How much hair do I need for extension?

Nowadays, the hair extension procedure is quite popular among the fair sex. There are many different technologies and techniques. All of them involve the use of various materials, devices and tools. Let's understand in detail what is needed for hair extensions for each method separately.

The beauty of beauty more and more often decorates the heads of fashionistas.

Hot ways to build

There are two types of procedures for the transformation of hairstyles hot method: English and Italian. They use adhesive material for hair extensions in the form of heated resin containing keratin.

The most popular way with this type of extension is microcapsule. With this method, capsules are not visible at all, and the hair does not spoil.

Photo: hair extensions do it yourself hot.

At the place of attachment of the strands to the hair, a small barely visible capsule is formed, transparent in its structure, but reliably holding the “new” strands. An important advantage of the hot method is a firm fixation of the strands.

Data for calculation

We consider standard strands on capsules, 4 cm wide ribbons; take 45-50 cm for the desired hair length.

SHORT HAIR from 5 cm to 10 cm

  • Small volume - 140 strands / 50 tapes.
  • The average volume is 160 strands / 60 tapes.
  • Thick hair - 200 strands / 80 tapes.

HAIR ON shoulder

  • Small volume - 120 strands / 40 tapes.
  • Average volume - 150 strands / 60 ribbons.
  • Thick hair - 180 strands / 70 tapes.


  • Small volume - 100 strands / 40 tapes.
  • The average volume is 140 strands / 60 tapes.
  • Thick hair - 170 strands / 70 tapes.

If your hair is long and you just want to increase the volume, it is enough from 50 to 120 strands or 20-40 tapes. At the same time, strands / ribbons can be positioned so that it remains possible to make high tails and any other hairstyles.

How to increase hair

Modern technology can make attractive even the most ordinary-looking simpleton.

To do this, there are two magic tools - capsular and tape hair extensions. Tiny capsules, with the help of which curls are attached, make it possible to artificially make hair of desired length and density. This technique has become very popular for several reasons:

Phased procedure with tools: how many grams of hair will be required

It is necessary to increase hair in several stages.

Tip! For women who have too rare a head of hair with lumens, you can make extensions using microcapsule technology.

In this method, the individual strands are divided into two or three parts, becoming very thin (up to 1 mm). Connections with own curls will be completely invisible even on thin and weak hair.

Tape technology is less versatile, but has its advantages:

However, if this build-up has increased the number of strands on your head, then this is not for long. The maximum period that the tape hold out is 1.5 months. In addition, their attachment is much weaker than capsules. And they interfere normally to comb the hair and wash your hair.

How to calculate how many strands, capsules and tapes you need for hair extensions at home: ribbon and capsule model of execution

Accurately determine how much hair you need, can only master in the salon, looking at your hair. In addition, their number will depend on how long and volume you want to get the final version. But it is possible to determine some average figures.

So that the hairstyle looks beautiful and natural as a result, the strands that are closest to yours in color, volume and structure are selected. If you just want to increase the density of your own long curls, then for hair extensions you will need up to 120 strands or up to 40-50 tapes, with a width of each tape of 3-4 cm.

To know the more accurate figures, you can spend an approximate calculation of several standard options. To do this, we agree that we take the straps with the standard, the planned length of hair - 50 cm, the weight of each strand - 0.7 grams.

Italian way

This is what a hair extension kit looks like.

Necessary materials and tools for hot hair extensions:

  • Forceps. Masters-hairdressers using Italian technology, usually use them to create the desired shape of the capsules with a hot build.
    Most often use tongs with a temperature regulator (up to 200 degrees) with a flat working surface. Not less popular models with rounded ends and a function of maintaining a constant temperature.
  • Keratin - a specially developed polymer, used in the technology of fastening “donor” strands by the hot method. It is harmless to hair and simplifies the procedure. Capsules of various sizes and shapes are made from it.
  • Advanced keratin composition - increases the term of socks accrued strands up to three months.
  • Resin - used by English technology, environmentally friendly natural material.
  • Capsule Forceps - a specially designed device with which the capsule can easily be kneaded without a traumatic impact on the strands.

Crimper with temperature control.

