Victoria Beckham Haircut

Becoming the owner of as stylish and fashionable hairstyles, like David Beckham's wife, is not at all difficult (with our advice): options for hair of different lengths and for different situations.

Speaking objectively, Vicki Beckham is far from being beautiful, but she perfectly mastered the art of presenting her appearance in the most favorable light. Victoria Beckham's hairstyles differ one from another very significantly, but they have special features: they look amazingly stylish, and are made simple.

  1. Long hair curls (with such a hairstyle, the former Posh Spice looks seductive and very feminine)

This option is suitable for owners of hair, whose length is below the shoulders. You will need a curling iron or a medium diameter curler boomerang. If time is running out, use a curling iron, and if the hairstyle should hit everyone only tomorrow - it is worth winding your hair with curlers.

The main thing is to wind the hair not from the roots (best of all - from the temples). And do not make the strands too small. After the curls are formed, they must be disassembled by hand (you can not use a comb!) And sprinkle with varnish.

2.Kosa on the side (this hairstyle looks simple and quite neutral)

In order to braid such a braid, it will be necessary to divide the hair into a straight parting, and then curl the strands near the face slightly with a curling iron. The rest of the hair should comb comb to the side and secure the strands on the back of your head with invisible so that they do not get out. The resulting "tail" should be simply braided into a classic braid, securing it at the end with an elastic band.

If you want to give an image of mischief, then this Victoria Beckham hairstyle can be slightly modified, releasing several strands of it.

3. Shrunken short haircut (ideal for a business outfit that needs to be relaxed)

The base for creating this hairstyle is a short haircut, which is something between a bob and a bob haircut.

The bangs will have to be divided into two parts, fixing them accordingly (you should use wax for this) to make it smooth. The hair on the back of the head and on the crown must be lifted and secured in creative confusion, so as to create a kind of dissonance between the parts of the hairstyle.

4. A bundle on the back of the head (a stylish look that will be appropriate both in the office and at the reception)

This elegant Victoria Beckham hairstyle is very simple, especially if you have a special device at your disposal, which is called a "bagel". Around him it will be necessary with the help of hairpins to lay the main length of the hair, releasing several strands.

The bangs should be divided into parting and fixed with varnish, and the hair on the crown should be raised (you can make a light bouffant).

5. A smart hoop (a solemn, but not fancy hairstyle)

To make this image truly luxurious, but restrained, you will need a carefully selected hoop. It can be black (it is a universal solution, independent of the color of the dress), or bright.

The rim must be placed so as to remove from the forehead bangs. Hair should be laid in artistic mess with the help of wax or gel.

From the simpleton to the icons of style: Victoria Beckham's beauty-evolution

Victoria Beckham is an amazing example, when a star with a not very good taste and rather ordinary appearance has turned into a real style icon and example for imitation. Bravo, Vicky! We have collected the complete beauty evolution of Beckham from the dashing 90s to the present day.

For Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girls time and the 90s were really “dashing” - then the star loved the shining make-up in the style “the more sparkles the better”, wore strange haircuts and “skillfully” emphasized the minor flaws of her face. But over the years, Victoria has improved - and how! Now we not only admire her exits, but sometimes we don’t mind copying some particularly successful images.

Once Vicky not only smiled, but also plucked her eyebrows in the fashion of the 90s, painted her lips brown and didn’t really think about styling!

Two years later, Victoria, then Adams, decided to cut a bob, but she still loved the dark lip liner.

And now that very serious facial expression has appeared ... But not for long now!

Year 1997, Vicki cut off her bangs and finally gave up her dark lipstick.

Victoria experimented with color and was even a burning brunette. And her smile is sometimes charming!

A ragged haircut in the late 90s with an abundance of gel and wax on the hair has not bypassed Posh Spice.

Oh, this bang, oh, this necklace is on the neck. Just no words!

Experiments continued - Victoria decided to make highlights on her short haircut and had already begun to get involved in self-tanning.

In the same 2000, Vicky grew her hair, fell in love with brown blush and highlighter, and also began to exploit the image of a sexy diva.

Then the star again wanted to change and made a very strange square, sticking out in all directions.

Probably, when modern Victoria Beckham sees this photo, she covers her face with her palm ... There is everything in this image! Both long black and white strands, and pink shades, and insane blush, and “sexy” mesh, and rhinestones ... Interestingly, it was this luxury that once captivated the young footballer David Beckham? Oh, these men ...

Orange complexion and mother-of-pearl shine for a long time became the "calling card" Posh Spice.

