Professional means for shine and shine of hair

Brilliant, strong curls, of course, are a sign of health and an undeniable advantage of female beauty. However, factors such as chronic stress, fatigue, poor diet, lack of vitamins, minerals and protein, or hormonal imbalance can make them dull, dry to the touch, with split ends.

When the surface is uneven and rough, the light falling on it is scattered, the curls look dull, and their color seems unremarkable.

Why does healthy hair shine?

If the scales of the strands adjoin each other, like a tile on the roof, the moisture does not leave them, and the pigment does not lose intensity. Ideally smooth surface well reflects light. Glitter enlivens the curls, emphasizes their color, helps them to gain depth. Face becomes framed beautiful "Frame". The shine is better shown on straight strands than on curled ones, since curly curls reflect light in different directions.

Although blondes and brunettes dream of brilliance, dark curls glitter more effectively.

The reasons for this phenomenon are three:

  1. dark strands absorb more light than light ones, but it dissipates less,
  2. in addition, between the reflected light and the dark strands creates greater contrast and brilliance seems even more
  3. light curls have less dark pigment, and more light passes through them without reflection.

Fortunately, there are a number of proven methods for caring hair and the best means to shine hair, both on the basis of pharmaceutical cosmetics, and from household formulations that can effectively create a beautiful shine.

Home remedies for hair shine

Although cosmetic store shelves are crammed with all sorts of tools, there are many homemade recipes that will help restore the shine and loss of strands very effectively. For example, this is a shampoo product with lemon.

  • Shampoo with lemon

To prepare you will need:

  • glass of water,
  • 2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 egg yolk,
  • A little lemon essential oil for shine hair.

Mix all ingredients, let stand for about 30 minutes and apply on head for 20 minutes, then rinse.

  • Nettle Rinse Lotion

  • several fresh nettle leaves,
  • 0.5 liters of water
  • 0,25 l apple cider vinegar.

Nettle leaves should be filled with hot water. After about 2 hours, strain thoroughly.

Cool infusion, mix with vinegar and pour into bottle. Lotion should be washed strands after each wash.

  • Olive Oil Compress

Compresses will work better for curls of the weak and fragile. The mixture should be applied to the strands and scalp between the first and second sink, tightly wrapped his head with a towel. Depending on the type of strand, compresses can remain on the head from 15 minutes to an hour.

Heat up a little over 30 milliliters of olive oil and spread it over slightly moist strands. Put on a swimming cap or towel. After 60 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

  • Compress with olive oil and lemon

  • 15 ml of olive oil,
  • 15 ml of freshly squeezed juice from lemon.

Olive oil and lemon juice slightly warm and spread over the entire length of the wet strands. Wrap them with a hat or towel. After 60 minutes, rinse the head thoroughly.

  • Compress with olive oil, herbs and honey

  • 50 ml of olive oil,
  • 1 tablespoon of chamomile, nettle, birch infusions
  • 1 egg yolk, loose with a fork,
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice,
  • lemon essential oil - a few drops,
  • 1 tablespoon honey.

Heat the oil in a water bath. Then add herbs and soak for 30 minutes, strain through a fine sieve.

Make a little warm, room temperature, composition, add egg yolk, honey and lemon juice, as well as essential oil.

Mix and apply on the strands and on the scalp, then wrap with a towel. After 60 minutes, rinse the head thoroughly.

Professional hair shine products

If you do not have the time or desire to conduct experiments at home, you can always try to use ready-made cosmetics to provide your hair with a glowing effect.

  • Shampoo Shampoos, of course, form the basis of beauty care. They are created to meet the needs of hair, often enriched with active ingredients, such as liquid silk, natural oils, for example, apricot, rice protein, or even silicone polymers.
  • Air conditioners. The vast majority of additives can be found liquid components of silk, unsaturated fatty acids, rice protein extracts. Masks for dry and dull strands not only provide hair shine, but also effectively help to restore their damaged structure. This type of cosmetics is made on the basis of vitamins (for example, B5), fruit extracts (lemon or orange), cereal proteins, lipids and other components that serve to give shine to curls.

