Highlights on medium hair

If a woman decided to start everything from scratch and wants radical changes, then she has a great many ways.

You can lose weight, change style, find a new job, or just change hair style.

Because of this, you can quickly see yourself updated and rejuvenated, as well as be a new improved version of itself.

For those who are afraid to change drastically, highlighting is suitable.

With it, you can go from dark to light and from light gradually to its natural.

Consider the most appropriate options depending on the usual haircut for a woman.

Does highlighting look good on medium length haircuts?

All the advantages of highlighting are revealed to a large extent before owners of medium hair length. With his help You can arrange the accents you need and give the shearing volume, to create the appearance of solar overflows, you also can and should experiment with different color transitions.

If you have serious hair problems, such as sparse hair or bald patches, then highlighting will help you hide or reduce the visibility of the problem.

Even men sometimes resort to his help.

It is worth remembering that girls with dark hair need to carefully choose the color and number of strands because Strongly light strands on dark hair go far from everyone, or one should choose shades that are not too contrasting with the main color.

Many first lighten dark hair, and then make highlights. There are some disadvantages to medium-length hair coloring: this procedure will not be difficult to carry out at home, and subsequently there may be dry and split ends.

Dyeing techniques

There are a lot of types of highlighting, some of them are quite old and beloved, but new types are not lagging behind and are also gaining popularity.

The choice of technique and mode of highlighting depends on several factors, firstly, on the preferences of the client, on the length of the hair and on what result you want to get in the end, whether you want to bring the volume to your hairstyle or go from a light shade to a darker color.

Medium cascade

On this type of haircut will fit several types of highlighting.

    French highlighting.

This way of highlighting is the safest. In the course of coloring dyes without ammonia are used. Dyed curls create the effect of sun-bleached hair. The only nuance of this type of dyeing is that it should not be made to owners of a dark shade of light brown hair, since the effect on these hairs will not be visible. Partial (zonal) highlighting.

In this case, not all strands are lightened.

Lightens strands that are near the roots, around the face, bangs and tips.

This type of highlighting is done solely in order to give the hair volume. Brazilian-French coloring.

This highlighting is carried out in two stages, first the curls are lightened, and then they are given other shades. Ombre (degrade).

The meaning of this type of coloring in the transition from dark to lighter color, usually a dark shade is at the roots.

Initially, only two colors were used in coloring, but now experts can use up to several shades.

For this type of haircut fit the above methods of highlighting and a few others.

    Venetian highlighting.

More often this dyeing technique is used on dark hair. The most important feature of this coloring is the relief coloring of dark strands with light curls. You can not use too bright, flashy colors. Shatush.

At first glance, this technique is similar to the coloring of ombra, but when the shatusha turns out the effect of burnt hair and they are arranged chaotically. On very short haircuts, this type of coloring should not be done, as it will look out of place.

As well as the average square, you can paint elongated and graduated trimming of the square.

When dyeing this type of haircut, you can use a variety of shades, the best of all techniques here is suitable balayazh coloring.

This technique involves use 2 or 3 shades, but not more. With a smooth or abrupt transition.

In this technique, the master paints by hand, which primarily requires a considerable professionalism and creativity from him.

Many stars like to use this technique, for example, Australian actress Rose Byrne, Lauren Conrad, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and, of course, Erin Wasson.

  • For short haircuts with bangs well suited classic highlightingbecause there all strands are painted evenly and carefully. If the lines of the bangs are clearly visible, low-contrast is suitable.
  • Also for haircuts with bangs fit color highlighting using bright colors (especially vividly, this type of coloring looks on young girls).
  • Whatever type of coloring you choose, the main thing to remember is that it is better not to experiment on your appearance yourself and not to save, but to go to a proven master who will select the right colors for you. After all, a beautiful appearance is one of the main factors of female self-confidence.

    Hair Photos

    Here are photos of hairstyles with highlighting, such as graded car and others.

    A woman who is confident in her own irresistibility is a happy woman.

    Highlights on medium hair - the benefits

    Highlighting is a great way to refresh the image, making the hair color more multifaceted and deep. There is no need to drastically change the image. Beautiful colored strands will give your look complete and emphasize a sense of style. Highlighting has several advantages compared to conventional painting:

    • Suitable for long bob, cascading haircuts and any other hairstyles of medium length.
    • Visually smoothes out rough features and makes its color uniform.
    • It gives extra hair and visually makes hair thicker.
    • Suitable for girls and women of any age.
    • Allows you to hide gray hair.
    • It has a sparing effect, as only selective strands are colored.

    Partial staining of strands has one drawback, which is the complexity of the procedure. On medium-length hair it is very difficult to make highlights without the help of a master. In addition, many techniques require special knowledge and skills. And to get the desired result, it is important to know how to select shades. Therefore, highlighting is better to entrust an experienced master.

    How to make highlights on medium hair?

    Most often, such staining is performed using foil. After applying the paint, the strand on both sides is covered with foil and kept the composition during the time specified in the instructions. Much easier this procedure is performed using a special cap with holes. The cap is used mainly for short haircuts, but this method is also suitable for medium strand lengths. The main thing is to gently pull the strands through the holes so that the hair does not tangle.

    Another method of coloring is to use a special comb and brushes. Comb can evenly distribute the coloring composition. Brushes are used for blending borders between shades. Due to this, it is possible to create soft smooth color transitions.

    Highlights on medium-length blonde hair

    It is a mistake to suppose that highlighting is suitable only for dark and light brown hair. Blondes can also refresh their hair with this coloring. The most suitable techniques for light strands are:

    Mazhimesh performed similarly to the classic staining of selective strands. The only difference is that for painting using a special wax, and not the usual paint. Due to this, the harm caused to the curls is minimized.

    Reddish highlights

    Another option that is suitable for medium-length blonde hair is reddish highlights. If the natural blonde seems boring to you or you just tired of the same color, make such a coloring. Light-brown or even more blond hair is harmoniously combined with a golden-red color. To emphasize the saturation of the original color strands, use the dark shades of red and gold. And if you add a few strands of chocolate color, your hairstyle will look like from the cover of a glossy fashion magazine.

    California highlighting

    California technique provides the effect of strands that have burnt out in the sun. Foil or cap is not used for such staining. After the application of the coloring compositions, the strands contact with air. Due to this, it is possible to obtain an unsharp transition. The use of lighter shades on light strands allows you to make the color of the hair more interesting and rich.