Here is a shock! In 2003, Victoria again increased her hair, adored curls and beige lip gloss.

The era of curls continues! Is it Victoria Beckham or is it J. Lo?

Well, and then it began ... Vicki decided to make highlights and practically become a blonde.

Ambiguous staining complemented all the elements of the sexy image - red lipstick and silicone balls jumping out of a lace neckline. David, how did you endure it ?!

Decollete is deeper, mop all the more luxurious, and lip gloss literally flickered ...

A great example of how a black eyeliner on kayalu and brown face tone can age. Now Victoria looks younger than 10 years ago!

This is a bouffant, this is a blond! Pamela Anderson herself could once envy Mrs. Beckham.

And in 2006, Victoria made her iconic square! Remember, then you cut your hair too?

However, the flawless image was still far away - Vicky now and then “stormy”, she increased strands, made insanely bright makeup, “cheapening” the overall picture, and also wore strange jewelry sets with colored stones!

Glimpses of style began in 2007 - Vicki again made a square, elongated in front, as well as fashionable coloring, which is still relevant today.

And then: “Oops, I changed my mind! I'm still blonde in the shower, ”Victoria decided, once again dyed her platinum blonde, and at the same time she started to wear a ridiculous, torn haircut. However, all these little things were unimportant, because the look still stopped not on the hair, but on the supercategory of the star ...

The image of "Aunt Moti" and Victoria did not pass by ...

Then again began experiments with haircuts and hair color. To the ideal, oh, how far!

Oh yes, the fluffy haircuts also had a place in the life of Victoria Beckham, but now she changed the make-up artist, and the makeup finally began to work on the beauty of the star, and not against her.

Victoria Beckham was one of the first to catch the seemingly strange fashion for smoky eyes.

However, sometimes she was too fond of the trend ...

This fracture began in 2010 - Vicki finally realized that self-tanning does not need to be applied in three layers, her eyes can be only slightly smoky, and her hair can be softened.

Already in 2011 it was impossible to find fault with the laconic image of a star!

Vicki began to focus only on her eyes, gave up ticked eyebrows in favor of straight and, most importantly, began to wear stylish, casual hairstyles.

Surprisingly, over time, Victoria’s exits became flawless - the wet glitter of her eyes, the carelessness and mysterious serious face ...

Now Victoria seemed to be 10–15 years younger! Just need to change the makeup and styling.

The star likes dramatic make-up very much, but at the same time simplicity - there is nothing superfluous in her make-up, only restrained colors.

In our days with Victoria Beckham need to take an example! Who would have thought that earlier this luxurious woman was painted with pink shades and flaunted her breasts? Fortunately, Vika had enough taste and mind to turn from a simple lady into a real style icon. Bravo!

Victoria Beckham Style

Each of her images is harmoniously complemented by a skillfully selected hairstyle. And in this aspect, the style of Victoria simply has no equal. She was never afraid to experiment with hair, and she has several different haircuts. There are even cases when her colleagues in show business "occupied" her new hairstyle.

Her experiments reached their climax when Victoria decided on a new haircut. She turned the whole world of fashion on its head. It was a bob haircut. But not ordinary, but with elongated hair in front. The haircut is called "posh bob" or abbreviated - "pob". At first, Victoria dyed her hair in different shades, but then decided to return to a more natural color and repainted in chestnut.

Victoria Beckham's haircut just stirred up the world of show business. She began to imitate. All fashionable women wanted to be as stylish as she. And it is well deserved. After all, bob haircut with elongated front strands not only looks spectacular and stylish, but also very comfortable.

Victoria Beckham Bob Haircut: Pros and Cons

  • Bob with Victoria Beckham’s long front strands is not just a hairstyle, this is a new trend in the fashion world. In addition to beauty and charm, this hairstyle is also very practical. It practically does not need to be laid. This aspect is very price for those who do not have time to mess with the styling for hours or constantly visit the beauty salons. After all, Victoria Beckham herself decided to stay on such a haircut because in her tight schedule there was not much time for hair care.
  • But, despite all the simplicity, Victoria's hairstyle always remains in trend. She is very stylish and spectacular. In addition, her style is suitable for all occasions. Equally harmoniously with such a hairstyle, you can look at a walk in the park, and in the store, and at the evening reception.
  • Another advantage of this hairstyle will be the ability to choose the type of bean for any type of person. Depending on the shape of the face and personal taste, you can choose a shortened or elongated version of the haircut. You can make a haircut with a sharper angle, or add elongated strands. In each of these cases, the hairstyle will not lose its beauty. On the contrary, they will only emphasize it.
  • This type of haircut like a bob looks very harmonious in combination with bangs. It can be made straight or wavy, short or long. Here you can apply all your imagination.
  • On the basis of her famous haircut, Victoria made a wavy styling more than once. She looks a bit careless, but very impressive. Her sophistication is beyond doubt, as with this hairstyle Victoria came out even on the red carpet.