How to achieve a natural hair shine: tips

  • When using curling irons or straighteners, it is necessary to use special means to protect the hair from high temperatures. Rectifiers are preferably not used every day,
  • For the daily care of curls at home enough shampoo and conditioner. Styling products should be used very sparingly, as they contain alcohol, which dries the strands, contributes to their fragility and tarnishing,
  • Many products contain silicones, which, enveloping strands, "Attract" dirt particles. That is why from time to time you should use cleansing shampoo,
  • Hurrying to work in the morning, we sometimes too quickly and poorly perform the procedures: washing, rinsing, applying the conditioner. If you do not wash off the remnants of cosmetics, apply a straightener, then the strands will look dull and dry,
  • An effective shine for the hair can provide applied to them with silk or oils. These cosmetics cover the scales, giving the curls a shine, protecting them from hot styling,
  • There are also special varnishes and sprays that will give the hair shine. Too many drugs make the curls heavy and inelastic, they quickly become soiled and dull. Damaged strands also look dull; they are often tightened with rubber bands, combed cruelly, and rubbed heavily when washed or dried with a towel. Also, there is no shine on the ends of damaged hair that rub against collars and scarves or are dried up by a hair dryer,
  • Painted strands have a beautiful glow, provided that the paint evenly covers them with color. Then the light reflects from them with greater force. Glitter lasts a long time, even if the pigments disappear. Keep in mind that the darker the color, the more shiny the hair.

Headwash temperature

For the beauty of the curls, the correct temperature of the wash water is also important. It can not be too hot, because hot water expands the hair shaft, and destroys it. It also stimulates the sebaceous glands, accelerating the formation of fat.

Water can not be very cold, because it can overcool the follicles and cause excessive loss of strands. Ideally, it should be between the temperature "Summer" and warm.

For the last rinse, you can make cool water, wash the strands with it, except for the head, to close the cuticles, smooth them, give them shine.

Even the best shampoo and conditioner will not help if you do not wash them thoroughly. Avoid residual foam or other cosmetic products on the head.

These and other hair shine products will help restore the health and beauty of the curls.

But do not forget about proper care, the use of not only cosmetic products from well-known brands, but also nourishing home masks and compresses, choosing the right shampoo and cosmetics, thoroughly cleansing and rinsing the locks and scalp.

Scalding scalp - the right step to shine hair

Peeling is an obligatory cosmetic procedure that helps moisturize the scalp and saturate the strands with shine and health. It is known that styling products, dust, pollution of various nature are deposited on the surface of hairs, gradually turning shiny curls into lifeless and dull “icicles”.

Not only the skin of the face, as well as the body, but also the skin of the head needs regular peeling, because only with the help of an appropriate procedure you can clean the surface of hair from grease, dirt and residues of styling products. The advantage of peeling is that it promotes blood microcirculation, respectively, after the cleansing procedure, the curls begin to shine and radiate health.

Stylists recommend using peels in the form of scrub masks or cleansing shampoos. The best tools according to professionals are presented below.

  • Peeling Shampoo by Wella - SP Remove Shampeeling
  • Deep Intensive Cleansing Shampoo from Schwarzkopf Professional - BC Deep Cleansing Shampoo
  • Peeling gel UTENA Reibi
  • Scrub Mask Carita Hair Revitalising Scrub for the Scalp

On request, you can use the salon and clean scalp. Virtually every beauty salon offers professional hair cleansing with highly effective scrubs and peeling masks.

Unfortunately, professional peels and salon procedures cost a lot. If you don’t have the financial means to purchase expensive services from professionals, you can use the cleansing of the scalp according to popular recipes. The effectiveness of folk remedies is almost as good as professional services.

  • Thoroughly rinse the head with a mild shampoo, then apply fine or medium-coarse salt (can be iodized) to the moist curls, gently massage the entire skin on the head for some time and again rinse the head with a mild shampoo.