    Classic shallow highlighting

    This technique is also called classic frequent highlighting. Its essence lies in the clarification of selective thin strands along the entire length. For painting, it is recommended to use shades that blend harmoniously with light brown strands:

    • golden blond
    • platinum blond
    • ashen,
    • wheat,
    • coffee with milk.

    The classic technique involves the use of several shades. To obtain a rich multifaceted color, it is recommended to use 2-4 shades. If the hair is damaged and depleted, it is better to confine yourself to frequent zone highlights. Its advantage is that the paint is applied only to the upper strands. The disadvantage of this type of painting is the inability to change parting.

    Another technique that combines perfectly with light brown curls of medium length. For coloring apply 4 shades (natural or bright contrast). The use of several shades allows you to create a smooth transition. In contrast to the classical technique, not the entire length of the strands is colored. As a result, the hairstyle looks natural and very stylish.

    French highlighting

    For owners of light brown hair of medium length, and this technique is suitable. It involves a delicate lightening strands. As a result, an effect similar to faded strands under the sun's rays is created. Sparing dyes are used for this painting technique. As a result, the hair looks well-groomed and "alive", an attractive sheen appears.

    Highlights on dark hair of medium length

    Partial coloring of dark strands of medium length allows you to create original, fresh and even bold images. With the help of several light shades, dark strands can be set off. The hairstyle will be voluminous, and the color - saturated. Different shades are suitable for dark hair:

    To create an organic natural image, it is necessary to take thin strands for coloring. Lovers of bold bright hairstyles can choose non-standard shades. On dark hair shades of yellow, pink, violet, blue look beautiful. Strands of these colors visually have a rejuvenating effect and emphasize the individuality of the owner of such a head of hair.

    Contrast highlighting

    For black and dark, close to black hair, this coloring technique will do. If you want to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of others, a contrasting color is what you need. Most often, bright red, orange and violet shades are used for such melirovka. These colors are the most universal, and therefore suitable for girls with any skin color and dark hair shade.

    A bolder image can be created with the help of blue and blue strands. These colors are suitable brunettes. Unlike the usual coloring, this technique does not involve feathering and the use of similar shades. On the contrary, there are strands of contrasting colors that are radically different from the original color of the hair.

    This technique is perfect for medium-sized dark strands. With its help it is possible to achieve the effect of beautiful curls, burnt in the sun. The essence of this technique is to stretch the color from dark to light. Transitions are made smooth. To make the hair brighter, you can use the dark tones for the root zone and the lightest for the tips of the strands. In some cases, paint is not applied to the roots at all. It all depends on the original color and the selected shades of paint.

    Highlights on medium hair - photo

    All the above techniques are presented in these photos. Using different techniques for the partial coloring of medium strands, it is possible to create different images. And thanks to the large choice of techniques, you will definitely find the one that is right for you.

    Highlights on medium hair - price

    Many girls are wondering - how much does the highlight on medium hair? The price depends largely on the status of the salon, the level of the master. Also the cost is influenced by the highlighting technique and the paints used.

    The minimum cost of highlighting for medium hair is 1 600-1 800 rubles. But at the choice of difficult labor-intensive equipment of such coloring the price will be much higher. If you use quality expensive paint and paint selective strands all over your head, expect to spend 2 500-3 500 rubles.

    Pros and cons of highlighting

    Highlighting on dark hair of medium length should be done after careful preparation. In a photo sample, a hairstyle may look chic, but in fact the dye can have a negative effect on the hair. Depending on the composition of the dye can significantly damage the hair structure.


    • when highlighting, the curls are less affected by the dye, because 25-35% of hair is dyed,
    • hairstyle becomes more spectacular
    • visually increases hair volume in women with short hair or sparse hair,
    • highlighting looks more natural than full staining,
    • well hides gray hair,
    • less striking difference at the roots when hair regrowth,
    • You can visit the salon less for adjustments.

    Along with the advantages of clarification has its drawbacks:

    • hair becomes dry and brittle,
    • highlighting requires periodic correction,
    • the separation of the strands and the application of the composition take a long time
    • it's hard to do by yourself
    • need to constantly use hair care products
    • strands may become yellow,
    • the use of hydrogen peroxide leads to loss of gloss and elasticity of the hair.

    Medium length hair

    Highlighting on dark hair of medium length - photo results clearly demonstrate the options for clarification. It will look good highlighting, made in California or American technology, as well as shatush. This color looks great on light brown hair.

    The procedure takes an average of about 2 hours.

    Highlighting is not recommended in the following cases:

    • in case of damage to the scalp (wounds, inflammation),
    • predisposition to allergies,
    • with the sensitivity of the scalp,
    • if a chemical or bio-perm has recently been done.

    On short hair

    Highlighting on short hair is a good way to give a hairstyle charm and appeal, but on darker strands it is more difficult to highlight than on light brown or red hair.

    First of all, you need to find a good master, who must carefully choose the shades and areas of staining. Experts advise women with dark curls to choose cool light or colorful warm colors.

    The main advantages of highlighting short hair:

    1. The ability to create the effect of a smooth transition of colors. To obtain the most natural look, it is necessary to apply paint on thin strands.
    2. A significant difference between bleached and regrown hair appears later than after full coloring.
    3. Highlighting causes less damage to hair than full staining.

    Highlights short hair:

    1. When dyeing the hair at the bottom, you need to add a shade brighter than the main tone of the hair.
    2. Provides for the use of two close shades at once, contrasting with the natural color.

    Popular highlighting techniques

    The main differences between different techniques:

    1. Lightening range. There is a coloring by zones and a classic version. The first technique is to color certain areas, and the second - tinted curls over the entire surface of the head. The brightness of the shades depends on the thickness of the strands.
    2. Paint tone. The procedure can be done according to the classical scheme (the color of the paint is chosen to be lighter compared to the natural hair color) or the reverse technique (it implies coloring the curls in darker colors).
    3. The composition of coloring tools. Impact on strands can be intense or more gentle. Paints with ammonia damage the hair more.
    4. Technique of. There are about 20 types of highlighting.

    Partial (zonal)

    Highlighting involves coloring individual areas and looks good on dark hair of medium length. The photo shows different hairstyles.

