Beautiful hairstyles for girls - a great choice for your fashionistas

Little women of fashion today have accumulated in their arsenal a large selection of everyday hairstyles and holiday options. World hairstyles for girls already a little different from adult styling. The only thing that is used less styling products, chemical perm and staining, as well as hair dryers and irons. Fashionable hairstyles for very young ladies and older ladies this year will consist of braids and intricate weaves, beautiful bunches of shyshechek, high tails and more. The length of the hair in this matter does not matter, because on the basis of any length you can create a unique image that is suitable for different situations. Most of the options are implemented without problems at home and in a short time.

Hairstyles for little princesses should be comfortable, all hair should be matched, face open.

Well, what could be simpler than just tying one tail or a lot of little ones ?! However, here is where to roam the fantasy.

Divide the hair in half and around the temples make one large tail. After that, connect these tails on the back of your head and make one big tail of them.

In general, you can convert an ordinary tail in several ways:

To each tail, braid a thin braid and wind it around the gum - a very simple, but at the same time interesting and expressive decision how to diversify the usual tails.

Pigtails of all kinds is an incredibly diverse world, a real find for both children and their parents. What is there just not, and it is not necessarily something incredibly complex and difficult to do. The braids help to collect all the hair so that nothing sticks out anywhere. It turns out very well-groomed and complete, nothing else to add is no longer required. They are suitable both for every day and for holidays or evenings.

Next, we consider some directions in braid weaving:

- rim, a wreath of braids: you can braid a simple pigtail and lay it around your head, fixing it with invisibility (you can use crabs). You can also braid it in another way: a braid (French) is woven along a hairline in a circle. The ends are hidden and secured with studs. Wreaths of braids can be decorated with various elements: flowers, beads, bows, ribbons, it enlivens the hairstyle, gives it even greater individuality.

- the whole mass of hair spirals into a braid. Instruction: we start from the top of the head, select a small strand. We begin to weave a pigtail, taking on a small strand from the outside (only one). Spinning should be small. Weave in a spiral and tight enough to not see the skin. As weaving pigtails will become thicker. Be sure to leave enough hair for the last row of the helix. From the remaining hair we weave the usual pigtail to the end (no tails are left) - we will hide it in the last round.

- various figures of braids: hearts, butterflies, bows.

- simple variants of weaving, but with the addition of some unusual element

Easy hairstyles

Sometimes young women of fashion want to make their own beauty without the help of mom, sister or even dad. Of course, mother will make it neater, faster, but she does not always have the time and opportunity, so we are pleased to offer several options for simple, stylish and easy-to-do hairstyles that any girl can do on her own. Of course for very small it will not work.

Here are a few options:

  • all hair divided into two halves. Twist each half into a bundle (twist the bundles inwards). Do not forget to fasten the first harness so that it does not become tangled while you twist the second. Now collect the harnesses in the tail behind.
  • on the sides we make one high tail. Near each tail highlight a small strand and braid it in a thin braid. Wrap a pigtail around each tail, thereby closing the gum. Fix the end of the pigtails under the tails. Additionally, the rest of the hair can either be tied into ponytails, or braided into pigtails (but behind the girl herself it will be hard to weave pigtails). You can leave your hair loose at the back, or you can use the entire mass of hair on the side tails.
  • side do high tail. In the tail, select one strand and weave a braid from it. We wind this braid around the gum, forming a bundle. The remains of the hair is fixed inside the bundle with pins.

Some useful tips when creating hairstyles for children:

  1. it is desirable that the hair was clean and you can smear a little with conditioner - it will be easier to pack them
  2. in any case, do not use cheap and dubious cosmetics (it is better not to use any then) - the health of the hair should be protected from the earliest years,
  3. braids and multistage tails do not tighten too tightly, since microcirculation of the blood in the scalp is disturbed by this and the process of hair loss can begin (with time),
  4. for the night do not leave hairstyles - be sure to unravel and rest your hair.