  • For dark strands, sleeping coffee can become an analogue of salt. The method of using coffee is the same as salt peeling. But for owners of light hair, such peeling will not work, as the locks can turn a dark tone.
  • Soak rye bread in a small amount of warm water, then apply gruel to the wetted strands, gently massage, cover with a plastic bag or a rubber cap, and wait 40 minutes. After the expiration of the specified time, the curls are thoroughly washed with shampoo.

Proper use of shampoo - a pledge of shiny hair

All the tools that add elegant shine to the strands will become ineffective if you do not follow the basics of proper washing of the head. What will professional stylists recommend?

  • It is forbidden to wash the head with hot water, because it contributes to the maximum disclosure of scales, which gives the locks a dull and lifeless appearance. It is ideal to wash the strands with moderately warm water, and at the end of the procedure - rinse the curls with cool water.
  • It would be great if you use boiled water to wash your hair. It is important to remember that ordinary tap water contains mineral salts and aggressive components that negatively affect the hair structure. In boiled water there are no aggressive substances, it affects the strands more gently and gently.
  • Before applying the shampoo on the moist curls, it should be slightly beaten in the palm, so you can evenly apply the detergent along the entire length of the strands.

Tips to help you achieve the desired shine for your curls:

Choosing hair cleaners

All shampoos and other products for washing curls are chosen by girls individually. For the improvement of the hair structure, it is necessary to choose brands of shampoos that fit a certain type of strands, for example, oily hair shampoos. In order to achieve brilliance and shine of curls, it is important to know a few “secrets”:

  • To make the curls shine it is necessary to use shampoos, gels, balsams, which contain silicone or glycerin. These components gently cover the hairs, creating a lamination effect, after which the hair becomes shiny and well-groomed. It is important to remember that only water-soluble silicones have a positive effect, but other types of silicone cause tremendous damage to the strands, causing them to fall out.
  • Means to add shine to the curls should be applied only to the surface of the strands, retreating from the roots of about 2 cm. The corresponding formulations are not applied to the scalp.
  • Means that contain light-reflecting particles are firmly fixed on the strands, do not make them heavier and give a unique mirror shine.
  • Stylists recommend choosing such products for the shine of the strands, the composition of which includes natural components - silk proteins, essential oils, soy milk, algae extracts, etc.

Stylists suggest the following professional tools to saturate hair with glitter:

  1. Osis from Schwarzkopf Professional - a spray with a brilliant shine instantly fills the curls with glitter without weighing them down. Spray has a caring effect and facilitates the creation of hairstyles.
  2. Gloss Serum from Wella Professionals - spray-black is ideal to use, instantly saturates the curls with brilliance, shine. Spray is suitable for any type of strands and is ideally used for styling.
  3. Estel spray is applied to dry strands, gives shine shine, shine, saturates the hair structure with nutritive components.
  4. Londa Spray is a great tool to complete styling. The spray is gently applied to the strands, does not make them heavier, gives an elegant shine and a healthy shine.

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Professional Tips

Stylists advise to pay attention not only to the choice of the best means for strands, but also to observe the important foundations of a correct lifestyle. Simple tips will help you quickly and effectively restore the structure of hairs, give them shine and luxurious appearance:

  • In the diet of any woman should be harmoniously balanced fortified and minerals. For the shine of hair, the indispensable vitamins are A, the entire subgroup B, C. The secret from professionals: you can buy a vitamin-balanced complex for pregnant women. It is he who will be able to fill the lack of nutrients in the body and, accordingly, give the curls a healthy and radiant shine.
  • Massage treatments help to improve the scalp and hair saturation with shine. Head massage should be done carefully, any sudden movements are prohibited. In order to get the perfect microcirculation of the blood, it is recommended to tilt the head down during the massage procedures.
  • During the day, thermal water will help to maintain the necessary moisture in the curls; it just needs to spray all the strands along its entire length.
  • In the cold season, as well as in uncomfortable windy or, conversely, hot weather, it is important to cover the curls with a headdress. It is important to remember that aggressive natural factors negatively affect the health of the hair.
  • Any styling should end with a stream of cold air, it is she who contributes to the closure of hair scales, which makes the strands shiny. Moreover, the cold air at the end of the styling helps the hairstyle to get the perfect volume.
  • If you need to make the strands glitter instantly, you can use the shimmering powder. To add extra shine, you need to take a big brush for applying makeup and apply shimmering powder to the surface of the threads with light, wide movements.
  • Salon treatments, such as lamination or keratin straightening, help to make curls shine - they help to add shine to even weak hair.