    Under the influence of the dye fall only individual curls. For a natural effect, partial dyeing is done with a soft transition of tones. The procedure is able to visually add volume to a hairstyle and a unique play of shades.

    Rare highlighting is different in that the strands have contrasting shades and are clearly pronounced. The tinted parts are spaced apart. It is performed on the curls of any color with colorful or inconspicuous tones.

    Hair does little damage due to the small areas of paint application using foil. For sparse hair is not recommended, because visually increase the volume in this way will not work.

    Frequent highlighting has gained popularity relatively recently. The method involves lightening 45-60% of hair. The remainder is left natural or lightweight tinted. The technique is performed using a hat with holes. Through the holes pull out small strands and lighten them.


    • a good option for women who tolerate dyes poorly, since they barely touch the hair roots,
    • disguises gray hair,
    • helps to create natural shades with a gentle method.


    • takes a long time - about 6 hours
    • It is undesirable to do after a recent hair coloring.

    Reverse highlighting is suitable for women who want to return their natural, darker and more saturated tone. Also, the method adjusts the shade after unsuccessful coloring.

    The technique will help to change a light hair color to a darker one with no visible border between the regrown and colored areas. Strands are selected in the traditional way, then they are tinted in a close natural shade.


    When American highlighting for the visual increase in the mass of hair and create glare used from 2 to 5 shades. Use both red tones, and other shades of a color palette.

    There are also purple, lilac, yellow glare on the hair. American highlighting provides not only bright and contrasting colors, staining is also done using soft colors.


    Highlights on dark hair of medium length in the Venetian style is popular. In the photo you can see that the hair becomes radiant and luxurious. The technique of its implementation is very similar to the Californian melirovaniem, but the difference is that the Venetian technique is designed to dye dark curls and creates the effect of strands burned in the sun.

    The procedure consists in applying preparations that brighten 2-3 tones to curls without separating them from the entire volume of hair, which contributes to a soft transition from artificial color to natural.


    Highlighting in Brazil is to lighten the strands, which will seem to be burned out. The technology of coloring is quite complicated, because it is necessary to choose the right coloring matter and apply alternately in several stages.

    Brazilian highlighting is performed as follows:

    1. To obtain warm shades of honey, beige or cognac, the curls are lightened by 5 tones.
    2. Then do tinted stained strands of dark paint, with a darker color should be obtained at the roots than at the tips. In the process used from 2 to 6 shades.

    Black curls emphasize the depth of the hairstyle, its distinctness and volume, and also well frame the oval of the face, distinguish its cheekbones. For the visual reduction of age, chocolate tones are used for narrow or wide strands.

    Reddish colors look good both independently and in combination with black. There are other, but not so fashionable shades for highlighting. The main thing is to pick them up in accordance with your fantasies and not be afraid of experiments.

    Ombre has a soft or sharp color transition in the vertical direction, most often from dark to light. Apply 2 tones, sometimes use the third - transition. Looks harmoniously on artificially brightened blondes who want to return to their hair color. Creates the effect of burnt ends.


    • promotes revitalization of hairstyles sparing method
    • you can not go to a hairdresser for up to 3 months,
    • suitable for any haircuts.

    Balayazh - highlighting by zones. The technique is to lighten some parts of the hair, for example, the back of the head or temporal area.

    Looks good on long haircuts and short with ragged tips. This gentle procedure without the use of ammonia is suitable for both brunettes and fair-haired girls.

    Shatush - tinting individual strands with a brush without separating them from the remaining mass of hair. Differs smooth transitions from darker roots to clarified tips.

    Suitable for young ladies with any color curls.

    It is only necessary to successfully pick up the blond shade.


    Booking is a combination of two colors: blond and brown. Apply several similar tones from a golden-chocolate palette with a small addition of light shades.

    When brondirovanii clarified curls can differ by 2-3 tones. Curls are painted evenly at a small distance from the roots and with intense lightening at the crown to give the effect of burnt strands.


    Coloring is the coloring of curls in different colors. It happens partial or complete. The technology involves hair coloring in contrasting shades of a relatively natural color. To obtain the desired result, colors are used darker or lighter than the original.

    Coloring classification:

    When coloring, you can work freely with blond hair or with hair that was previously streaked.

    The process involves the use of different shades of dyes.

    It has its advantages:

    • natural color shimmers and comes to life,
    • on long curls creates a smooth color transition,
    • hair volume increases
    • hiding gray
    • shade of colored curls varies depending on the lighting.

    Trendy colors and shades

    Nowadays, natural shades are fashionable. The game of colors is very popular, allowing to emphasize the natural look of hair. It is advisable to determine what color range is suitable for the face: cold or warm, and choose the tone based on this.

    The best result is obtained when using shades that are in the range of 2-3 tones of the same color range. An excellent solution would be chocolate, blond, coffee, copper, wheat or chestnut tones.

    To express a bright personality, we use highlighting using contrasting colors, for example:

    • lilac, sand and coffee,
    • blue and platinum
    • purple and orange
    • dark chocolate and golden wheat,
    • eggplant and pink,
    • gray and turquoise.

    How to make highlighting at home

    A lady with elementary hair coloring skills can perform highlighting on her own.

    To do the procedure at home, you need to prepare such items:

    • rubber gloves,
    • wooden comb,
    • paint brush
    • hairpins,
    • cape
    • glass container for mixing paint,
    • bleaching powder or powder
    • oxidative composition
    • foil or special hat with crochet,
    • cotton wool.

    If highlighting is done without assistance, then you need to sit between a pair of large mirrors. This will create excellent visibility from the back and front. To get glare on strands of any size, you can use a toothbrush instead of a brush. Masters recommend dividing the hair into 12 segments for easy processing. Then you need to quickly apply bristle paint on the selected curls.

    Cotton swabs are placed under the bottom of the tinted parts to protect the remaining strands from paint. When dyeing regrown roots, the mixture is applied only to them. At the end of the procedure, the hair is thoroughly rinsed with running water and the care products are applied.

    With a hat

    The easiest way that even beginners can do on their own. It is desirable that the hair was not longer than 15 cm.

    Highlighting on dark hair of medium length can be done with a cap.