Bob "From Victoria"

Especially beautiful hair looks on bright hair or in combination with highlighting. Victoria Beckham's haircut is done at an angle, the hair is very short at the back and long strands are left in front.

Vicki "tested" on herself four types of this hairstyle.

  1. Classic bob with bangs. Some can modify their hairstyle using a cascade as an addition.
  2. Long bob Haircut optimally suits the owners of obedient straight hair, will give the image of elegance. You can dilute it with curls and curls.
  3. In this photo Victoria Beckham haircut bob medium length. It should be chosen owners of beautiful large features.

There is also the option of a bob with a bang, which Vicki did not use, but it suits almost everyone.

Take a look at Victoria Beckham's haircut. Photos from all sides, made diligent paparazzi, show us that, most likely, to cope with the hair will not be difficult. Clean hair must be combed, parted. Wrap the tips on the back of the head with a hair dryer. Then dry with a towel and apply mousse for volume along the entire length of the hair.

The girl loves experimenting with hair. From the very beginning of her career, she has more than fifteen image changes. Let's follow the dynamics of Victoria Beckham's hairstyles, whose peak of popularity came in the 90s. Her beauty looks amazingly organic, correct and worthy of copying.

Spice image

The beginning of the 90s was marked by a triumphal march of Spice Girls on the planet. And the peak of the singer's career for Victoria just fell on this period. Her haircuts matched her image: long hair, causing hairstyles.

Since 1997, Vika did not take any particular style decisions; her long straight hair was her trademark. In 1998, she decided to shorten the hair to the shoulders, it turned out some kind of elongated square, which at that time was very fashionable. Look at Victoria Beckham's haircuts photo up until 2000: she experimented with a short length. Thanks to a thin, thin figure, she looked stylish and fashionable with a bit of careless, disheveled, short hair.

Marriage and beyond

In 1999, Victoria married David Beckham and a series of styles began.

By 2001, she let go of her hair in length and made a successful highlighting, and the next year we again saw Victoria Beckham with a short haircut. After that, almost every year, the girl let her hair down to long curls, skillfully making various hairstyles of them, or forming a short haircut.

In 2006, the bob haircut came into fashion, and Vicki completely transformed it for herself, removing the back length and leaving her hair in front of her chin.

In 2007, she appeared in front of the camera lenses in her own corporate style: the tight cheekbones of the square with oblique strands seemed to be created just for Victoria. This is perhaps the most successful of her image!

Audrey style

In 2008 and 2009, Vicki changed a huge number of images. She appeared and with incredible styling, and in the form of a tomboy boy. But always restrained, stylish, flawless, letting energy only in the right direction.

She began with a haircut "Pixie" - Audrey Hepburn's favorite hairstyle. Hollywood stars often make this hairstyle to appear on the red carpet. For example, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway will have such a haircut to look great, as the girls have large, expressive features, and the hairstyle will emphasize their dignity. Vicky, the owner of a beautiful face, of course, can afford such a haircut.

During this period, Victoria Beckham's style became more recognizable, femininity became inherent to him, which Vicki now applied to all her images, for example, she somehow appeared before the public with a charming braid.

The long curls in 2013 are the pinnacle of conservatism and refinement for Victoria. And not without reason - with the help of curls, you can implement a variety of hairstyles for both business day meetings and evening receptions.

Since 2014, Victoria Beckham's long haircuts have been changed to short ones, for example, in the form of fours, which returned to the category of “trendy” by 2015.

Later, in the same 2015, David Beckham's wife appears before the audience with sexy long curls, and in 2016 and 2017 she shortens hair to shoulder level and wears them, dismissing or bundling. This continues to this day - in 2018, the business woman Victoria wears her hair collected from behind, so they interfere less.

Bravo, Vicky!

This, of course, not all photos. Victoria Beckham haircuts are examples of fashion and style for girls from all over the world who are looking for their unique look.Vicki is always a little strict and conservative, elegant and delicate, and - not least - always infinitely feminine. And no one will ever be able to catch her in vulgarity and vulgarity - education and manners for the English lady is always above all.

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