Many girls begin to use shampoos for hair shine after they receive recommendations from friends.Often, hairdressers stylists also offer effective means after they notice the dim curls of their clients. Reviews prove that means for shine strands are effective, after regular use curls become shiny and healthy.

I used to use traditional recipes for moisturizing hair, but in the beauty salon I was offered to try a spray from Londa. The effect fascinated me - hair glistens, they easily fit and hair, moreover, give my dyed locks unique chic.

A friend advised to use a spray for hair shine due to the fact that my curls look dull. I am very pleased with the result. Along with the use of this shine, I apply and peeling the surface of the skin on the head, and then noticed that the hair loss has stopped.

For my birthday, I was presented with a hair shine from Londa. I use the tool for about six months, the result is satisfied - the spray gives my strands a delicate smell, radiant shine. The only advice is to not apply the spray on the curls that are screwed on the curling.

She began to use hair shine after hearing positive feedback from her friends. Indeed, the hair shine fascinated me. Just a few pshikov and my strands become shiny, healthy, smell delicious.

I prefer the natural elegance of the hair, but once I tried the hair shine, I was pleasantly satisfied with the result - there is no weight on the hair, it became brighter, “more alive”. I use hair shine before important meetings, when I and my hair should “shine”!

All means for shine and shine of hair are selected individually. It is important to remember that some components of a cosmetic product may provoke an allergic reaction. Advise what kind of hair shine is preferable to use, be able to stylists in beauty salons or qualified trichologists.

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Why glitter disappears

Before starting a hair treatment and restore a healthy shine, it is necessary to determine the causes of the problem. Indeed, without an understanding of why the curls cease to shine, you can spend a lot of money and time, but not get the desired result.

The reasons for the loss of gloss can be:

  • too long stay in the open sun
  • strong wind and precipitation
  • diseases of internal organs
  • care products that are not suitable for the type and structure of hair,
  • recurrent stress conditions
  • improper nutrition and failure to comply with the basics of a healthy lifestyle,
  • damaged hair due to frequent styling and appliances.

Professional cosmetic means for hair restoration

After establishing the work of the body to return the shine to help curls help different finished products. The most effective and popular recognized:

  • Mask for hair "Wild Juniper" from Natura Siberika. The product contains natural ingredients, adds shine and volume.
  • Macadamia Mud Mask by Deora. Sates vitamin strands and nutrients, moisturizes.
  • Velvet Oil by Reveur. Special oil for beautiful and lively curls, a lot of positive reviews.
  • Brilliant Spray from Estelle. Apply it on dry hair. Additionally, the tool protects them from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Spray from Kapous Diamond Dews. It is used for the final touch when creating hair. This product is not therapeutic, it is only cosmetic. But after applying it, even split ends disappear, hair looks well-groomed and healthy.
  • Shampoo from Yves Rocher Protection & Eclat. It cleans hair from greasy shine, it does not contain silicone. After him, the curls acquire moisture and lightness.
  • Oil Glis Kur Million Gloss. It is used on damaged and dull hair. Use it on dry strands, when washed with shampoo and when drying at the tips.
  • A recovery mask from Vichy from the Dercos line.

It is important to remember to check the funds for an allergic reaction before the first use. In addition, it is worth to select such products individually, since different people may have different results.

Homemade folk remedies and methods for giving shine, smoothness

It is not necessary to buy fashionable products for hair shine. It is possible to carry out healing procedures using the most affordable tools that every girl in the kitchen has.