    You can make this accessory from a rubber swimming cap by yourself. For this purpose, holes with a diameter of 0.5 to 1 cm are evenly cut through it.

    Coloring method step by step:

    • cover the shoulders with old clothes or a cape,
    • put on a hat
    • using a thin comb handle, arbitrarily pull the strands out of the slots (their width and number depend on the desired effect),
    • to paint curls,
    • wait 15-45 minutes
    • do not remove the cap, wash the bleached strands,
    • then wash your hair and apply balm.

    Highlighting on dark hair of medium length is easy to perform with the help of foil. The photo clearly shows that this process is very simple.

    Methodology step by step:

    1. Throw a cape over your shoulders.
    2. If you use food foil, it is desirable to cut it into cannons 25 cm longer than the hair. The end of each piece must be turned inwards by 0.5-1 cm. This fold prevents the dye from leaking onto the skin of the head and nearby strands.
    3. Prepare a brightening compound.
    4. Divide hair into zones. Each of them pinned with a clip.
    5. Using a comb, select the middle strand.
    6. Slip a strip of foil over it. The pocket should be placed at the base of the hair.
    7. Apply the coloring composition.
    8. Fold the foil in half or cover the hair with another cut.
    9. Pull back 2 cm and color the next strand.
    10. Thus treat all hair.
    11. Wait 30 minutes, rinse with water.
    12. Remove the foil, wash your hair with shampoo and allow to dry naturally.

    By hand

    If you do highlighting by hand, then the lightening paint should be applied to washed slightly damp hair. The head must be bent down and manually apply a brightening compound evenly onto the selected strands of hair. Hold for a while and wash with shampoo.

    If you do the tint with a comb, then it is desirable to apply the paint on dry unwashed hair. First, comb the hair carefully, then take a comb with sparse teeth, cover it with a brightener and easily comb the hair. Withstand the required time and wash in the usual way. The disadvantage of the technique is that the strands are colored unevenly.

    They produce special nozzles to effectively do such procedures.

    Almost all girls are suitable for highlighting dark hair of medium length. You can safely conduct experiments in any style and use a variety of shades. In the photo you can see options with lightening or darkening strands, bright contrast effects.

    The average length of the hairstyle is convenient in that it is possible to apply dyes in different ways: with a cap, foil, by hand. In any case, the hair will become more voluminous, shiny, alive and change the appearance for the better.

    Video about highlighting on medium-length dark hair

    How do we highlight dark hair, find out in the video clip:

    How is Venetian highlighting, find out in the video clip:

    What types of highlights are suitable

    Classic. The method is successfully applied to the curls of any length and color. Strands lighten the entire head.

    Zonal and partial. The first option involves focusing on one part of the hair (bangs, tips), so it looks good on the square with lengthening and without. Partial highlighting is the selection of several separate curls, very often - on the face.

    Veil. Without exaggeration: the technique elegantly adorns the hair of medium length, including torn, graduated haircuts. Suitable for framing cascade. In the glare of the sun looks like a nearly weightless cape thrown over his head. To do this, strands are only streaked in the upper part of the head of hair.

    Balayazh. It is optimal for dark-haired girls, but it is often practiced on blond hair of medium and more significant length. The method of painting - applying a brush wide horizontal strokes, similar to the sweep of a broom. Only tips are processed.

    Shatush. It has similarities with the previous technique, but strands are clarified in any order. The resulting effect creates the illusion of natural hair, burned on a hot beach.

    Venetian or Californian. Both methods of melirovki resemble shatush. The first is used for dark curls, the second - for blonde. For painting take a few tones, thanks to which the hairstyle will look as if it is brightened not by a hairdresser, but by the sun.

    Booking. A suitable option for medium hair, because the length of 15 centimeters is already an opportunity to demonstrate the beautiful natural gradient characteristic of the technology. For highlighting take shades of natural range.

    Brazilian. Emphasizes the natural beauty of blond hair. Soft play from dark roots to bright ends look very natural and stylish.

    American. Reminds coloring, in which usually dominates the red, fiery, copper palette. The number of colors - 3-5.

    French. Fits straight and curly hair shades of blond and blond, making them even lighter. Stylists call technology one of the most benign types of hair highlighting of medium, short and considerable length.

    Ombre. It has a lot of variants, so it is often used on medium curls. The classic of the genre is a dark basal zone and lightened edges, although the use of various, including contrasting colors is possible.

    Color (creative, extravagant). Already from the name you can understand that the owner of this hairstyle will not go unnoticed. On the elongated square, cascade, other haircuts with bangs red, purple, pink, blue and other bright strands will look very original. So that the result of highlighting medium-length hair is successful, a sense of measure and taste is required.

    Reverse. The technology is irreplaceable if you need to return to your native hair color without tiring curls. Especially when the hairstyle more than suits you. It helps to look well-groomed, if after repeated highlighting of medium-length hair, the picture does not look clear.

    By the way. On the gray hair more often the usual practice fashionable technique of "salt and pepper." Thin strands are painted in white-gray-black gamut. Transitions between shades make invisible.Similar highlighting is considered difficult and long.

    One of the main questions that interests many girls is the cost of highlighting medium hair in the salon.

    The total amount is influenced by factors of an objective nature (the professionalism of the master, the location of the institution), as well as the subjective preferences of the client (the complexity of the technique, the number of selected colors). In general, shading curls shoulder-length will cost 2000-3000 rubles.

    The cheapest service is offered in hairdressing salons located in the regions (about 800 rubles). In the capital, professional coloring with thin strands, different colors or a complex method (Californian, shatush, balayazh) is estimated at up to 8-10 thousand rubles.

    Haveknowing how much it costs to highlight medium hair in a salon, women decide to carry out the procedure themselves. In this case, objective factors will not play a role, since everything will depend only on the amount of personal financial investments in the venture. The average price of the clarifier is about 200 rubles. Approximately the same amount must be paid for oxygenator. Also consider additional expenses for highlighting medium length hair - tinting paint, other tools and materials (capacity, brush, gloves, foil).

    What shades and colors are used

    When highlighting the hair of medium length, it is important not only to choose the technology of coloring, but also to determine the palette of shades. In this case, the knowledge of one's color type is useful. To determine the affiliation to any of them will help the consultation of a professional stylist or self-testing.