Hairstyles for girls, from the smallest to the already schoolgirls, a huge amount, and learn it for a very long time. But the works will not be wasted, and your efforts in creating amazing creations on the head of children will be rewarded with contented smiles and a sea of ​​pleasure from wearing them. Share your tips and perhaps instructions on creating hairstyles for girls in the comments to the article! Good luck!

Sport style

Despite its name, sporty style can also provide beautiful hairstyles for girls of different ages. Alternatively, you can make a haircut "Bob" or "Garson." The bangs should preferably be smooth, about 1.5 cm above the eyebrows, so as not to interfere with the view during vigorous activity. If the hair is medium length or long - you can braid them in tight tails or pigtails.

We looked at the benefits of short hairstyles for girls - their versatility and convenience. But what if you grow young Rapunzel?

Pigtails have long been considered the best hairstyle for girls with long hair. Two braids with bows - the perfect image for a first grader or a kindergarten girl. In addition, hairstyles for girls with ordinary weaving do not take much time, which makes them quite comfortable.

It is very important when braiding not to tighten the hair too much, it can disrupt the blood circulation of the head and cause painful sensations.

Not necessarily limited to one or two pigtails - the presence of three, four, and maybe more braids, in a creative version will look very nice. You can use different types of weaving for girls' hairstyles: the French braid, the French braid, on the contrary, a waterfall, a fishtail, and many others.

As an option, you can braid 3-4 spikelets toward the crown, and from her leave hair loose. If you are new to weaving hairstyles for girls, videos and various instructions on the photo will help in this simple case.

The simplest and at the same time popular hairstyle for girls is the tail. Any baby will look charming with one or more tails. You can not be limited to the number and make a "web" in front. Again, it is very important not to overstretch the hair of the child, as this can cause great discomfort. If you don’t get inspiration from, you can see the hairstyle options for girls on the video - step-by-step instructions will not let you get confused.

It happens that the girl’s hair is not so much - the beautiful tails do not “roam”. In this case, you can collect all the hair on the top of the head and tie a rubber band. Get a pretty nice hair "Palmachka."

Festive hairstyles

Every girl wants to feel like a princess of the holiday. And what, besides a beautiful outfit, can she give such a feeling? Of course, festive hairstyles for girls. But do not forget about the practicality of hair, the girl, though she should feel like a princess, but she remains a child.

Tailor version of the hair for a holiday for girls can be a tail on the side with pigtails. For this, all hairs are divided into 4 strands, from which 4 French braids are woven towards the opposite temple. There they are fastened with an elastic band, creating a tail. You can decorate it with a bright hair clip or another beautiful rubber band. This is a good option for children's hairstyles for the wedding.

A simpler festive hairstyle option for girls is to create beautiful waves. Since children are not recommended to use various curling irons and hair curlers, beautiful curls can be achieved by braiding for the night. The more there are, the less and more often there will be waves.

If you have problems choosing haircuts for girls, our article will help you.

Children's hairstyles for girls for medium and short hair

Bows of hair

· Split the hair in the middle and continue to split to the sides of the head just above the ears.

Tip: the easiest way to do this is for wet hair.

· Gather the hair in a ponytail and tie it with a rubber band, wrapping it several times. In the last round, pass the strand, leaving a small tail directed to the face.

· Divide the hair bundle into two equal parts.

· Take the remaining tail and thread it back in the middle of the strand, divided into two parts.

· Secure with a rubber band the resulting bow of hair, leaving the tail, which is now in the back.

· Wrap the tail around the base of the bow and secure it again with a rubber band.

Braid of bangs

This method will help to replace the invisible, which often fall from the girls' hair.

· Wet the comb slightly, separate the fringe and comb it.

· Start weaving a pigtail by adding small strands on the right and left and tie it with an elastic band.

This hairstyle is suitable for short and medium hair.

· Split the hair in the middle and separate the square section on both sides and tie in the ponytail.

· Separate two more square sections behind the first. Cross two small tails and tie them together with tail tails.

· Repeat one more time.

French pigtails for girls

French braids usually do not hang well on the hair of little girls, but this method will help you.