The basic care of curls begins with washing. It is worth recalling that the shampoo should match the type of hair. After it, you definitely need to apply various masks, rinses, they smooth the scales, strengthening its core. Shampoo, in turn, raises them, so if you do not use anything after it, then the shine disappears.

As a conditioner used:

  • For dark hair, coffee works great. It is necessary to brew several spoons of ground grain in half a liter of boiling water. After cooling broth it needs to be drained.
  • Infusion of birch leaves. Raw materials (a couple of tablespoons) should be boiled with boiling water and roasted for about half an hour. Then the infusion must be filtered.
  • Apple decoction due to the content of natural wax makes hair not only shiny, but silky. Boil the rind for 10 - 15 minutes, cool and filter.
  • Light hair shine will add lemon juice. It must be diluted in a liter of boiled, soft water.
  • Nettle decoction further reduces hair loss, makes them stronger and eliminates dandruff. You can cook it from both fresh grass and brew dry leaves with boiling water, leave for 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Dark hair is useful to rinse with tea brewing.

In addition, after washing it is useful to make natural masks. The most effective and popular are:

  • Egg. Made from white, yolk and rum. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and whipped until smooth. Mask must be rubbed into the hair roots and hold for 20 - 30 minutes. After head wash with shampoo.
  • Mask to add shine quickly. Mix one egg, castor, a teaspoon of glycerin and vinegar. It is important to keep the hair under a warm towel for at least an hour.
  • With honey. In a bowl, mix honey, olive oil and onion juice. Mask to rub into the roots and hold for 15 - 20 minutes. After it is important to wash your hair with shampoo, and add vinegar to the water.
  • Aloe juice will not only help shine hair, but also strengthen them and improve growth.
Mask for hair shine, consisting of avocado, honey and eggs

Also for the benefit of the health of the curls are home procedures such as:

  • Cold and hot shower. It helps to strengthen the bulbs, smooth the scales, as a result, the hair will become shiny, the loss will be reduced.
  • To comb strands with a brush from natural bristles, at this time you can apply nourishing oils on the tips.
  • To dry the hair should be gently kicking with a towel or hairdryer, directing from the roots to the ends. The air also smoothes the scales.

On the recipe for an effective mask for shine hair, see this video:

What not to do

It is also important not only to choose the right care, but to avoid mistakes in handling the strands. Namely:

  • After washing the head, do not wind the towel for a long time, since the nutrition of the follicle is disturbed, the blood circulation worsens, so they may fall out and dim.
  • Do not touch the hair with your hands once again, because they have a lot of fat on them.
  • Do not brush too often, as this stimulates blood circulation and increases sebum production.
  • Be sure to use protective equipment for hot-laying.
  • Do not wash your hair in too hot water, as it dries the skin. And, therefore, the sebaceous glands strengthen their work.
  • Wash hair as often as required. You should not wait a week and walk with dirty hair, because clogged pores disrupt the power of the bulbs. In addition, you will often have to wash your hair if styling products are used during styling.

And here more about the means of thermal protection for hair.

Healthy shine of hair never goes out of fashion. It can be achieved both by professional means and by popular methods. The latter option is more accessible and more natural. It is worth remembering that no hairstyle will be beautiful on lifeless hair. But the shining brilliance will give confidence and style to the general image.

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Estel liquid silk, but only when applied, then there is no wash.
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good gloss was noticed only on the hair painted by professional dyes, and with quality paints of the type Loreal, sebastian, shi, goldwell. and care accordingly professional for dyed. If you spend a lot on your hair, it will shine like in an advertisement))

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Rinse with vinegar 6-9%: 1 tablespoon per liter of water.

