgynous alopecia. Regular use of the tool will allow for a few months to reduce hair loss and return the head of hair. The drug shows the greatest effectiveness when it is used to treat baldness in the early stages, so it is important to start the procedures in a timely manner.

Pharmacological properties

The active substance of the spray with systemic use causes the stimulation of hair growth in men with baldness and guarantees such an effect:

  • improvement of microcirculation in the scalp, vasodilator effect,
  • stimulation of the transition of hair cells to the growing active phase,
  • changing the effects of androgens on hair follicles,
  • reducing the formation of 5-alpha dehydrosterone, which plays an important role in the formation of baldness.

The first signs of hair growth appear after 4 months or more of using the product. The degree and onset of the severity of the manifested effect vary in different patients. A solution with 20 mg of minoxidil has a less mild effect than a product with a content of 50 mg of the active substance. The maximum effect is achieved if:

  1. the disease is not more than 10 years
  2. young patients use the spray
  3. baldness in the crown is not more than 10 cm,
  4. In the center of the bald patch there are more than 100 terminal and downy hairs.

If you stop using the medicine, the growth of the new hairline will stop, and over the course of 3-4 months the original appearance will fully recover. The specific mechanism of action of a medical solution with the effective treatment of androgenic alopecia is unknown. The active substance Minoxidil does not work with complete baldness, which was caused by:

  • taking certain medications
  • violation of the diet (with a deficiency of vitamins A, iron),
  • as a result of the constant styling in the "tight" hairstyle.

If the remedy is applied externally, it is poorly absorbed through intact normal skin, only 1.5% of the entire dose enters the bloodstream. What influence on the degree of absorption of the main component of other associated skin pathologies is unknown. After discontinuation of the medication, 95% of the main substance entering into its composition and entering the circulatory system is eliminated for 4 days. Pharmacokinetics:

  • Minoxidil is excreted by the kidneys,
  • does not bind to plasma proteins
  • does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

Dosing and Administration

Hair Loss Spray Generolon is used externally. Regardless of the size of the area that requires treatment, a single dose unit can not exceed 1 ml. Spraying means is carried out using a special nozzle nozzle twice a day on the affected area of ​​the hair part of the head, starting from the center. After applying the solution, wash hands with soap. The total dose per day should not exceed 2 mg. If, after using a 2% solution, the effect is not achieved, a 5% drug will help to combat the problem.

The application of the drug is made only on dry skin. Flush it does not require. The first signs of hair growth appear after using the product for 4 months 2 times a day. For each patient, the result is manifested individually. Duration of treatment with Generolon is 12 months. Experts advise a second course of treatment after a pause of one to two months.

Rules of application

Using generolon, you should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Drug to use exclusively outwardly.
  2. Apply the product only on dry skin.
  3. Spray twice a day on the area prone to enhanced hair thinning. Start from the center of the affected area.
  4. For one application you need to do no more than 7 clicks.
  5. After treatment should not wet the skin for 4 hours.
  6. Spray spray should be carefully avoiding inhalation.
  7. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with running water.
  8. Wash hands after use.

Duration of use of the spray should be about 12 months. Wash hair during treatment with generolone should be as usual.

Attention! The use of makeup cosmetics is possible after drying the spray on the skin.

Effect of use

When using the solution, new hair begins to grow on the treated areas. At first they are more like a down. The manufacturer has designated that a noticeable effect will appear after 4 months of regular use of the product. However, many patients find the first results in themselves much earlier.

After six months of use of the drug, the grown hairs become thicker. After 12 months, women notice an increase in hair thickness, an increase in the length of the curls, and an improvement in the appearance of the hair.

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