· Separate the hair in the middle and separate the 2 strands from the sides approximately near the ears.

· Tie the strands into tails with elastic bands and begin to weave a pigtail.

· Then start adding strands to the pigtail from the back of the head.

· Tie the braids with a rubber band.

Beautiful hairstyles for girls (video)

Mickey Mouse Ears

· First make a knot at the top and slightly diagonally.

· Then divide the remaining hair in the middle.

· Take the right strand and tie a high tail, including there a strand with a knot.

· Tying the tail with a rubber band, do not stretch it to the end, leaving part of the hair loose.

· Repeat the same with the left side.

This hairstyle is best done on wet hair.

Hairstyles for girls do it yourself

This hairstyle, although it looks complicated, is actually quite simple.

· Split the hair in the middle and secure one side.

· Separate the strand from the middle of the ear, collect the hair on top and secure.

· Freely tie up the remaining strand with an elastic band.

· Now split the strand slightly behind the rubber band and pull the tail through the hole through the hole until it is slightly twisted.

Here is a video instruction on how to make such an inverted tail.

· Now you can tighten the gum.

· Then separate the next strand over the previous one and repeat the steps. You simply add to the next tail previous (only 3 rows).

· Assemble the strands remaining on top, together with the previous ones, and tie in a loose bundle or tail.

· Repeat on the other side.

Hairstyle beam ballerina

This hairstyle is easy to do with unnecessary sock.

· Cut the sock and wrap it in a straw.

· Tie your hair in a high ponytail. Put on the twisted sock.

· Divide the tail into two strands in front and behind. Raise the sock to the top of the tail and twist the ends of the tail around the sock.

· Start turning the sock down to the end.

· Spread the hair in a bun evenly, closing the sock.

· You can decorate a bunch with a bow.

Separate the hair in the middle, and then with the ears. You will have 4 sections.

Start weaving a French braid from the front of the upper section and diagonally to the nape. Secure with a rubber band.

Repeat on the other side.

Hairstyles for girls for long hair

Divide the high tail into two strands. From one strand weave a pigtail, twist the second, and wrap the pigtail around the second strand.

Pigtail flower

Do the side tail. Braid the pigtail, separating the top strand of the tail, and secure with a rubber band.

Twist the pigtail into a flower, securing invisible.

Here is another version of the color of braids.

· Tie the hair in a loop at the crown, leaving a tail.

· Divide the loop into two parts.

· Pass the tail in the middle of the loop on top and secure the tail in the back with stealth arms.

Hairstyles for girls (step by step photos)

· Tie two tails

· Carefully separate the strand in the middle under the rubber band and stretch the tail in the middle.

· Then, twisting the strands, give them a heart shape, securing it with invisible ones.

· Repeat on the other side.

Spun Ballet Dancer

1. Divide the hair in half. Separate the strand and divide it into two parts.

2. Cross the 2 parts of the strand.

3. Grab another small strand from the hairline and add to the existing strand, cross it. Continue until you reach the back of the head.

4. Twist the two strands and temporarily secure with a rubber band.

5. Repeat on the other side. When you reach the middle of the head, twist the strands and cross over the strand on the other side and tie it with an elastic band.

6. Twist the two pieces of the formed strand in one direction, and then twist them around each other in the opposite direction, and then so as to form a bundle. Fix stealth.

Options with ponytails and rubber bands

To create hairstyles from this section, you need the ability to tie a tail. Down with banal haircuts, we begin to master the simplest techniques that even a small child can cope with.

Idea number one. This original hairstyle will look good on both medium and long hair.

Comb your hair and divide them into a side parting. Divide the upper part into 6 bunches, fix them with colored elastics. Tie the usual knots in the middle of the tails. Gather all the remaining hair and tie them with a large rubber band. The ends can be left free or assembled in a bundle.

Idea number 2.

Divide the hair into two parts with an oblique vertical parting. Assemble one part into a high tail. If your daughter is a happy owner of long hair, it is better to collect them in a beautiful bun. Leave medium-length curly hair loose.