    A girl with a winter or summer type will suit a cold gamut, with a spring or autumn one a warm one. Tones that do not match with your original hair color and color type will negate all efforts to create a beautiful highlighting on the middle curls.

    On light

    A wide choice of colorings for highlighting hair of medium length is the advantage of fair-haired girls. You can take golden, honey or wheat, if the test determines that your type of appearance - "spring". The cold palette in the form of a pearl, ashen, pearl or platinum will suit the owner of the summer color type.

    Highlighting on the curls of light brown color can be carried out with the use of hazel, dark brown, beige. If you want to experiment with creative tones, pink, turquoise, lilac and others will do.

    Highlighting on dark hair of medium length requires mandatory bleaching (perhaps even after several procedures), and only then toning like shade. Owners of chestnut curls can choose shades of gold, amber, brandy, honey and copper. To make the original color more profound, expressive, as well as to emphasize the dignity of appearance will help partial lightening only bangs or strands of the face.

    On dark blond hairs look good platinum, ashy. If you want to highlight the black hair, take a different tone of chocolate color scheme, as well as chestnut, bronze, currant, caramel or honey, mahogany. Brunettes and brown-haired women can use ashy and gray shades, but only if nature has awarded them white skin without flaws and bright eyes. Of the bright colors are perfect red, purple, blue and their shades.

    Council In order not to get too carried away with the discoloration of the strands, you can make highlighting on the dark hair of medium length in the form of a gentle balaja or shatusha. Techniques can be applied to different haircuts, including the cascade.

    Necessary tools and preparations

    To make your dreams of beautiful highlighting at home a reality, you need to prepare in advance for the procedure. At the right moment you should have at hand:

    • lightening drug. It can be powder, powder, paint, cream,
    • oxidizer for it. Do not use 12%, otherwise due to inexperience you can severely damage the hair. In general, the following rule applies: the darker the curls, the higher the concentration of oxygenator for highlighting the hair of medium and any other length,
    • paint for further tinting (if necessary),
    • balm or mask,
    • set of combs: with rare and frequent teeth,
    • old clothes or hair dressing,
    • gloves,
    • towel,
    • foil - special hairdresser or food. Pre-cut it into strips 10 centimeters wide. The length should be 2 times the length of the curls + have 0.5 or 1 centimeter for the "pocket" (bend on the matte side to maintain the indentation in the root zone). It is possible to prepare 2 identical pieces of foil for each strand, which will coincide in length with the hair,
    • clips, invisible hairpins, rubber bands,
    • narrow brush. Alternative - sponge or applicator,
    • glass or porcelain container. Metallic can not be taken to avoid chemical reaction with the composition. On the plastic may remain indelible traces of the drug.

    According to reviews, for highlighting hair of medium length requires about 50-60 milliliters of dye and about twice the oxidizer.

    Highlighting techniques

    On the curls with a length of 10-15 centimeters do not use the traditional, but already slightly obsolete method of dyeing through the cap, because when pulling through the holes the strands may be confused. The best solution for medium hair will be dyeing the foil:

    1. Carefully comb the dry hair, washed as recently as 2-3 days ago (a thin fatty film will protect against the effects of aggressive chemical paint components).
    2. Divide into several zones: 4-8, depending on the density of curls. Secure each one separately using a clip.
    3. Put on a hairdresser's dressing gown / bathrobe / other clothes that you don’t wish to get dirty. Gloves - a must!
    4. Prepare the clarifying preparation, being guided by the instruction from the producer.
    5. Dissolve the hair in the back of the head, form thin strands of it.
    6. On the matte side of the piece of foil, draw a narrow strip with a brush and brightener.
    7. Place the blank under the first strand so that the “pocket” is under the roots.
    8. Paint the hair with quick brush / sponge movements upwards.
    9. Fold the edges of the strip or lay the same piece of foil / film on top.
    10. Fix the resulting envelope with an invisible hairpin.
    11. Similarly, grind the remaining strands in the neck, then on the sides. Top and fringe - last.
    12. For convenience, fix the hairpins and those curls that you miss between the highlights.
    13. Soak up exactly the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer of the composition.
    14. Proceed to flushing the clarifier. This should be done in the same sequence in which the hair was dyed.
    15. Carefully unwrap each envelope and rinse the curl without removing the foil. So you keep the clarity of the picture.
    16. After removing all the foil, rinse your head well again.
    17. The final stage - the application of a balm or mask.

    Attention! If necessary, you can repeat the clarification procedure after a few days. If you are satisfied with the result, toned hair with selected paint.

    Highlighting hair of medium length can be done with a comb. For this:

    1. Comb the curls, simultaneously forming several parts of them (4-8). Secure each zone separately.
    2. Dress in old clothes or slip on a waterproof peignoir.
    3. Wear gloves while preparing gloves.
    4. On the teeth of the comb, apply a little of the composition.
    5. Gently run a ridge on the occipital strands, starting from the roots. Try not to interrupt the movement.
    6. Wrap the foiled hair in foil and proceed to the next section. The pattern of movement is the same: from the neck to the crown.
    7. Wait until the time specified in the clarifier’s manual has passed.
    8. Wash your head and moisten it with a balm or mask.

    When highlighting on a comb the main instrument should be with rare teeth.

    To create the popular effect of regrown roots when highlighting on medium hair, you can use ordinary elastic bands:

    • comb the curls, divide by zones,
    • each with a rubber band, forming small tails,
    • After completing the standard procedures (dressing up, mixing the chemical composition), paint the areas from gum to tips,
    • after a while, wash the paint, remove the clips,
    • Rinse the hair once again and apply a mask or balm on it.

    The "veil" technique is another way of beautiful highlighting, ideal for shoulder-length strands. Step-by-step process:

    1. Well comb your hair, separate the upper part and slaughter the bottom, so as not to interfere.
    2. Decide on the curls that are going to lighten. Remember: they must be subtle. For a set, it is convenient to use the darning method, in which at first hair bundles of 1.5-2 centimeters wide are formed, and then, in a checkerboard pattern, thin strands are no more than 4 millimeters thick.
    3. Put the selected parts immediately on the foil, and pin the rest with clamps or clamps.
    4. Having processed thus all top part, put on gloves and a dressing gown, prepare the clarifying structure.
    5. Apply a little of the drug on a piece of foil, lay on it a few strands, selected from their wide curl.
    6. Paint them, cover with another such strip.
    7. Tighten and lock the edges of the foil.
    8. Do the same with the rest of the prepared strands. Work at an accelerated pace: thin curls lighten not for long.
    9. After 10-20 minutes, remove the foil and wash the drug. The exposure time depends on the structure of your hair and the recommendations of the manufacturer of paint.
    10. Apply a balm or mask on the hair.
    11. If necessary, a few days toned strands.