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girls, from what hair shine, as in advertising? About live, unpainted not to write, this is so clear) I would like to know about specific cosmetics. I know about lamination, I did it three times, I didn’t like it, I quickly became greasy

I instead of balms make masks of coconut oil and everything
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Chris, we can recommend you try BlondMe Shine Spray gloss spray from Schwarzkopf Professional. Especially suitable for blond hair, Or as a basic care, use the products of the BC Smooth Shine, Bonacure, Schwarzkopf Professional line (shampoo, conditioner, mask). Perfectly smoothes hair, makes it shiny and obedient. If you have any questions - write, experts Schwarzkopf Professional are always happy to answer them.

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Personally, my hair became shiny and smooth as in advertising after Dove Balm. (From inexpensive)

But my friend told me that they adversely affect the hair, because there are parabens and silicones. Then I tried several brands from the USA, which are positioned as organic cosmetics without sulfates, silicones, parabens and other harmful rubbish. And you know, the result struck me !! John Masters Organics is the best I've ever tried! In the US, many world stars have long enjoyed this brand. Sulphate-free shampoos are natural for them.

They are not cheap, but I concluded that it would be better to buy 1 bottle of JMO shampoo which will last me for 2-3 months for 1000 rubles. + balm (hair after them becomes shiny, alive, looks very well-groomed), than I will spoil the hair with keratin straightening for 5000 p.

Why strands fade

Good hair condition can be seen with the naked eye. They are even, obedient, and, of course, brilliant.

Shining appears when the cuticle scales are very tight to each other, like roofing tiles. They protect strands from moisture removal, make them resilient and resilient, and also reflect light.

But if the scales exfoliate and puff up in different directions, the surface of the hair becomes uneven. Light can no longer be reflected from it. So there is a dullness of the curls. Moisture evaporates quickly from them, as a result of which the structure becomes fragile and brittle.

The following factors lead a head of hair to such a state:

  • frequent staining with permanent formulations
  • perm hair
  • abuse of hot laying curling, straighteners,
  • regular hair dryer drying
  • being under the scorching sun without a headdress
  • high water hardness for washing
  • applying styling products in large quantities
  • improper washing and drying hair with a towel,
  • aggressive combing,
  • use of dirty tongs and hairbrushes, metal hairpins, tight elastic bands.

How to fix the problem

Choose the best tools for hair shine can be among cosmetic products and household formulations. Their main task is effective moistening of the strands, protection from the negative influence of external factors and alignment of the cuticle.

As a result, the light is reflected from the glossy surface of the hair. Hair gains natural radiance.

The composition of professional products for gloss includes both natural and synthetic components. Keratin, proteins of silk and wheat, vitamins A, E and group B, unsaturated fatty acids - all these substances make the hair smooth and elastic.

Nettle rinse lotion

Fill 4 tablespoons of nettle leaves with 0.5 liters of boiling water. Let it brew for two hours. Filtrate, add 200 ml of apple or wine vinegar. The resulting composition rinsed strands every time after shampooing.

Nettle contains a lot of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients that nourish and restore the hydrobalance of the strands. Vinegar gives each hair a shine due to natural acids, protects against the negative influence of external factors.

The conditioner is suitable for curls of all types. It will be especially useful for owners of dyed hair.

Oil compress

Mix 15 ml of olive oil and lemon juice. Heat the composition in a water bath to body temperature.

We distribute along the entire length of wet clean strands. We put on a shower cap, wrap a head over it with a towel. Keep one hour, then wash off with a mild shampoo.

Oil restores and strengthens the curls, fills all voids in the upper layer, prevents separation of the tips. Lemon juice removes toxins, increases the protective properties of hair, gives them shine and elasticity.

Regenerating mask

Mix in a refractory container on a tablespoon of liquid honey, brandy and extra virgin olive oil. Heat the composition in a water bath.Remove from heat and introduce well whipped yolk. Make sure the base is not hot, otherwise the egg may collapse.

Apply to important strands from root to tip. We warm for 60 minutes, then wash off with shampoo.

The components of the mask actively nourish and moisturize the strands, remove toxins, prevent overdrying and destruction. Alcohol irritates the follicles, improves blood circulation in the skin, which leads to accelerated hair growth. As a result, the curls will be healthy, smooth, shiny and elastic.