In the second part, tie three small tails, weaving each one into the previous one, and then collect all the hair in the tail.

Idea number 3.

The original hairstyle of two rows of interwoven one-on-one tails is transformed thanks to an unusual lace with a thin ribbon. As you can see, such a minor touch can turn bored tails into a festive hairstyle for a young lady. Choose a ribbon to match the color of the dress - your baby will be irresistible.

Idea number 4. And this option is for those who have not yet learned to weave pigtails.

Separate the hair into a vertical parting. The weaving algorithm is extremely simple. Tie two tails one by one on one side. At the top, departing 5 cm from its base, tie another elastic band. Divide this area into two parts and pass through the lower tail. Repeat these steps until the curls end.Similarly simulate the second pigtail.

Idea number 5.

Beautiful and very stylish hairstyle in a hurry for girls. It is perfect for medium hair. And the simplicity of performance will allow even novice hairdressers to cope with it. Do not forget to add the image with large bows - your daughter can safely go for a birthday party or a photo session in the kindergarten.

Idea number 6.

The original netting of ordinary tails will not leave anyone indifferent. Your daughter will definitely be in the spotlight. To make such a girlish hairstyle at home there is a sense of fashionable women of 4-5 years. Younger fidgets can get bored and not stand motionless sitting in one place, while mom will create beauty with her own hands.

Idea number 7.

A creative way to freshen a hairstyle from two bunches on a nape - to add them with crossed tails. Satin ribbons will add festiveness to the image and will be appropriate both at the festival and during the walk.

Remember that everyday hairstyles in the kindergarten for little girls should be practical and comfortable. Children are full of energy: they love, and should, run, jump and play active games. These are challenging tests for any styling. Therefore, give preference to simple, but reliable options. Educators obviously will not be delighted if your fashionistas constantly have to correct her strayed hairstyle.

When sending your daughter to kindergarten, make sure that the hair does not interfere with movements, and the fringe does not fit into the eyes. Arsenal of different hairpins, stealth, bows and rubber bands will help to cope even with unruly hair.

At the same time, try to avoid large accessories and an abundance of hairpins in the hairstyle: babies are sleeping during the day and nothing should prick their head or prevent them from lying down.

We offer you a selection of photos with cool ideas for girls of any age. We are sure you will definitely find a hairstyle among them that you want to repeat.















Do you think tails are for beginners? We offer you options for simple hairstyles with different types of braids. Just want to note: the classic tight braids are best suited for thick hair. Sparse hair is better to braid in bulk French braids or experiment with all sorts of spikelets.

Option number 21.

If you have long mastered the weaving of a classic pigtail, then try to quickly and effectively make on its basis an uncomplicated hairstyle. Divide hair into four parts. Gather the upper parts in two tails and weave braids out of them. Cross them on the back of your head and weave them into the lower braids. Do not forget to add the image with volumetric rubber bands or bows.

Option number 22.

Another option that is perfect for even the youngest ladies who just turned 2 years old. The highlight of this hairstyle is an unusual wavy parting. The base of the pigtails is wound with a strand of hair, which looks unusual and stylish.

Option number 23.

Separate the hair with a horizontal parting. Starting from the crown, gradually grabbing loose strands, weave spikelets. Secure them with rubber bands. You can leave the hair ends loose or braid any pigtails. This kind of weaving is perfect for liquid hair. In this case, it is better to twist the free ends into naughty buns.

Option number 24.

This original version is clearly not suitable for novice craftswomen. Over the creation of a weird weave will have to work, and my mother's model - wait. That is why we do not recommend this hairstyle for two year olds: their patience may end at the most inopportune moment. But with the "serious" 5-year-old preschool girls you can already experiment in plenty. The result will make you proud of yourself and your beautiful daughter.

Option number 25.

Before you - an interesting option on the theme "hairstyles basket." It allows you to achieve a visual volume, even for thin hair.

On the crown, braid a horizontal spikelet. Tie several tails from the bottom of the hair, weaving each subsequent one into the previous one. Secure the loose ends of the last one and the spikelet with a rubber band.