    Features care after

    Regardless of whether the highlighting is done on medium, short or long curls, after the procedure you should arrange your hair especially careful care. After all, the aggressive chemical components of the clarifier somehow influenced the structure of the hairs, making them more vulnerable to various environmental factors.

    To get started pick up a special cosmetics for colored strands. Shampoo, balm, conditioner, mask and other means will help to preserve the color of the hair, additionally moisturize the curls and will promote their speedy recovery.

    Follow the basic rules that are the same for your hair before and after highlighting:

    • Use warm, not hot water for washing your hair. At the end, rinse your hair cold,
    • do not go to bed with wet strands, but do not brush them immediately after removing the towel,
    • avoid metal scallops,
    • trim the tips periodically.

    Take care of your hair from the sun and chlorine. Wear hats for the weather and wear a swimming cap in the pool. Do not plan a perm immediately after highlighting the hair of medium length, take a 4-week break between treatments. Put the styler away. ironing curling iron. Using a hairdryer, turn on a stream of cold air.

    Council If you can’t imagine your image without curls, at least temporarily replace hot tools with safe methods of curling: cocktail tubes, socks, papilotki and other improvised means.

    Highlighting hair of medium length has many options for color combinations and techniques of execution. It is not easy to perform the procedure at home, especially if you choose a complicated technique for the opening staining. Remember: the result of mearing on straight and curly strands, a cascade, an extended four or other haircut will look original only if the technology is adhered to.

    And this is only true if the curls are not damaged, not weakened. If they break, split, or give you trouble with increased dryness, first treat the hair, then to perform a spectacular, beautiful highlights.

    Why exactly highlight the medium length

    Highlighting is a wonderful option for girls who are afraid of dramatically changing their image, but at the same time want to look interesting and fashionable. With it, you can gradually turn into a blonde from a brunette. A coloring and reverse technique, on the contrary, allow the blonde to gradually return to the original color or go into dark shades. What are the advantages of highlighting the average length?

    • Suitable for any haircuts: bob, elongated bean, cascade, ladder, asymmetrical hairstyles. Emphasizes the shape of the haircut, its features and puts accents. It is wonderfully combined with straight and curly curls, ideal for both thick and rare hair.
    • The combination of several shades allows you to make hair of medium length more voluminous. Also highlighting will help hide small bald areas and gray hair. Against the background of light strands, they will not be very noticeable.
    • At medium length, you can make any variant of highlighting, in contrast to short haircuts. For example, the classic coloring with small strands or create a sunny play, interesting color transitions and highlight highlights.
    • Highlighting is suitable for absolutely everyone, young girls and mature women, regardless of the shape of the face and body. Some guys also do several contrasting strands in their hairstyles, adding personality to the exterior.

    The disadvantages of highlighting at this length include the complexity of the procedure. At home, not everyone can make highlighting under his power, so a visit to the master will be required. And this entails a certain amount of time and money. Also, no one is immune from damage, dry and split ends, which is also not very nice.

    What hairstyles fit this coloring?

    Many people do not dare to color the strands, fearing that the hair will look ridiculous or even funny. It is necessary to dispel this myth. Medium length hair is ideal for a highlighting procedure.

    It is suitable for absolutely all hairstyles of medium length, both with bangs and without them. The main thing is to choose the right color combination and coloring technique.

    If you do not have experience in the color scheme (combination of color palette), then the best option to choose a color palette is to seek help from a professional stylist or hairdresser.

    American (Californian)

    It is one of the safest strand coloring methods. It is based on creating the effect of “sun-bleached hair”, when the roots are painted in brighter tones, and the tips are 2-3 tones lighter. Also use intermediate colors to create a softer transition. This style is ideal for owners of dark and red hair.

    French (mazhimish)

    This color is the safest, because when it is carried out using a dye composition without ammonia content. By technology, it is similar to the California style, as it uses the effect "Sun-bleached hair"but not from the roots, but with whole strands, which are colored a few tones lighter than the base color. This style is suitable for owners of blond and fair hair.

    Degrade (ombre)

    This style is a double coloration (of roots and tips) with a clear or blurred border. It uses colors contrasting with each other. Due to the fact that when coloring is used a huge color palette, the degradat will suit both holders of red and dark hair, and blond hair.

    It is based on the coloring of individual sections of the scalp. This is a surface staining. Often color bangs, strands of temples and tips. This style is ideal for owners of light brown and light colors. He also looks good on dark hair.


    The most common style of coloring.It is based on the coloring of the entire length of the strand in one color. Only the frequency and width of the coloring is different. Classic highlighting is suitable for owners of all tones of hair, as well as any age category.

    With this kind of coloring, the reverse color effect is produced.

    Suitable for light and light brown tones.

    It can be used on red and dark colors, but the pigment composition of such strands is very stable, therefore ammonia dyes have to be used to change color, and this has a negative effect on the health of hair.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    This dyeing technique is very popular due to sets of positive moments, namely:

    • Effectively hides sagging and separate gray hairs.
    • Medium-length hair does not require a large amount of dye when coloring.
    • It is necessary to update the color no more than once every 3-4 months (for some styles of performance - up to six months), since regrown roots do not spoil the overall appearance of the hair.
    • Visually added to the volume of hair.
    • The dyes used in the procedure do not contain ammonia (except for some products), they are based on oils and nutrients that enrich the hair with useful microelements and make them smooth and manageable.
    • Highlighting transforms the appearance, but does not fundamentally change it.
    • This coloring technique is suitable for any age category (by the way, in old age, highlighting, visually rejuvenates a person).

    Along with the above benefits, The procedure has several disadvantages:

    • If the staining is carried out independently, it is difficult to achieve the result, which is obtained from a professional hairdresser.
    • After coloring, careful care of the scalp is necessary.
    • Highlighting is a more laborious process than regular coloring, which takes longer.
    • After using basma or henna, coloring causes significant damage to the curls.
    • The procedure can be carried out a month after dyeing the entire hairline.
    • Not suitable for weak, brittle and lifeless hair.