  • Laser apparatus for hair extensions. Significantly reduces the time to perform the procedure, has a more gentle effect on the strands, and the joints become almost invisible. The only disadvantage of this device is a fairly high price, not every master is ready to purchase it.
  • Glue gun - used for English technology. This device for hair extensions warms the resin to the required temperature, with which it is attached strands.
  • Ultrasonic type device. The procedure is accelerated and becomes much more comfortable if it is carried out with such a device. It uses a convenient and gentle curls technology in which capsules are heated by ultrasound, rather than high temperature.

Each master, starting from his experience or personal preferences, chooses the right equipment for hair extension.

Cold build

It includes various technologies of fastening the "new" strands: Japanese, Spanish, tape, eliminating the temperature effect on the hair. Materials for hair extensions, with which the procedure is carried out, are not subjected to a heating process.

The absence of temperature effects makes the cold method practically harmless to hair. In addition, its use allows you to sunbathe in the sun, visit the bath, lay curls with forceps, because the capsule is resistant to high temperatures.

The cold way is considered the most gentle for the hair.

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On average, 100-150 strands are needed for one hair extension procedure. But this value is rather arbitrary and can vary significantly and depends on the desired result and on what kind of own hair.

For thin hair and hair extensions to a length of 40-50 centimeters, this amount will be quite enough. If the hair is short or very thick, the right amount of strands for hair extensions can be chosen correctly, only an experienced master and a standard kit can, in this case, will not be enough. If the required number of strands is determined incorrectly, hair extensions will not bring the desired result. The hairstyle will look rather modest, the hair at the ends will seem too thin and sparse. Therefore, you should not look for cheap hair extensions, it is important that it is made with high quality.

The number of strands also increases, hair 60-70 cm long, in which case 100-150 strands is too little. There is a rule that the longer the hair, the greater the volume of hair must be increased. On average, the required number of strands for hair extensions of this length will be 150-180 strands. In such a case, hair extensions are inexpensive and completely unrealistic, because the cost of building long strands is much higher.

If you turned to an experienced master, you can be sure that he will select the necessary amount of hair.

Having seen a set of strands for building up, unknowingly you can begin to worry that there are too few of them, you should not do this. In fact, after hair extensions, they look completely different.

Choosing where to build, you should not be guided by the price, the determining factor should be the quality and qualifications of the master. After all, it is from this that the quality depends on the result. Hair extensions cheaply makes the master save, because the consumables for this procedure cost a lot.

How much hair do you need to grow for you?
The amount of hair required for one full hair extension is called “volume”, as a rule, with a standard length of 50cm, it is equal to 100g or 125 strands, respectively.
In order to approximately determine the number of strands for building you need, consider several factors:

1) To begin, determine your length (to the beginning of the neck, to the middle of the neck, to the shoulders, just below the shoulders, etc.)

2) Determine your volume (very rare, rare, medium, thick, very thick)

3) Think about what result you would like to achieve after building up, what length and volume you would like to have.

* If you have an average volume of hair and choose a length of 40-50cm - standard volume will be quite enough for you, that is, 100-125 strands.

* If you decide to build hair longer than 50 cm - definitely much more will be needed, since in this case the unshakable rule is valid: the longer we increase hair, the more proportionally they are needed! Otherwise, not thick enough, but long hair will look unnatural and ugly.

* If your hair is very thick or too short (5-10cm), for the procedure hair extensions will require significantly more material - 150-170 strands.

* To build a length of 60 cm you need 125-150 strands.

* If you plan to make hair extensions of 65-70 cm 125 strands you can not do, the tips of your hair will seem too thin. For such a procedure will require 150-180 strands.

* If you have hair up to the shoulder blades, slightly higher or lower, you will only need 100 - 110 strands to increase the length and volume.

Another trick, when you see the material before the hair extension procedure - you may think that it is too little. Consider that the hair after the procedure, correctly distributed by the master in relation to his hair, will look completely different. Also, after the first wash, the volume of hair extensions increases by 1.5 times.

Slavic hair. Differs in the softness and silkiness, and also the longest service life. Our company itself collects, sorts and processes Slavic hair, which allows us to track high quality at all stages of the collection and processing of hair, as well as offer the lowest possible price as opposed to hair resellers. A cut from only one person, turned over hair and foreign impurities are excluded. The length of the Slavic hair is from 30 to 70 cm, the weight of the tails can be different from 50 to 200 grams. In the presence of natural unpainted and dyed hair, as well as exclusive selected children's hair.