Professional Tips

To make the hair shining and soft, you need to feed it not only outside. Her condition is also affected by what we eat.

To maintain the hydrobalance in the strands will help ordinary purified water. Drinking it per day should be at least 1.5l.

In order for the bulbs to get all the necessary ingredients, eat healthy food. In the winter, take vitamin complexes.

Be sure to consider the following recommendations of experts:

  • Wash your head not with hot, but with slightly warm water. High temperatures adversely affect the cuticles of hair, make the strands dull and fluffy.
  • Shampoo only the roots and skin. When flushing, the foam will drain along the length, cleaning it from dirt without injury.
  • Do not rub the hair with a towel. It is better to gently soak them and wrap a turban on their heads. Mechanical damage to the curls lead to flaking scales.
  • Use only clean hairbrushes, barrettes and styling devices. Residues of dust and styling products can become stuck on the strands, making them dull.
  • Use quality cosmetics for everyday care. It is desirable that all of it was from the same series. Means will complement and reinforce each other.
  • Brush your hair gently, do not tear or pull it. The long hair is processed from the tips, gradually moving upwards so that the strands do not tangle.

Glitter hair - a sign of their health and grooming. Not always girls have shining curls from nature. But this situation can be solved with the help of special cosmetics and home recipes. In addition to leveling the surface of the strands, these products have nourishing, protective and moisturizing properties.

Take care of your hair correctly, indulge it with high-quality products - and you will never encounter the problem of dullness.

Make hair smooth at home

Experts identify several basic rules that allow you to achieve perfect smoothness at home:

  1. It is better to wash your hair as it is dirty, rather than daily.
  2. It is completely forbidden to comb and rub wet hair, as the hair shaft splits, and combing only brings damage.
  3. Regularly moisturize curls, use conditioner or serum.
  4. Every few months, try to cut off about a centimeter of tips. This approach will heal them.
  5. A couple of times a day, spend five minutes combing. This procedure promotes massage of the head and quality nutrition of the roots.
  6. In the summer and in the winter, do not neglect the headgear.
  7. In the complex to the usual cleaning, try to resort to popular proven recipes.
  8. To save beauty, use less styling devices.

After the first overlaying the mask for shine and smoothness of hair, the result will be hardly noticeable, but if you hold them all the time, your hair will look truly wonderful.

Hair Mask Tips

All masks, balms and homemade recipes for smoothness and brilliance are selected individually. Each is purchased for a specific type of strand. To achieve maximum brilliance and beauty, it is important to learn the main secrets:

  • Shampoos and gels containing silicone or glycerin are capable of providing smoothness to curls. They provide the effect of lamination, making the hair silky and radiant health.
  • Mask to impart shine impose exclusively on the entire surface of the head, moving away from the roots of about 2 cm. On the very head you do not need to impose.
  • Means with particles reflecting light are tightly fixed, do not make heavier and give a spectacular specular glow.
  • Experts advise to choose the cosmetics that contains natural ingredients in the composition.

All masks of shine and smoothness of hair are selected solely on the basis of features. It must be remembered that the individual components can cause allergies, so be sure to conduct a preliminary test.

The best recipes for masks at home

If your hair is well-groomed, it will always shine and sparkle. However, some aspects make them brittle and dull. Special blends of herbal ingredients will help bring back the curls of former beauty and brilliance.

For the best effect of the procedures should be rinsed with lemon, acetic water, various herbs, decoctions or beer. Also great is mint, plantain, birch leaves, chamomile and others.

Egg masks for shine

This mask for shine and smoothness of hair is very easy to make yourself, and most importantly, it perfectly strengthens the roots and gives the desired effect.

  • 1 spoon of sour cream,
  • 50 ml olive oil,
  • 30 ml of honey
  • protein.

The egg is whipped with butter, sour cream. Moist curls are smeared over the entire surface, the head is covered with a package and a towel. After half an hour you can wash it off.