    Even if there are flaws, do not abandon the staining procedure, which will help you transform your appearance. The negative aspects of the procedure are more than superimposed by a great result.

    Features of highlighting

    To begin, let's hasten to warn all those who like home experiments - highlighting for short haircuts is recommended to be done only in hairdressing salons and only among professional colorists. The fact is that the selection of colors and zones for coloring requires special care and extensive experience. In all other respects, dyeing short hair is not much different from medium or long hair. Masters do not limit the women of fashion neither in the techniques of performance, nor in the color palette. Now women have both traditional light colors and original bright colors. To choose the right tone, you need to take into account the color type. For example, girls with dark curls are ideally suited for light cold and warm bright tones. But blond and blonde can safely experiment with dark colors.

    Staining benefits

    Short female haircuts with highlights are in great demand among the most avid fashionistas. This popularity is very simple to explain - this procedure has many advantages:

    • Helps to create a bright memorable image
    • Makes rough facial features softer and softer,
    • Visually increases the pomp and density of curls,
    • Stresses the outline of the haircut,
    • Beautifully emphasizes the natural tone of the hair,
    • Suitable for any color hair,
    • It creates the effect of a smooth transition of shades, especially if the master takes thin strands,
    • Harm less hair, does not affect the roots,
    • Does not require frequent corrections, which saves both time and money.

    Variations on short highlighting

    In hairdressing, there are several types of highlighting for short hair. Consider each one of them.

    Most often, a mamesh is performed on a light or light brown basis. During the procedure, the master lightens the strands, departing from their roots. A significant advantage of this coloring is the use of ammonia-free formulations, which minimizes the negative effect of dye on the health of the hair.

    Color highlighting Peek-a-Boo helps to create a very durable volume. The main feature of this technique is dyeing the bottom hairstyle in dark or bright colors. Often, saturated shades, contrasting with the main head of hair, also provide bangs or temples.

    Stylish haircuts, painted in the style of two-tone, wonderful fit bold young girls. This technique can be safely applied even on very short hair. It is only necessary to choose two shades from one color palette, which would stand out sharply against the background color.


    Diagonal highlighting is one of the most original methods to emphasize the beauty of natural hair through colorful contrasts. At the request of the client, the colorist can paint the hair in one or several tones. Looks stylish and original!

    Bright strands

    Female hairstyles with bright strands look original, bold and very beautiful. You can make a colorful accent all over the head or only in one zone. This technique is perfectly combined with long bangs and elongated front curls.

    Tips to help you make highlighting for short hair:


    High contrast or highlighting in non-standard colors is an ideal choice for those who are not afraid to find themselves in the center of attention. The original combination of bright strands looks quite extravagant and is suitable for both young girls and quite adult ladies. When painting this type, the most unexpected tones are used. Of particular demand is the duet of dark hair with lightened curls.

    Important! When working with hair in the majicontrast technique, ammonia dyes and rather strong brighteners are used - they can damage the health of the hair.

    Fine feathering is the most famous and most common. By the way, it is often used at home. During the procedure, a special cap or a regular bag with holes cut through it is put on the head, through which the hook or the tip of the comb and draw the strands. Next, they put the paint the desired shade, wait for the desired period and simply wash off with water.

    Important! If you decide to reproduce this procedure yourself, do not remove the cap until the colored strands dry properly. Only then can you get rid of this “accessory” and wash your hair with shampoo.


    Partial highlighting of hair, made in the technique of glazing, looks very beautiful. To get such a stunning effect, the hair before the session is laid in the form of a hedgehog. The dye mixture itself should be applied by hand and spread along the strands with light massage movements. As a rule, the procedure is repeated a couple of times.

    Highlighting different haircuts

    Different short haircuts fit a certain type of highlighting:

    • A caret in the shape of a hat is a classic version,
    • Long caret - balayazh or veil in any color,
    • Bob with asymmetry - contrast staining,
    • Pixie - any type of bright creative highlighting,
    • The short cascade is Californian or American.

    What is this coloring and to whom it suits?

    By contrasts, highlighting can have absolutely any shades. - depending on the wishes of women. But the basis of any technology is the creation of color contrast on the hair through lightening or tinting of individual strands.

    Rare highlighting is suitable for owners:

    • Short haircuts.
    • Hairstyles of medium length.
    • Long hair

    If you choose a palette of paint, close to the natural color, you can get attractive gradient transitions on the curls. Contrasting and bright shades will make the initial hair tone more expressive. At will, it is possible to color only one certain zone - the top part or tips of hair.

    The purpose of creating rare bleached strands is to obtain the effect of burnt curls. It successfully decorates the hairstyle of dark-haired women. Now in the trend of naturalness, naturalness, which is fully reflected in the styles and images offered by fashionable stylists.

    Is it worth doing dark hair?

    Rare bleached strands on dark hair look attractive and natural, if you do not use radically bright light colors. It is better for such girls to choose those colors that will not create pronounced contrast:

    • Cognac.
    • Copper.
    • Caramel
    • Chestnut.
    • Coffee with milk.

    An exception may be the toning of very dark hair with bright strands - this is an extravagant and bold decision, not everyone will dare to do so.

    How to choose a color?

    Choosing shades for dark hair:

      For black hair, you will have to heavily provide your hair in order to get light strands, or to use shades that are close to the natural color. Girls with black hair from nature belong to the cold color type, so the choice of color should be appropriate. Suitable:

    • burgund,
    • copper,
    • bronze,
    • coffee,
    • Brown color.
  • For brunettes and brown-haired women. Gentle highlighting with rare strands is ideal for brown-haired women. They can choose:

    • golden tones
    • chocolate,
    • caramel,
    • chestnut,
    • honey shades.
  • Ashy-dark brown hair has a girl cold color type. If the skin is light, then silvery light strands will look attractive in a hairstyle. If the woman is dark, then it is better to choose a warm tone.
  • The highlighting procedure is performed no more than once a month. It is difficult to perform at home alone, but you can learn. Stages of staining:

    1. Comb your hair well.
    2. Separate the required amount of 3-4 millimeters thick.
    3. Paint them with highlighted strands.
    4. Gently wrap in foil so that the paint does not get on the other hair.
    5. After 25 minutes, unwrap and rinse.