South Russian hair. Hair that is tougher and more dense in structure is not whimsical. This type of hair is collected in southern regions of Russia, such as Uzbekistan and Siberia. Unlike Slavic, the length of southern Russian hair can be up to 1 meter. . The cut is only from one person, not covered with silicone. The quality is not inferior to the Slavic, not suitable only for girls with very thin thin hair.

European hair. As a rule, Indian hair is used, which is carefully processed and dyed in colors on the palette. In comparison with Slavic and South Russian hair, they have a shorter service life, but their cost is much lower, and they also require more careful care and styling. According to the structure of the hair is perfect for Slavic girls. It is very popular due to the low price and attractive appearance.

We will also tell you a few secrets that you should pay attention to when buying hair.

- The most important thing that characterizes the quality of hair is how they are collected and processed! The cut should be only from one person, so high-quality Slavic and South Russian hair can not go in the same sections of 100 grams. Tails can weigh from 50 to 200 grams. Then the cut is washed, disinfected in special solutions and combed out on the cards, getting rid of short and split hairs, while strictly following the direction of hair growth!
- The second point is the technology of staining. Our company uses special gentle professional compositions. Proper clarification and coloring of hair occurs in 4-5 stages and takes about a week! Therefore, the structure of the hair is not broken, the hair cuticle is also not destroyed.
- The third moment. After washing the hair, we do not even use balms, so that the hair does not slip out of the capsules during the encapsulation. Those hairs will look even better after applying a mask or balms on them than before washing, which cannot be said about lower hair qualities which before sale cover with special structures with silicone.
-Please also pay special attention that real Slavic and South Russian hair is never sold in colorful packages made in other countries! The hair is sold in regular cuts or in Kasuli and is treated only on the territory of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. Everything else is Europe, which is sold under the guise of a Slavic! Please be careful.

The number of strands is selected individually for each client! depends on your length and thickness!
the length of the strand is standard 60cm (can be cut if desired)
60cm - this is a long ass!

the shorter and thicker your hair, the more you need to strand.

If your hairs are liquid and on the shoulder blade, count on 100 strands

If your hairs are of medium thickness and along the scapula-120-130 strands

If your hairs are thick and along the scapula-140-150 strands

If your hairs cover your shoulders and thin 120-140 strands

If the hairs are medium and cover the shoulders-140-160 strands

If the hairs are thick and cover the shoulders-160-180 strands

Only 150 donor strands will make you the owner of a chic hairstyle

Every girl wants to be the owner of a beautiful head of hair, he is not every nature has presented chic curls. What to do to those who can not boast of thick and long strands?

Sponged strands are an option to become beautiful due to someone else's hair.

Pros and cons of the extension procedure

Make a hairstyle like Rapunzel modern method is a wonderful perspective.

  1. Capsules make it possible to do completely different hairstyles, which you can hardly do with short hair. After all, as has been said, the place of binding is completely invisible to the naked eye.
  2. Care is not difficult, but requires attention to itself.
  3. Externally, the hair will not be completely different from their own, so it is unlikely that someone will replace the substitution, except that their length will change dramatically.
  4. By the time you spend 2-3 hours every half a year, and the rest of the time to go beautiful.
  5. Lightning transformation. You can not grow the length of a lifetime and be afraid to cut an extra millimeter.

However, there are disadvantages:

  1. The cost is above average, although if you count how much you spend on care products for months, then it will come to that.
  2. Your hair is partially lost.
  3. You will have to spend time looking for a good master, who will do everything right, if the technology is broken, the professional is in a hurry or hurry, the health of the hair will be significantly degraded.

Which capacity is better - tape or capsular? The answer will depend on the goals. For example, tape, less harm to hair, but with him you can not even make a tail, because tapes will be immediately visible. In addition, it does not perform on curly hair. Keratin, glue or resin is practical, although more expensive. Fasteners are small, that any hairstyle will look amazing on such hair. Of course, the care will be much more thorough and scrupulous. Perhaps this will not be the main factor in the refusal of the procedure, because the positive reviews exceed the negative ones. The most important plus dream come true.

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