Gelatin Masks

Compositions with gelatin are the standard and most proven tool that is indispensable for home lamination. The procedure is completely safe and eliminates volume problems.

  • 2 tablespoons of gelatin,
  • 6 spoons of chamomile broth,
  • 3 spoons balsam.

Gelatin pour decoction of chamomile and wait 30 minutes, then mixed with balm. Gruel is applied to each curl, combing comb. Hold under the bag or cap for 1 hour.

Masks with kefir

Kefir masks saturate with shine and smoothness, increase growth and relieve hair from fluffiness.

  • egg,
  • 100 ml kefir starter,
  • 30 ml of honey.

Fermented milk mixture is combined with egg, honey, and then soaked curls and wrapped for an hour. The head is washed out in the standard way.

Banana masks

This nourishing hair mask smoothes, provides essential vitamins and gives a spectacular shine.

  • half a banana,
  • 20 ml of olive oil,
  • 20 ml of lemon juice,
  • 60 gr. honey
  • yolk.

Fruit gently kneads, combines with the rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly. The resulting mixture is treated with the scalp, leaving the entire length. Wash off after 40 minutes.

Masks with oils

Oil masks have the widest range of functions. They moisturize, normalize the performance of the glands, feed, eliminate dandruff and promote the growth of long curls.

  • Burr oil,
  • olive,
  • castor,
  • almond

At 20-30 ml of oil is heated to room temperature, but not boiling. Spread on the surface of the hair, carefully processing the roots. Make a greenhouse and incubated for a couple of hours. Wash off as standard.

Belita-Vitex Argan oil with liquid silk

Wonderful option for weak hairs. Won a lot of positive feedback from customers. The product is able to reanimate damaged curls, thanks to argan and apricot oils.

The consistency is silky, light and mushy. It is immediately absorbed without weighting, economically spent and provides quick results. The cost per 200 ml is about 129 rubles.

Natura Siberica Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn mask from the Russian manufacturer consists of natural oils, silk proteins and keratin. Suitable for damaged, dried, melirovannyh, weak and dyed hair. Cosmetics makes curls elastic and fluffy.

It has a nice whipped texture. It is laid down relatively easily, easily softens and moisturizes, without weighing it down. A jar with a capacity of 300 ml has a cost of about 440 rubles.

L’Oreal Professionnal Absolut repair lipidium

Due to the unique lipid composition, this mask with ceramides and phytokeratin nourishes and restores the structure of each hair. Now they will become soft, durable and shiny.

The texture of the mask is compacted, melting and soft. The mixture is evenly distributed along the length, it is well washed off and does not entangle. The tool comes in jars of 200 or 500 ml costing an average of 1,300 rubles.

La’dor Eco Hydro LPP Treatment

Mask from a Korean company composed of collagens, keratins and natural oils. It is able to provide your hair radiance, smoothness, brilliant look, add volume, moisturize and heal the texture.

The consistency is a nice cream. After her hair will become fluffy, elastic, elastic. Available in a dispenser tube of 150 and 530 ml. There are also disposable probes. Cost an average of 350 rubles.

Brellil numero

A nourishing mask will restore shine to weakened, colorless, and hair deprived of life. It is able to give elasticity, smoothness, moisture and strength. The texture is dense and sliding, the mixture is easily distributed through the hair.

After the process, your curls will be shiny and smooth, but not sleek. The mask is sold in 1000 ml jars and 300 ml tubes. The cost of 800 rubles.

Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care

High-quality and effective mask from the Japanese company. Great for brittle and dry hair. It is able to restore the natural moist sphere, will give glow, radiance, smoothness and vital energy.

The composition has a gel texture that you need to withstand just five minutes. Curls become softer, well-groomed, shiny. They are not confused and combed without any problems. Capacity 180 gram cans costs about 700 rubles.

Regular use of cosmetics for hair care will give you the opportunity to permanently cope with many problems. Such an effective tool as a mask for shine and smoothness of hair, will make you forget about the difficulties during combing, split ends and fat content of the roots. With the right approach, the curls will become elastic and silky.

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