    The ways of highlighting, depending on the desired result, can be as follows:

    • With the help of a cap with holes through which the strands are pulled and painted.
    • With the help of foil.
    • With the use of a special comb - first paint is applied to it, and then to the hair.

    Who better not to do?

    It is worth refraining from the procedure in the following cases:

    • If not so long ago, hair was colored with aggressive agents or henna. You need to be patient for about a month. Otherwise, the interaction of dyes can give an unpredictable result.
    • After perm - for the same reason.
    • When hormonal adjustment:

    1. use of hormones
    2. pregnancy,
    3. critical days,
    4. lactation.

    On such days, the result may not be the best.

  • After a serious illness and taking antibiotics. You must wait until the body is restored.
  • Rare highlighting is a great way to make an image updated, fresh and attractive. With proper selection of color and technique of coloring, the result will improve the appearance, make the hair visually thicker and emphasize all the advantages of the face.

    Through the cap

    This is an ideal staining method known since the appearance of highlighting. It is based on the use of a special cap with holes that fits tightly on pre-combed hair. Through the holes, with the help of a hook, separate strands are taken, which are then painted and insulated for a while. (usually 20-30 minutes) polyethylene and a towel. Thus, the paint penetrates the hair structure better, becoming fixed in it.

    Using foil

    Also quite a convenient way to help visually assess those strands that need to be dyed. It is based on the use of foil (or special paper), which is placed under the strand, and paint is applied over it. Then the foil is sealed with a colored curl so as not to lift the flow of the coloring composition.

    The pieces of foil used for highlighting should be 2 times longer than hair and 10-15 cm wide.

    With the help of a stripper

    Many have not even heard such a name “stripper”, not to mention the technique of the procedure with his participation.

    A stripper is a special barber comb that has a rare tooth pitch and a special compartment for coloring matter.

    The stripper is filled with paint, put strands that need to be dyed, between its teeth and spend them along the entire length of the curls. He regulates the flow of paint on the hair. It turns out pretty quickly, and very convenient.

    Care Tips

    Highlighting is also a coloring, only affecting a smaller amount of hair. But still, after its holding, the hair requires a certain care. Listed below A few tips to follow if you want to keep your hair healthy:

    1. Regularly use nutritious hair masks (twice a week will be enough).
    2. Try to use as little as possible thermal devices (hair dryers, curling irons, tongs, irons, etc.).
    3. Stop using hair care products containing alcohols, alkalis, sulphates and other aggressive chemicals.


    Highlighting hair of medium length is one of the best solutions for transforming your style. It will allow you to emphasize your naturalness, refresh your appearance and give a highlight. If you do not want fundamental changes, then this is what you need. Choose the right color combinations and style of performance, as well as follow the rules of care after the procedure, and your hair will constantly delight you with its health and beauty.

    Secrets of highlighting

    In order to dye the strands on medium hair look vibrant and dynamic, it is important to choose the right shades. Highlighting can be done in one color, but the haircut looks much more interesting when 2-5 tones are used. With proper selection of colors, the hairstyle will look lively, voluminous, and the color deep.

    It is also important to know that the most difficult is to highlight dark hair. If one color is used without transitional tones and shading, then such a contrast looks rough and will suit not every girl. Also, dark hair is more difficult to discolor, so it can give not very pleasant red and straw ebb, and preliminary lightening negatively affects the state of curls. Therefore, on dark hair, it is desirable to choose options that do not involve frequent correction and repainting.

    With light and light brown hair of medium length, everything is much simpler, any shades fit perfectly on them, and you can use gentle colors without ammonia. In addition, for blonde girls there are many interesting techniques, for example, Brazilian or Californian highlighting. They create a natural play on the hair and do not require frequent correction, which is also a significant plus.

    Cap, tassel or foil?

    Highlighting the medium length of light or dark strands is mainly done on the foil. The technique is rather laborious and it is difficult to make dyeing yourself. If you need a really good result, it is better to turn to the master, who will correctly arrange the transitions and carefully select the strands. Instead of foil, special paper can also be used.

    It is easier to make coloring through the cap, which is mainly done for short haircuts. Medium length technique is also suitable, but only if the hair is straight and not prone to strong tangling. The main thing, when performing highlighting through a cap, gently pull the strands into the slots so that they are the same in size and location.

    With the advent of new techniques, masters are increasingly using brushes or special combs to paint. They allow you to apply strokes that mimic burnt strands, sun glare and play. Natural curls in fashion today. Coloring in the style of ombre or shatush is also done with the help of brushes by stretching the color. They allow you to get at least interesting options.

    Interesting options with descriptions and photos

    The highlighting technician is now very much, and it is very difficult to choose the appropriate option. In this case, our photo gallery will help you decide. It presents the most interesting options, and a brief description is given to each. Below is a photo of California highlighting. It is made in the caramel scale, used gentle compositions, lightening only 2-3 tones. This is an ideal option for girls who are worried about the health of their hair and do not want to injure them strongly with chemical dyes.

    The following photo is a variant of highlighting using several shades. Coloring is done through the foil, since such a length and density of the hair does not allow the use of a cap. Dark and light shades harmoniously shade each other and emphasize the shape of the curls. This option is also great for girls with sparse and thin hair of medium length. Before the advent of brushing techniques, this type of highlighting was the most popular.

    The following photos are examples of the use of red hues in highlighting. Hairstyles instantly change, the girls look bright and unusual. Red shades are well suited for brunettes and effectively combined with the main color. Highlighting can be made in the classical technique with small strands or to paint the hair with zones.

    Not every girl is easy to decide on a bright and juicy transformation. Some people prefer to make a small color accent, having painted several strands in a contrasting shade. Also still popular black and white combination, despite its rigidity. Most often, white blotches are applied to the lower parts of the curls to emphasize the shape of the hairstyle and to refresh the haircut.

    The highlighting options for medium-length hair are actually much larger. Varying with combinations of shades, haircuts and coloring techniques, you can create a new, interesting and unique image each time. The final tip: see photos, and figure out the ideal options for yourself.

    Watch the video: Caramel Color Partial Highlights on Medium Brown, Virgin Hair Hair Tutorial (April 2020).