Want more interesting inspiration ideas? Would you like to be surprised creative indefatigable mommies and experienced stylists? At your service photo selection for all tastes, age and skills.










Bundles and Ribbons

The idea number 35.

We offer you a variant of the original hairstyle for the matinee for little girls. Dividing hair into three parts, weave from each ordinary braid. Wind the braids around their base, forming a tight bundle. Secure the design with rubber bands or stealth. Complete your creation with bright ribbons - your princess will be irresistible.

Idea number 36.

Played fantasy? Tie 4 bunches of braids, in each of them for colors and volume weave colored laces or ribbons. Accuracy and clear lines of a parting - the key to success. In this form, you can go to a New Year's matinee or a noisy meeting with friends.

The idea number 37.

Do you like to play a game with your daughter? Raise yourself and her mood cheerful hair "unicorn horns." It is carried out absolutely simply. You only need to stock up on rubber bands and stealth. Next, you need to comb the child - and you can create a horn-bump. Step by step photos will help you to achieve the perfect result.

Several visual videos of master classes

Before practical experiments with the daughter's hair, it is desirable to get the maximum of the theory in an accessible presentation. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with step-by-step video tutorials on creating simple and elegant hairstyles for little fashionistas.

In this video you will see how in 5 minutes you can make a light hairstyle "horns" in kindergarten. And at the same time learn a simple way to make a zigzag parting in a couple of movements.

Do you want your daughter in kindergarten to spend the whole day with a beautiful and unspattered hairstyle? Learn how to braid a spectacular wreath of colored elastics. The necessary basic skill is to tie a regular tail.

If weaving the spikelet is still not your strong point, be sure to check out this video tutorial. You will definitely learn this spectacular technique and replenish your arsenal of your favorite fast hairstyles.

Finally, we give our traditional advice - do not be afraid to experiment. The efforts spent on the hairstyle of her beloved daughter, stand joyful shine in her eyes. Let her grow with the confidence that her mother is the best, loving and talented sorceress.

How to prepare and where to start.

Every mother sometimes wants to comb her daughter somehow differently than usual, in accordance with the trends of children's fashion, but most of all comfortable and tasteful. But not every girl sits quietly while combing: it hurts, it pulls the hair, then a strong clip at the barrette.

So that the hairstyle is not associated with a child with a trauma, use a few tips:

If your lady is the owner of long, tangled hair, apply a gentle conditioner after washing and gently comb your hair using a brush with natural bristles.
Buy decorative hairpins, flowers, gum with her favorite characters.
While you are doing your hairstyle, show interest in her book and ask your girl to read her favorite fairy tales out loud, or play word games, for example, in cities or countries (the child calls the city, you also answer him with the name of the city to the last letter of the previous one)

Hair for girls is not just traditional braids and ponytails. Photos of hairstyles for girls are real compositions: wonderful, beautiful and charming.

Hairstyles for girls photos and videos.

Little girls like different hairstyles with lots of colorful hairpins, and we, adult girls: mothers, aunts and older sisters, love to work wonders with hairstyles for our daughters.
Here the main role is played by the preparation and subjects for home hairdresser.

First of all, the bristles on the hair brushes should be gentle, allowing you to quickly comb both wet and dry hair: without stretching, mechanical damage and static hair.
Brush for combing any, and especially children's hair should easily massage the scalp, increasing blood circulation and giving shine to hair.
In addition, the brush should prevent tangling of hair, when combing glide easily and smoothly from root to tip.

That is why brushes with natural bristles are ideal for fine children's hair.
When choosing jewelry for hair, try to avoid metal hairpins and carefully inspect for sharp elements that can damage delicate children's hair.
Use the appropriate accessories to create a hairstyle for the girl so that neither the child nor your creative project will suffer. Of course, this is a joke) We dare not even doubt that you are responsible and loving parents. Let your girl be the most beautiful, with the most spectacular hairstyle, not only on holidays! Good luck!

Watch the video: Medium Hair Hairstyles. Easy DIY Hair Styling (March 2020).